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Las emociones y la dirección. Condicionan los afectos de los directivos sus decisiones estratégicas?
Juan Bautista Delgado García,Juan Manuel de la Fuente Sabaté,Virginia Blanco Mazagatos
Universia Business Review , 2008,
Abstract: La disciplina estratégica ha asumido en las últimas décadas la importancia de los directivos en la explicación del comportamiento estratégico de las empresas. Esta asunción se ha traducido en diversas líneas de investigación, como la cognitiva o el enfoque Upper-Echelons , que se han preocupado por estudiar el componente racional, aunque limitado, de los directivos. Sin embargo, han obviado tradicionalmente, aunque con algunas excepciones, un componente que habitualmente se ha catalogado como irracional: sus emociones. En este sentido, nuestro trabajo representa un intento de avanzar en esta preocupación y descubrir si las emociones de los directivos del sector bancario realmente influyen en la estrategia empresarial.
La participación criminal en el Derecho inglés
Juan Delgado
Circunstancia , 2008,
Acceptance of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist among surgical personnel in hospitals in Guatemala city
Juan J Delgado Hurtado, Xavier Jimenez, Marco A Penalonzo, Claudia Villatoro, Sandra de Izquierdo, Monica Cifuentes
BMC Health Services Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6963-12-169
Abstract: Through an anonymous self- responded questionnaire, general characteristics of the respondents (age, gender, profession and years spent studying or working at the hospital), knowledge of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist (awareness of existence, knowledge of objectives, knowledge of correct use), acceptance of the checklist and its implementation (including personal belief of benefits of using the checklist), current use, teamwork and safety climate appreciation were determined.Of the 147 surgical personnel who answered the questionnaire, 93.8% were aware of the existence of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist and 88.8% of them reported knowing its objectives. More nurses than other personnel knew the checklist had to be used before the induction of anesthesia, skin incision, and before the patient leaves the operating room. Most personnel thought using the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist is beneficial and that its implementation was a good decision. Between 73.7% and 100% of nurses in public and private hospitals, respectively, reported the checklist had been used either always or almost always in the general elective surgeries they had participated in during the current year.Despite high acceptance of the checklist among personnel, gaps in knowledge about when the checklist should be used still exist. This can jeopardize effective implementation and correct use of the checklist in hospitals in Guatemala City. Efforts should aim to universal awareness and complete knowledge on why and how the checklist should be used.
A Novel Insight on Signal Transduction Mechanism of RcsCDB System in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium
María de las Mercedes Pescaretti, Juan V. Farizano, Roberto Morero, Mónica A. Delgado
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072527
Abstract: The RcsCDB system of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium is implicated in the control of capsule and flagella synthesis. The hybrid sensor RcsC, the phosphotransferase RcsD and the RcsB regulator, constitute the main components of the RcsCDB system. The proposed Rcs signaling cascade involves the autophosphorylation of RcsC and the transfer of the phosphate group to RcsB, mediated by RcsD. We previously reported that the overexpression of rcsB repress the transcription of rcsD by an autoregulation mechanism. Moreover, we demonstrated that during the rcsD repression, the RcsB-dependent flagellar modulation remained active. These results suggest that the Rcs phosphorelay mechanism occurs even in the absence of RcsD. In this work, we established the existence of two alternative phosphorelay pathways driving activation of this system. We demonstrated that RcsC and RcsD can act as histidine kinase proteins which, after autophosphorylated, are able to independently transfer the phosphate to RcsB. Our results suggest that these pathways could be activated by different environmental signals, leading different levels of RcsB-phosphorylated to produce a differential gene modulation. These findings contribute to a better understanding of the complexity and importance of the Rcs system activation, where more than one phosphate flow pathway increases the possibilities to exert gene regulation for a quick environmental changes response.
