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Toxicidad a dosis repetidas de Azadirachta indica A. Juss. (árbol del Nim)
Berenguer Rivas,Clara Azalea; Alfonso Castillo,Alfredo; Fong Lores,Onel; Domínguez Odio,Aníbal; Betancourt Hernandez,Juan E.; Laramendi Gri?an,Dani; Salas Martínez,Hilario; Puentes Zapata,Edgar; Wawoe Díaz,Nioslaymy;
Revista Cubana de Plantas Medicinales , 2010,
Abstract: introduction: azadirachta indica a. juss, known as neem tree, has various applications in agriculture, veterinary medicine and health care, thus it is a relevant vegetable species due to its antimicrobial, antiparasitic and immunostimulating properties. objective: to detect any signal of toxicity after daily oral administration of decoction for 28 days. methods: a repeated dose toxicity assay using a a. indica decoction at a dose of 1000 mg/kg, orally administered to sprague dawley rats for 28 days. clinical signs and body weight of the study animals were evaluated together with hamatological, blood chemistry, anatomopathological and histopathological analyses. results: this decoction brought about neither significant change in the body weight nor clinical signs indicating toxicity. there were not altered hematological and biochemical indicators that may be attributed to the substance under testing. the anatomopathological results did not show any alteration upon systems, organs and tissues. conclusions: the study did not reveal toxic effects in the animal model that might be connected with the repeated oral administration of a. indica decoction under the study conditions.
Metropolis-Hastings thermal state sampling for numerical simulations of Bose-Einstein condensates
Pjotrs Gri?ins,Igor E Mazets
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1016/j.cpc.2014.03.021
Abstract: We demonstrate the application of the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm to sampling of classical thermal states of one-dimensional Bose-Einstein quasicondensates in the classical fields approximation, both in untrapped and harmonically trapped case. The presented algorithm can be easily generalized to higher dimensions and arbitrary trap geometry. For truncated Wigner simulations the quantum noise can be added with conventional methods (half a quantum of energy in every mode). The advantage of the presented method over the usual analytical and stochastic ones lies in its ability to sample not only from canonical and grand canonical distributions, but also from the generalized Gibbs ensemble, which can help to shed new light on thermodynamics of integrable systems.
Dissipative cooling of degenerate Bose gases
Pjotrs Gri?ins,Bernhard Rauer,Tim Langen,J?rg Schmiedmayer,Igor E. Mazets
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: We introduce a dissipative cooling schema for degenerate Bose gases based on coherent outcoupling of atoms from the condensate. In the universal phononic limit the system evolves towards an asymptotic dissipative state where the temperature is set by the quantum noise of the outcoupling process. The proposed mechanism supplements conventional evaporative cooling and dominates in settings where thermalization is highly suppressed, such as in a one-dimensional quasicondensate, where it can be readily observed in experiment.
Remini lietuvi kalbos antrininki sakinio dali perteikimas norveg kalboje. Norwegian Equivalents to Lithuanian Rhemic Secondary Parts of the Sentence
Aurelija Gri?kevi?ien?
Kalbotyra , 2009,
Abstract: The theme-rheme (topic-focus) structure of a sentence is inherent in all the languages of the world. The difference lies in the means of functional sentence perspective, which is determined by the gram-matical structure of a language. It is especially obvious in languages of different typology (e.g. syn-thetic and analythic). The aim of this article is to investigate expressions of Norwegian equivalents to Lithuanian remic secondary parts of the sentence (object and adverbial modifier) in the Lithuanian language. The analysis resorts for illustrations to the short story “Gyvenimas po klevu” by Granauskas and its translation into Norwegian.The analysis shows, the secondary parts of the sentence can be made rhemic in the Norwegian language by the following means: various syntactic constructions (cleft, the reduplication of a sentence part), replacing one sentence part with other sentence part of the same meaning, alterations in the ex-pression of the sentence part, syntactic order reshuffling, inversion, the passive voice, introduction of extra elements.Both languages display the principle of the end position of the rheme, in both languages the object and the adverbial modifier can be rhemised by way of inversion. In the case the rhemic object or the rhemic adverbial modifier occupies the last position in a sentence in the Norwegian language, some extra means of focus of the object and the adverbial modifier are needed.
