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Knocking-Down?Meloidogyne incognita?Proteases by Plant-Delivered dsRNA Has Negative Pleiotropic Effect on Nematode Vigor
José Dijair Antonino de Souza Júnior, Roberta Ramos Coelho, Isabela Tristan Louren?o, Rodrigo da Rocha Fragoso, Antonio Américo Barbosa Viana, Leonardo Lima Pepino de Macedo, Maria Cristina Mattar da Silva, Regina Maria Gomes Carneiro, Gilbert Engler, Janice de Almeida-Engler, Maria Fatima Grossi-de-Sa
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085364
Abstract: The root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita causes serious damage and yield losses in numerous important crops worldwide. Analysis of the M. incognita genome revealed a vast number of proteases belonging to five different catalytic classes. Several reports indicate that M. incognita proteases could play important roles in nematode parasitism, besides their function in ordinary digestion of giant cell contents for feeding. The precise roles of these proteins during parasitism however are still unknown, making them interesting targets for gene silencing to address protein function. In this study we have knocked-down an aspartic (Mi-asp-1), a serine (Mi-ser-1) and a cysteine protease (Mi-cpl-1) by RNAi interference to get an insight into the function of these enzymes during a host/nematode interaction. Tobacco lines expressing dsRNA for Mi-ser-1 (dsSER), Mi-cpl-1 (dsCPL) and for the three genes together (dsFusion) were generated. Histological analysis of galls did not show clear differences in giant cell morphology. Interestingly, nematodes that infected plants expressing dsRNA for proteases produced a reduced number of eggs. In addition, nematode progeny matured in dsSER plants had reduced success in egg hatching, while progeny resulting from dsCPL and dsFusion plants were less successful to infect wild-type host plants. Quantitative PCR analysis confirmed a reduction in transcripts for Mi-cpl-1 and Mi-ser-1 proteases. Our results indicate that these proteases are possibly involved in different processes throughout nematode development, like nutrition, reproduction and embryogenesis. A better understanding of nematode proteases and their possible role during a plant-nematode interaction might help to develop new tools for phytonematode control.
Hipoxemia por fístulas artério-venosas pulmonares em crian?a: relato de caso
Lima, Aleksandra Paula;Caíres, José Lopes de;Pontes, Dijair Gomes de;Jatene, Fábio Biscegli;Auler Júnior, José Otávio Costa;Carmona, Maria José Carvalho;
Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-70942004000400011
Abstract: background and objectives: pulmonary arteriovenous fistulae (pavf) should be investigated in patients with cyanosis of unknown cause. this is a case of cyanosis in a child submitted to pulmonary lobectomy with pavf. case report: male patient, 3 years old, with history of cyanosis without dyspnea since 8 months of age. he presented significant cyanosis, finger clubbing and normal heart auscultation. chest x-ray showed condensation in the upper half of the left lung. normal echocardiography and ecg. pao2 = 28 mmhg in room air and pao2 = 31.5 mmhg with nasal o2 catheter. pulmonary arteriovenous fistula was diagnosed through magnetic resonance imaging, with no possibility of embolization. patient was submitted to upper left lobectomy under general anesthesia associated to spinal anesthesia with morphine and bupivacaine. selective tracheal tube for the right lung was inserted for monopulmonary ventilation. sao2 was 59% in room air; at operating room admission 69% (fio2 = 1.0); after general anesthesia induction 65% (fio2 = 1.0); during monopulmonary ventilation 58% (fio2 = 1.0), after lobectomy 98% (fio2 = 1.0) and 98% at the end of the surgery (fio2 = 0.6). extubation was performed one hour after surgery completion. as from the fifth postoperative day patient started presenting progressive spo2 decrease down to 83% due to increase of another pavf, which was embolized under general anesthesia. patient was discharged on the 15th po day. conclusions: in this case, there was poor preoperative response to oxygen therapy, and patient has immediately improved after surgical treatment. however, after surgical resection of the largest pavf, another fistula increased, thus leading to decrease in postoperative spo2, reverted by embolization. as the child grows, other pulmonary fistula or fistulae in other organs may be diagnosed, indicating rendu-osler-weber syndrome.
