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Estudo do impacto de um curso MBA Gest?o em Saúde na modernidade organizacional de clínicas oftalmológicas
Meireles, Manuel;Scarpi, Marinho Jorge;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492005000600010
Abstract: purpose: investigations in the field of the learning competence that investigate the impact of the acquisition of new individual competence of those responsible for ophthalmologic clinics, by means of a mba administration in health course, on the organizational modernity of ophthalmologic clinics. methods: survey using questionnaires applied to students and former students of the course and to managers of ophthalmologic clinics not linked to the course (n=30 each one). the analysis was made by means of statistical methods: r of pearson and q of yule; student's t test, sum of series test, median test and u test of mann-whitney. results: linear and positive correlation was observed between excellency of mba administration in health and the development of the veteran students' capacities (rho correlation of spearman at the level of 0.01); there is a significant difference (0.0364, by the mann-whitney test), between veteran students and freshmen regarding the need to extend the individual capacities provided by the mba administration in health course, to the other operational employees of the ophthalmologic clinics; and there is a significant difference (0.0057, for the mann-whitney test), among veteran students of the mba administration in health course and freshmen regarding the importance of the organizational modernity for the ophthalmologic clinics. conclusions: the obtained results are consistent, in a general way, with the proposed model: mba administration's excellence in health contributes significantly to the organizational modernity, to the development of competence of the veteran students, and, also in substantial way to the perception of organizational hiatuses.
ética organizacional: um estudo em clínicas oftalmológicas
Sanches, Maria Aparecida;Scarpi, Marinho Jorge;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492005000600017
Abstract: purpose: research on the field of organizational ethics to investigate to which extent ophthalmologic clinics, inserted in the competitive atmosphere, in the condition of organizations in search of survival, subordinate ethics to competitiveness in the managerial praxis, that is, in the administrative sphere. methods: kohlberg is taken as theoretical reference, approaching the theme of ethical subordination to competitiveness. the instrument to evaluate moral behaviors of organizations, elaborated by licht, is applied. the quantitative method is used, adopting analytic instruments, such as q of yule and non parametric tests, when dealing with the data of 41 ophthalmologic clinics. results: the results of the research seem to indicate that administrators of ophthalmologic clinics of greater performance subordinate ethical principles to competitiveness, seeking to assure the survival of the company and, when confronted with the instrument to evaluate their moral behavior, proposed by kohlberg, have a significantly smaller presence in the postconventional stage than administrators of ophthalmologic clinics with a smaller performance. one may affirm, according to non parametric tests, at the level of significance of 0.05, that the levels of moral development of the two groups differ significantly. conclusions: the obtained results are according to the literature, especially concerning the "paradox of the ethical subordination and competitiveness". they also suggest that the warrant of the survival of the company tends to reduce the perception of the groups in power regarding the problems that happen in the community, and that a reduction of the ethical values subordinated to competition occurs, and such reduction provokes growing feelings of economical disputes in the social sphere.
GE - Jornal Português de Gastrenterologia, 2009 - 2011
Rui Tato Marinho,Jorge Areias,Isabelle Cremers
Jornal Português de Gastrenterologia , 2009,
Metodologia para implanta??o de programa de manuten??o de um aparelho de facoemulsifica??o
Aragaki, Wagner Koji;Scarpi, Marinho Jorge;Linzmayer, Eduardo;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492004000200014
Abstract: purpose: to implement a plan of preventive maintenance developed for users of the phacoemulsification machine. methods: in order to implement a maintenance program for a phacoemulsification machine, alcon's legacy 20000? was chosen. its operating manual was used as a primary search, so that the probability of equipment malfunction or breakdown could be quantified. the maintenance condition of legacy 20000? was checked in some hospitals in s?o paulo through an interview with the responsible clinical engineers. surgeons working at the cataract sector of unifesp (universidade federal de s?o paulo) were asked their opinion about the functioning of legacy 20000?, in order to indentify the main sources of malfunction. after research had been carried out in hospitals and with the surgeons, a maintenance manual for the legacy 20000? was proposed, based on preventive maintenance tools. results: the analysis regarding error messages showed that most potential problems and corrective measures to be taken are due to problems of connection or fixation of the cables. the legacy 20000? main sources of malfunction were identified in the s?o paulo hospital, which had acquired its own piece of equipment. in most cases they were related to broken ultra-sound handpiece, broken electronic and mechanical components, faulty setup and problems of priming, vacuum and aspiration. the interview with the cataract surgeons of the universidade federal de s?o paulo showed lack of technical knowledge due to their lack of familiarity with the manual and no training regarding equipment functions. conclusions: there is no complete plan of preventive maintenance for the legacy 20000? in the hospitals considered for this research only corrective maintenance. the manual of preventive maintenance item proposed for legacy 20000? was prepared based on the research results using preventive maintenance tools.
