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Strategy Research of the Innovating-Style City of Xi’an Low Carbon-Based View—Main Body Innovation  [PDF]
Junfeng Liu
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.38012
Abstract: Beginning with the conception of the innovating-style city, path selection of the innovating-style city of Xi’an based on low-carbon view is introduced and one of the strategies makes it true—main body innovation, including enterprise innovation strategy, management innovation strategy and talent innovation strategy.
Photocatalytic degradation kinetics and mechanism of pentachlorophenol based on superoxide radicals

Yang Li,Junfeng Niu,Lifeng Yin,Wenlong Wang,Yueping Bao,Jing Chen,Yanpei Duan,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2011,
Abstract: The micron grade multi-metal oxide bismuth silicate (Bi12SiO20, BSO) was prepared by the chemical solution decomposition technique. Photocatalytic degradation of pentachlorophenol (PCP) was investigated in the presence of BSO under xenon lamp irradiation. The reaction kinetics followed pseudo first-order and the degradation ratio achieved 99.1% after 120 min at an initial PCP concentration of 2.0 mg/L. The pH decreased from 6.2 to 4.6 and the dechlorination ratio was 68.4% after 120 min at an initial PCP concentration of 8.0 mg/L. The results of electron spin resonance showed that superoxide radical (O2·-) was largely responsible for the photocatalytic degradation of PCP. Interestingly, this result was different from that of previous photocatalytic reactions where valence band holes or hydroxyl radicals played the role of major oxidants. Some aromatic compounds and aliphatic carboxylic acids were determined by GC/MS as the reaction intermediates, which indicated that O2·- can attack the bond between the carbon and chlorine atoms to form less chlorinated aromatic compounds. The aromatic compounds were further oxidized by O2·- to generate aliphatic carboxylic acids which can be finally mineralized to CO2 and H2O.
Effects of Residual Stress on the Hydro-Elastic Vibration of Circular Diaphragm  [PDF]
Junfeng Zhao, Song Yu
World Journal of Mechanics (WJM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2012.26041

The effects of residual stress on the hydro-elastic vibration of circular diaphragm are theoretically investigated by using the added mass approach. The Kirchhoff theory of plates is used to model the elastic thin circular diaphragm on an aperture of an infinite rigid wall and in contact with a fluid on one side. The fluid is assumed to be incompressible and inviscid and the velocity potential is used to describe its irrotational motion. A non-dimensional tension parameter is defined, and the effects of the tension parameter on the frequency parameters and mode shapes of the diaphragm in the air are presented. The Hankel transform is applied to solve the fluid-diaphragm coupled system; boundary conditions are expressed by integral equations. Finally, the effects of residual stress on the non-dimensional added virtual mass incremental (NAVMI) factors of the diaphragm contact with a fluid on one side are investigated. It is found that the effects of the residual stress cannot be neglected when the edges of the circular diaphragm are clamped. The effects of residual stress for NAVMI factors can be increases 11% when the non-dimensional tension parameter is 1000.

