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Role of Authentic Leadership in Organizational Socialization and Work Engagement among Workers  [PDF]
José Luis Calderon-Mafud, Manuel Pando-Moreno
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2018.91004
Abstract: This article presents an idea that aimed to show that the model of authentic leadership is characterized by the consciousness of itself, a moral internalized, transparency in relations and important levels of self-efficacy, could have relations with Organizational Socialization and work engagement in workers. A literature review was made and discussed in a theoretical way the findings reported regarding the relations between the authentic leadership and the way to learn the culture, in addition to reviewing its impact in the work engagement. Findings of some studies indicate that the leadership could act as a mediator significant and positive to learn the organizational culture and develop a state of engagement by improving productivity and job satisfaction.
Positive Mental Health Model Based on Authentic Leadership and Elements of Socialization  [PDF]
José Luis Calderón-Mafud, Manuel Pando Moreno, Cecilia Colunga-Rodríguez
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2018.94037
Abstract: In this document, we propose a theoretical model of occupational positive mental health that relates it to elements of organizational socialization (formation and coworkers support) and characteristics of authentic leadership (transparency in relationships, balanced processing and internalized morality), generating in the workers first, the improvement of the interpersonal relations in the work and the development of the strengths in the work, and these facilitate the empowerment in the tasks when combined with elements of socialization, generating personal well-being and allowing to form in the workers a philosophy of working life. In general, it is proposed that it is based on education and learning, which seeks to facilitate an adaptation to the organization with perceptions of equity, and to develop positive mental health at work and its subsequent benefits. This model is proposed with the purpose of developing empirical tests that verify their relationships. The positive results could serve as a basis for interventions and develop new lines of research for the future of these fields of study.
Association between Psychosocial Risk Factors and Quality of Work Life in Air Traffic Controllers at an Ecuador Airport  [PDF]
Luis Edmundo Sarabia-López, Cecilia Colunga-Rodríguez, Alfonso Mercado, Manuel Pando-Moreno, María De Lourdes Preciado-Serrano, José Luis Calderón-Mafud, Guido Germán Galván-Pérez, Marco Marcelo León-Navarrete, Dorila Victoria Sarabia-Cruz
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2017.810097
Abstract: The aim of this research was to determine the association between psychosocial factors and Quality of Work Life (QWL) in air traffic controllers at an Ecuador airport. A transversal study was developed. The sample included 47 air traffic controllers of one airport in Quito, Ecuador. The participants answered an adapted version of the surveys “Factores Psicosociales en el Trabajo” (Psychosocial factors at work) and the “Calidad de vida en el trabajo” (Quality of work life) CVT-GOHISALO. The data analysis included descriptive statistics, Z scores and, association tests with chi-square and Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient. The mean age was 40 years old, and most of the participants were males. For the psychosocial work factors, the higher mean score was for the dimension Work demands (22.94), followed by Workplace conditions (13.47). For the QWL the dimension Wellbeing accomplished through work (36.43) scored higher, followed by Institutional support for work (34.11). The findings indicated several positive associations between the study variables through the Spearman’s Coefficient, observing that the psychosocial factor content and characteristic of the task presented the higher number of associations with QWL dimensions, such as Institutional support for work (p < 0.05), Work safety (p < 0.05), Integration to the work position (p < 0.05) and to Wellbeing accomplished through work (p < 0.05). The air traffic controllers develop a professional activity under work conditions that involve psychosocial factors that could represent an important risk for the health, satisfaction and QWL.
Outbreak of persistent cutaneous abscesses due to Mycobacterium chelonae after mesotherapy sessions, Lima, Peru
Munayco,César V; Grijalva,Carlos G; Culqui,Dante R; Bolarte,José L; Suárez-Ognio,Luis A; Quispe,Neyda; Calderon,Roger; Ascencios,Luis; Del Solar,Manuel; Salomón,Martín; Bravo,Francisco; Gotuzzo,Eduardo;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89102008000100020
Abstract: outbreaks of rapidly growing mycobacteria have been occasionally described. the article reports an outbreak of cutaneous abscesses due to mycobacterium chelonae following mesotherapy in lima, peru. from december 2004 through january 2005, 35 subjects who had participated in mesotherapy training sessions presented with persistent cutaneous abscesses. thirteen (37%) of these suspected cases consented to underwent clinical examination. skin punch-biopsies were collected from suspicious lesions and substances injected during mesotherapy were analyzed. suspected cases were mainly young women and lesions included subcutaneous nodules, abscesses and ulcers. mycobacterium chelonae was isolated from four patients and from a procaine vial. in conclusion, it is important to consider mesotherapy as a potential source of rapidly growing mycobacteria infections.
