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Effect of Diet, Photoperiod and Host Density on Parasitism of Anisopteromalus calandrae on the Tobacco Beetle and Biological Parameters of the Parasitoid  [PDF]
Kássia C. F. Zilch, Simone M. Jahnke, Andreas K?hler, Eduarda Bender
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.812217

Lasioderma serricorne is known to be pest of tobacco, besides of attacking other products in storage. Anisopteromalus calandrae is an ectoparasitoid of coleopteran larvae also parasitizing the tobacco beetle. This study was aimed to evaluate the parasitism of A. calandrae on different densities of L. serricorne larvae grown in different diets and photoperiods, and to record the longevity and reproductive potential of A. calandrae. Individuals of L. serricorne were raised in three diets: wheat flour (F); wheat flour and brewer’s yeast (FY) and wheat flour and dried tobacco (FT). Different amounts of host larvae (10, 20, 50 and 100) for each diet were exposed to a couple of parasitoids. The same larval densities from diet F were exposed for 24 h to a couple of adult parasitoids maintained in three photoperiods (0:24, 12:12 and 24:0 - scotophase: photophase). The highest values of apparent parasitism were in the density of 50 larvae in the FY diet (96.34%) and 100 F (92.91%). There was no significant difference in the parameters in each photoperiod in all larval densities. However, the treatment in which hosts and parasitoids always remained in scotophase, was the one that had a significantly higher sex ratio. Females had longer longevity than males surviving for up to 25 days. On the fourth day of larvae exposure occurred, the maximum number of offspring generated. It is inferred that A. calandrae has potential to be used as a control agent for coleopterans that attack stored products.

Populational Fluctuation and Distribution of Epitrix spp. Foudras (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in the Organic Tobacco Management in Santa Cruz do Sul, RS, Brazil  [PDF]
Daiana Oliveira, Kássia Cristina Freire Zilch, Fabiele Cristine Hintz, Andreas K?hler
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.812221
Abstract: Among the chrysomelids, some species are considered agricultural pests, such as some representatives of Epitrix spp. Popularly known as tobacco flea, these beetles cause damage to tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) by feeding on the leaf surface, causing injuries, reducing productivity and the final quality of the product to be marketed. However, studies of the biology and interactions of these individuals with the environment become essential in order to develop effective and sustainable control measures. The objective of this study was to analyze the distribution and population fluctuation of Epitrix spp., as well as to evaluate the possible influence of temperature, rainfall and adjacent vegetation on the population dynamics of this beetle in organic tobacco growing in the municipality of Santa Cruz of the South, RS. The collections were carried out weekly during the 2011/2012 harvest, using Malaise and Pit-fall traps, distributed in four points along three lines. A total of 1584 individuals belonging to the genus Epitrix were collected, and their greatest abundance was observed in late January and early February 2012 due to climatic factors, such as rainfall and temperature, favorable to the development of specimens and the tobacco leaf harvesting reduced the availability of food and conditioned a greater movement of these individuals in the crop. The results presented here are of great importance for deciding the best methodology for controlling the smoke flea, as well as knowing the influence of abiotic factors on the behavior of these organisms in the field.
Celiana Kátia Pereira Lima,Fábio Akira Mori,Lourival Marin Mendes,Angélica de Cássia Oliveira Carneiro
CERNE , 2007,
Abstract: Wood is a heterogeneous and complex material made up from different elements distributed along the trunk in several proportions. Associated with hygroscopicity, they have an influence on wood processing, including bonding. Therefore the present study sought, not only through the anatomic characterization and measurement but also through the total extractive content in Eucalyptus clones wood, to find out the correlation between the quality and the bonding junctions. Pearson correlations were used, considering 39 and 26 clones in interaction with the urea- formaldehyde sticker. The anatomic characteristics, relative to frequency and size of conducting vessels, radial parenchyma and its total extractive content presented correlation with the evaluation of clone’s bonding quality as well as with the percentage of wood failure and glue-line shear.
