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Antonio Gamoneda: The Construction of Forgetfulness
Fernández Gonzalo, Jorge
452o F : Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada , 2011,
Abstract: Our study attempts to analyse the concepts of memory and oblivion in the poetry of Antonio Gamoneda through works such as Descripción de la mentira, Lápidas, Libro del frío and Arden las pérdidas, in relation to the historical period in which the author lived.
La Destrucción como Teatro. El legado de Antonin Artaud
Jorge Fernández Gonzalo
Revista Observaciones Filosóficas , 2012,
Abstract: This present study analyzes the thought of Antonin Artaud through their artistic project and the revolution of their literary approaches. From a philosophical perspective, our work unfolds along five thematic axis that aim to limit the artaudian mapping: the work as a failure, the quasi-nietzschean concept of Cruelty, the relationship between theater and psychoanalysis, the importance of body in his artistic career, and the impossibility of thinking that is expressed in the artaudian writings and testimonies.
El simulacro y la ley: El anime Death Note a través de la mirada de Pierre Klossowski
Jorge Fernández Gonzalo
Sesión no Numerada : Revista de Letras y Ficción Audiovisual , 2011,
Abstract: Este artículo pretende analizar algunos aspectos del conocido anime japonés Death Note, de Tsugumi ōba y Takeshi Obata, a través de los giros narrativos, los conflictos morales que plantea y el valor de su universo simbólico con el fin de determinar las claves de su éxito mundial. Para dicho acercamiento nos servimos del pensamiento del filósofo francés Pierre Klossowski.This article aims to analyze some aspects of the Japanese anime Death Note, by Tsugumi ōba and Takeshi Obata, through its narrative turns, moral conflicts and the value of their symbolic universe. It also intends to identify the key of its worldwide success. In order to attain these goals, we approach the thought of French philosopher Pierre Klossowski.
Resección de metástasis pulmonares Resection of lung metastases
Revista Chilena de Cirugía , 2010,
Abstract: El tratamiento quirúrgico de las metástasis pulmonares (MP) constituye una terapia usada para varios tipos de cánceres metastásicos. Sin embargo, el tipo de cirugía y sus resultados es controversial, por lo que hemos decidido estudiarla. Objetivo: Describir clínicamente una serie de pacientes con MP sometidos a tratamiento quirúrgico, sus resultados y seguimiento a largo plazo. Material y Método: Se revisaron retrospectivamente las fichas de pacientes con el diagnóstico de MP, de cualquier origen, operados en nuestro hospital entre los a os 2002 y 2008. Se analizaron las características clínicas, tratamiento, morbimortalidad y resultados. Resultados: Durante este período se operaron 24 pacientes por MP. El promedio de edad fue 52,8 ± 16,6 a os. La mayoría de los pacientes tenía un cáncer renal como tumor primario. La forma habitual de presentación fueron múltiples nodulos bilaterales. El abordaje quirúrgico más frecuente fue por videotoracoscopía (40,9%) asociado a una resección en cu a de las lesiones (81,8%). En el 83,4% no hubo complicaciones post operatorias. El 76,4% de los pacientes recidivó, en promedio a los 16,7 ±12 meses y el 68,7% fue reintervenido para una nueva resección. La probabilidad de sobrevivir más de 3 y 5 a os post me-tastasectomía fue de 57% y 36% respectivamente. Conclusiones: En esta serie las MP fueron principalmente secundarias a cáncer renal. La videotoracoscopía es una cirugía emergente y segura en el tratamiento de las MP, siendo la principal forma de abordaje quirúrgico en nuestros pacientes. A pesar del elevado porcentaje de reintervenciones, la sobrevida es comparable al resto de las series publicadas. Surgical treatment of lung metastases (LM) is a therapy used for several types of metastatic cancers. However, the type of surgery and its outcome is controversial. Aim: To describe a series of patients with LM undergoing surgical treatment, their results and long-term follow up. Material and Methods: We retrospectively reviewed all the medical records of patients with the diagnosis of LM, of whatever origin, operated at our hospital between the years 2002 and 2008. We analyzed their clinical characteristics, treatment, morbidity, mortality and results. Results: During this period 24 patients with LM were operated. The mean age was 52.8 ± 16.6 years. Most patients had kidney cáncer as primary tumour. The usual clinical presentation was multiple bilateral nodules. The surgical approach was in general a video-thoracoscopy (40.9%) associated with a wedge resection of the lesions (81.8%). In 83.4% of cases, there were no post-
Empiema Pleural: Etiología, tratamiento y complicaciones
Revista chilena de cirugía , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-40262009000300003
Abstract: background: empyema can cause significant medical problems, despite the advances in antimicrobial and surgical treatments. aim: to compare the results of different therapeutic approaches to empyema. material and methods: retrospective review of medical records of 77 patients with empyema (aged 53 ± 20 years, 48 males) treated in a clinical hospital between 1994 and 2007. results: in 74% of patients the cause of empyema was pneumonía. thirty two were initially managed with percutaneous pleurostomy. seven of these required and additional intervention due to residual empyema. eleven patients were managed with open thoracotomy and 34 with video assisted thoracoscopy. complications for percutaneous pleurostomy, open thoracotomy and video assisted thoracoscopy were 34, 36 and 12% respectively. the figures for mortality were 25, 0 and 0% respectively. patients subjected to video assisted thoracoscopy required less days with a pleural tube than those subjected to percutaneous pleurostomy or open thoracotomy (5,5-14,3 and 12,4 days respectively). conclusions: video assisted thoracoscopy had the best therapeutic results for empyema in this series of patients.
