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Adaptaciones morfológicas foliares en tomate cultivado en bioespacio de techo retráctil con clima cálido Morphological leaf adaptations in tomato grown in warm retractable-roof bio-space
Jorge Berni Medina Medina,José de Jesús Luna Ruíz,Joaquín Sosa Ramírez,Onésimo Moreno Rico
Revista mexicana de ciencias agrícolas , 2012,
Abstract: Se analizaron las condiciones microclimáticas y la morfologíafoliar de tomate indeterminado de dos bioespacios: invernadero de techo retractil y casa sombra en Culiacán, Sinaloa, México; durante el periodo 2009 a 2010. Los resultados muestran que el invernadero de techo retractil, genera condiciones más favorables para la fotosíntesis, como resultado de una menor fluctuación térmica al interior de este bioespacio, en comparación con el ambiente impuesto por la casa sombra. Las temperaturas extremas (máximas y mínimas) al interior del invernadero de techo retractil, se mantuvieron en un rango significativamente menor y por lo tanto, más favorable para la producción y la estabilidad reproductiva de tomate en el clima cálido de Culiacán, en comparación con casa sombra. Lo anterior fue corroborado por la magnitud de las variables morfológicas foliares analizadas y las diferencias detectadas entre foliolos desarrollados en ambos casos. Los valores de índice de área foliar, grosor de hoja, longitud del parénquima en empalizada y presencia de doble parénquima empalizada, observados en plantas desarrolladas en invernadero de techo retractil, superaron significativamente a los valores observados en casa sombra. Los resultados permiten concluir que los mayores rendimientos de tomate reportados recientemente para invernadero de techo retractil en climas cálidos, se deben en gran parte a la mayor eficiencia fotosintética, que resulta de las modificaciones y adaptaciones morfológicas foliares al microclima impuesto por el invernadero de techo retractil. Estos resultados apoyan la visión del manejo agronómico innovador, para la búsqueda por acondicionarlos espacios para la expresión de la vida. El concepto científico de bioespacio para la producción vegetal bajo sistemas de agricultura protegida, es fundamental para proponer medidas de adaptación ante el cambio climático. Microclimatic conditions and indeterminate tomato leaf morphology of two bio-spaces were analyzed: retractable-roof greenhouse and shade-house in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, during the period 2009 - 2010. The results show that, the retractable-roof greenhouse generates more favorable conditions forphotosynthesis, as a re sult of lower thermal fluctuation within this bio-space, compared with the environment imposed by the shade-house. Extreme temperatures (maximum and minimum) into the retractable-roof greenhouse remained in a range significantly smaller and therefore more favorable for the production and reproductive stability of tomato in the warm weather of Culiacán, comparedto shade-house s. This w
Adaptaciones morfológicas foliares en tomate cultivado en bioespacio de techo retráctil con clima cálido
Medina Medina, Jorge Berni;Luna Ruíz, José de Jesús;Sosa Ramírez, Joaquín;Moreno Rico, Onésimo;Perales Segovia, Catarino;
Revista mexicana de ciencias agrícolas , 2012,
Abstract: microclimatic conditions and indeterminate tomato leaf morphology of two bio-spaces were analyzed: retractable-roof greenhouse and shade-house in culiacán, sinaloa, mexico, during the period 2009 - 2010. the results show that, the retractable-roof greenhouse generates more favorable conditions forphotosynthesis, as a re sult of lower thermal fluctuation within this bio-space, compared with the environment imposed by the shade-house. extreme temperatures (maximum and minimum) into the retractable-roof greenhouse remained in a range significantly smaller and therefore more favorable for the production and reproductive stability of tomato in the warm weather of culiacán, comparedto shade-house s. this was corroborated by the magnitude of leaf morphological variables analyzed and the differences detected between leaflets developed in both cases. the values of leaf area index, leaf thickness, length of palisade parenchyma and presence of double palisade parenchyma observed in plants grown under retractable-roof made of glass were significantly higher than the values observed in the shade-house. the results suggested that higher tomato yields recently reported retractable-roof greenhouse in warm climates are due in large part to the higher photosynthetic efficiency, resulting from the amendments and foliar morphological adaptations imposed by the retractable-roof greenhouse' s microclimate. these results support the vision of innovative agricultural management to put the search space for the expression of life. the scientific concept of bio-space for crop production under protected agriculture systems is essential to propose adaptation measures to climate change.