Um objeto de permanências e transforma es, feito para o diálogo
José de Souza Muniz Júnior
Acta Scientiarum : Language and Culture , 2011,
Abstract: MOTTA, Ana Raquel; SALGADO, Luciana Salazar. Fórmulas discursivas. S o Paulo: Contexto, 2011. 176 p. ISBN: 978857244639-6.
Transcriptome Analysis in Cotton Boll Weevil (Anthonomus grandis) and RNA Interference in Insect Pests
Alexandre Augusto Pereira Firmino, Fernando Campos de Assis Fonseca, Leonardo Lima Pepino de Macedo, Roberta Ramos Coelho, José Dijair Antonino de Souza Jr, Roberto Coiti Togawa, Orzenil Bonfim Silva-Junior, Georgios Joannis Pappas-Jr, Maria Cristina Mattar da Silva, Gilbert Engler, Maria Fatima Grossi-de-Sa
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085079
Abstract: Cotton plants are subjected to the attack of several insect pests. In Brazil, the cotton boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis, is the most important cotton pest. The use of insecticidal proteins and gene silencing by interference RNA (RNAi) as techniques for insect control are promising strategies, which has been applied in the last few years. For this insect, there are not much available molecular information on databases. Using 454-pyrosequencing methodology, the transcriptome of all developmental stages of the insect pest, A. grandis, was analyzed. The A. grandis transcriptome analysis resulted in more than 500.000 reads and a data set of high quality 20,841 contigs. After sequence assembly and annotation, around 10,600 contigs had at least one BLAST hit against NCBI non-redundant protein database and 65.7% was similar to Tribolium castaneum sequences. A comparison of A. grandis, Drosophila melanogaster and Bombyx mori protein families’ data showed higher similarity to dipteran than to lepidopteran sequences. Several contigs of genes encoding proteins involved in RNAi mechanism were found. PAZ Domains sequences extracted from the transcriptome showed high similarity and conservation for the most important functional and structural motifs when compared to PAZ Domains from 5 species. Two SID-like contigs were phylogenetically analyzed and grouped with T. castaneum SID-like proteins. No RdRP gene was found. A contig matching chitin synthase 1 was mined from the transcriptome. dsRNA microinjection of a chitin synthase gene to A. grandis female adults resulted in normal oviposition of unviable eggs and malformed alive larvae that were unable to develop in artificial diet. This is the first study that characterizes the transcriptome of the coleopteran, A. grandis. A new and representative transcriptome database for this insect pest is now available. All data support the state of the art of RNAi mechanism in insects.
Metastasis to Paranasal Sinuses as the First Presenting Sign of Renal Cell Carcinoma  [PDF]
Gustavo Ruschi Bechara, José Anacleto Dutra Resende Júnior, Hélio Assuncao Gouveia, Thomás Accioly de Souza
Open Journal of Urology (OJU) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/oju.2012.21006
Abstract: The clear cell carcinoma is a relatively rare tumor, represented approximately 85% by renal cell carcinoma (RCC), but has a characteristic of early metastatic, which sometimes spread to unusual places. Metastatic tumors in the paranasal sinuses are very rare. This case report a 65 years-old patient who presented sinusitis and epitaxis as a first sign of renal cell carcinoma with metastasis to the right maxillary sinus, which was opereted at Lagoa Hospital—RJ and strengthen the inclusion of this disease in the differential diagnosis of sinus disease. The renal cell carcinoma is a relatively rare tumor, representing approximately 3% of malignant tumors. About a third of patients with renal cell carcinoma have metastasis at diagnosis. The sinuses are a rare location of metastasis. The maxillary sinuses and the paranasal sinuses are most commonly affected by metastatic tumors to the sinuses region. The most frequent primary tumor to metastasis to paranasal sinuses is the renal cell carcinoma. This report highlights the rarity of the case and the importance in the differential diagnosis of sinus disease.