Remini lietuvi kalbos pagrindini sakinio dali perteikimas norveg kalboje. Norwegian Equivalents to Lithuanian Rhemic Subject and Predicate
Aurelija Gri?kevi?ien?
Kalbotyra , 2008,
Abstract: In Norwegian, like in other analytical languages, the distribution of information in terms of Functional Sentence Perspective (FSP) is heavily constrained by the grammatically defined word order, whereas the main means of expression of FSP in written Lithuanian is the word order, which is grammatically unrestricted thus enabling to convey the new information by any sentence part. The aim of this article is to summarise and classify expressions of Norwegian equivalents to the rhemic subject and predicate in the Lithuanian language. The analysis resorts for illustrations to the short story “Gyvenimas po klevu” by Granauskas and its translation into Norwegian.The analysis shows, one of the best ways to shift the rhemic from the usual position at the begin-ning of a sentence in the Norwegian language is by applying the passive voice. The subject can equally be made rhemic by the cleft, presentative construction, the reduplication of a sentence part. The subject rhemisation can happen by replacing it with other sentence parts of the same meaning. To retain the rhemic subject in translation, not only can a word order be reshuffled, but even an extra sentence added to convey new information.In Norwegian, the predicate has a strictly defined second position. Therefore, the rhemic predicate is impossible to indicate by a word order. In Norwegian sentences where new information is presented through the predicate, the position of the predicate is considered rhemic, and no other means to express the rhemic predicated are employed. In translation, the rhemic predicate can be expressed through the nominalization, which facilitates the needed shift. As the empiric material demonstrates, the predicate replacement by any other sentence part is the most frequent way for the rhemisation of the predicate. It is also possible to make verb-for-verb replacement. In certain cases, extra themic elements, helping to shift the focus predicate.The use of lexical means, to express the rheme is similar in both languages. The exeption is the expression of negation, which may have occasional differences. Both languages display the principle of the end position of the rheme with an exeption of cases of inversion, which is not rare in the text of fiction, as it tries to convey the stylisation of spoken language.Unfortunately, not all the available means of expression of FSP are employed in the translation, which leads to occasional distortions of the source information. Its importance should be given a hi-gher degree of consideration.
Cooling of a one-dimensional Bose gas
Bernhard Rauer,Pjotrs Gri?ins,Igor E. Mazets,Thomas Schweigler,Wolfgang Rohringer,Remi Geiger,Tim Langen,J?rg Schmiedmayer
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We experimentally study the dynamics of a degenerate one-dimensional Bose gas that is subject to a continuous outcoupling of atoms. Although standard evaporative cooling is rendered ineffective by the absence of thermalizing collisions in this system, we observe substantial cooling. This cooling proceeds through homogeneous particle dissipation and many-body dephasing, enabling the preparation of otherwise unexpectedly low temperatures. Our observations establish a scaling relation between temperature and particle number, and provide insights into equilibration in the quantum world.