Identifica??o de necessidades e expectativas dos pacientes de uma clínica de catarata
Silveira, José Agenor Mei;Hayashi, Luciana;Scarpi, Marinho Jorge;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492005000500013
Abstract: purpose: to identify patients' needs and expectations in a cataract clinic connected with a university public hospital - cataract institute - department of ophthalmology - paulista school of medicine (unifesp). method: a descriptive transverse study was carried out with the patients enrolled in the clinic, distributed in two groups: those who were operated on and those who were not. patients were approached in two stages: 1) conduct the study in four focus groups to identify the patients' most valued attributes (qualitative study); 2) a questionnaire was designed based on the main attributes and was submitted to a sample of patients (quantitative study). results: the patients' main expectations are related to: 1) the treatment results; 2) more comfortable waiting facilities; 3) be treated with respect by all the caregivers; and 4) the technological devices used in their treatments. the highest rates of satisfaction were the information material, physician care, and medical devices; the lowest rates of satisfaction were telephone service, physical environment, queue arrangements, and making contact. conclusions: the evaluation of the services as well as the institution's public image is positive. the main reasons for choosing the clinic are related to economic and financial aspects and the majority of the patients would use the services again and would also recommend the clinic to other people.
Achados oculares em crian?as de zero a seis anos de idade, residentes na cidade de S?o Caetano do Sul, SP
Beer, Sandra Maria Canelas;Scarpi, Marinho Jorge;Minello, Antonieta Antunes;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492003000700019
Abstract: purpose: to establish the prevalence of refractive errors, strabismus, amblyopia and anisometropia, among children in a population, using two methods of screening (at school and at the national polio vaccination day). methods: we examined 2,640 children, between 0 and 6 years of age. the children, residents of the city s?o caetano do sul, were divided into two groups (a and b). group a: 476 children, with an age range of a few months to 6 years, had their eyes examined by 10 ophthalmologists and 11 ophthalmology technicians, during the national polio vaccination day (june 20,1998). group b: 2,164 children attending municipal schools (emeis and emis), between 4 and 6 years of age, who had their eyes examined by two ophthalmologists during the year of 1998. results: in group a, the prevalence of strabismus was 3.36% and that of anisometropia was 1.26%. the most common type of refractive error was hypermetropia £ 2d and 14.11% required optical prescription. in group b, the prevalence of strabismus was 1.43%. in the group who failed in the screening, the prevalence of amblyopia was 1.39% and that of anisometropia was 2.8%. the most common type of refractive error found was hypermetropic astigmatism and 56.48% required optical prescription. conclusion: the prevalence of the ocular findings in children in s?o caetano do sul, although being a city with a privileged socioeconomic profile, is similar to that reported in the literature. ophthalmic examination on national polio vaccination day showed to be an efficient screening tool.
Avalia??o da resolutividade e da satisfa??o da clientela de um servi?o de referência secundária em oftalmologia da Universidade Federal de S?o Paulo - UNIFESP
Gentil, Rosana Maura;Leal, Sandra Maria Reis;Scarpi, Marinho Jorge;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492003000200009
Abstract: in developing countries blindness prevalence could be reduced if access to ophthalmic assistance for the population were not impaired by the lack of organization of the resources. besides the primary level, organization of ocular care establishes secondary and tertiary care levels, according to the complexity of the diagnosis and treatment of the ocular diseases. the ophthalmic secondary reference center (cereso) of the department of ophthalmology, federal university of s?o paulo, according to an internal flow model of assistance, selects cases of low complexity to be seen on the same day, the others being referred to the tertiary level. purpose: to evaluate cereso's resolution and its user's satisfaction. methods: by means of applying a questionnaire based on the resolution of the main complaint and for the client's satisfaction, a sample of 238 users was interviewed from february to july, 1998. results: cereso's resolution degree was 85.96%; the user's satisfaction was 100%; 6.8% of the users chose cereso because it was close to their homes; 21.3% because they could be seen on the same day; 13.9% because they were already unifesp patients and 58.1% because they like unifesp or were indicated by another patient. conclusions: the customers were very pleased with the assistance they were given, and their major aims were achieved. the organization of the ophthalmological services, with the secondary care service establishment, would certainly have a positive impact on the solution of ophthalmic problems - especially refractive errors. for this reason, this organization would case an important public health problem.
