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Anatomía del humor en la “Lógica del sentido” de Deleuze o de cómo se disecciona a bastonazos
Juan Horacio de Freitas
Revista Observaciones Filosóficas , 2011,
Abstract: Leaving aside Deleuze’s proposals about humor in his textbook “Masochism: Coldness and Cruelty, and Venus in Fur ” and his notes on humorism in “Difference and repetition”, we will attempt in this brief essay to reflect upon the humoristic nature of humor, always within the logical frame that Deleuze himself suggests in his famous textbook “The Logic of Sense”. By using some philological strategies and taking some examples from the Elizabethan scenes, and also some Jonathan Pollock’s accounts related to the subject, we will try in these few lines to discover the relationship between “esoteric word” and “humorism”, so important and recurring concepts in Deleuzian philosophy.
Humor y melancolía, una indagación freudiana: peque ez, humildad y desventuras del cínico
Juan Horacio de Freitas
Revista Observaciones Filosóficas , 2011,
Abstract: Humor as a defensive mechanism against the adversities of a reality that lunge the human beings, it is a subject that could be developed with seriousness and depth by the father of the Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. As in “The Joke and its relation with the unconscious”, as in his essay “The Humor”, Freud achieves to make a careful analysis about the psychics particularities of the humoristic phenomenon. We have taken the task of relating this Freudian theory with the cynical philosophy, watching close the different anecdotes of Hellenistic cinism, particularly focusing about the matter of trifle, humility and the frugality, as possibility conditions for the appearance of the humorous. Also, there will be included the opinions of important thinkers about humor, and it will be shown the place that melancholy has on this phenomenon.
Human Lifespan Approach and High Abilities/Giftedness  [PDF]
Juan José Mouri?o Mosquera, Claus Dieter Stob?us, Soraia Napole?o de Freitas
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.67065
Abstract: The article is based on the studies, discussions and reflections between the authors, about the theme of the High Ability/Giftedness, to enable better understanding of their approach in terms of human development in Childhood, Adolescent and Adulthood, in the so-called lifelong approach/ lifespan approach, because of their transit in the fields of Education, Psychology and Full Inclusion, with some supports of the Neurosciences and newly studies on brain aspects of cognition, intelligence, learning, and cultural influences, in which a subject develops and operates, seeking to explore some aspects of the human development and personality throughout life, relating to social and cultural learning, in the achievement of process of learning, ending with some possibilities on the attendance of those people, connecting with the Health and Positive Psychology.
Utiliza o do alho (Allium sativum L.) como promotor de crescimento de frangos de corte
Freitas Reginaldo de,Fonseca José Brand?o,Soares Rita da Trindade Ribeiro Nobre,Rostagno Horacio Santiago
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2001,
Abstract: Três experimentos foram conduzidos com o objetivo de avaliar a utiliza o do alho na alimenta o de frangos de corte, como promotor de crescimento. No primeiro experimento, foram utilizados 480 pintos de corte, sexados, distribuídos em seis tratamentos com oito repeti es (quatro de machos e quatro de fêmeas), com dez aves cada uma. Os tratamentos foram: ra o basal com milho, farelo de soja e fosfato bicálcio (RB1); RB1 + 0,2% de alho; RB1 + 0,4% de alho, RB1 + 0,6% de alho; RB1 + 0,001% de lincomicina e RB1 + 0,0025% de bacitracina de zinco. No segundo experimento, utilizaram-se 240 pintos de corte, sexados, distribuídos em três tratamentos com oito repeti es (quatro de machos e quatro de fêmeas) com dez aves cada uma. Os tratamentos foram ra o basal com milho, farelo de soja e farinha de carne e ossos (RB2); RB2 + 0,2% de alho e RB2 + 0,4% de alho. No terceiro experimento, foram utilizadas 120 pintos de corte (fêmeas), criadas até aos 42 dias de idade, distribuídos em três tratamentos como descrito para o segundo experimento. Em todos os experimentos, foram avaliados consumo de ra o, ganho de peso e convers o alimentar. No primeiro e segundo experimentos, avaliou-se também o peso de intestino delgado. Em nenhum dos três experimentos, foram observados efeitos significativos dos tratamentos sobre as características avaliadas. As aves apresentaram desempenho normal, sugerindo que as condi es nas quais foram desenvolvidas os experimentos n o foram adequadas para obter respostas, devido à utiliza o de promotores de crescimento.
