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As estratégias de legitima o da umbanda durante o Estado Novo: institucionaliza o e evolucionismo
José Henrique M. Oliveira
Horizonte : Revista de Estudos de Teologia e Ciências da Religi?o , 2009, DOI: 10.5752/520
Inductors of Resistance and Their Role in Photosynthesis and Antioxidant System Activity of Coffee Seedlings  [PDF]
Luiz Henrique Monteiro Fernandes, Helbert Rezende de Oliveira Silveira, Kamila Rezende Dázio de Souza, Mário Lúcio Vilela de Resende, José Donizeti Alves
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.525387
We investigated the effects of formulations based on phosphite products on gas exchange and activity of antioxidant enzymes in coffee plants. Seedlings of the Mundo Novo cultivar were submitted to various treatments composed of different formulations of with potassium phosphite (ADB 120), manganese phosphite (Reforce Mn), and fungicide (PrioriXtra®). For coffee seedlings, the combination of potassium phosphite and citrus by-products, isolated or in a combination with other products elicited the antioxidant system. Besides the high activity of antioxidant enzymes, the photosynthetic rates were higher than other treatments. The better performance of coffee seedlings treated with those formulations occurred even in absence of pathogens.
Potencial de mitiga o da emiss o de gases de efeito estufa e enquadramento em Mecanismo de Desenvolvimento Limpo (MDL) de empreendimento de uso do biogás como fonte energética em cadeia produtiva de frango de corte Potential for mitigation of emissions of greenhouse gases and framework in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) with the use of biogas as energy source in the broiler production chain
Adriano Henrique Ferrarez,Delly Oliveira Filho,Adílio Flauzino de Lacerda Filho,José Márcio Costa
Vértices , 2010,
Abstract: As a es humanas têm alterado a biosfera. O aumento de gases de efeito estufa (GEE) na atmosfera está fazendo a temperatura no planeta subir. O aquecimento global implicará mudan as climáticas, ecológicas, econ micas e sociais. Os Mecanismos de Desenvolvimento Limpo (MDL) permitem que os países industrializados financiem projetos de redu o de emiss es de GEE em países em desenvolvimento. O objetivo deste trabalho foi demonstrar que o biogás usado como fonte energética na Cadeia Produtiva de Frango de Corte é um projeto elegível no ambito do MDL. A receita obtida da comercializa o dos Certificados de Emiss es Reduzidas pode ser usada no financiamento da planta de gera o de energia. Human activity has changed the biosphere. The increase of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions in the atmosphere is causing the temperature rise on the planet. Global warming will lead climate, ecological, economic and social changes. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) allows industrialized countries to finance projects for reducing GHG emissions in developing countries. This study aims to demonstrate that the use of biogas as an energy source in the Production Chain of poultry is an eligible project under the CDM criteria. The proceeds of the sale of Certified Emission Reductions can be used to finance the power generation plant.
Ana Paula Azara de Oliveira,Rom?o da Cunha Nunes,Márcia Nunes Bandeira Roner,José Henrique Stringhini
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2010,
Abstract: The experiment aimed to evaluate the effect of phytase enzyme in rations for swine at the finishing phase without the use of mineral-vitamin supplement and with reduced levels of inorganic phosphorus on performance and carcass characteristics, ashes and mineral percentage in the bones and economic viability. Twenty-four hybrid females with starter weight of 66 ± 1.4 kg and final weight of 106 ± 1.8 kg were housed for 38 days in 24 stalls and allotted in a completely randomized experimental design with six treatments and four replications of two animals each. The following treatments were used: T1 –basalfeed; T2 – basal feed without micromineral-vitamin supplement; T3 – basal feed with phytase and without micromineral-vitamin supplement; T4 – basalfeed with phytase, without micromineral-vitamin supplement and without 1/3 of inorganic phosphorus; T5 – basal feed with phytase, without micromineral-vitamin supplement ans without 2/3 of inorganic phosphorus; and T6 – basal feed with phytase, without micromineral vitamin supplement and without inorganic phosphorus supplementation. The withdrawal of the micromineral-vitamin supplemet, the reduction of inorganic phosphorus level and the addition of phytase enzyme did not affect (P>0.05) the carcass characteristics, but they reduced (P<0.05) feed intake and weight gain, and showed worse feed conversion. Likewise, reduction of inorganic phosphorus levels and phytase addition did not improve economic efficiency when compared to basal feed.