Resultados da conjuntivodacriocistorrinostomia com implante de prótese lacrimal de polietileno de baixa densidade
Bison, Simone;Soccol, Ovídio;Scarpi, Marinho Jorge;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492002000100004
Abstract: purpose: to analyze the postoperative complications of conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy with low-density polyethylene tube and the possible correlations between the various etiologies and complications and surgical success rate. methods: the study was carried out on 35 lacrimal apparatus of 34 patients who were submitted to conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy with low-density polyethylene tube during a six-year period, from august 1991 to november 1997. with the aim of studying the possible correlations between the findings (etiology x complications and etiology x success rate) exact fisher's test was carried out. results: the most important etiologies were chronic dacryocystitis and failure of dacryocystorhinostomy (53.9%) followed by traumatisms (16.3%). the complication rate was 74.3%. the surgical success rate in one intervention was 25.7%. after two or more surgeries, 17 tubes became pervious and well-located (48.6%). unsuccessful procedures occurred in 25.7% of the lacrimal apparatus. there was no significant correlation between etiology and complication occurrence neither between etiology and surgical success. conclusions: there is no difference between complications and success in this study and those reported in the international literature. these findings were not correlated with the obstruction etiology. the advantages of low-density polyethylene tube are its great availability, the easy manufacture in the intraoperative period according to the lenght and width needs of and, finally, it can be exchanged for borosilicate glass when the edema regress.
Resultados da conjuntivodacriocistorrinostomia com implante de prótese lacrimal de polietileno de baixa densidade
Bison Simone,Soccol Ovídio,Scarpi Marinho Jorge
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2002,
Abstract: Objetivos: Estabelecer quais s o as complica es pós-operatórias da conjuntivodacriocistorrinostomia (CDCR) com implante de prótese lacrimal de polietileno de baixa densidade e relacionar a etiologia da obstru o e o aparecimento destas complica es e, conseqüentemente, o sucesso pós-operatório. Métodos: Foram analisadas 35 vias lacrimais submetidas a conjuntivodacriocistorrinostomia com implante de prótese lacrimal de polietileno. Com a finalidade de estudar as possíveis rela es entre as variáveis encontradas (etiologia x complica es e etiologia x sucesso) realizou-se o teste exato de Fisher. Resultados: As etiologias de obstru o mais freqüentes foram a dacriocistite cr nica e pós-dacriocistorrinostomia que, em conjunto, foram responsáveis por 53,9% dos casos. Os traumatismos ocasionaram 16,3% das obstru es. A taxa de complica es encontrada foi 74,3%. A conjuntivodacriocistorrinostomia apresentou sucesso em uma única interven o cirúrgica em 9 vias lacrimais (25,7%). Após duas ou mais interven es cirúrgicas, 17 próteses lacrimais tornaram-se pérvias e bem localizadas (48,6%). O insucesso ocorreu em 9 vias lacrimais (25,7%). N o houve rela o estatisticamente significante entre etiologia e ocorrência de complica es nem entre etiologia e sucesso pós-operatório. Conclus es: As complica es encontradas s o similares às descritas na literatura e n o tiveram rela o com a etiologia da obstru o canalicular. O mesmo pode ser considerado no que se refere ao sucesso da conjuntivodacriocistorrinostomia. As vantagens da prótese lacrimal de polietileno de baixa densidade s o a grande disponibilidade, a fácil confec o no per-operatório de acordo com o comprimento e o diametro do colarete desejados e pode ser substituída pela prótese lacrimal de vidro de borosilicato assim que o edema regrida.
Avalia o da resolutividade e da satisfa o da clientela de um servi o de referência secundária em oftalmologia da Universidade Federal de S o Paulo - UNIFESP
Gentil Rosana Maura,Leal Sandra Maria Reis,Scarpi Marinho Jorge
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2003,
Abstract: A prevalência de cegueira estaria reduzida nos países em desenvolvimento caso o acesso da popula o ao atendimento oftalmológico n o estivesse prejudicado pela falta de organiza o dos recursos. Na organiza o da oferta de servi os de aten o ocular, após a aten o primária, seguem-se dois níveis graduados pela complexidade dos meios diagnósticos e dos tratamentos especializados - o secundário e o terciário. O Centro de Referência Secundária em Oftalmologia - CERESO, do Departamento de Oftalmologia da UNIFESP, por meio de um modelo de fluxo de atendimento interno, seleciona os casos de menor complexidade para tratamento oftalmológico, passíveis de atendimento no mesmo dia, e encaminha os demais para o nível terciário de aten o ocular. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a resolutividade e a satisfa o da clientela deste servi o de aten o secundária. MéTODOS: Pela aplica o de um questionário voltado para a resolutividade do principal motivo de consulta e, para a satisfa o da clientela, entrevistou-se amostra de 238 usuários de fevereiro a julho de 1998. RESULTADO: A resolutividade do CERESO foi igual a 85,96%; o grau de satisfa o da clientela foi de 100%; 6,8% escolheram o CERESO devido à proximidade da residência; 21,3% pela possibilidade de atendimento no mesmo dia; 13,9% por já ser paciente da UNIFESP e 58,1% por gostar da UNIFESP ou ter sido indicado por outro paciente. CONCLUS O: A clientela demonstrou alto grau de satisfa o pelo atendimento recebido. Os principais motivos de procura dos usuários ao servi o foram resolvidos. Deste modo, a organiza o deste servi o amenizaria um importante problema de saúde pública.
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