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Problems and Barriers Impeding the Implementation of MagLev Assisted Aircraft Take-Off and Landing Concept  [PDF]
Jozsef Rohacs, Daniel Rohacs
Journal of Transportation Technologies (JTTs) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2018.82006
Abstract: Nowadays, the success of the new technology development and deployment process depends not only on technical, technological solutions, but also on solving the non-technological problems and crossing the societal and psychological barriers. A large international European projects, GABRIEL1 had developed a maglev assisted aircraft take-off and landing, that was applied to conceptual design of aircraft and required on-board and ground systems, had analysed all impacts (effects of concept deployment on effectiveness, safety, security, noise, emissions) and had demonstrated the safe applicability by concept validation. The applied methodology, used methods and the results of the Gabriel projects had been described and discussed by 55 project deliverables. This paper has a special goal: investigating the problems and barriers of possible implementing of the radically new technology, aircraft MagLev assisted take-off and landing. The study was started by identification and classification of the problems and barriers. After it, the problems were systematically analysed by use of special methodology containing the understanding (description) of the problems, investigation of the possible solutions and discussing their applicability (mainly by use of the Gabriel project results). The paper has three major sections: 1) description of the Gabriel concept and project results, 2) introducing some related thoughts on general aspects of new technology developments, and 3) discussion on the problems and their solutions. The major classes of the problems are the 1) technical, technological problems as developing a radically new solution, landing the undercarriage-less aircraft on the magnetic tracks, 2) stakeholders’ problems as decision makers kicking against supporting the developments of so radically new technologies and 3) society barriers like society worrying on and fear of future passengers on flying by aircraft have not conventional undercarriage systems. The paper will show that these problems have safe and cost-effective solutions.
Application of MODIS-Based Monthly Evapotranspiration Rates in Runoff Modeling: A Case Study in Nebraska,USA  [PDF]
Jozsef Szilagyi
Open Journal of Modern Hydrology (OJMH) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojmh.2013.34021
Abstract: Daily and monthly flow-rates of the Little Nemaha River in Nebraska were simulated by the lumped-parameter Jakeman-Hornberger as well as a distributed-parameter water-balance accounting procedure for the 2003-2008 and 2000-2009 periods, respectively, with and without the help of the MODIS-based monthly estimates of evapotranspiration (ET) rates. While the daily lumped-parameter model simulation accuracy remained practically unchanged with the inclusion of the monthly MODIS-based ET rates interpolated into daily values (R2 of 0.66 vs 0.68, simulated to measured runoff ratio remaining the same 96%), the monthly water-balance accounting model outcomes did improve to some extent (from an R2 of 0.67 to 0.7 with simulated to measured runoff ratio of 72% vs 115%). In both cases the models had to be slightly modified for accommodation of the ET rates as predefined input values, not present in the original model setups. These results indicate the potential practical usefulness of satellite-derived ET estimates (CREMAP values in the present case) in monthly water-balance modeling. CREMAP is a calibration-free ET estimation method based on MODIS-derived daytime surface temperature values in combination of basic climatic variables, such as air temperature, humidity and solar radiation within a Complementary Relationship framework of evaporation.
The Equations of Lorentz Transformation  [PDF]
Csizmadia Jozsef
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.79087
Abstract: This work consists of two parts. The first part: The Lorentz transformation has two derivations. One of the derivations can be found in the references at the end of the work in the “Appendix I” of the book marked by number one. The equations for this derivation [1]: \"\" The other derivation of the Lorentz transformation is the traditional hyperbolic equations: \"\";?\"\";?\"\" For these equations we found new equations: \"\",?\"\". The second part: In the second part is the \"\"?equation by which we derive Minkowski’s equation. It will be proved that Minkowski’s equation is the integral part of the Lorentz transformation.
The Golden Ratio  [PDF]
Csizmadia Jozsef
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.714171
Abstract: The Lorentz transformation (if x = ct) is the same the golden ratio: \"\" .
Management Consulting in Human Resource Management: Central and Eastern European Perspectives in Light of Empirical Experiences  [PDF]
Jozsef Poor, Agnes Milovecz
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2011.43036
Abstract: We analyze the evolution of management consulting in the field of human resources (HR) for the past 20 years in the transitional economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Our framework for HR consultancy is based on extensive professional experience in the region, several sets of multiyear surveys, and a review of the literature. We focus on the evolving HR theory and the current HR practice in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovenia. Our paper relies on three major sets of multiyear surveys, conducted by the authors’ direct or indirect involvement. Special attention is paid to HR consulting in multinational firms and public sector organizations.
