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Empty Soul Syndrome  [PDF]
José Humberto Cardoso Resende
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2018.81002
Abstract: It is a syndrome with a set of signs and symptoms distinct from depression or panic syndrome, which is not characterized by the fear of dying, but by the desire to die in the form of suicide or in another quick way. Unlike depression or panic, it occurs more frequently between 60 and 80 years of age, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, which puts Brazil in eighth place among the countries with the highest incidence of suicides in the age range of 70 years. The report estimates a death every 40 seconds in the world, with India ranking first among the countries surveyed, according to the United Nations agency, in the WHO 2012 registries. It can occur in any person, regardless of color, religion, social class or schooling, being more common, however, among men, in the ratio of nine men to two women. It is very common among health practitioners or the self-employed. Causes are related to the general delusion involving body and mind, focusing on the lack of care. By the description of the dictionary, soul is the union of body and spirit, which some prefer to call mind. “Empty Soul” represents the lack of the very essence of life, a total void of wills, a finding of abandonment. For these symptoms or illness, the treatment has followed the line of “antidepressants” aimed at the reuptake of serotonin, such as SSRIs, MAOIs, anxiolytics (benzodiazepines) and painless techniques that reach the brain, used in neurology and psychiatry. We suggest, as a therapeutic idea, the realization of “Healing Workshops”, with the support being given in the form of meetings with motivational orientations, through positive stimuli, daily and constant psychotherapies, which the client will attend until cure is verified. This degree of disorder has presented in alarming proportions, especially after 2015. This work is justified by to the dramaticity of the deaths, such as: knife, shot, fall of great height, hunger strikes and forced isolation in prisons or kidnappings. In addition, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) has estimated, for the year 2025, in Brazil, a population of 32 million elderly people. This manuscript reports signs and symptoms presented by patients who thought it was not worthwhile to continue living.
Retrospective: Mammoplasty with Prosthesis after Video-Assisted Bariatric Surgery with Transverse Bipediculated Flap  [PDF]
José Humberto Cardoso Resende, Rossano Kepler Alvim Fiorelli
Modern Plastic Surgery (MPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/mps.2013.34025

Objective: To assess the rate of mammary prosthesis extrusion after mammoplasty with prosthesis implantation, to verify the resulting shape and the degree of patient satisfaction after the use of a transverse bipediculated flap with lateral irrigations. Methods: 30 patients with a weight loss of 50 kg on average after video-assisted bariatric surgery, with ptosis and excessive volumes, who underwent mammoplasty with prosthesis placement with volumes ranging from 190 to 260 cc, using a transverse flap with the aim of anchoring the silicone prosthesis. Results: In the patients’ evaluation, the few postoperative complaints did not amount to complications. Pains were minimal and the discomfort with the prosthesis was acceptable. Conclusion: the transverse flap, in addition to acting as the best anchor among the existing flaps for implanted prostheses, provided a youthful, natural, anatomical, aesthetic and longer lasting appearance for the breasts.

Operative Technique for Correction of Gigantomastia, Using the Superior Pedicle, with Special Care for the Nipple-Papillary Grafts: A 13-Year Retrospective Study  [PDF]
José Humberto Cardoso Resende, Lucilia Feliciano Marques di Carlant?nio, Luiz Célio Martins Freitas, Teresa Tonini, Nébia Maria Almeida de Figueiredo, Luiz Carlos Santiago
Modern Plastic Surgery (MPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/mps.2015.53007
Abstract: This is a retrospective study on gigantomastia correction in obesity facing the technique of nipple-areolar grafts and its complexity. The main question is the technical-surgical care during its execution aiming to achieve reparative results that can return to these women the desire to live with better quality of life and health. Method: We performed a retrospective study of all obese patients with severe gigantomastia who underwent reduction mammaplasty with an operative technique using the superior pedicle, with special care for the nipple-papillary grafts. The study was carried out at a single institution between 2001 and 2013, in a total of 30 cases. This operative technique was presented at first time in 1980, with no changes up to now. We emphasized the perfect decortication of the areola and nipples until they were translucent after the maneuvers of Schwartzman and subsequent grafts operated in both breasts. Results: Results were considered satisfactory, from the reparative and aesthetic point of view, emphasizing the degree of improvement observed in women undergoing technique. Discussion: We can say that during all this time of aesthetic and therapeutic-restorative surgery, due to its realization in a single surgical time, there was big impact on the aesthetics of patients and on their families, even taking into account possible complications in the post-operative. Conclusion: The superior pedicle technique, performed as described here, is a safe and reliable procedure in patients with severe gigantomastia.