Utiliza??o do alho (Allium sativum L.) como promotor de crescimento de frangos de corte
Freitas, Reginaldo de;Fonseca, José Brand?o;Soares, Rita da Trindade Ribeiro Nobre;Rostagno, Horacio Santiago;Soares, Paulo Rubens;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982001000300022
Abstract: three experiments were carried out to evaluate garlic in broilers diets as growth promoter. in the first experiment 480 one day old chicks, sexed, were distributed in six treatments with eight replicates (four with males and four with females), with ten birds each. the treatments were: basal diet with corn , soybean meal and dicalcium phosphaate (rb1), rb1 + 0.2% garlic; rb1 + 0.4%garlic; rb1 + 0.6%garlic, rb1 + 0.01% lincomicin and rb1 + 0.0025% zinc bacitracin. in the second experiment 240 one day old chicks were distributed in three treatments with eight replicates (four with males and four with females), and ten birds each. the treatments were: basal diet with corn, soybean meal and bone and meat meal (rb2), rb2 + 0.2% garlic and rb2 + 0.4%garlic. in the third experiment 120 females broilers were used, raised up to 42 days of age, distributed in three treatments, as described for the second experiment. in all experiments feed intake, weight gain and feed convertion rate were evaluated. in the first and second experiments small intestine weight was also evaluated. there were no significant effects of tratments on the evaluated charactheristics in the three experiments. the birds presented normal performance, suggesting that the conditions they were raised were not suitable to get response due the utilization of growth promotors.
Spontaneous emergence of contrarian-like behaviour in an opinion spreading model
Marta S. de la Lama,Juan M. Lopez,Horacio S. Wio
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1209/epl/i2005-10299-3
Abstract: We introduce stochastic driving in the Sznajd model of opinion spreading. This stochastic effect is meant to mimic a social temperature, so that agents can take random decisions with a varying probability. We show that a stochastic driving has a tremendous impact on the system dynamics as a whole by inducing an order-disorder nonequilibrium phase transition. Interestingly, under certain conditions, this stochastic dynamics can spontaneously lead to agents in the system who are analogous to Galam's contarians.
Experiencing a traumatic spinal cord injury—Analysis on the view of the theory of Watson’s transpersonal caring  [PDF]
Zuila Maria de Figueirêdo Carvalho, Juan Jose Tirado Darder, Priscila Alencar Mendes Reis, Samira Rocha Magalh?es, Samia Jardelle Costa de Freitas Maniva
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2013.67A2002
Abstract: This is an inquiry that seeks to understand the meaning of experiencing a spinal cord injury for hospitalized Brazilian and Portuguese patients. A quailtative study was achieved in two care services to spinal cord injury in Fortaleza-Brazil and Lisboa-Portugal. The subjects were 30 patients with complete spinal cord injury. The findings were obtained through a semi-structured interview, which took place at different times and it was used the following guiding question: What does it mean for you to experience a spinal cord injury? The data were organized by Bardin technique and analysis based on the assumptions of the theory of Jean Watson’s care. The speeches of the patients show a diversity of meanings such as: to lose the freedom of going and coming, sexuality and to become dependent on others. It is concluded that this situation of loss overbalances the person’s existence, which is expressed by feelings of sadness, grief, discontent, isolation, anxiety, crying, pain and emotional suffering. These feelings were expressed by the two groups despite being from different cultures. The research enabled the description of multiple dimensions of the meaning of spinal cord injury. It fills the theoretical gap, not yet sufficiently addressed to the practice of caring people with spinal cord injury.