Symbolic Dynamics of Odd Discontinuous Bimodal Maps
Henrique M. Oliveira
Mathematics , 2015, DOI: 10.12785/amis/oliveira
Abstract: Iterations of odd piecewise continuous maps with two discontinuities, i.e., symmetric discontinuous bimodal maps, are studied. Symbolic dynamics is introduced. The tools of kneading theory are used to study the homology of the discrete dynamical systems generated by the iterations of that type of maps. When there is a Markov matrix, the spectral radius of this matrix is the inverse of the least root of the kneading determinant.
Monitoramento localizado da produtividade de milho cultivado sob irriga??o
Santos, Antonio O.;Maziero, José V.G.;Cavalli, Antonio C.;Valeriano, Márcio M.;Oliveira, Henrique de;Moraes, Jener F.L.;Yanai, Kiyoshi;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662001000100016
Abstract: improvement of agricultural management through the increased knowledge on production activities has been discussed as decision-making strategies. real-time field level positioning may allow site-specific investigation of soil and plant variables. in brazil, the grain crops show great need for research in this area, due to their importance and technological demand. aimed at discussing some aspects of the increased level of information on an agricultural environment, a field experiment was installed in 1998 in angatuba, sp, on a grain crop. in an area of 34,3 ha, irrigated by a center-pivot system, monitoring of maize yield was done in the growing season 99/00 besides the soil fertility parameter. results showed different patterns of yield distribution inside the field, and the causes of observed yield variability. preliminary analysis of soil data showed low correlation between yield and soil chemical properties in a site-specific base. observation of yield data suggests the development of strategic management zones, based on trend analysis of the most influent yield components.
Produtividade da batata-doce em fun??o de doses de K2O em solo arenoso
Brito, Carlos Henrique de;Oliveira, Ademar P de;Alves, Adriana Ursulino;Dorneles, Carina S M;Santos, Jo?o F dos;Nóbrega, José P R;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362006000300010
Abstract: the response of sweet potato rainha branca cv., cultivated under different k2o levels was evaluated. the experiment was carried out in randomized blocks design with four replications in a quartz psamment soil at universidade federal da paraíba, paraiba state, brazil, from july to november/2004. the k2o levels applied were 0; 50; 100; 150; 200 and 250 kg ha-1). the plots consisted of 48 plants, spaced of 0.80x0.30 m. the maximum estimated values, 14.8 and 8.4 t ha-1 of total and commercial roots yield, were obtained with 194 and 174 kg ha-1 of k2o, respectively. however, the most economic level of commercial roots yield (6.0 t ha-1) was reached using 163 kg ha-1 of k2o. the k2o levels resulting in maximum roots yield and economic return, were correlated respectively with 125 and 121 mg dm-3 of available k with mehlich 1 extractor. the probability for sweet potato response under potassic fertilization in similar soils will be minimized if the level of available k in the soil were superior to 121 mg dm-3. for utilized soil in this study, 163 kg ha-1 of k2o can be recommended for sweet potato fertilization.