Oral Use of an Infusion of Leaves of Solanum paniculatum L., Jacaranda brasiliensis and Sonchus oleraceus for Treatment of Vitiligo  [PDF]
José Humberto Cardoso Resende, Georgia Saad Thomaz de Aquino, Fábio Renato Ferreira do Nascimento, Mayara Monteiro Aguiar, Rossano Kepler Alvim Fiorelli
Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (JCDSA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jcdsa.2015.54039
Abstract: Background: A healthy normal skin is essential for a person’s physical and mental well being. It is an important aspect of their sexual attractiveness, a sense of well being and a sense of self confidence. Vitiligo is an acquired depigmentation disorder of skin affecting 1% - 4% of the world population. Neither life threatening nor symptomatic (except that depigmented patches burn easily when exposed to the sun) the effects of vitiligo can be cosmetically and psychologically devastating. Because the disease is still not understood, there is a plethora of different treatments approaches, but they are largely unsatisfactory from patient’s perspective. Objective: To report the outcomes from oral use of an infusion of leaves of Solanum paniculatum L., Jacaranda brasiliensis and Sonchus oleraceus for treatment of vitiligo. Ethical issues: Study approved by the Research Ethics Committee of Hospital Federal dos Servidores do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (CAAE: 32143314.9.0000.5252). All participants confirmed the condition of volunteer by signing the Informed Consent Form. Methods: From October 2014 to October 2015 twelve subjects consumed daily four glasses (800 ml) of proposed phytotherapeutic preparation. Results: All subjects were highly satisfied about their outcomes. Total depigmentation was considered as a positive outcome because it is cosmetically acceptable. Total depigmentation was observed in presence of 80% or more of depigmenteted patches. Conclusions: The phytotherapeutic preparation proposed is effective on treatment of depigmenteted patches in vitiligo.
Transposition flap for correction of ectopic breast in Poland's syndrome using a pre-molded silicone prosthesis
Resende, José Humberto Cardoso;Feitosa, Rommel Apolinário;Cruz, Ricardo Souza;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1983-51752011000300028
Abstract: the authors report a variation of poland's syndrome with ectopic right breast. three surgeries were performed at different times: transposition flap to place the mammary gland in an anatomic position; reduction of the contralateral left breast; and implantation of a pre-molded silicone prosthesis to correct the malformation caused by the absence of the major and minor pectoral muscles. the surgeries were performed at six-month intervals, and the final outcome was new and acceptable positioning of the breasts.
The Body Suffering and Care Possibilities: A Reflective Look from the Health Economics  [PDF]
José Humberto Cardoso Resende, Allan Peixoto de Assis, Lucilia Feliciano Marques di Carlant?nio, Luiz Célio Martins Freitas, Teresa Tonini, Nébia Maria Almeida de Figueiredo, Luiz Carlos Santiago
Health (Health) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/health.2016.84030
Abstract: This article aimed to show ideas about the themes: body suffering, nursing and Medical care, and Health Economics. To this end, we tried to put together a kaleidoscope of references that converged on the promotion of autonomy and empowerment and, as a strategy for action, and then we can think of what to do to alleviate the suffering of patients.
Gigantomastia in Female Workers: “Public Health Cases”  [PDF]
José Humberto Cardoso Resende, álvaro Inácio de Moura, Ana Carolinne Alves Mariano, Hellen Karynne Silva, Hingryd Lorenna Silva, Isabela Assis Campos, Luis Clayton Fernandes de Lima, Marília Bittencourt Gabriel, Wiuller Oliveira Silverio
Modern Plastic Surgery (MPS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/mps.2019.91001
Abstract: In this manuscript the authors have studied gigantomastia in female workers. After this weight loss, they perform mammary reduction and, after a year, the patients were referred to the bariatric team. All patients stayed for one year at the Obesity Workshop to learn about the dangers and benefits of weight loss, breast reduction and the possibilities of a more healthy body and future repairing plastics. After all these procedures, they observe an adequate psychological preparation. The patients felt more comfortable and happy with the smaller breasts, operated by using the Resende technique.