The Method of Real Options to Encourage the R & D Team  [PDF]
Junfeng Gao, Lan Jiang
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2010.32029
Abstract: In some projects, the R & D appears to be a failure, and according to traditional methods of encouragement motivation, it is hard to get any awards for the R & D team. But there is a valuable option implied in it. This article discusses the method of real options to encourage R & D team when the enterprises can not achieve the desired economic benefit in the case of high-risk project or the immature market. The process of method includes: Identify the real option type of high-risk projects, Design the incentive mechanism and Design specific exercise ways.
Combining Total Monte Carlo and Benchmarks for nuclear data uncertainty propagation on an LFRs safety parameters
Erwin Alhassan,Henrik Sj?strand,Junfeng Duan,Cecilia Gustavsson,Arjan Koning,Stephan Pomp,Dimitri Rochman,Michael ?sterlund
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: Analyses are carried out to assess the impact of nuclear data uncertainties on keff for the European Lead Cooled Training Reactor (ELECTRA) using the Total Monte Carlo method. A large number of Pu-239 random ENDF-formated libraries generated using the TALYS based system were processed into ACE format with NJOY99.336 code and used as input into the Serpent Monte Carlo neutron transport code to obtain distribution in keff. The keff distribution obtained was compared with the latest major nuclear data libraries - JEFF-3.1.2, ENDF/B-VII.1 and JENDL-4.0. A method is proposed for the selection of benchmarks for specific applications using the Total Monte Carlo approach. Finally, an accept/reject criterion was investigated based on chi square values obtained using the Pu-239 Jezebel criticality benchmark. It was observed that nuclear data uncertainties in keff were reduced considerably from 748 to 443 pcm by applying a more rigid acceptance criteria for accepting random files.
Uncertainty study of nuclear model parameters for the n+ ^{56}Fe reactions in the fast neutron region below 20 MeV
Junfeng Duan,Stephan Pomp,Henrik Sj?strand,Erwin Alhassan,Cecilia Gustavsson,Michael ?sterlund,Arjan Koning,Dimitri Rochman
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: In this work, we study the uncertainty of nuclear model parameters for neutron induced ^{56}Fe reactions in fast neutron region by using the Total Monte Carlo method. We perform a large number of TALYS runs and compare the calculated results with the experimental data of the cross sections to obtain the uncertainties of the model parameters. Based on the derived uncertainties another 1000 TALYS runs have been performed to create random cross section files. For comparison with the experimental data we calculate a weighted \chi^2 value for each random file as well as the ENDF/B-VII.1, JEFF3.1, JENDL4.0 and CENDL3.1 data libraries. Furthermore, we investigate the optical model parameters correlation obtained by way of this procedure.
The GDTM-Padé Technique for the Nonlinear Lattice Equations
Junfeng Lu
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/863583
Abstract: The GDTM-Padé technique is a combination of the generalized differential transformmethod and the Padé approximation. We apply this technique to solve the two nonlinear latticeequations, which results in the high accuracy of the GDTM-Padé solutions. Numerical results arepresented to show its efficiency by comparing the GDTM-Padé solutions, the solutions obtained bythe generalized differential transform method, and the exact solutions.
The discovery of aeschnidiid nymphs (Aeschnidiidae, Odonata, Insecta)
Junfeng Zhang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2000, DOI: 10.1007/BF02884986
Abstract: Aeschnidiid nymphs are here first identified and described, and its phylogenetic relationship and bioecological characteristics are deduced. The nymphs known from China, Mongolia, Russia and Brazil and arranged in the family Aeschnidiidae are, in fact, unrelated to this group. All the known five Chinese species in four genera which were erected based on fossil nymphs and placed in the family Gomphidae may be transferred in Aeschnidiidae and merged into one alone, theSinaeschnidia cancellosa. It is a geographically widespread species from the “Jehol biota” of East Asia and appeared in the latest Late Jurassic age.
Orientisargidae fam. n., a new Jurassic family of Archisargoidea (Diptera, Brachycera), with review of Archisargidae from China
Zhang Junfeng
ZooKeys , 2012, DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.238.3624
Abstract: A pair of fly impressions is described as a new species of a new genus, Orientisargus illecebrosus gen. et sp. n., referred to a new family Orientisargidae fam. n. within Archisargoidea of Brachycera, Diptera. The systematic position of Orientisargidae is discussed. Daohugosargus gen. n. is proposed for Sharasargus eximius KY Zhang et al., 2008. Uranorhagionidae is a junior synonym for Archisargidae. Meanwhile, Mostovskisarginae is a junior synonym for Uranorhagionidae. Mostovskisargus JF Zhang, 2010 and Strenorhagio KY Zhang et al., 2010 are synonymized with Uranorhagio KY Zhang et al., 2010. Uranorhagio includes three species: Uranorhagio asymmetricus (KY Zhang et al., 2010), comb. n., U. daohugouensis KY Zhang et al., 2010 and U. deviatus (KY Zhang et al., 2010), comb. n. Strenorhagio grimaldi KY Zhang et al., 2010 is synonymous with U. deviatus. Mostovskisargus portentosus JF Zhang, 2010, M. signatus JF Zhang, 2010 and Strenorhagio conjugovenius KY Zhang et al., 2010 are synonymous with U. asymmetricus. Brevisolva KY Zhang et al., 2010 is a junior synonym for Mesosolva Hong, 1983. A new specific name, Mesosolva zhangae nom. n., is proposed for Brevisolva daohugouensis KY Zhang et al., 2010. Mesosolva jurassica KY Zhang et al., 2010 should be synonymized under M. sinensis KY Zhang et al., 2010. Sinallomyia nom. n. is proposed for Allomyia Ren, 1998. The systematic positions for Helempis eucalla Ren, 1998, H. yixianensis Ren, 1998, Pauromyia oresbia Ren, 1998 and Sinallomyia ruderalis (Ren, 1998) are reassessed. These taxa belong to Archisargidae rather than to Tabanidae, Rhagionidae and Protempididae, respectively.
Discuss on the Improvement of Management Strategy for China Group Hotel
Junfeng Li
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009,
Abstract: In recent years, the enterprise management pattern has been changed greatly due to the rapid development of China economy. There are emerging many big group enterprises by adjustment and union. Some star class hotels have purchased other hotels to form group hotels in order to expand their scales. The small hotels, especially the ones with ill-management, purchased by the star class ones, have faced the problems of reconstructing and reforming after their enrollment. In particular, the reform is mainly concerning the consciousness. Besides, there are personnel reform, management reform, and software and hardware improvement, etc. how to reform the purchased small hotels and predetermine the future under the present policy and situation is the main point in this thesis. I do I hope this paper can make a contribution for China's group hotel in bringing in more foreign exchange income.
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