Die Bedeutung von Neugier in Interviews mit Drogennutzern und -nutzerinnen The Role of the Curiosity in Interviews with Drug Users El papel de la curiosidad en entrevistas con usuarios de drogas
Jozsef Racz
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2008,
Abstract: In Fragebogenstudien wird als Hauptgrund für das Probieren von Drogen meist Neugier angegeben. Allerdings hat der Begriff Neugier keine eindeutige Bedeutung, sondern er wird (im Englischen und Ungarischen) unterschiedlich und teilweise sogar widersprüchlich verwandt. In einer eigenen Studie habe ich qualitative Interviews mit Drogennutzer/innen (mit und ohne Spritzengebrauch) geführt, um den Gebrauch des Begriffs "Neugier" nachzuvollziehen. Hiervon ausgehend konnten verschiedene Funktionen von Neugier rekonstruiert werden, u.a. Neugier als Entschuldigung oder, seltener, als Rechtfertigung des Drogenkonsums. Im Unterschied zur dominanten Drogenpolitik und -literatur haben die Teilnehmenden meiner Studie den Begriff Neugier nur selten verwandt, wenn es um die Frage der Verursachung ihres Drogengebrauchs und um risikobehaftete oder gef hrliche Kontexte ging. Zugleich zeigen die Ergebnisse meiner Forschung, dass eine Normalisierung des Drogengebrauchs, wie sie teilweise für westliche Staaten konstatiert werden kann, in Ungarn (noch?) nicht erfolgt ist. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0802166 In studies with questionnaires the main reason reported for trying drugs is the curiosity. However, curiosity does not have an unambiguous meaning. The word itself (in English as well as in Hungarian) has more, sometimes contradictory meanings. In my own research I examined the usage of the term curiosity among injecting and non-injecting drug users in qualitative interviews, conducted in Hungary. I encountered different functions of curiosity: in accounts it appeared as an excuse or, less frequently, as justification of drug use behaviour. Contrary to dominant contemporary drug policy literature, drug users themselves rarely used curiosity as the cause of their drug use in the context of its risk or dangers. The results of this research on curiosity demonstrate that the normalisation of drug use, which is already in progress in Western countries, has not yet taken place in Hungary. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0802166 En estudios llevados a cabo mediante entrevistas, la principal razón para probar drogas es la curiosidad. Sin embargo, la curiosidad tiene un significado ambiguo. La palabra misma, tanto en inglés como en húngaro, posee a veces significados contradictorios. En mi investigación realizada en Hungría examino el uso del término curiosidad entre usuarios de drogas inyectables y no inyectables. He encontrado diferentes funciones de la curiosidad: en los relatos aparece como una excusa y menos frecuentemente como una justificación del comportamiento. En sentido contrario a l
Hungarian and Romanian Agri-Food Trade in the European Union = Mad arska in Romunska kmetijsko-prehrambena trgovina v Evropski uniji
Jozsef Fogarasi
Management , 2008,
Abstract: The paper investigates the competitiveness of Hungarian and Romanian agri-food products in the European Union by employing the Constant Market Share (CMS) method. The empirical results indicate that the driving force of export increase of agricultural products to the EU markets was the increase of import of these products to the EU (structural effect) and not the increase of competitiveness (residual effect and second order effect) for both countries. The positive signs of residual effect and second order effect indicate enhancing competitiveness of both countries in the EU, but the lower values compared to structural effect showed that they have not succeeded in increasing their market share.
Jozsef Szepesi
Rudarsko-Geolo?ko-Naftni Zbornik , 1996,
Abstract: Described is horizontal drilling in the world and data on such activity in Hungary. Results show that there is an increase of such activity in spite of complex problems in drilling and completion of horizontal wells. Since these wells are often drilled in partialy exhausted hydrocarbon fluid reservoirs with slightly over-balanced or even with under-balanced conditions, there is an increased danger of blowouts. Prevention methods and suggested procedures are elaborated.
White areas on the map of applying non-equilibrium thermodynamics: On the self accelerating electron
Verhas, Jozsef
Atti della Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti : Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Matematiche e Naturali , 2008, DOI: 10.1478/c1s0801023
Abstract: Classical electrodynamics displays a formula for the equation of the motion of charged particles that has run away solutions. Gyarmati's wave approach leads to a solution fitting to the classical term in the low frequency regime. A shortage of the solution is that the characteristic time in the equation depends on the mass of the charged particle. An abstract model with two dynamic degrees of freedom results in a solution free of the above problem. For complete compatibility with electrodynamics, the need for a generalization of Maxwell's equations is probable.
Calculating the optimum pressure and temperature for vacancy minimization from theory; Niobium is an example
Jozsef Garai
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2010.05.081
Abstract: Self-resonance in the atomic vibration occurs when the average wavelength of the phonon thermal vibration is equivalent or harmonic of the diameters of the atoms. It is suggested that applying pressure at temperature corresponding to the self-resonance should effectively reduce the number of vacancies. This theoretical prediction is tested on Niobium by measuring the magnetic susceptibility of the untreated and treated samples. The applied pressure-temperature treatment increased the critical temperature of Niobium by about 30 percent which was also accompanied with volume increase.
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