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Influence of Novel Norovirus GII.4 Variants on Gastroenteritis Outbreak Dynamics in Alberta and the Northern Territories, Canada between 2000 and 2008
Xiaoli L. Pang,Jutta K. Preiksaitis,Sallene Wong,Vincent Li,Bonita E. Lee
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0011599
Abstract: Norovirus GII.4 is the predominant genotype circulating worldwide over the last decade causing 80% of all norovirus outbreaks with new GII.4 variants reported in parallel with periodic epidemic waves of norovirus outbreaks. The circulating new GII.4 variants and the epidemiology of norovirus outbreaks in Alberta, Canada have not been described. Our hypothesis is that the periodic epidemic norovirus outbreak activity in Alberta was driven by new GII.4 variants evolving by genetic drift.
Sebastian Scheele: Geschlecht, Gesundheit, Gouvernementalit t. Selbstverh ltnisse und Geschlechterwissen in der M nnergesundheitsf rderung. Sulzbach im Taunus: Ulrike Helmer Verlag 2010.
Jutta Kühl
querelles-net , 2011,
Abstract: Wenn es um ihre Gesundheit geht, gelten M nner mittlerweile als M ngelwesen: Sie essen lieber Fleisch als Salat, lassen ihr Auto regelm iger warten als ihren K rper und trinken auch gerne mal ein Glas zu viel. Die Zielgruppe Mann wird in der Gesundheitsf rderung zunehmend in den Blick genommen. Sebastian Scheeles detaillierte Analyse zeichnet erstmalig nach, welches Geschlechterwissen dabei (re)produziert wird. Zudem hinterfragt er die in der M nnergesundheitsf rderung propagierten Selbstverh ltnisse kritisch und stellt sie in den Kontext neoliberaler Regierungsweisen. Dafür erweitert er Foucaults Konzept der Gouvernementalit t um sozialkonstruktivistische Geschlechtertheorie und verknüpft diese mit den Gesundheitswissenschaften. When it comes to health, men are, by now, considered to be deficient beings: they prefer meat over salads, they get their cars checked more regularly than their bodies, and they like to have one over the eight from time to time. The target audience “men” is considered increasingly in health promotion. Sebastian Scheele’s detailed analysis is the first one to trace the gender knowledge that is (re)produced in this process. Furthermore, he questions the self-relations that are propagated in men’s health promotion and places them within the context of neoliberal ways of government. To this end, he expands Foucault’s concept of governmentality with social-constructivist gender theory and relates it to health sciences.
Gender und Milit r Gender and the Military
Jutta Kühl
querelles-net , 2004,
Abstract: Dieser Band der Heinrich-B ll Stiftung enth lt aktuelle internationale Forschungsergebnisse zum Verh ltnis von Gender und Milit r. Das Themenspektrum in den Beitr gen reicht von der Frage nach der Repr sentation von Frauen in den jeweiligen Streitkr ften bis zu Untersuchungen zur gesellschaftlichen Rolle des Milit rs bei der Konstruktion von Gender. This volume of the Heinrich-B ll Foundation contains results of current international research on the relationship between gender and the military. The thematical spectrum of the contributions ranges from the question of the representation of women in armed forces to studies on the societal role of the military for the construction of gender.
Microscopic substructure effects in potential-model descriptions of the $^7$Be$(p,γ)^8$B reaction
Jutta Escher,Byron K. Jennings
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: The spectroscopic factor arises from short-range effects in the nuclear wave function. On the other hand, cross sections for external capture reactions, such as $^7$Be$(p,\gamma)^8$B at low energies, depend primarily on the asymptotic normalization of the bound-state wave function -- a long-range property. We investigate the relationship between potential models and the full many-body problem to illustrate how microscopic substructure effects arise naturally in the relevant transition matrix element and can be (in part) accounted for by a spectroscopic factor.
