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The monastery of Soumela and ancient trade routes connected to it
Ismail K?se
Codrul Cosminului , 2012,
Abstract: It is a well known fact that trade routes and temples had a close relation. It is not possible to exempt monasteries from this generalization. It is inevitable to build connection between trade and three monasteries located in the area where trade routes passing. The Monastery of Soumela comes front among the rest two with its unique location on summer trade route. Watch towers and camel inns at the vicinity of the Monastery prove this fact. Another important aspect related to Soumela Monastery and her connection to the trade routes is the demographic structure and settlement of villages located on the trade destinations. Especially travelers’ memoirs and registers of Ottoman Empire show that for a long period there was a lively economy in the region. Field surveys at the last years also show the importance of trade routes passing from the region.
Synthesis and evaluation of diphenol aldimines as inhibitors of Escherichia coli ATPase and cell growth  [PDF]
Zulfiqar Ahmad, Prasanna K. Dadi, Jesse Elord, Ismail O. Kady
Advances in Biological Chemistry (ABC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/abc.2012.22019
Abstract: A series of structurally related diphenol aldimines (DPAs) were synthesized. These aldimines involve different substitution patterns of their phenolic groups, for the purpose of optimizing their ability to inhibit ATP synthase. The inhibitory effects of these DPA compounds were evaluated using purified F1 and membrane-bound F1F0 E. coli ATP synthase. Structure-activity relationship studies of these di-phenol compounds showed that maximum inhibition was achieved when both phenolic groups are either in the meta-positions (DPA-7, IC50 = 2.0 μM), or in the ortho-positions (DPA-9, IC50 = 5.0 μM). The lowest ATP synthase inhibition was found to be when the phenolic groups are both in the para-positions (DPA-2, IC50 = 100.0 μM). Results also show that the inhibitory effects of these compounds on ATPase are completely reversible. Identical inhibition patterns of both the purified F1 and the membrane bound F1F0 enzyme were observed. Study of E. coli cell growth showed that these diphenol aldimines effectively inhibit both ATP synthesis and cell growth.
A Logarithmic Finite Difference Method for Troesch’s Problem  [PDF]
M. S. Ismail, K. S. Al-Basyoni
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/am.2018.95039
The aim of this paper is to derive a numerical scheme for Troesch’s problem and to overcome the difficulty which faces the existing numerical methods when considering the Troesch’s problem with large values of λ. A logarithmic finite difference method is derived for solving the Troesch’s problem. The method is very simple and works well for arbitrarily large values of the Troesch’s parameter. To test the proposed method, we have used a wide range of the Troesch’s parameter λ. A comparison with some existing methods is given. The numerical results show the robustness and the superiority of the proposed scheme over most of the existing numerical methods for the Troesch’s problem.
Evaluation of Rubber/Mild Steel Bonds Failure after Exposure in Marine Environment
Ismaliza Ismail,M. K. Harun
International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications , 2013, DOI: 10.7763/ijcea.2013.v4.276
Abstract: The use of rubber/metal bonded composite is growing in the offshore industries as well as in the automotive components. Maintaining a good adhesion between rubber to substrate bond is a crucial importance in ensuring a satisfactory product performance in service. Bond failure attributes to the severe product performance failure. Exposure under salt environment can cause the bond failure due to corrosion reaction. Therefore the durability of rubber/metal bond in seawater, using natural rubber bonded to mild steel by proprietary bonding agent is studied. The locus of failures was determined at primer/metal oxide layer and the results are presented in the SEM and EDS analysis on both of the interfacial failures area. The adhesion failure mechanism is proposed where the bond delamination was found precedes the under film corrosion.
Water Balance Analysis at Karangmumus River Basin Area (RBA) Samarinda City
Makara Seri Sains , 2009,
Abstract: Karangmumus RBA to getting degradation pressure being concrete drying and flooding so much to frighten. Climate data from BMG Temindung and SPAS Lempake has to water balance analysis based on Hewlett and Nutter methode. This region have the Area Class III (1500–2000 mm/year). With the bimodel or double wave rainfall models with C patern. The hight rainfall depth periode at December and April, therefore the low rainfall depth at September and November. Have level Q = ± 9.9%, or rainfall tipe A (very wet area with tropical wet vegetation) and E1 agroclimte zone. Water balance monthly indicated that this area have to water surplus 8 month, i.e. January (27.0 mm), February (57.3 mm), March (119.7 mm), April (72.8 mm), May (48.4 mm), Juni (19.6 mm), November (58.7 mm) and December (75.3 mm), or total amounts water surplus 478.8 mm/year. The water deficits at Juni (0.4 mm), July (0.3 mm), Augus (3.9 mm), September (13.6 mm) and October (26.7 mm) or total amount water deficits (44.5 mm/year).