Measuring Time-of-Flight in an Ultrasonic LPS System Using Generalized Cross-Correlation
José Manuel Villladangos,Jesús Ure?a,Juan Jesús García,Manuel Mazo,álvaro Hernández,Ana Jiménez,Daniel Ruíz,Carlos De Marziani
Sensors , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/s111110326
Abstract: In this article, a time-of-flight detection technique in the frequency domain is described for an ultrasonic Local Positioning System (LPS) based on encoded beacons. Beacon transmissions have been synchronized and become simultaneous by means of the DS-CDMA (Direct-Sequence Code Division Multiple Access) technique. Every beacon has been associated to a 255-bit Kasami code. The detection of signal arrival instant at the receiver, from which the distance to each beacon can be obtained, is based on the application of the Generalized Cross-Correlation (GCC), by using the cross-spectral density between the received signal and the sequence to be detected. Prior filtering to enhance the frequency components around the carrier frequency (40 kHz) has improved estimations when obtaining the correlation function maximum, which implies an improvement in distance measurement precision. Positioning has been achieved by using hyperbolic trilateration, based on the Time Differences of Arrival (TDOA) between a reference beacon and the others.
Adaptive Behaviour and Paddle Tennis: A Case Study of Down’s Syndrome  [PDF]
Ricardo De la Vega, Roberto Ruíz, Maria De la Rocha, Jesús Onrubia, Oswaldo Rivera
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2013.34030
Abstract: Adaptive behaviour is one of the key elements to diagnose intellectual disability. In addition, these behaviors are crucial in order to operate on the daily life. As a population with a high risk of developing a sedentary lifestyle, adapted physical activity programs for people and children with intellectual disability are needed. Therefore the aim of this study is to assess the influence of adapted paddle tennis intervention program on the adaptive behaviour of a child with Down’s syndrome. In a case study of child with Down’s syndrome (male, Caucasian, age = 4.5 years), he participated on a paddle tennis program with a length of 12 weeks. The child’s parents assessed the adaptive behaviour before and after the program through the Adapted Behaviour Scale (ABS-S:2). Obtained data showed that three domains presented a positive increasing. Parents reported that physical development increased from 19 to 23.5, and this increase was corroborated by the instructor (post score = 23.8). Moreover, language development increases from 18.5 to 28 (parents). The paddle tennis instructor perceived an increase in speaking abilities after the program. The self-management domain also showed an increase from 8 to 17. The adapted paddle tennis program is suitable for promoting physical activity and for improving adaptive behaviour in children with intellectual disabilities.
Tratamiento laparoscópico de un quiste hidatídico hepático poliquístico por Echinococcus vogeli: Reporte de un caso en Venezuela
Cantele,Héctor Eduardo; Gutiérrez,José Enrique; Safar,Jorge Alfredo; Falco,Adriana; Egui,María Alejandra; Díaz,María Conchita; Abdul-Hadi,Salha; Chacón,Nathalie de Jesús; Bruces,Ana Cecilia; Díaz,María Valentina; Urdaneta,Carolina; Ruíz,María Elena;
Revista de la Facultad de Medicina , 2006,
Abstract: hydatidosis is a hypoendemic disease in venezuela. the unique autochthonous indigenous case was reported in a person from yekuana ethnia in amazonas state. we report in this study a hepatic hydatid case in an indigenous from yekuana ethnia (amazonas) caused by echinococcus vogeli. the presumptive diagnosis was based on abdominal ecosonography, tomography, pronounced eosinophilia and positive elisa and western blot. laparoscopic surgery was performed to puncture-aspiration, partial cystectomy and omentoplasty of a cyst in 5th and 6th hepatic zone of 15cm diameter. it was obtained 250cc from cystic cavity, evaluated by light microscopy and confirmed the presence of rostellar hooks of echinococcus sp. later was made a total cystectomy of a 3cm diameter extra hepatic cyst located in large omentum. patient went out at the hospital 48 hours after without complications. this work is the first report of a type iii hydatid cyst by e. vogeli treated by laparascopy in latin american.