Haptoglobin gene subtypes in three Brazilian population groups of different ethnicities
Miranda-Vilela, Ana L.;Akimoto, Arthur K.;Alves, Penha C.Z.;Hiragi, Cássia O.;Penalva, Guilherme C.;Oliveira, Silviene F.;Grisolia, Cesar K.;Klautau-Guimar?es, Maria N.;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572009005000051
Abstract: haptoglobin is a plasma hemoglobin-binding protein that limits iron loss during normal erythrocyte turnover and hemolysis, thereby preventing oxidative damage mediated by iron excess in the circulation. haptoglobin polymorphism in humans, characterized by the hp*1 and hp*2 alleles, results in distinct phenotypes known as hp1-1, hp2-1 and hp2-2, whose frequencies vary according to the ethnic origin of the population. the hp*1 allele has two subtypes, hp*1f and hp*1s, that also vary in their frequencies among populations worldwide. in this work, we examined the distribution frequencies of haptoglobin subtypes in three brazilian population groups of different ethnicities. the haptoglobin genotypes of kayabi amerindians (n = 56), kalunga afro-descendants (n = 70) and an urban population (n = 132) were determined by allele-specific pcr. the hp*1f allele frequency was highest in kalunga (29.3%) and lowest in kayabi (2.6%). the hp*1f/hp*1s allele frequency ratios were 0.6, 1.0 and 0.26 for the kayabi, kalunga and urban populations, respectively. this variation was attributable largely to the hp*1f allele. however, despite the large variation in hp*1f frequencies, results of fst (0.0291) indicated slight genetic differentiation among subpopulations of the general brazilian population studied here. this is the first brazilian report of variations in the hp *1f and hp*1s frequencies among non-amerindian brazilians.
Efeitos adversos durante a infus?o de infliximabe em crian?as e adolescentes: estudo multicêntrico
Barbosa, Cássia Maria Passarelli Lupoli;Terreri, Maria Teresa R. A.;Oliveira, Sheila K. F.;Rodrigues, Marta Cristine Felix;Bica, Blanca Elena Rios Gomes;Sacchetti, Silvana;Romanelli, Paulo Roberto Stocco;Len, Cláudio Arnaldo;Hilário, Maria Odete Esteves;
Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0482-50042008000500005
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the frequency and the severity of the adverse reactions during the infusion of infliximab. methods: we performed a retrospective chart review of 58 patients, followed up at 5 paediatric rheumatology centers. all patients presented refractory disease or were intolerant to one or more disease modifying drugs and received one or more infliximab infusions. the data analysis was descriptive, considering the frequency and the kind of adverse reactions as well as the number of the infusions, the infliximab dose and the indication. results: the mean age at the onset of infliximab was 12 years and 9 months and the mean of the disease duration was 7 years and 7 months. the main indication of the drug was juvenile idiopathic arthritis (43). twenty five out of 58 patients (43.1%) presented adverse reactions during the infusion and 17 (29,3%) had to withdraw the treatment. the reactions were: dyspnea (ten), nausea and vomiting (eight), rash (seven), anaphylaxis (six), flush (five), angioedema (four), chest pain (four) besides urticaria, hypertension, among others. the anaphylaxis was more frequent between the fourth and the sixth infusion. conclusion: the frequency and the severity of adverse reactions to infliximab must be considered not only in relation to its indication, but mainly for the choice of the center to the drug infusion where emergency treatment may be performed.
New Low Surface Brightness Dwarf Galaxies Detected Around Nearby Spirals
I. D. Karachentsev,P. Riepe,T. Zilch,M. Blauensteiner,M. Elvov,P. Hochleitner,B. Hubl,G. Kerschhuber,S. Küppers,F. Neyer,R. P?lzl,P. Remmel,O. Schneider,R. Sparenberg,U. Trulson,G. Willems,H. Ziegler
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1134/S199034131504001X
Abstract: We conduct a survey of low surface brightness (LSB) satellite galaxies around the Local Volume massive spirals using long exposures with small amateur telescopes. We identified 27 low and very low surface brightness objects around the galaxies NGC,672, 891, 1156, 2683, 3344, 4258, 4618, 4631, and 5457 situated within 10 Mpc from us, and found nothing new around NGC,2903, 3239, 4214, and 5585. Assuming that the dwarf candidates are the satellites of the neighboring luminous galaxies, their absolute magnitudes are in the range of -8.6 > M_B > -13.3, their effective diameters are 0.4-4.7 kpc, and the average surface brightness is 26.1 mag/sq arcsec. The mean linear projected separation of the satellite candidates from the host galaxies is 73 kpc. Our spectroscopic observations of two LSB dwarfs with the Russian 6-meter telescope confirm their physical connection to the host galaxies NGC,891 and NGC,2683.
