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Juan Antonio Cutillas Espinosa
International Journal of English Studies (IJES) , 2004, DOI: 10.6018/ijes.4.2.48021
Abstract: Most approaches to variability in Optimality Theory have attempted to make variation possible within the OT framework, i.e. to reformulate constraints and rankings to accommodate variable and gradient linguistic facts. Sociolinguists have attempted to apply these theoretical advances to the study of language variation, with an emphasis on language-interna1 variables (Auger 2001, Cardoso 2001). Little attention has been paid to the array of externa1 factors that influence the patterning of variation. In this paper, we argue that some variation pattems-specially those that are socially meaningful- are actually the result of a three-grarnmar system. G, is the standard grammar, which has to be available to the speaker to obtain these variation patterns. G; is the vernacular grammar, which the speaker is likely to have acquired in his local community. Finally, G, is an intergrammar, which is used by the speaker as his 'default' constraint set. G is a continuous ranking (Boersma & Hayes 2001) and domination relations are consciously altered by the speakers to shape the appropriate and variable linguistic output. We illustrate this model with analyses of English and Spanish.
Juan Antonio Cutillas Espinosa
International Journal of English Studies (IJES) , 2001, DOI: 10.6018/ijes.1.1.47821
Abstract: Tesar & Srnolensky's book is a valuable reference for traditional approaches to leamability within an Optimality Theory framework. It summarises the reflections of two of the 'founder members' of the discipline. However, other researchers have developed altemative algorithms based on the previous work presented in Tesar & Smolensky which, in our opinion, are more realisfic insofar as they can cope with variation and developmental instability (Boersrna & Hayes 2001). Another interesting question, which affects all computational approaches to leamability, is whether such theories are really grounded or not. Now we know that computers can actually work out the constraint ranking of a language starting frorn some (but not al]) initial hierarchies, provided that they are given sufficient overt information. Does that really mean that this is the way the human mind works?. We cannot be satisfied with a simple statement of the type 'if the hurnan mind performed these operations, it would acquire a language'. The only possible answer is that further research on phonological acquisition must be carried out in order to test whether RIPICD and EDCD are indeed at work in phonological acquisition by human beings. Tesar & Srnolensky's Learnability in Opfimality Theory is possibly a must for phonologists. But insofar as the developrnent of OT seems to have wider implications to the extent of having become a revolution in linguistic theory, it is also recomended for linguists in general and specially for applied linguists with some interest in phonological acquisition.
Homogeneidad geoquímica de la alteración hidrotermal del cinturón de oro orogénico del NW de Sonora, México: Estudio de balance de masas en rocas encajonantes de la mineralización
Izaguirre, Aldo;Iriondo, Alexander;Caballero-Martínez, Juan Antonio;Moreira-Rivera, Francisco;Espinosa-Arámburu, Enrique;
Boletín de la Sociedad Geológica Mexicana , 2012,
Abstract: a geochemical mass balance study, combined with petrography, bivariate au and ag geochemical analysis, and inclusion study in pyrites and native gold, was performed on a suite of hydrothermally altered host rocks and contemporaneous quartz veins from the caborca orogenic gold belt in nw sonora, mexico (cooc; by its abbreviations in spanish: cinturón de oro orogénico caborca). these combined studies helped evaluating the geochemical homogeneity of the mineralizing fluids that formed the alteration envelopes and the auriferous quartz veins in the entire area occupying the cooc (~400 km long and ~60-80 km wide belt). the isocon statistical technique used in the mass balance study was applied on 20 pairs of mayor and trace element geochemical data of altered and fresh rock samples. the results show that the majority (>50 %) of the altered host rocks are enriched in k2o, w, cu, pb, mo, tl, be, zn, v, sb, ag, sn, sio2, se, ni and feo, and are clearly depleted in ca, y, na, ho, co, sr, yb, mn, dy, er and tb. the similar pattern of enrichment and depletion was shown by most of the studied samples suggesting a high degree of geochemical homogeneity of the mineralizing fluids. petrography on both the altered and fresh rocks indicates that the hydrothermal alteration primarily consisted of silicification, sericitization, chloritization, epidotization and pyritization. the bivariate au and ag geochemical studies, done in auriferous quartz veins, show a strong positive correlation between these two elements and the enriched elements shown by the mass balance study on the altered host rocks. therefore, these elements could be utilized as a geochemical exploration guide to targeting orogenic gold deposits in the region. multiple inclusions of native gold and silver, galena, covellite, sphalerite, molybdenite, scheelite and tourmaline were encapsulated in pyrite and native gold grains in the quartz veins. presence of these mineral occurrences explains most of the elemental anomalie
