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Analysis and Assessment of Flora and Fauna in the Southern Part of Albania
Albina SINANI,Gentian RUSPI,Jostina DHIMITRI
Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning , 2011,
Abstract: The forest flora is the most marvellous wreath and ornament of the earth ecosystem in the region of Gjirokastra. It is the greatest earthbound potential because it protects the ground and the water, it improves the microclimate, it protects the agricultural crops, it favours tourism, hunting and re-creation activities. It charms the environment after all. The ecosystem of Gjirokastra region has been changing a lot for the last 50 years as a result of wide historical, socio-economic, political and demographical factors, which in return have helped in its latest physiognomy. The fulfilment of social and economic needs of the community should be realized within the product boundary of forest ecosystem and the protection of their biological potential. The multifunctional, sustainable and integrated use of forests is exceptionally necessary; the forests are the only biotype, able to realize the dynamic development of ecosystem, which actually is exposed to danger. The existence of original and untrodden forests is of a great importance.
Axial Load Capacity of Cast in Place Piles from SPT and CPTU Data  [PDF]
Ergys Anamali, Neritan Shkodrani, Luisa Dhimitri
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2014.22011
Abstract: This paper aims to deal with the assessment of axial load capacity for cast in place pile foundations, which are made by the earth drill method, by using the data taken from Standard Penetration Tests (SPTs) and Piezocone Penetration Tests (CPTUs). These tests were carried out as part of the investigation program for P.N.G. Terminal-Power Plant, near Semani beach, in Hoxhara marsh, in the western part of Albania. The design of axial load capacity of piles is based on empirical formula using SPT and CPTU values. This study presents the results of axial load capacity analysis of cast in place piles by different analytical calculation methods, which are based on in situ tests results, and also referring to the Building Standard Law of Japan. In the end of our work, differences between calculations methods by using different in situ tests results are shown in tables and graphs.
The Problems of the Albanian Agro-Industry through Analysis of Exports – Imports and Competitive Environment (Region of Korca)
Aida Gabeta,Eva Dhimitri
Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: The general picture of the Albanian Agribusiness discovers that it is still separated and with a productivity of a low scale compared with European equivalents. Apart from rapid progress, the total production doesn’t coincide with internal consumption, which is completed from considerable quantities of imported food products. For this reason, the production relatively small needs efficient consolidation processes and effective to the address of the value chain which is based on the capital gains. The development in the value chain and common exploitation of the sources results to the effects of synergy, which leads to the cost reduction, productivity increase, quality improvement and increase of sales through market diversification and sales’ expansion in local, regional and international markets.The paper gives a panorama of exports – imports of the Albanian Agribusiness concentrating at this sector in the region of Korca and analyzes some of the priority industries of the agribusiness sector in the region and further on the point of view of five competitive forces of Porter.
Results based management in Albanian local governments. Case study municipality of Korca
Eva Dhimitri,Majlinda Bello,Elda Dollija
Manager , 2012,
Abstract: Public Management has been a constant concern for all politicians and public administrators at all levels of governance in Albania. Increase of public demand for higher accountability, efficiency in the administration of public goods and services is now challenging the traditional means of governance by so aiming tangible results in the public management. Results Based Management (RBM) is a new approach in the public management, a practice already developed in the western countries. RBM is defined as an approach that integrates in one whole instrument the strategies, human resources, processes and their evaluation, with the aim of improving decision-making, transparency, and accountability of public institutions. This study makes an effort to approximate and clarify as simply as possible such a management scheme which remains a relatively new approach for Albania and especially for local governance stakeholders. RBM is not only a planning-monitoring -evaluation tool but also a model that can facilitate the activity and development of Local Government Units in order for them to improve their “product/services”. From empirical data deriving from this prior assessment it results that municipality of Korca in Albania have the willingness and the institutional and technical capacities, though very fragmented and not integrated in one whole clear model, to embrace the RBM as a new approach in their institution’s management.

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