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Impact of Electromagnetic Losses in Closed Two-Component Magnetic Shields on the Ampacity of Underground Power Cables
Juan Carlos del Pino-Lopez;Pedro Cruz-Romero;Luis Serrano-Iribarnegaray
PIER , 2013, DOI: 10.2528/PIER12112303
Abstract: In this paper two typical arrangements of underground single-core high voltage three-phase power cables (flat and trefoil protected by PVC pipes) inside a closed shield of three different materials (low-carbon steel, non-oriented grain steel and aluminium) are analysed. The shield has two components: a U-shaped base and a flat plate (cover) located on top of the base. Whereas most of previous papers on this subject only dealt with the degree of mitigation obtained with each material, this paper, in addition to also addressing this issue, mainly focusses on the effect that electromagnetic losses induced in the shield have on the ampacity of the cable and the cost involved (material and losses). To obtain the numerical results, a high number of simulations by a well-known commercial finite element method software (COMSOL Multiphysics) have been performed. The results obtained in the numerous cases analysed are widely commented and the solutions that enable an important mitigation with no current derating and at a comparatively low cost are highlighted.
Magnetic Field Shielding of Underground Cable Duct Banks
Juan Carlos del Pino-Lopez;Pedro Cruz-Romero
PIER , 2013, DOI: 10.2528/PIER13011710
Abstract: In this paper an in-depth parametric analysis of shielding effectiveness obtained when using ferromagnetic or conductive screens to mitigate the field generated by duct banks is presented. Due to the need of a case-by-case approach, all the simulations, performed by a finite element software (GetDp), are applied to a case study composed by 9 (3x3) ducts, with six of them including high voltage single-core cables and the three left empty for eventual future expansion. Two shielding geometries are tested: horizontal and U-reverse, changing in each one the main parameters: width, thickness, clearance to conductors, etc. Moreover, the conductors are grouped in two balanced in-phase three-phase circuits arranged in three configurations: vertical, horizontal and triangular. The mutual phase ordering of both circuits is the one that minimizes the field, so no further field reduction can be obtained by simple methods. The power losses and cost of different shielding solutions are also presented, including the effect of adding a third circuit if required.
Critical Review of the Modified Winding Function Theory
Luis Serrano-Iribarnegaray;Pedro Cruz-Romero;Antonio Gomez-Exposito
PIER , 2013, DOI: 10.2528/PIER12091301
Abstract: The Modified Winding Function Theory (MWFTh), regarded as a very powerful and general theory, has been extensively used for the last 15 years. This paper performs an in-depth review of the mathematical and physical framework on which the MWFTh is based, showing that it is indeed very well suited to analyse machines with small air gaps of arbitrary shape. However, contrary to what is usually stated in the literature, it is also proved that its general formulae fail when applied to large air gaps. This major finding is deduced from two different approaches, both of which are later reinforced by numerical examples. In spite of that, there is an important industrial field (diagnosis techniques of salient-pole synchronous machines eccentricities) in which very good theoretical results are reported by applying the MWFTh to these large air-gap machines. This issue is addressed and clarified in the paper.
Sensory and Physiochemical Comparison of Traditional Bone-In Dry-Aged Beef Loin with Bone-Less Dry Ageing and Ageing Using a Moisture Permeable Bag  [PDF]
Maurice G. O’Sullivan, Malco C. Cruz-Romero, Joseph P. Kerry
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2018.99079
Abstract: Beef loins, were de-boned and left unpackaged (n = 12) or packaged using dry-ageing bags (n = 12). A third batch (n = 12) were not boned out and unpackaged. Loins were aged in a chill at 2°C, with steaks (2.54 cm) tested on days 0, 7, 14 and 21 for % yield, colour, texture, pH, cooking losses and microbiological status. Sensory affective analysis and a novel descriptive method (Ranking Descriptive Analysis) were also performed. The dry aged samples had significantly (P < 0.05) higher moisture losses followed by dry-ageing bag samples and bone-in samples. The bone-in samples scored lower for appearance at 21 days, were juicier, but had more off-flavour. Dry aged beef scored significantly higher than the bone-in samples for overall acceptability, but were not significantly better than the dry-ageing bag samples which had reduced moisture losses and greater tenderness. Microbiologically all treatments performed similarly. There were no significant differences in trim losses between dry-aged samples with or without the use of ageing bags. The sensory methods utilised allowed samples to be assessed hedonically and descriptively in real time without the necessity to freeze samples and without reverse storage design.
