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Planning of Sheet Metal Drawing Processes Based on Information Strategies Planeación de procesos de embutición basada en estrategias de información
José Roberto Marty Delgado,Yudieski Bernal Aguilar,Alexis Alonso Martínez
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2011, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v2i3.59
Abstract: Sheet metal forming processes represent an important group of manufacturing processes for dissimilar applications. The development of numerical simulation methods has created new possibilities in important industrial aspects with regard to optimization and integration CAPP system in sheet metal drawing processes. The result of the processes depends on a large number of parameters and their interdependence hence, knowledge and experience of the designer are critical. The present work deals with the elements to be considered in the integral design, planning and optimization sheet metal drawing processes under a set of criteria and as such the possibilities that this task offers in the decision making, preparation along with the analysis and synthesis of engineering systems. In addition a methodology for integration design and process planning of sheet metal forming process analysis is summarized. Los procesos de conformación de chapas metálicas representan un grupo significativo de procesos de manufactura de piezas para diferentes aplicaciones. El desarrollo de los métodos de simulación ha creado nuevas posibilidades en importantes aspectos industriales relacionados con la optimización de los procesos de embutición y la integración en sistemas CAPP (planeación de procesos asistida por la computación). En el presente trabajo se resumen las tendencias a considerar en la integración del dise o, la planificación y la optimización en los procesos de embutido de chapas, así como las posibilidades que ofrece esta tarea para el análisis y síntesis de sistemas de ingeniería y en la preparación y toma de decisiones bajo criterios múltiples. Se propone además, una secuencia para la integración del dise o y la planificación del proceso en el análisis de las operaciones de embutición de chapas.
Dehydration of Gypsum Rock by Solar Energy: Preliminary Study  [PDF]
Aurora López-Delgado, Sol López-Andrés, Isabel Padilla, Marta Alvarez, Roberto Galindo, Alfonso José Vázquez
Geomaterials (GM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/gm.2014.43009
The dehydration process of gypsum rock was studied under concentrated solar energy by using a Fresnel lens with power density of 260 Wcm-2. Temperatures higher than 700C were attained for 1 min of solar exposure. The effect of grain size of sample and radiation exposure time on the formation of bassanite and anhydrite was studied by XRD. The complete transformation of dihydrate into hemihydrate and/or anhydrate phases is complete for the finer size sample. Plaster composed of 92.7% of anhydrite and 7.3% of bassanite was obtained for 5 min of solar exposure. Morphological and textural modifications were followed by SEM and interferometric/confocal profilometer.
La tomografía por emisión de positrones (PET) y PET-TAC en ri?ón, vías urinarias y próstata: Actualización
Delgado Bolton,Roberto C.; Mucientes Rasilla,Jorge; Pérez Castejón,Ma Jesús; Carreras Delgado,José L.;
Actas Urológicas Espa?olas , 2009, DOI: 10.4321/S0210-48062009000100005
Abstract: pet has demonstrated its utility in management decisions in several types of tumors. in urologic tract tumors and prostate cancer its diagnostic performance has been lower due to the urinary excretion of the radiotracer, which can mask the presence of lesions. however, specific protocols must be applied that improve the diagnostic performance of pet with 18f-fdg in the evaluation of pelvic lesions. furthermore, prostate cancer is a low-grade tumor with low avidity for 18f-fdg. in spite of these limitations, with pet new and interesting possibilities have been presented. the availability of pet-ct systems has improved its diagnostic performance. on the other hand, the development of new radiotracers that allow targeting other molecular processes and that are metabolized by pathways different to the urinary tract signifies an important advantage compared to 18f-fdg and has evidenced interesting results.
Numerical evaluation of the weldability of the low alloy ferritic steels T/P23 and T/P24
Xavier, Carlos Roberto;Junio, Horácio Guimar?es Delgado;Castro, José Adilson de;
Materials Research , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392011005000019
Abstract: a model based on transport equations was numerically implemented by the finite volume method (fvm) in a computational code in order to simulate the influence of the heat input, base metal thickness and preheating temperature on the thermal evolution and the cooling rate during the welding of the low alloy ferritic steels t/p23 and t/p24. as a consequence, it was possible to evaluate qualitatively the microstructure at the heat affected zone (haz) of these steels when a single weld bead was deposited on their surface and calculate the maximum hardness reached at this region. goldakfs double-ellipsoid heat source model for power density distribution was utilized in order to obtain a good estimate of the cooling rate and dimensions of the fusion zone (fz). the results are discussed in light of previous work and good agreement between experimental and simulated results was verified.