Impaired Contingent Attentional Capture Predicts Reduced Working Memory Capacity in Schizophrenia
Jutta S. Mayer, Keisuke Fukuda, Edward K. Vogel, Sohee Park
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0048586
Abstract: Although impairments in working memory (WM) are well documented in schizophrenia, the specific factors that cause these deficits are poorly understood. In this study, we hypothesized that a heightened susceptibility to attentional capture at an early stage of visual processing would result in working memory encoding problems. 30 patients with schizophrenia and 28 demographically matched healthy participants were presented with a search array and asked to report the orientation of the target stimulus. In some of the trials, a flanker stimulus preceded the search array that either matched the color of the target (relevant-flanker capture) or appeared in a different color (irrelevant-flanker capture). Working memory capacity was determined in each individual using the visual change detection paradigm. Patients needed considerably more time to find the target in the no-flanker condition. After adjusting the individual exposure time, both groups showed equivalent capture costs in the irrelevant-flanker condition. However, in the relevant-flanker condition, capture costs were increased in patients compared to controls when the stimulus onset asynchrony between the flanker and the search array was high. Moreover, the increase in relevant capture costs correlated negatively with working memory capacity. This study demonstrates preserved stimulus-driven attentional capture but impaired contingent attentional capture associated with low working memory capacity in schizophrenia. These findings suggest a selective impairment of top-down attentional control in schizophrenia, which may impair working memory encoding.
New-onset diabetes and antihypertensive treatment
Grimm, Christine,K?berlein, Juliane,Wiosna, Waldemar,Kresimon, Jutta
GMS Health Technology Assessment , 2010,
Abstract: Introduction: Chronic diseases substantially contribute to the continuous increase in health care expenditures, including type-2 diabetes mellitus as one of the most expensive chronic diseases. Arterial hypertension presents a risk factor for the development of type-2 diabetes mellitus. Numerous analyses have demonstrated that antihypertensive therapies promote the development of type-2-diabetes mellitus. Studies indicate, that the application of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and angiotensin-receptor-blockers (ARB) lead to less new-onset diabetes compared to beta-blockers, diuretics and placebo. Given that beta-blockers and diuretics impair the glucose metabolism, the metabolic effects of different antihypertensive drugs should be regarded; otherwise not only the disease itself, but also antihypertensive therapies may promote the development of new-onset diabetes. Even though, the cost of ACE inhibitors and ARB are higher, the use in patients with metabolic disorders could be cost-effective in the long-term if new-onset diabetes is avoided. Objectives: To evaluate which class of antihypertensive agents promote the development or the manifestation of type-2 diabetes mellitus. How high is the incidence of new-onset diabetes during antihypertensive therapy and how is treatment-induced type-2 diabetes mellitus evaluated clinically? Which agents are therefore cost-effective in the long term? Which ethical, social or legal aspects should be regarded?MethodsA systematic literature review was conducted including clinical trials with at least ten participants which reported new-onset diabetes in the course of antihypertensive treatment. The trials had to be published after 1966 (after 2003 for economic publications) in English or German. Results: A total of 34 clinical publications meet the inclusion criteria. Of these, eight publications focus on the development of diabetes mellitus under treatment with diuretic and/or beta-blockers, six publications focused on ACE inhibitors alone or in combination with calcium-channel-blockers, ten publications on ARB and/or ACE inhibitors with respect to their effects on new-onset diabetes or their preventive aspects. Furthermore, five publications investigate the role of calcium-channel-antagonists in the development of diabetes, and five publications indicate the development of new-onset diabetes with different antihypertensive agents amongst each other or in comparison to no antihypertensive treatment. The clinical trials show a significant difference in the development of new-onset diabetes. Therapies wit
The β-cyclodextrin/benzene complex and its hydrogen bonds – a theoretical study using molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics and COSMO-RS
Jutta Erika Helga K?hler,Nicole Grczelschak-Mick
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry , 2013, DOI: 10.3762/bjoc.9.15
Abstract: Four highly ordered hydrogen-bonded models of β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) and its inclusion complex with benzene were investigated by three different theoretical methods: classical quantum mechanics (QM) on AM1 and on the BP/TZVP-DISP3 level of approximation, and thirdly by classical molecular dynamics simulations (MD) at different temperatures (120 K and 273 to 300 K). The hydrogen bonds at the larger O2/O3 rim of empty β-CDs prefer the right-hand orientation, e.g., O3-H…O2-H in the same glucose unit and bifurcated towards …O4 and O3 of the next glucose unit on the right side. On AM1 level the complex energy was 2.75 kcal mol 1 when the benzene molecule was located parallel inside the β-CD cavity and 2.46 kcal mol 1 when it was positioned vertically. The AM1 HOMO/LUMO gap of the empty β-CD with about 12 eV is lowered to about 10 eV in the complex, in agreement with data from the literature. AM1 IR spectra displayed a splitting of the O–H frequencies of cyclodextrin upon complex formation. At the BP/TZVP-DISP3 level the parallel and vertical positions from the starting structures converged to a structure where benzene assumes a more oblique position ( 20.16 kcal mol 1 and 20.22 kcal mol 1, resp.) as was reported in the literature. The character of the COSMO-RS σ-surface of β-CD was much more hydrophobic on its O6 rim than on its O2/O3 side when all hydrogen bonds were arranged in a concerted mode.This static QM picture of the β-CD/benzene complex at 0 K was extended by MD simulations. At 120 K benzene was mobile but always stayed inside the cavity of β-CD. The trajectories at 273, 280, 290 and 300 K certainly no longer displayed the highly ordered hydrogen bonds of β-CD and benzene occupied many different positions inside the cavity, before it left the β-CD finally at its O2/O3 side.
