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Feasibility Assay for Measure of Sternocleidomastoid and Platysma Electromyography Signal for Brain-Computer Interface Feedback  [PDF]
Juliet Sánchez Galego, Omar Valle Casas, Alexandre Balbinot
Intelligent Control and Automation (ICA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ica.2014.54027
Abstract: A feasibility assay is conducted for electromyography measure in sternocleidomastoid and platysma, tenting to use it on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) feedback. It is proposed a case of study for four healthy subjects with an average of 35 years old, two females and two males. Methodology proposed includes signal acquisition and processing with feature extraction of RMS, Mean and Variance. The data are acquired with the AD board NI USB-6009, interfaced with LabView and processed in MatLab. An uncertainty analysis was made obtaining a system uncertainty of ±2.31 mV. ANOVA analysis was done, with a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) experiment and interaction of factors and residues obtained with the software Minitab.
Newborn Hearing Screening System Based on Otoacoustic Emissions Sistema para pesquisaje auditivo en recién nacidos basado en emisiones otoacústicas
Juliet Sánchez Galego,Ernesto Rodríguez Dávila,ángel Regueiro Gómez
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2010, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v1i3.24
Abstract: Hearing is one of the five main senses, participating in the individual′s orientation and communication. The auditory organ (vertebrate′s hearing), is in charge of the sound wave perceiving in the audible band (20 Hz to 20 kHz). Due to the increment of the audiologic problems in the society and the growing interest in our country of eradicate it since the 80′s, the investigation proposes the characterization of a channel of entrance for audiologic tests, and the latter one audition investigation in new born based in Otoacustic emission, as for characteristic of frequency, amplitude and trend line; that which can be feasible and useful, because it contributes to the development of Universal Investigation Devices existing in Cuba. La audición es uno de los cinco sentidos principales, participando en el sentido de orientación y en la comunicación de los individuos. El órgano auditivo, (oídos en los vertebrados), es el encargado de percibir las ondas sonoras en la banda audible desde 20 Hz a 20 kHz. Debido al incremento de problemas audiológicos en la sociedad y el creciente interés en nuestro país de erradicarlo desde la década del 80, la investigación propone la caracterización de un canal de entrada para pruebas audiométricas y el posterior pesquisaje auditivo en recién nacidos basado en Emisiones Otoacústicas, en cuanto a características de frecuencia, amplitud y linealidad, lo cual puede resultar factible y útil, pues contribuye al desarrollo de Equipos de Pesquisaje Universal (EPU) no invasivos ya existentes en Cuba.
Can donor aid for health be effective in a poor country? Assessment of prerequisites for aid effectiveness in Uganda
NO Juliet, S Freddie, S Okuonzi
Pan African Medical Journal , 2009,
Abstract: Background: Inadequate funding for health is a challenge to attaining health-related Millennium Development Goals. Significant increase in health funding was recommended by the Commission for Macroeconomics and Health. Indeed Official Development Assistance has increased significantly in Uganda. However, the effectiveness of donor aid has come under greater scrutiny. This paper scrutinizes the prerequisites for aid effectiveness. The objective of the study was to assess the prerequisites for effectiveness of donor aid, specifically, its proportion to overall health funding, predictability, comprehensiveness, alignment to country priorities, and channeling mechanisms. Methods: Secondary data obtained from various official reports and surveys were analyzed against the variables mentioned under objectives. This was augmented by observations and participation in discussions with all stakeholders to discuss sector performance including health financing. Results: Between 2004 2007, the level of aid increased from US$6 per capita to US$11. Aid was found to be unpredictable with expenditure varying between 174 360 percent from budgets. More than 50% of aid was found to be off budget and unavailable for comprehensive planning. There was disproportionate funding for some items such as drugs. Key health system elements such as human resources and infrastructure have not been given due attention in investment. The government’s health funding from domestic sources grew only modestly which did not guarantee fiscal sustainability. Conclusion: Although donor aid is significant there is need to invest in the prerequisites that would guarantee its effective use.
Resonance Based Micromechanical Cantilever for Gas Sensing
Subhashini. S,Vimala Juliet. A
International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications , 2013,
Abstract: Our world is facing some drastic changes in the climatic conditions due to the heating effect caused by various greenhouse gases. The most harmful gas among them is Carbon dioxide and is increasing at anuncontrolled rate.This paper aims in finding out the quantity of the major polluting gas carbon dioxide. The gravimetric sensor works by adsorbing the CO2 molecules on ZnO sensing layer, which alters the overall mass of the sensor. The mechanical structure is a cantilever, having its own resonant frequency. To selectively adsorbCO2 molecules from the mixture of gaseous molecules, ZnO at a specific temperature is used. As the gas molecules are adsorbed the mass increases and hence there is a change in resonant frequency. This change in frequency gives the measure of the quantity of CO2 molecules present in that environment. The major expected advantage of this technique would be the repeatability of the sensor that is used. This Quantitative analysis of CO2 would be helpful for mankind by alerting them about the environment in which they work,by proper conditioning and networking
Covering Chavez in u. s. media: how elite newspaper reports a controversial international figure
Juliet Gill,Jesús Arroyave,Gonzalo Soruco
Investigación y Desarrollo , 2006,
Abstract: Hasta qué punto las voces que entran en conflicto con las posiciones hegemónicas son escuchadas en las noticias de cubrimiento internacional y cómo estos patrones del discurso público cambian a medida que nuevos sucesos se develan. Este texto analiza los artículos publicados sobre el presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez en un periódico elitista de Estados Unidos durante el periodo 2001-2002. Se efectuó el análisis de contenido de 65 artículos que pertenecían a tres períodos (antes, durante y después del golpe de Estado). Se halló que las voces anti-chavistas predominaban en los discursos de la esfera pública, hasta que un golpe militar ilegal lo removió del poder y, posteriormente, las voces pro-chavistas ganaron mayor espacio en la cobertura del líder venezolano.