Impacto del tabaquismo como factor de riesgo aterosclerótico en edades tempranas
Fernández-Britto,José E; Wong,Roberto; Contreras,Daniel; Delgado,Juana; Campos,Rosa; Norder,Porfirio;
Revista Cubana de Investigaciones Biom??dicas , 1999,
Abstract: the impact of smoking as an atherogenic risk factor in dead patients aged 5-34 that underwent necropsy was studied. this multinational investigation was carried out by the world health organization and the international federation of cardiology societies from 1986 to 1996. the center for general coordination of this research in malm?, sent 966 left halves of thoracica-orta, 947 left-halves of the abdominal aorta and 959 right coronary arteries.the arteries came from ll countries located in 5 regions of the world health organization: america, africa, europe, southeastern and southwestern asia. these arteries were processed by using the methodology proposed by the world health organization since 1957 for the application of the atherometric system (as), a set of methods and procedures considered as ideal for the pathomorphologic and morphometric characterization of the atherosclerotic lesion. the population of autopsies was divided into 2 groups: smokers and non smokers. data were processed by statistical descriptive, comparative and multivariate analyses. among the most important conclusions are the following: the distribution of adipose strias and fibrous plaques in the 3 studied arteries, thoracic aorta, abdominal aorta and right coronary artery was greater in smokers than in non smokers. the transformation of adipose strias into fibrous plaques began earlier and with much more intensity among smokers. the anova statistical analysis between smokers and non smokers had a great signification in the 3 arteries. the result of the anova statistical analysis showed the importance of the adipose strias in the thoracic aorta and of these strias and the fibrous plaques in the right coronary artery. it was clearly proved in this research that smoking is a strong risk factor for atherosclerosis and, therefore, for its organic consequences, the cardiovascular diseases at early ages.
Impacto del tabaquismo como factor de riesgo aterosclerótico en edades tempranas
José E Fernández-Britto,Roberto Wong,Daniel Contreras,Juana Delgado
Revista Cubana de Investigaciones Biom??dicas , 1999,
Abstract: Se estudió el impacto del tabaquismo como factor de riesgo aterogénico en pacientes fallecidos y que se les había realizado autopsia, de edades comprendidas entre 5 y 34 a os. Esta investigación multinacional de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) y la Federación Internacional de Sociedades de Cardiología se desarrolló durante 10 a os, desde 1986 hasta 1996. Del Centro de Coordinación General de esta investigación en Malm , se recibieron en el Centro de Investigaciones y Referencias de Aterosclerosis de La Habana (CIRAH) un total de 966 mitades izquierdas de la aorta torácica, 947 mitades izquierdas de la aorta abdominal y 959 arterias coronarias derechas. Las arterias procedieron de 11 países localizados en 5 regiones de la OMS, América, áfrica, Europa, Sudeste Asiático y Sudoeste Asiático. Las arterias se procesaron con la utilización de la metodología propuesta por la OMS desde 1957 para la aplicación del sistema arterométrico (SA), conjunto de métodos y procedimientos considerados idóneos para la caracterización patomorfológica y morfométrica de la lesión aterosclerótica. La población de autopsias se dividió en 2 grupos fumadores y no fumadores. Los datos se procesaron mediante análisis estadísticos descriptivos, comparativos y multivariados. Entre las conclusiones más importantes se mencionan las siguientes: la distribución de estrías adiposas y placas fibrosas en las 3 arterias estudiadas, aorta torácica, aorta abdominal y coronaria derecha fue mayor en los fumadores que en los no fumadores. La transformación de estrías adiposas en placas fibrosas comenzó más temprano y con mucha mayor intensidad en los fumadores. El estadístico MANOVA entre fumadores y no fumadores mostró gran significación en las 3 arterias. El resultado del estadístico ANOVA mostró significación de las estrías adiposas en la aorta torácica, y de estas y las placas fibrosas en la aorta abdominal, y de las placas fibrosas en la coronaria derecha. En esta investigación quedó claramente demostrado que el tabaquismo es un fuerte factor de riesgo de aterosclerosis y por lo tanto, de sus consecuencias orgánicas, las enfermedades cardiovasculares en edades tempranas. The impact of smoking as an atherogenic risk factor in dead patients aged 5-34 that underwent necropsy was studied. This multinational investigation was carried out by the World Health Organization and the International Federation of Cardiology Societies from 1986 to 1996. The Center for General Coordination of this research in Malm , sent 966 left halves of thoracica-orta, 947 left-halves of the abdominal aorta and 9
La casa del paraíso
de Prada Poole, José Miguel,Goycolea, Roberto,Navadijos, Eduardo,Delgado, María
Informes de la Construccion , 1992,
Abstract: The article is the report that was submitted for the Contest. This is a house in which "the man" is a friend of the nature, he controls it and incorporates it in his most immediate surroundings. People, animals and plants live together forming an interdependent system. The house gives lodging to the man as a group (any kind of group with certain recognized rules of cohabitation). The individual intimacy is protected through "compact building elements" in which the user can retreat and get completely isolated. The glass of the partition le electro-optical and its properties vary as desired. All the necessary installations, controls and networks are situated under the pavement. La memoria que se utilizó para el Concurso, al que se presentó esta propuesta, es la que sirve para su exposición. Es ésta, una casa en la que el Hombre es amigo de la naturaleza, la controla, y la incorpora a su entorno más inmediato. Hombres, animales y plantas conviven formando un sistema interdependiente. La vivienda, da cobijo al hombre como grupo (cualquier clase de grupo con ciertas reglas de convivencia reconocidas). Se protege la intimidad individual mediante "elementos compactos de edificación", en los que el usuario puede aislarse por completo. El vidrio del cerramiento es electroóptico y sus propiedades varían a voluntad. Todas las instalaciones, controles y redes necesarios se encuentran bajo el pavimento.