Potassium morpholine-4-carbodithioate monohydrate
Ana C. Mafud
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812029613
Abstract: In the ionic title compound, K+·C5H8NOS2 ·H2O, the morpholine ring of the morpholine-4-carbodithioate anion has a chair conformation. The potassium cation is coordinated by four S and four O atoms in a bipyramidal reversed geometry. In the crystal, the three components are linked, generating infinite two-dimensional networks that lie parallel to the bc plane. These layers are linked via O—H...S hydrogen bonds, forming a three-dimensional structure.
Algorithms of the Femtoscope: KeV X-Rays Cure Cancer While MeV X-Rays Only Burn the Cells  [PDF]
Edward Jiménez Calderon
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2018.84023
Abstract: The study of cancer with the Femtoscope shows us that the information of the cell nucleus is correlated with the atomic nucleus. Femtoscope and entropy algorithms monitor the time and energy of x-rays that transform cancer cells into healthy cells and vice versa. Curing cancer means recovering the information lost from a cancer cell, leading to a minimum entropy. The efficient treatment of cancer presents resonance frequencies in the production and elimination of cancerous cells, asymmetrically. The cure asymmetry of cancer is due to the support of DNA repair genes, allowing the stability of a race or species, and prioritizing life to death. Using the Femtoscope and Spectroscopy, we experimentally validate the resonance frequencies, which effectively cure the cancer and find the optimal times and doses of treatment. In this way, we minimize collateral effects and unnecessary economic costs. In addition, the phosphorus resonance demonstrates why the low energies of x-rays cure cancer and high x-ray energies only burn cancer cells.
Estenosis de la arteria mesentérica superior como causa de isquemia intestinal crónica. Tratamiento con angioplastia e implante de stent
Nabil Hamdan S.,German Gomez S.,Pablo Castro C.,Luis Calderon
Medicrit : Revista de Medicina Crítica , 2005, DOI: 10.5413/mrmc.2005.22.31
Abstract: La isquemia intestinal crónica es un cuadro poco frecuente que se encuentra asociado a una alta morbilidad y mortalidad. La causa más frecuente es la arterioesclerosis. Los pacientes sufren de dolor abdominal localizado en epigastrio o periumbilical que aparece de 10 a 30 minutos luego de la ingesta de alimentos. Presentamos un caso de isquemia intestinal crónica por estenosis de la arteria mesentérica superior diagnosticado por angiografía, que se trató con angioplastia percutánea e implante de stent. Se comentan los hallazgos clínicos, radiológicos y el procedimiento terapéutico. Palabras clave: Arteria mesentérica; isquemia mesentérica; angioplastia percutánea.
Average Speed in Projectile Motion and in General Motion of a Particle  [PDF]
Chloe T. Calderon, Pirooz Mohazzabi
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2018.67130
Abstract: We calculate the average speed of a projectile in the absence of air resistance, a quantity that is missing from the treatment of the problem in the literature. We then show that this quantity is equal to the time-average instantaneous speed of the projectile, but different from its space-average instantaneous speed. It is then shown that this behavior is shared by general motion of all particles regardless of the dimensionality of motion and the nature of the forces involved. The equality of average speed and time-average instantaneous speed can be useful in situations where the calculation of one is more difficult than the other. Thus, making it more efficient to calculate one by calculating the other.
Premelting, Pressure Melting, and Regelation of Ice Revisited  [PDF]
Chloe T. Calderon, Pirooz Mohazzabi
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2018.611183
Abstract: In this article we review some of the most important and relevant literature on the properties of ice. We focus on three of its surface properties, namely, the slipperiness of ice, the phenomena of a string under load passing through a block of ice without cutting the block in half, and pressure melting and adhesion of blocks of ice. We then provide an argument for the most plausible factor responsible for each of these effects.
ERP Software Selection Processes: A Case Study inthe Metal Transformation Sector  [PDF]
Antonio Hidalgo, José Albors, Luis Gómez
Intelligent Information Management (IIM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/iim.2011.31001
Abstract: When a firm decides to implement ERP softwares, the resulting consequences can pervade all levels, includ- ing organization, process, control and available information. Therefore, the first decision to be made is which ERP solution must be adopted from a wide range of offers and vendors. To this end, this paper describes a methodology based on multi-criteria factors that directly affects the process to help managers make this de- cision. This methodology has been applied to a medium-size company in the Spanish metal transformation sector which is interested in updating its IT capabilities in order to obtain greater control of and better infor- mation about business, thus achieving a competitive advantage. The paper proposes a decision matrix which takes into account all critical factors in ERP selection.
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