Da geografia e da história ou um exemplo de interdisciplinaridade
Julia Galego
Finisterra - Revista Portuguesa de Geografia , 1989,
How to Check If a Number Is Prime Using a Finite Definite Integral  [PDF]
Jesús Sánchez
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2019.72028
Abstract: In the history of mathematics different methods have been used to detect if a number is prime or not. In this paper a new one will be shown. It will be demonstrated that if the following equation is zero for a certain number p, this number p would be prime. And being m an integer number higher than (the lowest, the most efficient the operation). \"\" . If the result is an integer, this result will tell us how many permutations of two divisors, the input number has. As you can check, no recurrent division by odd or prime numbers is done, to check if the number is prime or has divisors. To get to this point, we will do the following. First, we will create a domain with all the composite numbers. This is easy, as you can just multiply one by one all the integers (greater or equal than 2) in that domain. So, you will get all the composite numbers (not getting any prime) in that domain. Then, we will use the Fourier transform to change from this original domain (called discrete time domain in this regards) to the frequency domain. There, we can check, using Parseval’s theorem, if a certain number is there or not. The use of Parseval’s theorem leads to the above integral. If the number p that we want to check is not in the domain, the result of the integral is zero and the number is a prime. If instead, the result is an integer, this integer will tell us how many permutations of two divisors the number p has. And, in consequence information how many factors, the number p has. So, for any number p lower than 2m?- 1, you can check if it is prime or not, just making the numerical definite integration. We will apply this integral in a computer program to check the efficiency of the operation. We will check, if no further developments are done, the numerical integration is inefficient computing-wise compared with brute-force checking. To be added, is the question regarding the level of accuracy needed (number of decimals and number of steps in the numerical integration) to have a reliable result for large numbers. This will be commented on the paper, but a separate study will be needed to have detailed conclusions. Of course,
Turnitin Adoption and Application at a HEI: A Developmental Approach  [PDF]
Juliet Stoltenkamp, Martha Kabaka
Creative Education (CE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2014.512118
Abstract: Issues of plagiarism are mutual debates across Higher Education Institutions (HEI). As a result, institutions have employed software detection tools as a measure to deter such unacceptable academic practices. This study explores experiences related to the adoption and implementation of Turnitin (Tii) perspective through a developmental approach at a HEI, namely, the University of the Western Cape (UWC), South Africa, during the period 2010 January to 2013 June . A case study approach was adopted targeting the lecturers, their assistants and Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technologies (CIECT) Tii support team members. Qualitative research design was applied. This was in addition to an analysis of data collected from post-Tii training workshop evaluation questionnaires, and random email enquiries and responses between lecturers and the CIECT team on Tii matters. The paper reflects on the slow uptake of Tii by the lecturers, which is worrisome as the students are dependent on their commitment. The support team encourages a developmental, rather than a punitive approach. Students need to be encouraged by their lecturers to submit assignments and subsequently improve on their academic writing according to originality reports retrieved from Tii. The researchers hope that these findings would highlight the importance of the dissemination of an anti-plagiarism document which will enable plagiarism discourse.
Scenario of the spread of the invasive species Zaprionus indianus Gupta, 1970 (Diptera, Drosophilidae) in Brazil
Galego, Luís Gustavo da Concei??o;Carareto, Claudia Marcia Aparecida;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572010005000080
Abstract: zaprionus indianus was first recorded in brazil in 1999 and rapidly spread throughout the country. we have obtained data on esterase loci polymorphisms (est2 and est3), and analyzed them, using landscape shape interpolation and the monmonier maximum difference algorithm to discover how regional invasion occurred. hence, it was apparent that z. indianus, after first arriving in s?o paulo state, spread throughout the country, probably together with the transportation of commercial fruits by way of the two main brazilian freeways, br 153, to the south and the surrounding countryside, and the br 116 along the coast and throughout the north-east.
Síndrome da crian?a espancada: aspectos neurológicos em 7 casos
Miziara, Carmem S. M. Galego;Serrano, Virginia A. Gelmenti;Kok, Fernando;Marques-Dias, Maria Joaquina;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1988, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1988000400003
Abstract: data on 7 cases of battered child syndrome with neurological complications are reviewed. first symptoms were convulsions and bulged fontanel of undeterminated origin. at clinical examination the unexpected presence of retinal hemorrhage in 5/7 patients has been the main criteria to diagnostic definition. ct showed the presence of subdural collections in the majority of the patients. a normal ct, however, does not display the possibility of future problems. successive ct studies have proved useful. in two cases they demonstrated the appearance of diffuse images of central nervous system destruction some weeks later, and probably related to ischaemic troubles in connection with the aggression mechanisms.

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