Tumor en hernia vesical inguinoescrotal
Pastor Navarro,Héctor; Martínez Ruiz,Jesús; Carrión Lopez,Pedro; Martínez Sanchíz,Carlos; Lorenzo Romero,Juan Gabriel; Ca?amares Pabolaza,Luis; Polo Ruiz,Lorenzo; Pastor Guzmán,José María; García Blazquez,Emilio; Virseda Rodríguez,Julio Antonio;
Archivos Espa?oles de Urología (Ed. impresa) , 2010, DOI: 10.4321/S0004-06142010000600009
Abstract: objective: to describe two cases of urothelial tumors in inguinoscrotal bladder hernias and comment on the low incidence of this condition. methods: two patients were diagnosed and treated by partial cystectomy and hernia repair. results: the clinical outcome of both patients was good at two and three years, respectively, and neither patient experienced hernia or tumor recurrence. conclusions: inguinal bladder hernias are relatively common. however, few reports of tumor in the herniated bladder have been published. treatment consists of tumor removal, hernia repair and treatment of any associated urethroprostatic condition.
Alternancia Eléctrica
Ruiz Serrano,Antonio; Ibá?ez Torres,Juan Carlos; Polo Espinosa,José Luis; Burgo Fernández,José Luis del;
Revista Clínica de Medicina de Familia , 2010, DOI: 10.4321/S1699-695X2010000100012
Abstract: one of the causes of electrical alternans (ae) in the electrocardiogram (ecg) is the swaying or mechanical oscillation of the heart in the pericardial sac when there is pericardial effusion. although ae is one of the symptoms of pericardial effusion it could go unnoticed. it is important, therefore, to bear it in mind so as not to overlook non-specific, poorly expressed symptoms, because cardiac tamponade may be life threatening for the patient. in addition to the classical clinical signs, the use of basic echocardiography in primary care could help with the diagnosis.
Are T Tauri stars gamma-ray emitters?
María Victoria del Valle,Gustavo E. Romero,Pedro Luis Luque-Escamilla,Josep Martí,Juan Ramón Sánchez-Sutil
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/738/1/115
Abstract: T Tauri stars are young, low mass, pre-main sequence stars surrounded by an accretion disk. These objects present strong magnetic activity and powerful magnetic reconnection events. Strong shocks are likely associated with fast reconnection in the stellar magnetosphere. Such shocks can accelerate particles up to relativistic energies. We aim at developing a simple model to calculate the radiation produced by non-thermal relativistic particles in the environment of T Tauri stars. We want to establish whether this emission is detectable at high energies with the available or forthcoming gamma-ray telescopes. We assume that particles (protons and electrons) pre-accelerated in reconnection events are accelerated at shocks through Fermi mechanism and we study the high-energy emission produced by the dominant radiative processes. We calculate the spectral energy distribution of T Tauri stars up to high-energies and we compare the integrated flux obtained with that from a specific Fermi source, 1FGL J1625.8-2429c, that we tentatively associate with this kind of young stellar objects (YSOs). We suggest that under reasonable general conditions nearby T Tauri stars might be detected at high energies and be responsible for some unidentified Fermi sources on the Galactic plane.
