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Association between Metabolic Syndrome and Erythrocyte Fatty Acid Profile in Mexican Adolescents: A Trans Fatty Acid Approach  [PDF]
Martínez-Razo Gabriel, Martínez-Basila Azucena, Salas-Fernández Alejandra, Maldonado-Hernández Jorge
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2013.49A1009

The type of fat consumed in the Mexican diet could predispose to the development of Metabolic Syndrome (MS) which has been associated with an increased risk to develop cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Our study included adolescents between 12 and 16 years of age, divided in two groups: Control Group (n = 31) and MS Group (n = 44). Waist circumference, blood pressure, fasting glucose, triglycerides, and HDL-cholesterol were determined. Erythrocytes’ fatty acids methyl esthers were quantified using gas chromatography with ionized flame detector. We identified 16 fatty acids (FA) with chain lengths from C12 to C24, with emphasis in four trans FA (TFA) isomers: vaccenic (C18:1n7t), elaidic (C18:1n9t), linoelaidic (C18:2n6t), and conjugated linoelaidic acids (C18:2n7t). MS Group had a less proportion of: myristic (C14), palmitoleic (C16:1), C18:1n7t, and linoleic acids (C18:2); and a higher one of C18:1n9t, C18:2n7t, and nervonic acids (C24:1) when compared to the control group. C24:1 and C18:1n9t had a significant positive association with MS (OR = 14.17 and OR = 12.94, respectively); whereas C14 (OR = 0.14), C18:1n7t (OR = 0.14), and C18:2 (OR = 0.22) appear to have a protective effect against the disease. The proportion of specific FAs in erythrocytes’ membranes differs between adolescents with MS and healthy controls; these FA not only showed a strong association with MS, but also correlated with most of its individual components. Interestingly, TFA displayed an antagonic behavior; while C18:1n9t had a strong association with MS, apparently C18:1n7t confers a protective effect; these results suggest that analyzing each TFA separately will constitute a more accurate approach to determine the role of TFAs in the pathogenesis of MS or other related metabolic disorders.

Prevalence of burnout syndrome and coping strategies
Beatriz Cruz Valdés,Fernando Austria Corrales,Loredmy Herrera Kienhelger,Jorge Salas Hernández
Suma Psicológica , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to assess the burnout syndrome in health workers duringa contingency in Mexico City because of epidemiology AH1N1 influenza, andidentify if the use of coping strategies had protective effects for the burnout. Wehad a sample of 477 health workers and was performed a transversal descriptivestudy with a nonrandom quote sample. The instruments used were MaslachBurnout Inventory Human Services version and scale measuring coping face toextreme risks. It was performed a frequency and normality distribution to analyzethe differences, and also an analysis of variance in burnout, and multiple linealregression for coping strategies. We found that 24% had burnout (in emotionalexhaustion and a moderate degree depersonalization, with the presence of personalaccomplishment). They were also employed active and passive strategies.We found that the use of coping strategies was selective, active strategies had amoderating role to burnout and protective to the scale of emotional exhaustion,which seems to increase when there is personal realization. We propose the developmentof quantitative and qualitative research and the use of mixed models ofintervention: focusing on people.
Structural relations between coping strategies and Burnout syndrome on health workers: A study of external and construct validity
Fernando Austria Corrales,Beatriz Cruz Valde,loredmy Herrera KienHelger,Jorge salas Hernández
Universitas Psychologica , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to validate hypothesized structural and functional relationships between coping strategies and factors associated with burnout syndrome in independent samples of health workers from different hospitals and hospital care settings. We applied the Maslach Burnout Inventory and the scale of Coping with Extreme Risks adapted to the Mexican population, we analyzed the responses of 354 health workers in a tertiary hospital and 300 from a reference hospital. The samples were intentional, non-probability, quota. The group was formed by nurses, paramedics, diagnostics services, physicians and resident physicians. Results confirmed the factor structure of the instruments in the twosamples and showed that the use of active coping strategies (control, information seeking, social support, among others) has protective effects on the factors associated withthe syndrome (emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal fulfillment at work), regardless of the sample, context and type of hospital care. We discuss the results andtheir implications in relation to external validity and findings in other related research.