Sergej GRI?AR,?tefan BOJNEC
Journal of Central European Agriculture , 2012, DOI: 10.5513/jcea01/13.1.1020
Abstract: This paper investigates the impacts of the current economic developments, the Euro adoption, and input prices on the consumer food prices. The focus of the analysis is on the consumer food price developments during the Slovenian adjustments towards the European Union membership, the Euro adoption by the followed increased in consumer prices, and the current economic and financial conditions. The empirical analysis on the determinants of the consumer food prices is based on the monthly statistical data, which were obtained from the Statistical Office of Republic of Slovenia. We use three statistical methods of the analyses on the time-series data: principal component analysis, regression analysis, and linear trend analysis. We found that the Euro adoption had only short-term impact on the consumer food prices. The rise in the consumer food prices has been determined by the intermediary costs and the agricultural producers` prices. Prispevek analizira vpliv ekonomsko-finan nih gibanj, uvedbe evra in cene inputov na cene hrane in brezalkoholnih pija (agro ivilske cene). lanek se osredoto a na agro ivilske cene v asu slovenskega pristopa k Evropski uniji, sprejetjem evra, pove anih cen ivljenjskih potreb in in trenutne gospodarske in finan ne krize. Empiri na analiza dejavnikov agro ivilskih cen temelji na mese nih statisti nih podatkih, ki so bili pridobljeni iz Statisti nega urada Republike Slovenije. Uporabljene so tri statisti ne metode analize asovnih serij podatkov: metoda glavnih komponent, regresijska analiza in analiza linearnega trenda. Ugotovili smo, da se agro ivilske cene na srednji rok niso pove ale z uvedbo evra. Agro ivilske cene pa imajo statisti no zna ilno povezanost s stro ki in s cenami pridelkov pri pridelovalcih.
El jofrismo: del mito primigenio a la deformación histórica.
Cándido Polo Gri?án
Revista de la Asociación Espa?ola de Neuropsiquiatría , 1996,
Abstract: En el transcurso de una investigación que tiene por objeto la interacción entre manicomio y sociedad desde la perspectiva de las ciencias sociales, a partir de la reconstrucción diacrónica de las dos décadas que abarca la historia social del Hospital Psiquiátrico Padre Jofré de Bétera (Valencia, 1974), hemos llegado mucho más lejos de lo que nos proponíamos. Tanto como seis siglos atrás, cuando se fundaba el Hospital de Inocentes en el esplendor de la Valencia bajomedieval. Esta llamativa extrapolación temporal puede resultar menos sorprendente si prestamos atención a la coincidencia de una serie de circunstancias, que hemos procurado analizar para tratar de entender las razones que han hecho posible la instrumentalización reciente de un hecho tan lejano. Porque, en efecto, la génesis del moderno hospital al que nos referimos -y quizá su conflictiva evolución a lo largo de su existencia, que culmina en nuestros días con la anunciada reconversión asilar-, no puede ser bien entendida sin indagar la representatividad iconográfica del ilustre mercedario que da su nombre a la empresa asistencial.
Un fantasma recorre la psiquiatría europea. La Iglesia de la Cienciología
Cándido Polo Gri?án
Revista de la Asociación Espa?ola de Neuropsiquiatría , 2012,
Abstract: Recientemente ha tenido lugar en Valencia la exposición "Psiquiatría: destruyendo vidas y familias", que constituye un durísimo ataque contra los profesionales de Salud Mental, aunque sus destinatarios son todos los ciudadanos, hayan tenido o no relación con nuestros servicios. La muestra cuenta con la recomendación del Ministerio de Interior por su "utilidad pública", según se destaca en la publicidad, y proyecta exhibirse en diversas ciudades espa olas por iniciativa de la Comisión Ciudadana de Derechos Humanos, sección espa ola de la CCHR (www.ccdh.es), que se dedica a denunciar todo tipo de violaciones psiquiátricas a traves de sus cientos de filiales desplegadas por los cinco continentes
Linfoma mediastinal en una lactante
Chaveco Bautista,Delfín; Babié Reyes,Belkis E; Frómeta Luna,Flora I; Ronda León,Mercedes F; Rodríguez Gri?án,Alina;
MEDISAN , 2010,
Abstract: the clinical case of a 17-months infant is reported, who was referred to the southern children hospital of santiago de cuba, in terminal period, from palma soriano children hospital, where she was hospitalized during 14 days due to severe pneumonia. initially it was raised the possibility of a tumor or tuberculous septic process. all the time she made a poor progress until death. pathological findings confirmed the presence of acute lymphoblastic lymphoma of the mediastinum with lymphomatous infiltration of the pericardial sac, pleurae, lung parenchyma, aorticoabdominal lymph nodes and kidneys.
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