Long-term effect of autologous progenitor cell therapy to induce neo angiogenesis in patients with critical limb ischemia transplantated via intramuscular vs combined intramuscular and distal retrograde intra venous  [PDF]
Luis Padilla, Juan Rodriguez-Trejo, Ignacio Escotto, Manuel López-Hernandez, Mauricio González, José De Diego, Neftaly Rodrgiuez, Jesús Tapia, Takeshi Landero, Carranza Pilar Hazel, Olguin Juarez Horacio, Mauricio Di Silvio, Paul Mondragon-Teran
Stem Cell Discovery (SCD) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/scd.2012.24020
Abstract: Critical limb ischemia is a medical condition that decreases blood flow and limb oxygen supply; this disease in its late stages of progression leads to only two possible options: either surgical bypass revascularization or limb amputation. We investigated a novel method using autologous transplantation of progenitor cells derived from mobilized peripheral blood bone marrow mononuclear cells to evaluate its long-term effect as a cell therapy to induce neo-angiogenesis and restore blood flow in the affected ischemic limbs. A total of 20 ischemic limbs from critical limb ischemia diagnosed patients, non candidates to surgical revascularization were transplanted with autologous progenitor cells by either intramuscular combined with intravenous (group A) or intramuscular (group B) procedure. Patients were monitored during 31 months. Treatment efficacy was evaluated according to the following parameters: ankle brachial index which increased at a range of 0.29-1.0 in group A and 0.40-0.90 in group B; pain-free walking distance which increased at a range of 50-600 m in group A and 50-300 m in group B; and blood perfusion (measured by Laser Doppler) which increased at a range of 48-299 in group A and 135-225 in group B. We achieved 90% treated ischemic limbs free of amputation in both transplanted groups. Results here described provide a safe, efficient and minimally invasive therapy with progenitor cells to induce angiogenesis and preserve limbs from amputation in CLI diagnosed patients.
Efeito dos níveis de triptofano digestível em dietas para codornas japonesas em postura
Pinheiro, Sandra Regina Freitas;Barreto, Sergio Luiz de Toledo;Albino, Luiz Fernando Teixeira;Rostagno, Horacio Santiago;Umigi, Regina Tie;Brito, Claudson Oliveira;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982008000600009
Abstract: the adequate level (0.12, 0.16, 0.20, 0.24, and 0.28%) of the dietary digestible tryptophan was evaluated in 400 laying japanese quail from 21 to 30 weeks old. the animals were housed in laying cages, with initial weight of 158.50 g and egg production average of 84.50%. a completely randomized blocks design, with eight blocks, five diets, eight replicates of ten birds per replicate and three experimental periods of 21 days each was used. feed intake (g/bird/day), digestible tryptophan intake (mg/bird/day), egg production (%/bird/day), egg weight (g), egg mass (kg/bird/day) and feed conversion (kg feed intake per kg eggs and dozen eggs) were the characteristics evaluated. only the characteristics digestible tryptophan intake and egg production rate show significant effects of digestible tryptophan levels in the diets. performance response of the japanese quails in posture, regarding the adjustment obtained through models of linear regression and broken-line regression model, and the biological interpretation, allow to conclude that to obtain the best productive performance, the japanese quails diets should contain the level of 0.21% digestible tryptophan, that results in a daily intake of 45.0 mg/ bird of digestible tryptophan, corresponding to the digestible tryptophan: digestible lysine ratio of 21%.
Biodisponibilidade de fontes de metionina para poedeiras leves na fase de produ??o mantidas em ambiente de alta temperatura
Carvalho, Débora Cristine de Oliveira;Albino, Luiz Fernando Teixeira;Rostagno, Horacio Santiago;Pinheiro, Sandra Regina Freitas;Brito, Claudson Oliveira;Viana, Maurício Tárcio dos Santos;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982009001200013
Abstract: the objective of the study was to determine whether bioavailability of methionine hydroxy analogue free acid (mha-fa) is higher than 65%, in product basis, for 24 to 40 week-old laying hens. six hundred and forty 24-week commercial laying hens were used in four 28-day experimental periods in a randomized complete design with ten treatments, eight replications and eight birds per experimental unit. the treatments were based on a basal feed deficient in methionine, containing 2,830 kcal metabolizable energy (em)/kg and 14.5% crude protein (cp), with 0.23% and 0.21% total and digestible methionine, respectively, supplemented with dl-methionine 99% - dlm (0.0325; 0.05; 0.065; 0.0975; 0.10 and 0.15%) and mha-fa (0.05; 0.10 and 0.15%). the following variables were assessed: body weight (kg), egg production (%), egg mass (g), egg weight (g), feed intake (g), feed conversion (g/feed/egg). based on the egg production evaluation, egg mass and feed conversion, the bioavailability of mha-fa was estimated at 74.66, 73.97 and 71.17%, respectively, giving mha-fa an average bioavailability of 73.22% compared to dlm on product basis. the mhf-fa bioavailability was higher than 65% on product basis.
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