Arteritis de Takayasu en mujer de edad reproductiva: reporte de un caso
Santana Hernández,Gretty; Sánchez Ruiz,Jorge E; González Rodríguez,Gonzalo; García Pinal,Mirtha E; Fernández Arenas,Carmen; Aragón Sierra,Noel;
Revista M??dica Electr?3nica , 2011,
Abstract: the takayasus's arteritis is a nonspecific, chronic, vascular, inflammatory disease, of unknown etiology, usually occluding one or more of the large branches of the aortic arch, with a high incidence in women during the childbearing age. the favorable maternal-fetal results will depend in a large extend on the multidisciplinary surveillance. objective: presenting the case of a pregnant woman aged 19 diagnosed with takayasus's arteritis when she was 19 weeks pregnant. this patient went through the pregnancy and labor with no more complication than arterial hypertension at the 27 weeks of pregnancy. being treated in the obstetric service of the teaching gynecoobstetric hospital dr. julio r. alfonso medina, she showed a favorable evolution. methodos: we reviewed the literature on the theme and its relation with pregnancy making a brief exposition of the clinical features, diagnosis, handling and prognosis of the disease.
Estado actual de las Residencias en Cardiología: Encuesta Nacional de Residentes 2009-2010
Pieroni,Pablo; Allín,Jorge; Lowenstein,Diego; Pérez,Gonzalo; Guardiani,Fernando; Mettini,Silvana; Trucco,Emilce; Fernández,Agustín; Paz,Sebastián; Eleit,Guillermina;
Revista argentina de cardiolog?-a , 2011,
Abstract: background the residency program currently represents the best environment for an integrated training in the specialty. yet, the program has suffered several modifications due to multiples influences. background the national council of residents in cardiology (conarec, consejo argentino de residentes de cardiología) has been trying to determine the reality of the residency program situation for 20 years. objectives to perform a complete analysis of the situation of cardiologists in training in several centers of the country, specially in the most interesting areas, as demographic variables, medical practice, academic background, cardiometabolic risk factors and psychological status. material and methods an anonymous and voluntary survey was carried on during the xxix cardiology residencies conference conarec 2009, and the information was used in a descriptive, observational and cross-sectional study. the qualitative and quantitative variables analyzed were related to demographic, academic and labor aspects, medical practice and cardiometabolic factors. the maslach burnout inventory (mbi) was used to evaluate the quality of life of residents with the individual analysis of self-fulfillment, depersonalization and emotional exhaustion. results mean age was 28 years, 58% were men; 81% were single and 15% had at least one child. fifty five percent were at residency programs in the city of buenos aires and 77% in private centers, 86% of which had catheterization laboratory and cardiovascular surgery. each center had an average of 8 residents, 83% had chief of residents, 55% had instructor of residents and 44% of centers had one in-hospital call physician. residents were available inhospital call for an average of 7 days per month; 50% of residents were on the 3rd or 4th year of residency and only 4% had reduced schedules after in-hospital call. insofar as the academic background, 77% attended clinical seminars, 82% had theory classes and 56% bibliography forums. sixty per
Stents liberadores de droga en el tratamiento de la reestenosis intrastent difusa: predictores clínicos y angiográficos de eventos
Leguizamón,Jorge; Schipani,Gustavo; Chambre,Dionisio; Azzari,Fabián; Andersen,Gustavo; Fernández,Alejandro; Romero,Gonzalo; Nauwerk,Ricardo; Torresani,Ernesto; Martino,Guillermo;
Revista argentina de cardiolog?-a , 2009,