Evaluación de parametrios con TAC RMN y examen físico en cáncer de cuello uterino
Siso,Saúl; Di Giampietro,Loretta; Nieto,María Gabriela; Castro,Roberto; Medina,Francisco; Delgado,José; Itriago,Salvador;
Revista Venezolana de Oncología , 2009,
Abstract: objective: compare the utility of tomography, resonance and physical examination in evaluation of affectation parametrials in the cervix cancer. establish sensitivity, specificity of tomography in parametrial affectation. methods: the following one is a comparative prospective study in which 15 patients with diagnosis of cervix cancer, confirmed evaluated its histological, without previous treatment and least of 2 cm. to those who gynecological physical examination was realized, resonance of pelvis and tomography of abdomen-pelvis with oral and intravenous contrast. results: the totalof evaluated parametrials was 30, 12 were appraised free of infiltration with the resonance vs. 13 with tomography, 13 made an impression to be partially infiltrated by resonance vs. 11 with tomography and 5 made an impression to be infiltrated until the pelvic wall according to the resonance vs. 6 according to the tomography. altogether the evaluation of both studies agreed in 28 of 30 parametrials (93 %). physical examination they impressed free 10, partially affected 13 and infiltration until pelvic wall 7. conclusions: with the obtained results it would seem tomography could have a value significant in evaluation of parametrials and that is to consider itself like an option in case of not counting on resonance, on the other hand that provides information of the rest of the abdominal cavity: status para-aortic lymph nodes, renal, hepatic morphology that is of extreme value in staging, prognostic and management; limiting the number studies to these patients and therefore costs and time.
Is magnification necessary to confirm visual inspection of cervical abnormalities? A randomized trial in Peru
Winkler,Jennifer L.; Lewis,Kristen; Del Aguila,Roberto; Gonzales,Miguel; Delgado,José Manuel; Tsu,Vivien D.; Sellors,John W.;
Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1020-49892008000100001
Abstract: objectives: cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women in developing countries. this study was designed to evaluate whether visual inspection with acetic acid and magnification (viam) improved confirmation of cervical lesions as compared to confirmation with visual inspection with acetic acid (via) without magnification when used by physicians. methods: from april-december 2004, women in san martin, peru, who were referred as via-positive by an "obstetriz" (a professional midwife with 6 years of university training) were randomized into two groups for confirmatory screening by a physician using either via or viam with an aviscope,tm a hand-held 4x magnification scope with a green light source. the reference standard for the presence or absence of cervical neoplasia was colposcopy and directed biopsy, as required. results: a total of 358 women participated in the study; 161 had a confirmatory examination with viam and 159 with via. sensitivity for low- or high-grade lesions was 68% with via and 77% with viam, and specificity was 62% with via and 63% with viam; however, these differences were not statistically significant. conclusions: for settings where physician confirmation of cervical abnormalities identified through visual inspection is required and available, this study demonstrates that viam had no significant advantage over via.
Sistema de previs?o da safra de soja para o Brasil
Assad, Eduardo Delgado;Marin, Fábio Ricardo;Evangelista, Silvio Roberto;Pilau, Felipe Gustavo;Farias, José Renato Bou?as;Pinto, Hilton Silveira;Zullo Júnior, Jurandir;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2007000500002
Abstract: the aim of this work was to evaluate a system to forecast soybean crop yield for brazil, based on regional empirical models to assess crop yield, with data from a national database of soybean cropped area in municipal scale, and from an agrometeorological monitoring system covering all brazilian states. the models incorporated the conceptual bases proposed by doorenbos & kassam, with empirical adjustments for each region of brazil, considering the diverse potential yield of most used varieties and the regional differences in the soybean production systems. cultivated area database from each state was structured with data from ibge and conab. soybean yield was estimated for harvests from 2000/2001 to 2005/2006 and compared to conab surveys. statistical analysis using test t point out that there is no significant difference between estimates and official data. good fittings were gotten for region grouped yield data (r2>0.87), with higher deviations for harvest assessment of rio grande do sul, santa catarina, mato grosso do sul, maranh?o, piauí and bahia. in national scale, the highest observed deviation was 5.81% for the 2000/2001 harvest, and the smaller one was 0.62% for the 2005/2006 yield.

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