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Rectas perpendiculares
rez Juárez, ángel;
Educación matemática , 2010,
Abstract: a proof of the orthogonality condition between two lines without using trigonometric functions is presented. the alternative proof consists in developing a second degree equation and working with quadratic equations properties, such as the relationship between the number of solutions and the discriminant sign. this approach shows as well the usefulness of some of the properties of a quadratic polynomial.
Jurisdicción espa ola y poligamia islámica: un matrimonio forzoso?
Pilar Juárezrez
Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales , 2012,
Abstract: This paper analyzes the treatment that polygamous marriage receives in the various orders of the Spanish jurisdiction. Remarkable differences can be appreciated between different orders: from its typification as a criminal offence in the criminal order to the granting of significant legal rights in the social order. This disparity has highlighted, over recent years, that the lack of legal regulation of polygamy may be a very relevant matter if it causes legal uncertainty. Our judges are forced to respond to claims that the Spanish legislator has not foreseen or regulated for, being the first affected by a legislative gap that raises important objections from the point of view of legal certainty.
El legado de Durkheim en Schutz: Hacia un horizonte en común
Enfoques , 2008,
Abstract: the relation between the works of alfred schutz and emile durkheim guides the interest of this article. we are interested in finding the contributions with which durkheim has enlightened schutz intellectual growth. the plan is to read schutz′s texts looking for vestiges of the french author, going from the level of the explicit quotes to the implicit and the potentialities. (first we will see the way in which schutz weighs conceptual schemes; and afterwords makes considerations on group, communication, formation of categories and even of war and inheritance.) furthermore, observations shall be given in order to clarify the common aspects between both authors as well as the gap that separates them. towards the end we will make some suggestions for future readings in which the two thinkers combine and articulate.
Castilla Juárez,Karlos;
Estudios constitucionales , 2011,
Abstract: since june eleven of two thousand eleven mexico has a new constitutional text that in human rights has generated high expectations by modifying the content of ten constitutional articles that, in one way or other, will change the way that the human rights are recognized, protected, respected and guaranteed in the mexican juridical system. one of the most important modifications is in the first three paragraphs of the first constitutional article, in which it includes important innovations that not only give a new panorama to the international human rights law, but also they modifies the juridical mexican system by creating a block of constitutionality, between other innovations. in those terms, in this paper will be analyze and establishing the general understandings about its origin, scopes and perspectives that the new mexican constitutional text has had, has and will have.
Participación y deliberación como correctores del sistema democrático
Santiago Juárez, Rodrigo;
Estudios fronterizos , 2009,
Abstract: every democratic regime has to guarantee that participation and representation set in both sides of the same coin. in a lot of modern democracies, government doesn't foment citizen participation, or just do it in case of periodic elections. that's why is necessary to foment participation and civic virtues. finally, we have to support deliberative teories to give legitimacy to our democracies.
La prevención de la desnutrición en el oriente de Guatemala. Nuevos cuidados, mismas representaciones
Mariano Juárez,Lorenzo;
Index de Enfermería , 2006, DOI: 10.4321/S1132-12962006000300005
Abstract: the manifolds rhetoric?s that contain the health and disease process permit to construct the pathologies process of different ways. the c'hortís from eastern of guatemalan have a particular manner of constructing the children?s desnutrition, sometimes very different from biomedical model, such as the aetiology or his responsibility. from a qualitative perspective, we have done a description of practices and representations about his prevention. the children?s desnutrition is, in this contexts, a social disorder associated with specified maternal practices and a moral and social order, and is unbound, separated of the food lack; therefore the disorder?s prevention must to modify those maternal behaviours. the intensive process of social change and the incipient presence of biomedical discourse have introduced modifications in that particular manner of understating the disorder. however, this changes have introduced new practices without modify the pre-existent representations, blaming mothers again, what shows the difficult of an intercultural health-dialogue and the implications of the health interventions in this contexts, that have to pay attention to the different meanings of the disorder.
Aquellos que nos verán morir: Significado y respuesta de los profesionales sanitarios de una residencia de ancianos ante la muerte y los moribundos
Montoya Juárez,Rafael;
Index de Enfermería , 2006, DOI: 10.4321/S1132-12962006000100006
Abstract: death is a taboo in our society as well as for health institutions and workers. death should be inserted into a process of dying; the inclusion of a person within this process is conditioned by social and cultural factors. many decisions and attitudes of a person and of those near him depend on the fact of considering him a moribund person. nine semi-structured interviews were carried out to health workers of a residential home for the elderly who are in contact with moribund people. the aim was to determine what meaning death has for them, what attitudes and behaviours they have towards moribund people, how they distinguish those who are dying and what factors condition the process of dying in that privileged area of study. professionals consider death as rest for the residents. they believe they can identify a moribund person and try to calculate the moment of the decease. the behaviour of the workers with the moribund person change with respect to the rest of the residents. the most influential environmental factor on the behaviour with the moribunds is the lack of time. qualitative methodology is needed to study the process of dying.
El afrontamiento y la pérdida: Visiones positivas de la labor de un cuidador: Nicolás Robles Garví
Montoya Juárez,Rafael;
Index de Enfermería , 2004, DOI: 10.4321/S1132-12962004000100012
Abstract: in this paper we introduce the life and the labour of nicolas robles garvin, as a main carer. his life trajectory and personal growth rebounds in the capability of confrontation of his wife illness process, affected with dementia. the years he spent doing this labour had contributed to elaborate better the loss of his wife (psychological and physical, afterwards) and to put face to the oldness.
Sex, soccer and Saturday dance: Tiempo libre entre trabajadores migrantes en una población de Canadá
Juárez Cerdi, Elizabeth;
Alteridades , 2010,
Abstract: this article analyzes the situation of mexican migrant laborers registered in the temporary agricultural workers program, working in a small locality in canada and how they use their free time. i have analyzed topics like the formation of "temporary" relationships, participation in soccer games and teams and saturday-night dances in local bars. the analysis of how these migrant workers use their free time seeks to understand the initiative of individuals as social agents, the structural constraints that allow, or impede, their actions and use of their free time, the exercise of decision-making, and the actions that are permitted in a specific space and time in the context of an economic system that determines working conditions, housing and even interpersonal interaction.
Síndromes isquémicos coronarios agudos con elevación del segmento ST: ?La estrategia farmacomecánica es el futuro del tratamiento universal?
Juárez Herrera, úrsulo;
Archivos de cardiología de México , 2006,
Abstract: the main objective in the medical treatment of the st elevation acute myocardial infarction, must have the intention to reperfuse the culprit involved artery. in order to reduce this time, the pharmaco-invasive strategy may offer rapid flow recanalization in the culprit artery and reduce the damage of the myocardium. the new pharmacologic combinations includes half dose of fibrinolytics, alone or in combination with llb/llla inhibitors, this combination may offer advantages of the flow. this concept involves the that pci (percutaneous coronary interventions), can be done in a subsequent time. the risk of bleeding is increased with this strategy, and some evaluation or bleeding risk must be done in all patients, as in patients with 75 years and older.

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