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Leucemia / linfoma T del adulto: Primer caso en Cuba
Mu?ío Perurena,Jorge E.; Díaz Torres,Héctor M.; Carnot Uria,José; de Castro Arenas,Raúl; Navea Leyva,Leonor; Rodríguez Reyes,Inocente;
Revista Cubana de Medicina , 2003,
Abstract: the case of a female patient with diagnosis of non hodgkin lymphoma of aggressive histology in 1990 was presented .according to the clinical findings and to the results of the complementary tests made, it was suspected the possibility of adult t-cell leukemia/lymphoma (atll) related to human t lymphotropic virus type i (htlv-1) infection, which was confirmed by the results of the virological studies. it was observed a torpid evolutive behavior and therapeutic response. the patient died during the first 4 months of the diagnosis, which corroborated what is published in medical literature on this topic.this is the first case diagnosed in cuba of an adult t-cell leukemia/lymphoma associated with htlv-1.
Infección por el HTLV-I en pacientes con síndromes linfoproliferativos en dos sitios centinela de Cuba
Díaz Torres,Héctor M.; álvarez Vega,Nereyda; Mu?ío Perurena,Jorge E.; Lubián Caballero,Ana Luisa; Martín Alfonso,Dayamí; Díaz Herrera,Dervel F.; Blanco de Armas,Madelín;
Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1020-49892010000100003
Abstract: objective: to determine the prevalence of human t-cell lymphotropic virus type i (htlv-i) infection among patients with lymphoproliferative disorders, as well as among their family members and sexual contacts, at two sentinel sites in cuba. methods: an analysis was conducted of all the patients with a presumptive diagnosis of hematological malignancies seen by the hematology departments of the hospital hermanos ameijeiras (hha), city of havana, and the hospital provincial comandante faustino pérez (hpcfp), matanza, cuba, in january 1996-january 1997. htlv-i seropositivity was determined by elisa and western blot, and infection was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction. the positive patients' family members and sexual contacts were also assessed. the z-test was used to compare proportions. results: seroprevalence of htlv-i infection in patients with lymphoproliferative disorders was 0.4% higher at the hpcfp than at the hha (6.1% versus 0.2%, p < 0.001). there were no significant differences in prevalence by age, sex, or skin color. of the 53 family members and sexual contacts studied, 8 (15.1%) were positive for htlv-i infection. conclusion: the prevalence of htlv-i in the study group was higher than previously found in cuba. the value of seroepidemiological surveillance through sentinel sites was confirmed.
El Sistema Nervioso Simpático Cerebral y la natriuresis inducida por la administración central de endotelinas
A Israel,E Díaz,E Camacho,OM Torres
Archivos Venezolanos de Farmacología y Terapéutica , 2004,
Abstract: Se evaluó el papel de los receptores alfa1- alfa2- y beta-adrenérgicos cerebrales en la acción renal de las endotelinas (ETs). La administración intracerebroventricular (ICV) de ETs a ratas macho conscientes resultó en un incremento en la excreción urinaria de sodio a la 1, 3 y 6 horas del período de recolección de orina. La administración ICV de prazosin, un antagonista selectivo del receptor alfa1-adrenérgico, inhibió la respuesta natriurética de las ETs-ICV. Por el contrario, el pretratamiento central con yohimbina (un antagonista del receptor alfa2-adrenérgico) o con atenolol (un antagonista del receptor beta1-adrenérgico) no alteró significativamente la respuesta urinaria a la ET-ICV. Nuestros resultados demuestran que las endotelinas cerebrales se encuentran involucradas en los procesos que regulan el balance electrolítico e indican que el sistema nervioso simpático cerebral, a través del receptor alfa1-adrenérgico, participa en la acción natriurética de las ETs. Experiments were conducted to investigate the role of brain the alpha1- alpha2 and beta-adrenergic receptors on the renal effects elicited by central injection of ETs. Cerebroventricular administration of endothelins (ETs) to conscious male hydrated rats resulted in an increase in urinary sodium excretion at 1, 3 and 6 hr period of urine collection. Central administration of prazosin (an alpha1-adrenergic receptor antagonist) inhibited the increase in sodium and urine excretion induced by ICV-ETs. Yohimbine (an alpha2-adrenergic receptor antagonist) or atenolol (an beta-adrenergic receptor antagonist) did not altered the urinary response to ET-IVT. Our results demonstrate a role for brain endothelin in the regulation of electrolyte balance and indicate that the sympathetic nervous system, through the alpha1-adrenergic receptor subtype, is involved in the natriuretic action of ETs.