Alternancia Eléctrica
Ruiz Serrano,Antonio; Ibá?ez Torres,Juan Carlos; Polo Espinosa,José Luis; Burgo Fernández,José Luis del;
Revista Clínica de Medicina de Familia , 2010, DOI: 10.4321/S1699-695X2010000100012
Abstract: one of the causes of electrical alternans (ae) in the electrocardiogram (ecg) is the swaying or mechanical oscillation of the heart in the pericardial sac when there is pericardial effusion. although ae is one of the symptoms of pericardial effusion it could go unnoticed. it is important, therefore, to bear it in mind so as not to overlook non-specific, poorly expressed symptoms, because cardiac tamponade may be life threatening for the patient. in addition to the classical clinical signs, the use of basic echocardiography in primary care could help with the diagnosis.
La estructura metálica del casino Gran Madrid , Torrelodones/Madrid/Espa a
Ortiz Herrera, Jesús,Domínguez Montero, Juan Antonio,Izquierdo Martínez, María Jesús,Espinosa González, José
Informes de la Construccion , 1982,
Abstract: Described in this article is the structural solution in metal adopted in the upper levels of the building of the Casino Gran Madrid . The principal deck pieces have been resolved in the form of triangulated trusses of elevated height slightly variable, with a triangulation system of simple Warren type. The supports of such beams are of ferruled neoprene. The Pratt disposition has been generally chosen for the other beams. The rest of the lintels, as likewise the supports, are formed by laminated outlines in their various forms. Se describe en este artículo la solución estructural metálica adoptada en los niveles superiores del edificio del Casino Gran Madrid . Las piezas principales de cubierta se han resuelto en forma de vigas trianguladas de canto elevado, ligeramente variable, con un sistema de triangulación del tipo Warren simple. Los apoyos de dichas vigas son de neopreno zunchado. La disposición Pratt ha sido la comúnmente escogida para las demás vigas. El resto de los dinteles, así como los soportes, están formados por perfiles laminados en sus distintas variantes.
Tiempo y aspecto verbal. Marco teórico para la clase de ELE
Juan Manuel Real Espinosa
MarcoELE : Revista de Didáctica , 2005,
Abstract: En el presente trabajo se analizan las relaciones temporales y aspectuales del verbo en espa ol. Se defiende que el tiempo es una categoría gramatical pertinente con un comportamiento constante en los modos indicativo y subjuntivo, y que se estructura mediante dos pares de oposiciones binarias, que dan lugar a dos niveles o segmentos temporales y a cuatro áreas de significación temporal. Los comportamientos que podríamos considerar ajenos a esta norma, generan de forma regular un contenido modal dentro del mensaje, por lo tanto un mismo procedimiento da cuenta de las relaciones temporales y modales. El aspecto se articula de igual modo en dos pares de oposiciones binarias, que generan dos niveles o segmentos aspectuales y cuatro áreas de significación aspectual. La oposición en el segundo nivel de oposición aspectual genera una cronología relativa. Se proponen procedimientos para emplear en el aula de E/LE esta concepción del sistema verbal. //// In the present paper I analyze the relationship in temporal and aspect of the Spanish verbs. I defend that time is a pertinent grammatical category which has a constant comportment in the indicative and the subjunctive, structured through two pairs of binary oppositions, forming two grades or temporal fragments and four areas of temporal meanings. The comportment that could be considered as not being part of the rule generates a regular form of modal contents within the message; therefore, the same procedure explains the relationship between time and mode. The aspect is articulated in the same way in two pairs of binary oppositions which generate to grades or aspect fragments and four areas of aspect meanings. The opposition in the second aspect grade generates a relative chronology. Procedure are to be proposed use this verbal system concept in E/LE classes.