Morphological aspects of Schistosoma mansoni adult worms isolated from nourished and undernourished mice: a comparative analysis by confocal laser scanning microscopy
Neves, Renata Heisler;Machado-Silva, José Roberto;Pelajo-Machado, Marcelo;Oliveira, Sheila Andrade;Coutinho, Eridan M;Lenzi, Henrique Leonel;Gomes, Delir Corrêa;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762001000700022
Abstract: malnutrition hampers the course of schistosomiasis mansoni infection just as normal growth of adult worms. a comparative morphometric study on adult specimens (male and female) recovered from undernourished (fed with a low protein diet - regional basic diet) and nourished (rodent commercial laboratory food, nuvilab) white mice was performed. tomographic images and morphometric analysis of the oral and ventral suckers, reproductive system and tegument were obtained by means of confocal laser scanning microscopy. undernourished male specimens presented smaller morphometric values (length and width) of the reproductive system (first, third and last testicular lobes) and thickness of the tegument than controls. besides that, it was demonstrated that the dorsal surface of the male worms bears large tubercles unevenly distributed, but kept grouped and flat. at the subtegumental region, vacuolated areas were detected. it was concluded that the inadequate nutritional status of the vertebrate host has a negative influence mainly in the reproductive system and topographical somatic development of male adult schistosoma mansoni, inducing some alterations on the structure of the parasite.
Dinamica populacional do psilídeo-de-concha Glycaspis brimblecombei (Moore, 1964) (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) e de seu parasitóide Psyllaephagus bliteus (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) em floresta de Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Ferreira Filho, Pedro José;Wilcken, Carlos Frederico;Oliveira, Nádia Cristina de;Dal Pogetto, Mário Henrique Ferreira do Amaral;Lima, Alexandre Coutinho Vianna;
Ciência Rural , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782008000800003
Abstract: psyllids are one most widespread group of pests, causing severe damage on agricultural and forestry systems. the recently discover about occurrence of red gum lerp psyllid glycaspis brimblecombei moore (hemiptera: psyllidae), in brazil is, nowadays a serious problem in eucalyptus forests, mainly in e. camaldulensis. the psyllid specific parasitic wasp psyllaephagus bliteus riek (hymenoptera: encyrtidae) is the main biological control agent of this pest. thus, the adequate monitoring of both species by efficient sampling method would facilitate a future decision making. due to economic importance, this study aimed to evaluate g. brimblecombei and p. bliteus populations in eucalyptus camaldulensis plantation, using yellow traps to determinate population fluctuation with weather interactions (temperature and rainfall). the study of the pest and parasitoid population (53 sampling dates) was carried out on e. camaldulensis plantations in 19ha area in luíz ant?nio municipality (sp, brazil), with quarterly samplings, between january and june, 2005 (ten sampling dates). this research indicated that populations had an inversely proportional correlation subject according to the temperature. however, there is no correlation between both species with the rainfall in the evaluated period.
Variabilidade genética de isolados do cogumelo Agaricus blazei por meio de marcadores RAPD
Tomizawa, Márcia Mayumi;Dias, Eustáquio Souza;Assis, Leandro José de;Gomide, Plínio Henrique Oliveira;Santos, Jo?o Bosco dos;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542007000400045
Abstract: agaricus blazei (murrill) ss. heinem. is a brazilian native mushroom which has called the attention of several researchers all over the world due to its nutritional and pharmacological properties. the objective of this study was to evaluate the genetic variability of some isolates commercially used, using rapd markers. nine isolates of a. blazei were analyzed, from different regions in the country, and two isolates of the a. bisporus, which served as control group. all of them are part of the collection of mushroom of the edible and medicinal mushroom laboratory of dbi/ufla. for rapd analysis, different random primers were used, generating 139 polymorphic bands. the genetic similarity evaluation was proceeded between the isolates by means of dice coefficient and grouping analysis through the upgma method. the results showed that from the 9 isolates of a. blazei, 6 (cs1, cs3, cs4, cs6, cs8 e cs9) have shown a high genetic similarity and these were considered isolates of the same origin or clones. the cs2 was the isolate which showed the higher genetic divergence in relation to the others, followed by the cs5 and cs7, with averages of 60.6%, 88.7% and 91.3% genetic similarity, respectively.
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