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Transcriptional Interactions During Smallpox Infection and Identification of Early Infection Biomarkers
Willy A. Valdivia-Granda,Maricel G. Kann,Jose Malaga
Quantitative Biology , 2006,
Abstract: Smallpox is a deadly disease that can be intentionally reintroduced into the human population as a bioweapon. While host gene expression microarray profiling can be used to detect infection, the analysis of this information using unsupervised and supervised classification techniques can produce contradictory results. Here, we present a novel computational approach to incorporate molecular genome annotation features that are key for identifying early infection biomarkers (EIB). Our analysis identified 58 EIBs expressed in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) collected from 21 cynomolgus macaques (Macaca fascicularis) infected with two variola strains via aerosol and intravenous exposure. The level of expression of these EIBs was correlated with disease progression and severity. No overlap between the EIBs co-expression and protein interaction data reported in public databases was found. This suggests that a pathogen-specific re-organization of the gene expression and protein interaction networks occurs during infection. To identify potential genome-wide protein interactions between variola and humans, we performed a protein domain analysis of all smallpox and human proteins. We found that only 55 of the 161 protein domains in smallpox are also present in the human genome. These co-occurring domains are mostly represented in proteins involved in blood coagulation, complement activation, angiogenesis, inflammation, and hormone transport. Several of these proteins are within the EIBs category and suggest potential new targets for the development of therapeutic countermeasures.
A propos des quelques dilemmes de la théorie de croissance économique et de l’économie
Krzysztof MALAGA
Revista Romana de Economie , 2009,
Abstract: Dans cet article nous allons envisager quelques dilemmes méthodologiques importants en ce qui concernent la théorie de la croissance économique et de l’économie. En particulier nous allons essayer trouver la réponse aux questions suivantes: qu’est-ce que c’est la croissance économique et comment la mesurer ? Quels sont les rapports entre la croissance et le développement économique ? Quelle r le joue le temps et l’espace dans la théorie de la croissance économique moderne ? Quels types des languages on utilise pour la description des sources, des mécanismes et des processus de la croissance économique ? Quels sont les courants de la théorie moderne de la croissance économique ? Quelles sont les caractéristiques de la théorie moderne de la croissance économique ? En quoi consiste la dichotomie d’analyse dynamique en économie ? Quelles sont les frontières d’analyse quantitative et qualitative de la croissance économique ? Est-ce que l’économie appartient aux sciences nomologiques (nomothétiques) ou idiographiques ? Quels sont les dilemmes principaux des économistes qui essayent trouver les lois économiques et les traiter comme les lois scientifiques ?
Measuring and Forecasting Chinese Domestic Supply and Demand for Grain Sorghum  [PDF]
Shuguo Yang, Jaime Malaga
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2020, DOI: 10.4236/as.2020.111005
Abstract: In the past 5 years, the use of sorghum as substitutes for corn for feed in China has increased rapidly. Most of the recent growth of demand in sorghum has mainly been met by imported sorghum. Because sorghum is a minor crop and only shares a very small proportion of the grain production in China, few studies have examined domestic demand and supply of sorghum in China. Both China’s producers and other sorghum import countries can benefit from forecasts of China’s domestic supply and demand for sorghum.
Natural convection in eccentric spherical annuli
A. D. Gallegos,C. Malaga
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: A fluid between two spheres, concentric or not, at different temperatures will flow in the presence of a constant gravitational force. Although there is no possible hydrostatic state, energy transport is dominated by diffusion if temperature difference between the spheres is small enough. In this conductive regime the average Nusselt number remains approximately constant for all Rayleigh numbers below some critical value. Above the critical Rayleigh number, plumes appear and thermal convection takes place. We study this phenomenon, in particular the case where the inner sphere is displaced from the centre, using a two-component thermal lattice Boltzmann method to characterize the convective instability, the evolution of the flow patterns and the dependence of the Nusselt number on the Rayleigh number beyond the transition.
Bowing and expansion of natural stone panels: marble and limestone testing and assessment
Malaga, Katarina,Shouernborg, Bj?rn,Grelk, Bent
Materiales de Construccion , 2008,
Abstract: Natural stone has been used as a building material for centuries. In the past, load bearing members were made of entirely of stone, but in the last 50 years new processing techniques have made the production and use of thin facade cladding a profitable venture. Unfortunately however, marble facades on buildings in Europe and elsewhere have undergone severe deterioration. The EC-financed TEAM project (2000-2005) studied the bowing observed on marble facades in both cold and warm climates. TEAMa s main objectives were to understand and explain the expansion, bowing, and strength loss mechanisms governing the decay of marble- and limestone-clad facades, and to draft new European standards to prevent the use of marble and limestone poorly suited to outdoor cladding. A survey of some 200 buildings afforded a clear picture of the geographical, geological and climatic scope of the problem. Detailed case studies of six buildings resulted in a facade assessment methodology that included a monitoring system and risk assessment. Both laboratory and field research was conducted on almost 100 different types of stone from different countries and in place in different climates. The outcome was the determination of the decay mechanisms and critical factors. Two test methods and respective precision statements, one for bowing and the other for irreversible thermal expansion in high humidity conditions, were prepared for submission to CEN TC 246. La piedra natural se ha empleado como material de construcción durante siglos. En el pasado, se solía utilizar en elementos de carga, pero en los últimos 50 a os las nuevas técnicas de procesamiento han permitido que sea comercialmente rentable producir y utilizar revestimientos para fachadas de espesor reducido. Desafortunadamente, numerosas fachadas de mármol de edificios tanto en Europa como fuera de ella han sufrido graves problemas derivados del deterioro de la piedra. El proyecto TEAM (2000-2005), financiado por la CE, ha tratado el problema de la combadura de determinados tipos de mármol observado en fachadas situadas tanto en climas cálidos como en climas fríos. Los principales objetivos del proyecto TEAM eran los de conocer y explicar los mecanismos de la dilatación, la combadura y la pérdida de resistencia que provocaban la degradación de las fachadas revestidas de mármol y caliza, así como prevenir el uso de mármol y caliza inadecuados mediante la presentación de borradores de nuevas normas europeas. La inspección de aproximadamente 200 edificios ofreció una idea clara del alcance del problema en términos geográfico
2025 Vision for Mexican Chicken Consumption
Alejandro Salazar,Samarendu Mohanty,Jaime Malaga
International Journal of Poultry Science , 2005,
Abstract: This study estimates the demand for chicken meat for Mexico in 2025. Expenditure elasticities are calculated separately for ten income groups using national household survey data for the period 1984 to 2002. The results reveal that lower income groups will increase their chicken meat consumption in the future at a much higher rate than the upper income groups with the rise in income. Overall, the total chicken meat consumption is projected to increase by 70 percent in the next two decades. This translates into average annual growth of 3.5 percent which is much smaller than the current annual production growth of more than 8 percent. Based on these projections, it is very likely that Mexico will remain as either a small importer or self-sufficient in chicken meat in the future.