Contexto geográfico e identidad pencopolitana
Antonio Zelada Espinosa
Urbano , 2001,
Oxidative Stress Induced in Sunflower Seedling Roots by Aqueous Dry Olive-Mill Residues
Inmaculada Garrido, Mercedes García-Sánchez, Ilda Casimiro, Pedro Joaquin Casero, Inmaculada García-Romera, Juan Antonio Ocampo, Francisco Espinosa
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046137
Abstract: The contamination of soils with dry olive-mill residue can represent a serious problem as being an environmental stressor in plants. It has been demonstrated that inoculation of aqueous extract of olive oil-mill residue (ADOR) with saprobe fungi removes some phenolic compounds. In this paper we studied the effect of ADOR uninoculated or inoculated with saprobe fungi in sunflower seedling roots. The germination and root growth, O2·- generation, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and extracellular peroxidases (EC-POXs) activities, and the content of some metabolites involved in the tolerance of stress were tested. The roots germinated in ADOR uninoculated show a decrease in meristem size, resulting in a reduction of the root length and fresh weight, and in the number of layers forming the cortex, but did not alter the dry weight, protein and soluble amino acid content. ADOR caused the decreases in O2·- generation and EC-POX′s activities and protein oxidation, but enhanced SOD activity, lipid peroxidation and proline content. Fluorescence imaging showed that ADOR induced O2·- and H2O2 accumulation in the roots. The increase in SOD and the decrease in EC-POX′s activities might be involved in the enhancement of H2O2 content and lipid peroxidation. Control roots treated with ADOR for 10 min show an oxidative burst. Roots germinated in ADOR inoculated with saprobe fungi partially recovered normal levels of ROS, morphological characteristics and antioxidant activities. These results suggested that treatment with ADOR caused a phytotoxic effect during germination inducing an oxidative stress. The inoculation of ADOR with saprobe fungi limited the stress.
Prevalencia de anticuerpos contra dengue y leptospira en la población de Jáltipan, Veracruz
Navarrete-Espinosa,Joel; Acevedo-Vales,Juan Antonio; Huerta-Hernández,Emilia; Torres-Barranca,Jorge; Gavaldón-Rosas,Dolores Guadalupe;
Salud Pública de México , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-36342006000300006
Abstract: objective: to discover the prevalence of antibodies against denguevirus and leptospira. material and methods: a cross-sectional study was carried out in 500 inhabitants of veracruz, mexico through household sampling, administration of a questionnaire and collection of blood samples. the presence of igg antibodies was determined and factors associated with seroprevalence were evaluated using a logistic regression model. results: total denguevirus seroprevalence was 79.6% (ic95% 76-81). the main factors associated with infection were age and residence in neighborhoods with higher vectorial indices (rmp=2.94, ic95% 1.46-6.1). overall seroprevalence against leptospira was 4% (ic95% 2-6). prevalence was higher in the 25 to 44 years age group (35%, ic95% 15-59). seroprevalence in individuals who referred to living with dogs, pigs, cows and rats was 25% (ic95% 0.63-80). eighty-five percent of individuals who were leptospira positive were also dengue positive. conclusions: the prevalence of denguevirus antibodies suggests the risk of serious dengue hemorrhagic outbreaks. although leptospirosis prevalence was low, the coexistence of both agents was confirmed.
Division-Algebras/Poincare-Conjecture Correspondence  [PDF]
Juan Antonio Nieto
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2013.48A005

We briefly describe the importance of division algebras and Poincaré conjecture in both mathematical and physical scenarios. Mathematically, we argue that using the torsion concept one can combine the formalisms of division algebras and Poincaré conjecture. Physically, we show that both formalisms may be the underlying mathematical tools in special relativity and cosmology. Moreover, we explore the possibility that by using the concept of n-qubit system, such conjecture may allow generalization the Hopf maps.

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