Growth of Pepper under Different Concentration of the Solutions Used in the Hydroponic System  [PDF]
Felipe Guedes de Souza, Guilherme de Freitas Furtado, Antonio Ramos Cavalcante, Lucia Helena Garófalo Chaves, Josely Dantas Fernandes, José Amilton Santos Júnior
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/as.2018.98064
Abstract: Water availability is a fundamental condition for sustainable agriculture. However, a satisfactory water condition is not always possible in terms of quantity and quality in certain regions, such as the Brazilian semi-arid region. Thus, the purpose of this extremely important research was to evaluate the growth of cv. All Big with six combinations of wastewater plus saline (WW + SW) and two nutrient solution percentages, in a low-cost hydroponic system. The experiment was carried out in a greenhouse at the Department of Agricultural Engineering at Federal University of Campina Grande. A completely randomized experimental design was used, with treatments arranged in a factorial scheme (6 × 2), with 5 replications, being the treatments composed by the combination of six proportions of wastewater with saline water (50%/50%; 60%/40%; 70%/30%; 80%/20%; 90%/10%; 100% of wastewater) and two nutrient solution concentration (80% and 100%), totalizing 60 experimental units. The biometric variables were analyzed at 55 and 96 days after sowing, namely: plant height (PH), stem diameter (SD), leaf number (LN) and leaf area (LA). The interaction between the concentration of the nutrient solution and the ratio of the saline water with wastewater was influenced in the behavior of peppers (cv. All Big) biometric variables. The nutrient solution prepared at 80% of its normal concentration had better performance in the development of plants when mixed with the proportions of water containing more wastewater. The proportion 30% saline water and 70% wastewater (30/70) with concentration of 80% of the nutrient solution obtained better satisfactory results in the studied biometric variables.
Blood Pressure Evaluation in Dogs by the Method Doppler and Oscillometric  [PDF]
Jéssica Ragazzi Calesso, Michelle Campano de Souza, Gabriela Rebou?as Milani Cecci, Marcelo de Souza Zanutto, Ademir Zacarias Júnior, Luciana Holsback, Rafael Fagnani, Paula Nassar de Marchi, Mauro José Lahm Cardoso
Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine (OJVM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojvm.2018.811018
Abstract: Blood pressure is currently a very important tool for clinical and veterinary surgery, especially in monitoring patients under anesthesia and in emergency situations. Hypertension can cause a number of changes in the body of dogs and cats, especially those who are middle-aged and elderly. In veterinary medicine, the blood pressure can be measured non-invasively and invasively. The non-invasive, or indirect technique, is frequently used during routine examinations since it presents convenience as it can be carried out quickly, although it is less accurate. For this research 245 dogs were selected, with one to ten years of age, of both sexes, castrated and uncastrated of different breeds and body scores. The dogs were weighed and had the body condition score determined using the system of 9 points, being categorized into: Control group, overweight group or obese group. Systolic blood pressure was obtained by non-invasive method using the Doppler flowmeter and the oscillometric method. 48 animals were excluded due to the high variability of values, with systolic blood pressure greater than 160 mm?Hg, as well as uncooperative and/or aggressive patients. There was agreement between both methods in 197 dogs conscious and asymptomatic and, therefore, this study showed that oscillometric method can be used in normotensive patients as the study was conducted in patients of different sizes, breeds, ages, body scores and sexual status.