Assessing Total Factor Productivity for Soybean Production in China Based on DEA-Malmquist Index: 2005-2017  [PDF]
Shuguo Yang, Jaime Malaga, Xiangyu Guo
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2020, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2020.111003
Abstract: The low and slowly increasing soybean yield restricts the development of soybean production. Accurate measures of total factor productivity (TFP) for soybean production can be helpful in identifying conditions, institutions or policies that promote soybean production development in China. In this paper, TFP growth for soybean production was estimated for a panel data of 10 major soybean producing provinces from 2005 to 2017. Results reveal that TFP grew at an average rate of 1.3% over the whole period, with technical progress contributing 2.3% and efficiency change providing the other -1.0%. The change of TFP for soybean production over that time, whether increase or decline, was mainly derived by technical change except in three years (2005-2007). Positive TFP growth in the provinces of Liaoning and Inner Mongolia, and negative TFP growth in Hebei and Anhui were mainly driven by efficiency change, specifically scale efficiency change except pure technical efficiency in Liaoning.
The Relation between the Number of Hours That Authorize the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages and Violence
Hernán Malaga,Marco Gonzalez,Carlos Huaco,Manuel Sotelo
Health Promotion Perspectives , 2012, DOI: 10.5681/hpp.2012.008
Abstract: Background: La Victoria was considered, the most violent area in Lima City, the local governmentenforced a public policy regarding number of hours for selling of alcoholic beverages inJanuary 2007. The study was designed to compare its results in Violence between one districtwith the law and other without the law.Methods: This retrospective cross-sectional was an ecological study with a chronological andgeographical comparison between La Victoria, with the restriction and Cercado de Lima withoutthe ban. The participants in the study were patients from a local National Hospital, with aggressionsfrom fighting, or were wounded in traffic accidents, and violent death bodies at NationalInstitute of Legal Medicine. Data were analyzed, using clinical histories (2006 vs. 2007-8) and necropsies(2005-6 vs. 2007-8)Results: The reduction of aggression rates at La Victoria in 2007 and 2008 in comparison to2006, were 40.7% and 36.4% respectively (P< 0.05). It was related to the number of hours of liquorauthorized selling Y= -11.25+27.32 X (P<0.05). There was a reduction of 44% in homicide(P<0.05) and 35% in suicide rates between biennia’s. The female/ male ratio of homicideschanged from 1/7.3 to 1/4.6. A significant increase in the rate of alcohol positive dead bodieswas observed (20.3% to 41.5%), (Relative Risk (RR) = 2.03, (95% Confidence Interval (CI) =(1.09-3.8), χ2(1)=5.24, ( P< 0.05).Conclusions: The reduction of violence was probably due to the ban, indicating the importanceof programs to control alcohol consumption which lead to decrease the rate of violence and its’consequences like homicides, impulsive violence.
A novel and scalable Multigrid algorithm for many-core architectures
Julian Becerra-Sagredo,Carlos Malaga,Francisco Mandujano
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: Multigrid algorithms are among the fastest iterative methods known today for solving large linear and some non-linear systems of equations. Greatly optimized for serial operation, they still have a great potential for parallelism not fully realized. In this work, we present a novel multigrid algorithm designed to work entirely inside many-core architectures like the graphics processing units (GPUs), without memory transfers between the GPU and the central processing unit (CPU), avoiding low bandwitdth communications. The algorithm is denoted as the high occupancy multigrid (HOMG) because it makes use of entire grid operations with interpolations and relaxations fused into one task, providing useful work for every thread in the grid. For a given accuracy, its number of operations scale linearly with the total number of nodes in the grid. Perfect scalability is observed for a large number of processors.
Mesoscopic constitutive relations for dilute polymer solutions
C. Malaga,F. Mandujano,I. Santamaria-Holek
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2005.12.047
Abstract: A novel approach to the dynamics of dilute solutions of polymer molecules under flow conditions is proposed by applying the rules of mesoscopic nonequilibrium thermodynamics (MNET). The probability density describing the state of the system is taken to be a function of the position and velocity of the molecules, and on a local vector parameter accounting for its deformation. This function obeys a generalized Fokker-Planck equation, obtained by calculating the entropy production of the system, and identifying the corresponding probability currents in terms of generalized forces. In simple form, this coarse-grained description allows one to derive hydrodynamic equations where molecular deformation and diffusion effects are coupled. A class of non-linear constitutive relations for the pressure tensor are obtained. Particular models are considered and compared with experiments.
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