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A Decomposition of the Atkinson Index through the Shapley Value  [PDF]
Joss Sánchez-Pérez
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2012.25100
Abstract: This paper studies the economic inequality as a phenomenon resulting from two variables: The variable of responsibility which depends on the agents’ performance in the economy, and the variable of opportunity which is independent of the individuals’ performance in the economy. Identifying the contribution of the inequality of opportunity in the total inequality as the problem to be measured, we propose a decomposition of the Atkinson inequality index, by using one of the central solution concepts of cooperative game theory, called the Shapley value.
Improving integrability via absolute summability: a general version of Diestel's Theorem
Daniel Pellegrino,Pilar Rueda,Enrique Sánchez-Pérez
Mathematics , 2015, DOI: 10.1007/s11117-015-0361-5
Abstract: A classical result by J. Diestel establishes that the composition of a summing operator with a (strongly measurable) Pettis integrable function gives a Bochner integrable function. In this paper we show that a much more general result is possible regarding the improvement of the integrability of vector valued functions by the summability of the operator. After proving a general result, we center our attention in the particular case given by the $(p,\sigma)$-absolutely continuous operators, that allows to prove a lot of special results on integration improvement for selected cases of classical Banach spaces ---including $C(K)$, $L^p$ and Hilbert spaces--- and operators ---$p$-summing, $(q,p)$-summing and $p$-approximable operators---.
Extreme points and geometric aspects of compact convex sets in asymmetric normed spaces
Natalia Jonard-Pérez,Enrique A. Sánchez-Pérez
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Inspired in the theorem of Krein-Milamn, we investigate the existence of extreme points in compact convex subsets of asymmetric normed spaces. We focus our attention in the finite dimensional case, giving a geometric description of all compact convex subsets of a finite dimensional asymmetric normed space.
Compact convex sets in 2-dimensional asymmetric normed lattices
Natalia Jonard-Pérez,Enrique A. Sánchez-Pérez
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We study the geometric structure of compact convex sets in 2-dimensional asymmetric normed lattices. We prove that every q-compact convex set is strongly q-compact and we give a complete geometric description of the compact convex sets with non empty interior in (R^2, q), where q is an asymmetric lattice norm.
La Gestión del Proyecto de Bioprótesis Cardiacas del Instituto Nacional de Cardiología: CCADET/ UNAM
Vega-González,R; Juárez Hernández,A; Sánchez-Pérez,E;
Journal of technology management & innovation , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-27242009000100013
Abstract: in this work we present the "cardiac innovation bioprótesis, 2002" technological management project case, developed by the centro de ciencias aplicadas y desarrollo tecnológico, ccadet of the universidad nacional autónoma de méxico, unam, for the instituto nacional de cardiología, inc, of the mexican health sector, with funds from the fondo sectorial salud of the consejo nacional de ciencia y tecnología, conacyt. the scope and specifications were initially unclear generating complications that become evident through the case development. littler (2006, pp. 116). we conclude that one of the most important activities of the incubation phase of the project technology management model of the ccadet is the specifications definition.
Nitrogen dynamics in the shallow groundwater of a riparian wetland zone of the Garonne, SW France: nitrate inputs, bacterial densities, organic matter supply and denitrification measurements
J. M. Sánchez-Pérez,P. Vervier,F. Garabétian,S. Sauvage
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) & Discussions (HESSD) , 2003,
Abstract: This study highlights the role of interactions between surface and sub-surface water of the riparian zone of a large river (the Garonne, SW France). Information is given about the role of surface water in supplying Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC ) to the riparian zone for nitrate removal processes. The densities of bacteria (up to 3.3 106 cell m L-1) in groundwater are strongly conditioned by the water moving during flood events. Total bacterial densities in groundwater were related to surface water bacterial densities. In sediment, total bacteria are attached mainly to fine particles (90% in the fraction < 1 mm). Spatial variations in organic carbon and nitrate content in groundwater at the site studied are correlated with exchanges between the groundwater and the river, from the upstream to the downstream part of the meander. Total bacterial densities, nitrate and decressing organic carbon concentrations follow the same pattern. These results suggest that, in this kind of riparian wetland, nitrate from alluvial groundwater influenced by agricultural practices may be denitrified by bacteria in the presence of organic carbon from river surface water. Keywords: riparian zone, nitrate removal, spatial variations, alluvial groundwater
A standardised method for measuring in situ denitrification in shallow aquifers: numerical validation and measurements in riparian wetlands
J. M. Sánchez-Pérez,C. Bouey,S. Sauvage,S. Teissier
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) & Discussions (HESSD) , 2003,