Cruz Valdés,Beatriz; Austria Corrales,Fernando; Herrera Kienhelger,Loredmy; Salas Hernández,Jorge; Vega Valero,Cinthya Zaira;
Suma Psicológica , 2011,
Abstract: the aim of this study was to assess the burnout syndrome in health workers during a contingency in mexico city because of epidemiology ah1n1 influenza, and identify if the use of coping strategies had protective effects for the burnout. we had a sample of 477 health workers and was performed a transversal descriptive study with a nonrandom quote sample. the instruments used were maslach burnout inventory human services version and scale measuring coping face to extreme risks. it was performed a frequency and normality distribution to analyze the differences, and also an analysis of variance in burnout, and multiple lineal regression for coping strategies. we found that 24% had burnout (in emotional exhaustion and a moderate degree depersonalization, with the presence of personal accomplishment). they were also employed active and passive strategies. we found that the use of coping strategies was selective, active strategies had a moderating role to burnout and protective to the scale of emotional exhaustion, which seems to increase when there is personal realization. we propose the development of quantitative and qualitative research and the use of mixed models of intervention: focusing on people.
Efecto de la rhDNasa sobre la obstrucción bronquial irreversible en adultos con asma grave
Vargas, Mario H.;Torre-Bouscoulet, Luis;Salas-Hernández, Jorge;Furuya, María E.Y.;
Revista del Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias , 2005,
Abstract: background: in some asthma patients airway obstruction can not be reverted by bronchodilator and/ or corticosteroid treatment. this irreversible obstruction has been attributed to the remodeling process of airways, but other mechanisms such as mucus plugging have not been explored. objective: to evaluate if rhdnase, an enzyme extensively used to fluidize the mucus in cystic fibrosis, improves spirometric variables and quality of life of asthmatic patients. patients and methods: ten adult patients (6 females) with severe corticosteroid-dependent asthma received daily nebulizations of 2.5 mg rhdnase during 14-28 days. spirometries were performed at least at weekly intervals to evaluate the forced vital capacity (fvc), forced expiratory flow at the first second (fev1, the fev1/fvc ratio and peak expiratory flow (pef). changes in spirometric variables were assessed by regression analysis. an asthma quality of life questionnaire was applied before and at the end of treatment. results: spirometric variables did not change in most patients. however, pulmonary function improved in one patient, according to the statistically significant ascending slopes in fvc, fev1 and fev1/fvc. although other subjects also had ascending (2 patients) or descending (2 patients) slopes, these changes only occurred in one spirometric variable. as a group, there was a trend for improvement in quality of life. conclusions: although rhdnase does not modify the irreversible bronchial obstruction in most patients with severe asthma, a small proportion of them might obtain some beneficial effect
Características de pacientes asmáticos mexicanos atendidos en consulta externa
Fernández-Vega, Margarita;Vargas, Mario H.;Regalado-Pineda, Justino;Chapela-Mendoza, Rocío;Salas-Hernández, Jorge;
Revista de investigación clínica , 2005,
Abstract: background. despite the high prevalence of asthma in mexico, studies describing general characteristics of these patients are scarce. objective.to analyze the sociodemographic, clinical and respiratory functional profile of asthmatic patients attending for the first time the outpatient service of a tertiary-level hospital, as well as to investigate treatments already received and the abandonment rate. methods.adolescent and adult asthmatic subjects seen from february 2000 to november 2002 in the outpatient service of the national institute of respiratory diseases, in mexico city, were prospectively studied. sociodemographic information was gathered and clinical and spirometric evaluations were carried out. the severity of the disease was classified according to international criteria. results. a total of 1403 patients between 12 and 82 years of age, with predominance of the female gender, were included in the analysis. an 88.7% of patients had the mildest forms of the disease, 10% had moderate asthma, and 1.3% had severe asthma. while 21.4% had never received anti-asthma treatment, about one third of the remaining patients had received corticosteroids, independently of the asthma severity, indicating an over-treatment of the intermittent form of the disease and an under-treatment of persistent forms. a high abandonment rate (65.7%) was observed. a positive bronchodilator test was observed in 30.3% of patients with intermittent asthma, though this proportion increased to about 67% in those with moderate and severe asthma. conclusion.mildest forms of the disease predominate among asthmatic patients attending for the first time an outpatient service, with a still very high frequency of inadequate use of corticosteroids.