Abstract: background the use of balloon angioplasty, stent implant or atherectomy for the treatment of in-stent restenosis (isr) has high recurrence rates (~35-80%). for this reason, drug eluting stents (dess) are the treatment of choice of this condition. however, there is little information regarding predictors of long-term events. objective to evaluate the relation between clinical and angiographic variables with the occurrence of long-term events in an unselected population with diffuse isr treated with dess. material and methods between january 2004 and july 2008, 137 dess were implanted in 125 coronary artery lesions from 110 patients with isr. we only used the currently devices available (cypher? 40.0%, taxus? 51.8% and endeavor? 9.1%). the incidence of mortality, acute myocardial infarction or reintervention was evaluated during follow-up. a logistic regression model was used to analyze the influence of clinical and angiographic variables and of the procedure on the presence of events. results all lesions were successfully treated. the incidence of events after one month was 3.6% (95% ci: 1.2-8.5%). one patient died and four patients underwent reintervention, two of them due to in-stent thrombosis. mean follow-up was 18 months. there were no cases of defined in-stent thrombosis. three patients died (two after coronary artery bypass graft surgery and one due to sudden death). ten patients required reintervention of the culprit vessel (9.1%); five of them underwent percutaneous revascularization. the global incidence of adverse clinical events was 13.6% (95% ci: 8.1-21.0%). multivariate analysis identified insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (or 6.44, p=0.02), multivessel disease (or 5.78, p=0.02) and isr mehran type (or 2.74, p=0.04) as independent predictors of events. renal chronic failure and treatment of venous graft obstructions showed a non significant trend. the area under the roc curve was 0.80 (95% ci: 0.65-0.94). conclusions drug eluting stents are safe and e
Hemangioma esclerosante pulmonar como nódulo pulmonar solitario: comunicación de un caso
Cardemil H,Gonzalo; Fernández P,Eduardo; Riffo C,Paola; Reyes O,Diego; Ledezma R,Rodrigo; Mira O,Magdalena; Morales H,Claudia; Salguero A,Jorge;
Revista médica de Chile , 2004, DOI: 10.4067/S0034-98872004000700010
Abstract: lung sclerosing hemangioma is an uncommon tumor that presents as a solitary asymptomatic nodule and that affects middle age women. it derives from type ii pneumocytes. we report a 52 years old female with a solitary lung nodule detected in a chest x ray requested for the diagnosis of an acute respiratory disease. the nodule was excised by video thoracoscopy and the frozen section biopsy was informed as a non small cell undifferentiated carcinoma. therefore an inferior right lobectomy with lymph node resection was performed. the definitive biopsy was informed as a lung sclerosing hemangioma (rev méd chile 2004; 132: 853-6)
Resección de metástasis pulmonares
Revista chilena de cirugía , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-40262010000400005
Abstract: surgical treatment of lung metastases (lm) is a therapy used for several types of metastatic cancers. however, the type of surgery and its outcome is controversial. aim: to describe a series of patients with lm undergoing surgical treatment, their results and long-term follow up. material and methods: we retrospectively reviewed all the medical records of patients with the diagnosis of lm, of whatever origin, operated at our hospital between the years 2002 and 2008. we analyzed their clinical characteristics, treatment, morbidity, mortality and results. results: during this period 24 patients with lm were operated. the mean age was 52.8 ± 16.6 years. most patients had kidney cáncer as primary tumour. the usual clinical presentation was multiple bilateral nodules. the surgical approach was in general a video-thoracoscopy (40.9%) associated with a wedge resection of the lesions (81.8%). in 83.4% of cases, there were no post-operative complications. seventy six percent of the patients relapse, in an average of 16.7 ± 12 months and 68.7% were reoperated for a new resection. the probability of surviving more than 3 and 5 years post metastasectomy was 57% and 36% respectively. conclusions: in this series the lm were mostly secondary to renal cáncer. the video-thoracoscopy is an emergent and safe technique in the treatment of lm, being the main type of surgical approach in our patients. despite the high percentage of reoperations, the survival rate is comparable to the rest of the published series.
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