Recensiones y crónica científica
Querol, M. ángeles,García Santos, Juan Carlos,López-Romero González de la Aleja, Elías,Díaz-del-Río, Pedro
Trabajos de Prehistoria , 2003,
Isolation and Characterization of Mercury Resistant Trichoderma Strains from Soil with High Levels of Mercury and Its Effects on Arabidopsis thaliana Mercury Uptake  [PDF]
José Luis Hernández-Flores, José Gerardo Bernal Melo, Andrés Cruz Hernández, Miguel A. Ramos López, Carlos Salda?a Gutiérrez, Sergio Romero Gomez, Victor Pérez Moreno, Rosa P. Calvillo Medina, José Humberto Valenzuela Soto, Sergio Pacheco Hernández, George H. Jones, Sergio Casas Flores, Juan Campos-Guillen
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2018.87040
Abstract: Traditional mining activities are usually correlated with high levels of soil pollution, which is a major environmental concern. Extensive mining activities have taken place in the San Joaquin region in the State of Querétaro, México resulting in high levels of mercury soil pollution (up to 1532 ± 300 mg/kg). We isolated mercury-resistant fungal strains from the San Joaquin region soils and identified them through morphologic characteristics and ITS rDNA region sequence analysis. We determined that fungi isolated belong to the genus Trichoderma. All the isolates selected showed the ability to catalyze the volatilization of Hg. For air sampling, an active sampling device was constructed and using acid KMnO4 as an absorbent, the concentration of mercury in solution was determined through the cold vapor atomic absorption method. The results show mercury volatilization from the fungal species assay, with a maximum of 213.04 ± 32.6 μg/m3 while mycelium accumulation ranged from less than 17.5 ± 2.9 to 20.0 ± 3.4 μg/g. The fungal isolates were also evaluated for their ability to reduce mercury uptake in Arabidopsis thaliana. These observations suggest the utility of Trichoderma for the mobilization of mercury in those contaminated soils.
Frequency of Fabry disease in male and female haemodialysis patients in Spain
Paulo Gaspar, Julio Herrera, Daniel Rodrigues, Sebastián Cerezo, Rodrigo Delgado, Carlos F Andrade, Ramón Forascepi, Juan Macias, Maria D del Pino, Maria D Prados, Pilar R de Alegria, Gerardo Torres, Pedro Vidau, Maria C Sá-Miranda
BMC Medical Genetics , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2350-11-19
Abstract: A combined enzymatic and genetic strategy was used, measuring the activity of α-galactosidase A and genotyping the α-galactosidase A gene (GLA) in dried blood samples (DBS) of 911 patients undergoing haemodialysis in centers across Spain.GLA alterations were found in seven unrelated patients (4 males and 3 females). Two novel mutations (p.Gly346AlafsX347 and p.Val199GlyfsX203) were identified as well as a previously described mutation, R118C. The R118C mutation was present in 60% of unrelated patients with GLA causal mutations. The D313Y alteration, considered by some authors as a pseudo-deficiency allele, was also found in two out of seven patients.Excluding the controversial D313Y alteration, FD presents a frequency of one in 182 individuals (0.55%) within this population of males and females undergoing haemodialysis. Moreover, our findings suggest that a number of patients with unexplained and atypical symptoms of renal disease may have FD. Screening programmes for FD in populations of individuals presenting severe kidney dysfunction, cardiac alterations or cerebrovascular disease may lead to the diagnosis of FD in those patients, the study of their families and eventually the implementation of a specific therapy.Fabry disease (MIM 301500) is an X-linked lysosomal storage disorder resulting from mutations in the α-galactosidase A gene (GLA), leading to a reduction in the activity of the lysosomal enzyme α-galactosidase A (α-Gal A) [1]. This enzyme defect generates progressive accumulation of globotriaosylceramide (Gb3) and related glycosphingolipids, primarily in the vascular endothelium leading to renal failure, cardiac and cerebrovascular disease [1,2].In general, males with a deficient activity of α-Gal A exhibit the classical FD phenotype with angiokeratomas, acroparesthesias, hypohidrosis, and corneal and lenticular opacities, with onset occurring in childhood. Heterozygous females usually present a milder phenotype, showing a slower progression. However the
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