Características químicas do lixiviado na fase de enraizamento de estacas de cacau em substratos adubados com fósforo
Souza Júnior, José Olimpio de;Carmello, Quirino Augusto de Camargo;Faria, José Cláudio;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832008000400021
Abstract: fertilization and irrigation is intensively used for seedling production in substrate, which can result in high nutrient losses. phosphorus (p) is heavily used in the preparation of the potting mix, but studies on nutrient losses are scarce. the objective of this study was to evaluate the chemical attributes in leachate from potting mix during rooting of cocoa tree cuttings under intermittent irrigation and p fertilization in a 5 x 5 factorial, complete randomized block design with three replications. the factors consisted of five substrates (20, 35, 50, 65 and 80 % volume of coconut fiber (cf) completed with plantmax?) and five triple superphosphate - tsp rates (p2o5 = 0; 0.23; 0.46; 0.92 and 1.84 g dm-3). the plot consisted of two tubes (288 cm3), with one herbaceous cocoa cutting per tube. total leachate of 28 days was collected and measured, while electric conductivity (ec) and ph were analyzed in three weekly samples. the nutrients p, ca, mg and k were quantified in weekly average samples and the data subjected to regression analysis. over the course of time, the ph in the leachate increased and ce decreased. increasing tsp doses reduced the ph and increased the ec of the leachate. the higher the cf proportion, the faster and higher were ph and ec variations. nutrients content and amount in leachate from all substrates tested decreased soon after starting the study. tsp supply increased leaching of all nutrients. ca, mg and k losses were proportional to their availability in the substrate. leaching of supplemented p ranged from 39 to 74 % and was inversely proportional to the phosphate adsorption capacity of the substrates.
Sistema de condu??o em Y com e sem cobertura plástica: microclima, produ??o, qualidade do cacho e ocorrência de doen?as fúngicas na videira 'Niagara Rosada'
Pedro Júnior, Mário José;Hernandes, José Luiz;Rolim, Glauco de Souza;
Bragantia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052011000100030
Abstract: a field trial was carried out at jundiaí, s?o paulo state (brazil), during the growing seasons of 2006/2007 and 2007/2008, in a 'niagara rosada' grapevine trained on a y shaped trellis with and without plastic overhead cover aiming to evaluate the effects on: microclimate, disease incidence, yield and cluster quality. the spraying schedules used were: standard (weekly sprays) and control (no sprays). it was verified that the use of plastic overhead cover had no influence on maximum and minimum air temperature, and relative humidity. yield values for the grapevines grown under plastic cover (3.52 to 6.99 kg plant-1) were higher than the control treatment at open sky condition (1.81 to 2.34 kg plant-1). the evaluations of incidence of anthracnose, downy mildew, leaf spot and bunch rot allowed to verify that the control treatment under plastic cover did not show disease incidence up to harvest, even though no fungicide was used. the y shaped trellis grapevines grown under plastic overhead cover improved cluster quality and decreased disease incidence.
Estimativa do balan?o de energia em cambarazal e pastagem no norte do Pantanal pelo método da raz?o de Bowen
Biudes, Marcelo Sacardi;Campelo Júnior, José Holanda;Nogueira, José de Souza;Sanches, Luciana;
Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-77862009000200003
Abstract: the energy balance study of a vegetated surface and atmosphere is important to characterize the local microclimate, identify interactions among environmental variables and the vegetation and to identify anthropogenic activities effects. the objective of this work was estimate the seasonality of energy balance by bowen ratio method in a monodominant vegetation of cambará area in the rppn sesc-pantanal and a pasture area in ufmt's experimental farm. the energy balance components presented seasonality, with larger averages at the rainy station in two areas of study. in the cambarazal was a higher variation of the latent heat flux of the dry season for the rainy season that in the pasture. however, the seasonal variation of the sensible heat flux in the cambarazal was lower than in the pasture, due to the thermo-regulatory effect in the cambarazal, according to the largest biomass. the available energy at two ranches was partitioned priority in latent heat flux, 80,0% in the cambarazal and 56,6% in the pasture, followed by the sensible heat flux, 19,1 and 42,9%, and by the soil heat flux, 0,3 and 7,2%.
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