Gender and the professional career of primary care physicians in Andalusia (Spain)
Ana Delgado, Lorena Saletti-Cuesta, Luis López-Fernández, Juan de Dios Luna, Inmaculada Mateo-Rodriguez
BMC Health Services Research , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6963-11-51
Abstract: Descriptive, cross-sectional, and multicenter study. Setting: Spain. Participants: Population: urban health centers and their physicians. Sample: 88 health centers and 500 physicians. Independent variable: gender. Measurements: Control variables: age, postgraduate family medicine specialty (FMS), patient quota, patients/day, hours/day housework from Monday to Friday, idem weekend, people at home with special care, and family situation. Dependent variables: 24 professional activities in management, teaching, research, and the scientific community. Self-administered questionnaire. Descriptive, bivariate, and multilevel logistic regression analyses.Response: 73.6%. Female physicians: 50.8%. Age: female physicians, 49.1 ± 4.3 yrs; male physicians, 51.3 ± 4.9 yrs (p < 0.001). Female physicians with FMS: 44.2%, male physicians with FMS: 33.3% (p < 0.001). Female physicians dedicated more hours to housework and more frequently lived alone versus male physicians. There were no differences in healthcare variables. Thirteen of the studied activities were less frequently performed by female physicians, indicating their lesser visibility in the production and diffusion of scientific knowledge. Performance of the majority of professional activities was independent of the health center in which the physician worked.There are gender inequities in the development of professional activities in urban health centers in Andalusia, even after controlling for family responsibilities, work load, and the effect of the health center, which was important in only a few of the activities under study.The number of women in medicine is progressively increasing in numerous countries [1], but they remain unequally distributed among medical specialties [1-3]. Female physicians predominate in general specialties (e.g., pediatrics, psychiatry and family medicine) that are characterized by a much lower salary and prestige [2], a more easily planned work schedule, and a greater interaction with patient
DNA testing for parentage verification in a conservation nucleus of Pantaneiro horse
Sereno, Fabiana Tavares Pires de Souza;Sereno, José Robson Bezerra;Vega-Pla, Jose Luis;Delgado, Juan Vicente;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572008000100013
Abstract: we investigated the genealogy of the in situ conservation nucleus of the pantaneiro horse using dna microsatellites by evaluating 101 horses, the group consisting of 71 adult horses (3 stallions, 40 male and 31 mares) and 27 foals (14 colts and 13 fillies). genomic dna was extracted from hair roots and genotyped using 12 microsatellite markers (aht4, aht5, asb2, asb17, asb23, hms3 hms6, hms7, htg4, htg10, lex33 and vhl20). the number of alleles per locus varied from 6 to 13, with a mean of 7.8 and the expected heterozygosity ranged from 0.544 to 0.734 (mean 0.644). the vlh20, asb2, htg10, asb23 markers had a high (> 0.8) polymorphism information content and the total exclusion probability of the 12 microsatellite loci was 0.99. the genealogical study of the pantaneiro horse using genetic markers was efficient in detecting mistakes during paternity and maternity designation and is an important tool which can be used together with traditional systems of animal identification. the use of genetic markers is recommended in the systematic control of the genealogical registrations and conservation plans to improve genetic aspects of the pantaneiro horse.
Características de la familia de origen y de la familia formada por las médicas y los médicos de familia de Andalucía
Delgado,Ana; Saletti Cuesta,Lorena; López-Fernández,Luis Andrés; Dios Luna,Juan de; Mateo Rodríguez,Inmaculada; Jiménez Martín,Juan Manuel;
Revista Espa?ola de Salud Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1135-57272009000600011
Abstract: background: the origin and formed family characteristics are related to physician's professional career. the purpose of this study was to know and compare by sex the characteristics of the origin family and formed family of women and men family physician in andalusia. methods: cross sectional and multicenter study. setting: urban primary health care centres from andalusian province capitals. participants: physician of primary health care centres. inclusion criteria: at least one year using computerized medical history with the same quota patients. multistage random sample, 88 primary health care centres and 500 physicians, 50% of both sexes (alpha=5%, power=90%, precision=15%). postal auto administrated questionnaire. variables: sex, age, tutor of resident in family medicine, last father's activity, last mother's activity, number of brothers or sisters, family situation, last couple's activity (if any), to have or not children. results: 73, 6 % responses. in no responses there weren′t differences of sex neither tutor of resident in family medicine. mean age: women physicians 49, 5 ±4, 3 and men physician 51, 3 ± 4, 9 (p=<0,005). postgraduate formation in family medicine: 42, 2% of women and 33, 3% of men (p=0,016). live alone: 6, 1% of women physician and 2, 7% men physician (p=0,005). live alone with children 9, 9% of women and 2, 2% of men (p=0,005). 16, 5% of women and 10, 2% of men don′t have children (p=0,077). 21, 1% of men physician′s couples work only at home vs. 0, 1% of women physician′s couples (p=<0,005). 46% of women physician′s couples is also physician vs. 22% of men physician′s couples (p=<0,005). no significant differences registered in parent′s activities neither in the number of brother or sisters. conclusion: there are no significant differences in physician′s origin family. however important differences in the characteristics of formed family are observed in both sexes.