Rese a de "Ciudades nómadas del Nuevo Mundo" de Alain Musset
Juana Elizabeth Salas Hernández
Fronteras de la Historia , 2012,
William Hernández,Eduardo Salas
Agronomía Costarricense , 2009,
Abstract: La presente investigación se realizó para conocer la respuesta de 4 especies forestales a la aplicación del Glomus fasciculatum en vivero y campo. En la fase de vivero se evalúo diámetro basal, altura total, peso seco del follaje y radicular, absorción de nutrimentos en el follaje y el sistema radicular. En campo se cuantificó altura total, diámetro, y absorción de nutrimentos en el follaje. Los resultados mostraron que en vivero los mayores incrementos promedio, en los tratamientos inoculados, los registró el ronrón (Astronium graveolens), la teca (Tectona grandis) y el amarillón (Terminalia amazonia), con 48,9, 35,2 y 30,6%, respectivamente; mientras que en melina (Gmelina arborea) el incremento fue de 16,9%. El mayor incremento se registró en el peso seco del follaje y en el radicular con 30,8 y 63%, respectivamente. En la absorción de nutrimentos el ronrón mostró diferencias en Mg, Cu, Zn, Mn y Fe, tanto en el follaje como en el sistema radicular; sin embargo, melina fue la especie que registró las concentraciones de nutrimentos superiores, aunque no significativas; las demás especies no registraron diferencias significativas. En el campo, en las plantas inoculadas, solamente melina reflejó diferencias significativas en diámetro y altura total, con un incremento de 37,9 y 31,7%, respectivamente. La absorción de nutrimentos de melina, amarillón y ronrón fue en promedio 32,2, 19,8 y 6,6%, respectivamente, con una mayor absorción en Ca, Mn, K y Fe. La mortalidad en vivero fue nula, mientras que en el campo, varió de acuerdo con la especie y el tratamiento. El aumento en el crecimiento de las 4 especies fue la tendencia común, a excepción de teca, que en el campo no mostró resultados positivos.
Los confines de la responsabilidad ambiental en los ecosistemas dependientes y asociados al medio ambiente antártico
Carlos R. Hernández Salas
Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales , 2012,
Abstract: Annex VI of the Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty protects the Antarctic STATUS QUO. This protection is extended to liability for environmental emergencies affecting the Antarctic environment and dependent and associated ecosystems. The notion of dependent and associated ecosystems is legal and procedural in nature, allowing the distribution of the international powers provided in the Protocol. Therefore, States which exercise jurisdiction in areas north of the Antarctic Convergence must define and delimit those ecosystems, including their cooperation within areas of overlapping claims or under territorial or maritime dispute. In areas beyond national jurisdiction specific programs of cooperation over dependent and associated ecosystems should be designed.
Transcription of Genes Involved in Sulfolipid and Polyacyltrehalose Biosynthesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Experimental Latent Tuberculosis Infection
Jimmy E. Rodríguez, Ana S. Ramírez, Laura P. Salas, Cecilia Helguera-Repetto, Jorge Gonzalez-y-Merchand, Carlos Y. Soto, Rogelio Hernández-Pando
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0058378
Abstract: The Influence of trehalose-based glycolipids in the virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) is recognised; however, the actual role of these cell-wall glycolipids in latent infection is unknown. As an initial approach, we determined by two-dimensional thin-layer chromatography the sulfolipid (SL) and diacyltrehalose/polyacyltrehalose (DAT/PAT) profile of the cell wall of hypoxic Mtb. Then, qRT-PCR was extensively conducted to determine the transcription profile of genes involved in the biosynthesis of these glycolipids in non-replicating persistent 1 (NRP1) and anaerobiosis (NRP2) models of hypoxia (Wayne model), and murine models of chronic and progressive pulmonary tuberculosis. A diminished content of SL and increased amounts of glycolipids with chromatographic profile similar to DAT were detected in Mtb grown in the NRP2 stage. A striking decrease in the transcription of mmpL8 and mmpL10 transporter genes and increased transcription of the pks (polyketidesynthase) genes involved in SL and DAT biosynthesis were detected in both the NRP2 stage and the murine model of chronic infection. All genes were found to be up-regulated in the progressive disease. These results suggest that SL production is diminished during latent infection and the DAT/PAT precursors can be accumulated inside tubercle bacilli and are possibly used in reactivation processes.
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