Juan Abel Nájera Luna,Zacarías Vargas Antonio,Jorge Méndez González,José de Jesús Graciano Luna
Ra Ximhai , 2005,
Abstract: In this work the results obtained on the mechanical and physical trials in Quercus laeta Liemb. wood of El Salto, Durango are showed. The mechanical and physical trials were developed under COPANT rules (Comisión Panamericana de Normas Técnicas), being these: density, volumetric shrinkage, fiber saturation point (FSP) and anisotropic relation (ANR). The mechanical trials were: perpendicular compression and parallel to grain, static bending, perpendicular and parallel tension to grain, hardness, cleavage and shear parallel to grain. The results showed that the wood density is 0.68 gr/cm3, the volumetric shrinkage were 18.1%. The FSP was established in 30.1% of content of humidity and the ANR was of 1.74 indicating low stability dimensional of the wood. The maximum resistance of the wood was in parallel tension to grain effort with 1214.04 kgf/cm2, while the smaller resistance showed in the perpendicular tension to grain essay was 65.55 kgf/cm2. In four of the eight mechanical trials evaluated the greater resistance was observed in the tangential face of the wood, in three trials the radial face showed the greater resistance and only in a trial the greater resistance was observed in the cross face.
Diferencias auditivas del tallo cerebral en el gallo (gallus gallus) y el cuy (cavias porcellus). Estudio electrofisiológico comparativo de los potenciales provocados auditivos tempranos
José De Jesús Morales Martínez,Fructuoso Ayala Guerrero,Adrían Poblano Luna
Acta zoológica mexicana , 2002,
Abstract: Durante la evolución de los vertebrados las características de la audición sufrieron modificaciones graduales. En algunas especies de aves estos cambios facilitaron los principios básicos de códigos de comunicación. Así mismo, se considera que la audición en los mamíferos permitió el desarrollo de habilidades más elaboradas entre las que destaca la adquisición de ciertos códigos de comunicación y como consecuencia conductas más complejas. En el presente estudio se analizan y comparan las respuestas auditivas del gallo (Gallus gallus) y el cuy (Cavias porcellus), a través de la técnica de los potenciales provocados auditivos del tallo cerebral (PPATC). Los potenciales provocados son una herramienta neurofisiológica que permite hacer estudios objetivos del funcionamiento de vías neurosensoriales específicas (auditivas, visuales y somatosensoriales) desde el receptor sensorial hasta la corteza cerebral. Las respuestas auditivas se obtuvieron por medio de electrodos colocados en la cabeza y oídos de los animales. Los estímulos consistieron en pulsos alternos (chasquidos) liberados en una cámara sono-amortiguada. Los animales fueron anestesiados con clorhidrato de ketamina (50 mg/kg de peso). Los resultados obtenidos indican que, a pesar de la lejanía evolutiva de ambas especies (G. gallusy C. porcellus), se presenta un patrón morfológico semejante en la respuesta auditiva del PPATC en ambas especies. Respecto a las latencias se encontraron diferencias significativas.