Patients Body Modeling: A Practical Theoretical Experience in Plastic Surgery  [PDF]
José Humberto Cardoso Resende, Issacar de Oliveira Costa, Pedro Fernando Huertas Granobles, Rolando Arturo Romero Balcazar, Guilherme Bahia de Carvalho, Hugo Rojas Perdomo, Edmar Moreira Lisb?a, Mohamad Youssef Mohsen, álváro Sanchez Vargas, Nébia Maria Almeida de Figueiredo
Modern Plastic Surgery (MPS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/mps.2019.93007
Abstract: This research is an active pedagogical experience with surgeons who are specialized in reconstructive plastic surgery and nursing. The guiding questions were the statements of each Surgeon’s clients and what they think about them. Modeling the imaginary bodies of the patients and identify what they built in their minds, highlighting topics and the discussion about the practice made in clay modeling. Eight bodies were modeled, with six bodies with all the senses and two incomplete bodies with only the regions of the breasts and buttocks. It was concluded that there are diverse issues emerging such as gender, ethics, care, spirituality and dream as the fulfillment of the wishes of the patients. Where in the body can these surgeons act to improve the patients’ physical and quality of life? There is an important theme when we are generally welcoming women into an anamnesis that considers their body as a whole, but what is their expectation for each patient? This paper showed the importance of the preoperative evaluation of this whole, for the indication of repairs or contraindications of procedures that aim to improve the physical of the patients, with possible bodily surgical modifications as a form of modeling through liposuction, grafting or excision with lipectomy and withdrawal of excess skin to mitigate the effects of the transformations that deform the physical and end up harming the human relationship, especially women. This is a qualitative method showing the meanings of the bodies of the women represented in the modeling by the Surgeons. However, some surgeons stand out by the look of their practice, as greater sensitivity looking at the body as a whole, spiritual and emotional. They need to use their skills as surgical art and gift, to try to achieve a means, but not an end.
Gluteoplastia de aumento: a importancia do ensino na forma??o atual do residente frente à demanda crescente
Lima, Diogo Almeida;Minakami, Daniel Akira;Pereira, Lucas Chagas;Grando, Maieve Corralo;Cruz, Ricardo Souza;Braga, André Ramalho;Almeida Neto, Enéas Cardoso de;Guimar?es, Rodrigo Araújo;Almeida, Ronaldo Carrara de;Souza Neto, Acrysio Peixoto de;Haesbaert, Cristiam Machado;Grave, Márcio;Zambenedetti, Ricardo Morgental;Cardoso, Marcelo Moreira;Resende, José Humberto Cardoso;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1983-51752011000100023
Abstract: introduction: facing the increasing demand for buttocks augmentation with implants in recent years, it is important that there are enough trained and qualified to perform such a procedure and their associations with liposuction/ fat grafting with an ultimate aim of improving the contour of the hip. methods: seeing in the residency teaching sites suitable for such a practice, we make a study of 20 cases treated by resident physicians in training under supervision in order to observe the applicability and feasibility of the method and its results. results: achieved the improvement of the gluteal contour in all patients, which was corroborated by the high level of satisfaction 100% of them and low rate of complications, consistent with the literature. it is known that there is a certain fear in the beginning of learning, due to detachment in blind, but guided by precise anatomical and technical parameters and under qualified supervision, we had the surgery in the plan adequate intramuscular associated with liposuction and fat grafting in some cases, which provided excellent coverage of the implant and natural results in the final contour of the hip. conclusion: the study showed the wide applicability of the teaching of buttocks augmentation with implants, to the resident in training, given the need for adequate training to meet the growing demand in the market today.
Organomineral Phosphorus Fertilization in the Production of Corn, Soybean and Bean Cultivated in Succession  [PDF]
Denize Carvalho Martins, álvaro Vilela De Resende, Jo?o Carlos Cardoso Galv?o, Eduardo De Paula Sim?o, José Paulo Da Costa Ferreira, Gabriela De Oliveira Almeida
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.810163
Abstract: The use of organic waste in agriculture has been used aiming at greater productivity, decrease in the cost of production and sustainable use of resources. The present study aimed at evaluating the effect of phosphate fertilization with the maintenance of organomineral fertilizers, combining poultry manure and soluble or reactive phosphate, in the production of grains in corn culture and the residual effect for subsequent crops of beans and soybeans. The experiment was conducted in Sete Lagoas, MG, in 2015, using three fertilizers with sources of different phosphorus sources (triple super phosphate—STP, organomineral with STP and organomineral with Bayovar phosphate) applied at the doses of 65, 130, 195 and 260 kg·ha¯1 of P2O5 total, and compared to the control without phosphate fertilization. We evaluated the contents of foliar P, P accumulation in the grains, yields of corn grains, beans and soy, accumulated productivity and export of accumulated P of the three cultures. The three cultures assessed presented higher productivity when compared to the average of the factorial treatments that received phosphate fertilization relative to the control. Organomineral fertilizers increased grain production, obtaining average productivity equal to or greater than those obtained with the exclusive use of STP.
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