Effect of Nd:YAG laser irradiation on the characteristics of porous silicon photodetector
Raid A Ismail and Marwa K Abood
International Nano Letters , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/2228-5326-3-11
Abstract: Electrical and photoresponse properties of a Al/porous silicon/crystalline silicon/Al structure (Al/PSi/Si/Al) are investigated under irradiation of Nd:YAG laser pulses. The effect of Nd-YAG laser irradiation on the morphological and structural properties of a porous silicon layer is also demonstrated. The porous Si layer is synthesized on a single crystalline p-type Si using electrochemical etching in aqueous hydrofluoric acid at a current density of 20 mA/cm2 for a 40-min etching time. The structure of the porous layer is investigated using atomic force microscopy and optical microscopy. The electrical properties and photodetector figures of merit (responsivity, detectivity, and carrier lifetime) are found to be dependent on the laser fluence.
Assis, K.,Mohd Ismail, H.A
International Journal of Economics and Research , 2011,
Abstract: Organic farming is gaining popularity all over the world as it can diversify agricultural production system toward attaining improved productivity, farm income as well as food safety. The rise of organic farming was driven partly by consumers' concern with food quality and safety, as well as the protection of the environment. Organic Farming produces safe and nutritious food as it helps prevent soil pollution by stopping risky chemical reactions in the soil and avoiding produce contamination, as well as soil erosion, by wind and rain. One of the important parties that can enable the country to produce more organic products through organic farming is the growers or farmers. The final decision of farmers to use a new practice like organic farming system is usually the result of their knowledge of the practices as well as their perception. Therefore, the main purpose of this preliminary study was to investigate the knowledge, perception or attitude, and practices of vegetable growers towards organic farming. A survey method through face-to-face interview by using structured questionnaire was used to collect data from a total of 31 vegetable growers in Kundasang, Sabah which was selected by using simple random sampling method. The findings of the study show that the knowledge of the respondents on organic farming especially pertaining to the use of chemical insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers is still need to be improved, their attitude is also still negative, and they are still dependent on conventional practices (i.e. chemical) especially to control pests and diseases.
Modified Saw Dust for the Removal of Lead Cations from Aqueous Media
Ismail Abbas,Jinane K. Chaaban,Iyad Karamé
International Journal of Chemistry , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ijc.v4n5p35
Abstract: Saw dust modified with chloroethylacetate was prepared. The product was used as an extracting agent for the solid-phase extraction of lead cations from aqueous media. The uptake performance of modified saw dust (MSD) for removal of Pb(II) cations was investigated using batch method. The influences of some experimental parameters like initial concentration of the cation, extraction time, concentration of the saw dust, pH and temperature were studied. Three adsorption isotherms [Langmuir, Freundlich and Dubinin-Redushkevish (D-R)] were used to analyze the equilibrium data. The sorption capacity of modified saw dust was found to be 78.1 mg/g at 298 K from 164 mg/l aqueous solution of lead cation. The mean free energy calculated from D-R model was found to be 15.81 KJ/mol, indicating that chemisorption is involved in the extraction process. The removal of lead cation does not change with increasing temperature. The present method has been compared with the previous methods.
Power law eigenvalue density, scaling and critical random matrix ensembles
K. A. Muttalib,Mourad E. H. Ismail
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.76.051105
Abstract: We consider a class of rotationally invariant unitary random matrix ensembles where the eigenvalue density falls off as an inverse power law. Under a new scaling appropriate for such power law densities (different from the scaling required in Gaussian random matrix ensembles), we calculate exactly the two-level kernel that determines all eigenvalue correlations. We show that such ensembles belong to the class of critical ensembles.
Impact of localization on Dyson's circular ensemble
K. A. Muttalib,M. E. H. Ismail
Physics , 1995, DOI: 10.1088/0305-4470/28/21/005
Abstract: A wide variety of complex physical systems described by unitary matrices have been shown numerically to satisfy level statistics predicted by Dyson's circular ensemble. We argue that the impact of localization in such systems is to provide certain restrictions on the eigenvalues. We consider a solvable model which takes into account such restrictions qualitatively and find that within the model a gap is created in the spectrum, and there is a transition from the universal Wigner distribution towards a Poisson distribution with increasing localization.
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