Milk: An Alternative Beverage for Hydration?  [PDF]
Cássia Pegoretti, Adriane Elisabete Costa Antunes, Fúlvia de Barros Manchado-Gobatto, Caroline Dario Capitani
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2015.66057
Abstract: The hydration status of a physically active individual or athlete can influence his/her physical or mental performance. The degree of hypohydration may lead to serious health problems, and consequently to impair athletic performance. The consumption of water or carbohydrate-electrolyte beverages before, during and after exercise is essential to maintain fluid balance and prevent dehydration. Besides these drinks, research findings have pointed using bovine milk as an alternative to sports drinks to optimize hydration levels in athletes and physically active individuals. The nutritional composition of cow’s milk promotes post-exercise rehydration process, due to the natural presence of water and electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. Although most studies have confirmed that bovine milk is a viable alternative for rehydration, recent studies have not reported significant differences between milk and some sports drinks for hydration process. Thus, milk consumption could be used as an alternative beverage for the hydration process.
Brazilian offshore wave climate based on NWW3 reanalysis
Pianca, Cássia;Mazzini, Piero Luigi F.;Siegle, Eduardo;
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-87592010000100006
Abstract: this paper provides a description of the wave climate off the brazilian coast based on an eleven-year time series (jan/1997-dec/2007) obtained from the nww3 operational model hindcast reanalysis. information about wave climate in brazilian waters is very scarce and mainly based on occasional short-term observations, the present analysis being the first covering such temporal and spatial scales. to define the wave climate, six sectors were defined and analyzed along the brazilian shelf-break: south (w1), southeast (w2), central (w3), east (w4), northeast (w5) and north (w6). w1, w2 and w3 wave regimes are determined by the south atlantic high (sah) and the passage of synoptic cold fronts; w4, w5 and w6 are controlled by the intertropical convergence zone (itcz) and its meridional oscillation. the most energetic waves are from the s, generated by the strong winds associated to the passage of cold fronts, which mainly affect the southern region. wave power presents a decrease in energy levels from south to north, with its annual variation showing that the winter months are the most energetic in w1 to w4, while in w5 and w6 the most energetic conditions occur during the austral summer. the information presented here provides boundary conditions for studies related to coastal processes, fundamental for a better understanding of the brazilian coastal zone.
Ades?o e n?o-ades?o ao tratamento farmacológico para depress?o
Cunha, Marines de Fátima;Gandini, Rita de Cássia;
Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-37722009000300015
Abstract: the present study aimed to understand the aspects related to compliance and non compliance to the pharmacological treatment for depression, with users and former-users of a mental-health public service. twenty four patients were interviewed individually (12 adherent and 12 non-adherent to the pharmacological treatment for depression). through interviews content analysis, it was identified that the compliance and non-compliance phenomenon would be inter-related to intrapersonal aspects, interpersonal aspects, and to the context of the patient's treatment, the results contributed to reflections concerning to the role of mental health teams in enhancing treatment compliance, as well as to the need of a greater consideration of the individual, the family and the community, and the assistance provided by the institution.
Análise fotogramétrica e subjetiva do perfil facial de indivíduos com oclus?o normal
Trevisan, Fábio;Gil, Cássia Teresinha Lopes Alcantara;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192006000400004
Abstract: aim: to evaluate the facial profile in photographs taken from leucoderms brazilian young, with normal occlusion. methods: 58 photographic profiles from 23 young males and 35 young females, with mean age 16.03 +- 2.04, presenting 4 within the 6 keys of andrews normal occlusion. photographs were judged by 21 students an 2 orthodontic graduate professors. furthermore, photogrametrics were made. results and conclusion: it was found that a natural normal occlusion is not an indicative of facial beautifulness, as 28% of all profiles were judged not attractive. it was noticed that all values found were close to the values reported in the revised literature, leading to the conclusion that photogrametric values only are not able to detect facial beauty.
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