Abstract: A tracer test to examine in situ denitrification in shallow groundwater by a piezometer with a packer system used bromide as a tracer of dilution and acetylene (10%) to block the denitrification process at the nitrous oxide stage. During the test, dissolved oxygen, nitrate (NO3 ̄), bromide (Br ̄), nitrous oxide (N2O) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) were measured. To calibrate the experimental method, comparison with numerical simulations of the groundwater transfer were carried out, taking into account the environmental characteristics. The method was tested by measurements undertaken in different environmental conditions (geology, land use and hydrology) in two riparian wetlands. Denitrification rates measured by this method ranged from 5.7 10-6 g N-NO3 ̄L-1 h-1 to 1.97 10-3 g N-NO3 ̄L-1 h-1 The method is applicable in shallow aquifers with a permeability from 10-2 to 10-4m s-1. Keywords: denitrification, shallowaquifer, groundwater modelling, wetlands, nitrate-nitrogen, packer system
Laringomalacia en una cohorte de seguimiento del desarrollo infantil por antecedentes de encefalopatía perinatal: Implicaciones para su conceptualización nosológica
Mandujano-Valdés, Mario Antonio;Sánchez-Pérez, María del Carmen;
Gaceta médica de México , 2004,
Abstract: we conducted a retrospective analysis of 10 cases of congenital laryngeal stridor. reports of laryngeal endoscopy and diagnosis define laryngomalacia as laryngeal flaccidity and stridor. some authors postulate that in addition to immaturity of cartilage, there exist the possibility o flaryngeal uncoordination and dyskinesia. they support this idea in cases of late presentation, neurological damage, and atypical cases related with functional state or anesthesia. laryngeal endoscopies were carried out in 10 cases included in a cohort of subjects from a longitudinal follow-up diagnosed with neurologica damage of perinatal origin. one case was diagnosed with postoperative unilateral paralysis of vocal chord and another identified vascular ring. the eight remaining cases fulfilled laryngomalacia criteria of diagnosis, but because of their characteristics origin is not an anatomic alteration but a functional hypotonia. the need to carry out an integral study to describe co-morbidity is emphasized.
Integration with respect to a vector measure and function approximation
L. M. García-Raffi,D. Ginestar,E. A. Sánchez-Pérez
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2000, DOI: 10.1155/s1085337501000227
Abstract: The integration with respect to a vector measure may be applied in order to approximate a function in a Hilbert space by means of a finite orthogonal sequence {fi} attending to two different error criterions. In particular, if Ω∈ℝ is a Lebesgue measurable set, f∈L2(Ω), and {Ai} is a finite family of disjoint subsets of Ω, we can obtain a measure μ0 and an approximation f0 satisfying the following conditions: (1) f0 is the projection of the function f in the subspace generated by {fi} in the Hilbert space f∈L2(Ω,μ0). (2) The integral distance between f and f0 on the sets {Ai} is small.
Enzymes of Entomopathogenic Fungi, Advances and Insights  [PDF]
Lluvia de Carolina Sánchez-Pérez, Juan Esteban Barranco-Florido, Silvia Rodríguez-Navarro, José Francisco Cervantes-Mayagoitia, Miguel ángel Ramos-López
Advances in Enzyme Research (AER) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aer.2014.22007
Abstract: Entomopathogenic fungi (EF) are recognized biological control agents of insects. Basically, the entomopathogenic fungi pathogen activity depends on the ability of its enzymatic equipment, consisting of lipases, proteases and chitinases, which are in charge of breaking down the insect’s integument. Lipases are the first enzymes synthesized by the entomopathogenic fungi. Recently, a cytochrome P450 subfamily, referred as CYP52XI and MrCYP52 has been identified in Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium robertsii, respectively. These break down long-chain alkenes and fatty acids to become initial nutrients. Subsequently, subtilisin type (Pr1) proteases sintetize; these enzymes are considered as virulence indicators and they are regulated by a signal transduction mechanism activated by the protein kinase A (PKA) mediated by AMPc. Through the employment of genetic engineering, it has been possible to increase virulence producing Pr1 recombinants with Androctonus australis neurotoxins or with chitinases, reducing the insect’s time of death. In the course of time, the Pr1 protease gene has presented evolutionary adaptations by gene duplication or horizontal transfer infecting different orders of insects. In the same way, the entomopathogenic fungi chitinases have presented a functional diversification. Currently, these have been phylogenetically classified into three subgroups, in accordance to the catalytic site domain and the chitin binding domain. The chitinolytic activity has increased through a directed evolution processes and genetic recombination with Bombyx mori chitinase. Recently, enzymes have been employed as control agents for insects and phytopathogenic fungi (disease originator) opening new potentialities in order to improve the entomopathogenic fungi use. Solid state fermentation is a bioprocess that would produce at great scale enzymes and some other metabolites in grade of increasing the entomopathogenic fungi virulence, in the control of insects and potentially in some diseases affecting plants.
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