Entre la materialidad y la representación: reflexiones sobre el concepto de paisaje en geografía histórica
Delgado Rozo,Juan David;
Cuadernos de Geografía - Revista Colombiana de Geografía , 2010,
Abstract: this article aims to provide an overview on the concept of landscape from the perspective of historical geography, based on some works of anglo-american historical and cultural geographers over the last 30 years. it shows the transformations of this concept within historical geography, which in turn is no longer a marginal branch of human geography and has become a diverse and dynamic field of study. although the study of historical geography in latin america is not addressed, it asserts that important elements from the anglo-american academic environment can be drawn in order to build proper historical geographies for these latitudes.
Aportaciones de la psicología a la promoción de la autonomía personal y atención a las personas en situación de dependencia: la experiencia de la Diputación de Granada
Delgado Morales,Juan Francisco;
Intervención Psicosocial , 2007, DOI: 10.4321/S1132-05592007000100003
Abstract: the present work seeks to analyse the vast experience accumulated by the local corporations in the services of promotion of personal autonomy and protection to situations of dependency. those thirty years of performance of the social services in the democratic city councils and the later development of the concerted plan as an incipient, although weak, protection system to the situations of dependency, has already supposed the accumulation of experiences in the planning, administration and evaluation of the resources that now are settled down in the new law as a positive right, which orders and guarantees the financing by the state funds. it represents a very important advance that, however, makes our country to face great challenges to be in the same level of other next countries: the resources settled down by the law in the services catalogue of an integral individual plan of attention, the application of the access system keeping in mind the experience of professionals and local institutions, the indicators of levels of autonomy and their direct relationship - and correspondence in frequency, intensity and duration. one of the challenges is the need to establish a procedure of care coordination. concrete formulas are proposed based on valid experiences in different territories that can help in such undertaking. likewise, we are advancing in the necessity to stabilize the financial system through a model of financing that goes beyond an agreement of minima and that could overcomes the inconveniences of the concerted plan of social services. finally, we bet for the reorganization of the community and specialized social services; necessary reorganization due the changes introduced by the law. these changes imply a most important role of the local corporations in management, recognition of their services and the community reorientation of those services delivered by the autonomous communities. in summary an advance of our state of well-being largely expected and gree
Estrategia metodológica para la construcción de redes comunitarias agrícolas en pro del desarrollo local. caso:: Productores de plátano del sur del lago de maracaibo, Venezuela.
Delgado Barrios,Juan Carlos;
Agroalimentaria , 2003,
Abstract: in this article a methodological strategy is presented for the construction of nets of community participation in function of the local development, specifically in a community of producing of bananas located in the south area of the lake of maracaibo, with the purpose of proposing an alternative organization by means of encounter forms and local actors' integration in form of nets that allows to elevate the level of social capital and, with it, its organizational capacities for the local development. in function of this objective, the publication is structured in the following way: in the first place, a theoretical mark related with the keys of the investigation; in second place, the proposal of methodological strategy for the construction of agricultural community nets in pro of the local development; in third place, the strategy to energize the nets of community participation; in fourth place, the validation of the methodological proposal in the community of producing of bananas; and, finally, some final considerations by way of conclusions.
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