Estimación de parámetros genéticos para características de longevidad y producción de leche en ganado holstein en México
Valencia Posadas,Mauricio; Ruíz López,Felipe de Jesús; Montaldo Valdenegro,Hugo Horacio;
Interciencia , 2004,
Abstract: data from 47609 cows and pedigree information from 57787 holstein animals, obtained from 1970 to 1997, were used to estimate heritabilities as well as genetic and phenotypic correlations for length of productive life until third lactation (dvp), total milk production until third lactation (pta), stayability to 48 months of age (hp48) and first lactation milk yield (pl1). restricted maximum likelihood procedure was used to estimate the covariance components with uni and bivariate animal models. for dvp, pta and hp48, the model included the effect of herd-year-season of calving, considered fixed, actual 305-day milk production as covariate, and the random effects of animal and error. the model used for pl1 included herd-year-season as fixed effect, and animal and error as random effects. averages for dvp, pta, hp48 and pl1 were 51.4 months, 16469kg, 60% and 7673kg, respectively. heritabilities for dvp, pta, hp48 and pl1 were 0.04, 0.06, 0.03 and 0.25 respectively. all genetic and phenotypic correlations among the studied variables were positive. the genetic and phenotypic correlations obtained between hp48 with dvp and pta were from 0.72 to 0.94. results suggest that hp48 can be used as an early indicator of longevity, that selection on pl1 should be continued because of their economic value, and that some of the longevity traits studied may be included as selection criteria or selection objectives in the improvement programs for holstein cattle in mexico.
Embrioscopía en aborto retenido Embrioscopy in missed abortion
Jesús Alberto Ruíz-Ruíz,Eugenia Corredor-Sánchez,Carlos Julio García-Perlaza,José Ignacio Madero-Cervera
Revista Colombiana de Obstetricia y Ginecología , 2006,
Abstract: Objetivo: describir los hallazgos por embrioscopía transcervical en pacientes con aborto retenido, de diferentes semanas de gestación en primer trimestre. Institución: Medifértil, Bogotá, Colombia. Materiales y métodos: estudio descriptivo tipo serie de casos. Pacientes con aborto retenido diagnosticado por ecografía; se describe el cariotipo de la muestra obtenida por legrado obstétrico posterior al procedimiento de embrioscopía. Resultados: el procedimiento fue realizado exitosamente a las seis pacientes, cuatro de las cuales presentaron alteraciones fenotípicas todas con cariotipo normal, un caso presentó trisomía 21 sin alteraciones fenotípicas y un caso en que se identi có degeneración hidrópica, correspondió a una mola parcial. Conclusión: la embrioscopía transcervical previa al legrado obstétrico podría ser una alternativa diagnóstica útil, principalmente en pacientes con pérdida temprana posterior a reproducción asistida y pérdida recurrente de la gestación. Objective: showing the early experience and the ndings in six patients suffering missed miscarriage having different weeks of gestation, who received transcervical embrioscopy before obstetric curettage whilst receiving the same anesthesia. Institution: Medifértil, Bogotá, Colombia. Type of Study: descriptive series of cases. Materials and methods: kariotyping and trans-cervical embrioscopy was carried out on each of the six patients having a previous diagnosis of missed miscarriage, con rmed by transvaginal ultrasonography during the rst three months. Results: transcervical embrioscopy was successfully done on all the patients; four of them (66%) exhibited phenotype abnormalities, every case displayed a normal kariotype (analysis of 30 methaphases). One of the cases expressed a trisomy 21 and the other corresponded to hydropic degeneration related to partial mole. Conclusion: We suggest applying transcervical embrioscopy before obstetric curettage in patients diagnosed as having early and recurrent loss as a complementary tool for identifying genetic abnormalities. It is also a procedure having low morbidity and uses the same hysteroscopy infrastructure.
Sarcoma de pene: un tumor raro y agresivo
Tornero Ruíz,Jesús Ignacio; Nicolás Torralba,José A.; Escudero Bregante,Félix; Pérez Albacete,Mariano;
Archivos Espa?oles de Urología (Ed. impresa) , 2007, DOI: 10.4321/S0004-06142007000700014
Abstract: objective: we report the case of a penile tumor presenting with lung and lymph node metastasis, with fatal evolution after the absence of response to surgery and adjuvant treatment. methods: male patient presenting with a penile mass appearing progressively, with metastases. results: partial penectomy and adjuvant chemotherapy were performed, with the appearance of a rapidly growing local recurrence which led to death of the patient in a few months. the tumor was a penile sarcoma with osteosarcomatous differentiation. conclusions: penile sarcoma is an unfrequent tumor that has a very aggressive behavior, requiring early diagnosis and aggressive management. it has tendency to local recurrence, and when it presents with distant metastases is lethal within a few months.
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