Spectroscopic amplitudes and microscopic substructure effects in nucleon capture reactions
Jutta Escher,Byron K. Jennings,Helmy S. Sherif
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.64.065801
Abstract: Spectroscopic amplitudes play an important role in nuclear capture reactions. These amplitudes are shown to include both single-particle and polarization effects: the former through their spatial dependence and the latter through their normalization (the spectroscopic factors). Coupled-channels equations are developed for the spectroscopic amplitudes. These equations serve as a convenient starting point for the derivation of several approximations: Hartree, Hartree-Fock and two different single-particle models. The single-particle models include antisymmetry in different ways, but both miss many-body effects. Therefore, cross sections calculated with either of these models need to be multiplied by the spectroscopic factor.
Uso de Sphagnum recurvum P. Beauv. como biofiltro no monitoramento de polui??o aérea industrial de metais pesados
Gutberlet, Jutta;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 1988, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33061988000300010
Abstract: bioindcators and biofilters, especially lower plants, represent an efficient alternative for the monitoring of environmental quality. the advantage by using plants for recognition and evaluation of certain air pollutants consists in the relatively low cost installation and the revealing of the global situation of air pollution in a determined area, by adding up all the effects of the different pollutants. moss bags containing sphagnum recurvum p. beauv. were introduced as biofilters, according to the established moss-bag-method, for the heavy metalmonitoring realized during 1987 at the study area serra do mar/cubat?o, brazil. first analytical results on the absolute and relative accumulation of some heavy metals (al, fe, ni, zn) are presented in ppm and percentage (%). the results confirm the excellent capacity os moss beeing used for surveying atmosferic pollutants.
Making worlds: epistemological, ontological and political dimensions of technoscience
Jutta Weber
Poiesis & Praxis , 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s10202-010-0076-4
Abstract: En reformulant la question d’une rupture d’époque en terme d’épistémè et d’appareil, je vais souligner certaines des hypothèses épistémologiques et ontologiques de la technoscience contemporaine. Les aspects importants sont la techno-rationalité mais aussi la constitution d’une culture entrepreneuriale internationale ( New World Order Inc. , Haraway in Modest_Witness@Second_Millenium. FemaleManc_Meets_OncoMouse . Feminism and technoscience. Routledge, New York, 1997: 2), avec sa nouvelle politique de vie elle-même (Franklin in Encyclopedia of bioethics, vol 3. Macmillan, New York, 1995), la reconfiguration dans la technoscience de catégories telles que la race, la classe et le genre ainsi que la combinaison de la vie de tous les jours, la technoscience et la culture. Etant donné les difficultés de prouver une nouvelle épistémè (ou même une époque), je change de perspective en réfléchissant au point de vue épistémologique à partir duquel l’interprétation des technosciences en tant que nouvel épistémè ou époque devient plausible ou non—en confrontant les approches traditionnelles de la philosophie, de l’histoire des sciences et de l’évaluation technologique avec des approches d’intervention telles que les études culturelles postcoloniales et féministes de la technoscience.
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