Evaluation of standard reagents for radial-immunodiffusion assays. In vitro control of rabies vaccines
MICELI, Graciela S.;TORROBA, Jorge;TORRES, Walter;ESTEVES MADERO, Jorge;DíAZ, Ana Maria;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46652000000300008
Abstract: the rid assay is one of the in vitro methods used for in-process control in the production of rabies vaccines for veterinary use. it has been shown to be very useful for determining antigen concentration in the final bulk product. the work presented in this paper, including the production and standardization of candidate standard reagents for use in the radial immunodiffusion assay (rid) was carried out at the pan american institute for food protection and zoonoses (inppaz/paho/who). the study was completed with the cooperation of the faculty of veterinary sciences, national university of la plata (nulp), argentina, where the validation of the proposed standards and the quality control of samples from 28 different batches of rabies vaccines produced with pasteur strain rabies virus (pv) in bhk cells were performed. the activity of the vaccines was determined by in vivo (nih) and in vitro (rid)assays. the results of the candidate reagents for the reagent standardization tests showed stability, sensitivity and reproducibility. the relative potency the 1.2 between the problem vaccines and the reference vaccine was estimated by variance and regression analysis. the results of our validation study show that the inppaz (paho/who) is capable of producing and distributing the above-mentioned standard reagents, as well as of providing support for the incorporation of the rid technique (sensitive, rapid and inexpensive) to the laboratories that manufacture rabies vaccines in latin america and the caribbean.
Efecto de campos magnéticos en la germinación de semillas de arroz (Oryza sativa L.) y tomate (Solanum lycopersicum L.)
Torres,Celina; Díaz,Jaime E.; Cabal,Paola Andrea;
Agronomía Colombiana , 2008,
Abstract: seeds that are unable to germinate easily are known as dormant ones and, in some cases, special treatments are required to make them germinate. there are some species, for that the way to achieve germination of seeds is not known and the mechanisms that make seeds become dormant are often ignored. in order to develop the new technologies that may contribute to improvement of germination in dormant seeds, this research examined the effect of magnetic fields with strengths of 5 mt and 10 mt over the germinating process of rice (oryza sativa l.) and tomato (solanum lycopersicum l.) seeds. the increase of biomass in seedlings belonging to these species was also studied. the o. sativa and s. lycopersicum seeds were exposed to magnetic fields at periods of time 1, 10, 20, and 60 min and 24 and 48 h. petri dishes and styrofoam flowerpots were used for the experiments. fourteen treatments were made with four replicates per species. the results showed positive effects over the seed germination in o. sativa seeds with exposure times of 1 min and 48 h. in s. lycopersicum seeds, a 10 min-exposure showed positive effects as compared with control seeds. the seedlings from these species presented the faster increase on biomass (length and weight) along the second week with treatments t3, t5, t6, and t10 .
Evaluación de la uniformidad del riego y efecto del fertirriego nitrogenado en un huerto de lechosa (Carica papaya L.)
Basso,Carmen; Villafa?e,Roberto; Torres,Stalin; Díaz,José;
Bioagro , 2008,
Abstract: nitrogenous fertilization and watering performance on yield of a papaya orchard cv. red cartagena was studied. four treatments of nitrogenous fertilization and three of watering were evaluated using drip lines. the soil moisture was registered by tdr and gravimetry. the harvest began at the end of the rainy period and it prolonged for twenty one weeks in the dry period. it was found that the emitter discharge was highly uniform in its different operation modalities. the nitrogenous fertilization did not affect the plant yield but permitted earlier maturity of fruits. similarly, the watering treatments did not affect the yield which was attributed to the effect of the water stored in the soil profile during the rainy period.
Algunos aspectos epidemiológicos de los condilomas acuminados. Estudio de 307 casos
Ferrá Torres,Telma M; Amador Díaz,Martha E;
Revista Archivo M??dico de Camag??ey , 2008,
Abstract: background: the anogenital condylomata are among the most frequent sexually transmitted infections (sti) and they affect the 1.7% of the general population and even the 25% of the positive hiv patients. its control is decisive to improve the reproductive health of the whole population and represents one of the great challenges of the contemporary health. objective: to determine some epidemiological aspects of the anogenital warts, clinical expression of the infection by this virus. method: a multicentric, descriptive and retrospective study was conducted to 307 patients carriers of anogenital warts that were presented to the external consultation at the university educational polyclinics from najasa and jimaguayú municipalities and at "manuel ascunce domenech" university hospital from february the 1st, 2004 to november 31st, 2007. among the epidemiological aspects analyzed, age groups, sex, marital status, sexual habits according to orientation and sexual behavior, the sexual couple test and the association with other diseases were considered. results: the most affected age group was the one of 20 to 24 years, as well as the male sex. single marital status, heterosexual group and sexual behavior without risk, predominated. the two thirds of the patients did not present associated sti. conclusions: the candidosis and the gadnerellosis prevailed in the associated sexually transmitted infections and represented the half of patients
Evaluación de la uniformidad del riego y efecto del fertirriego nitrogenado en un huerto de lechosa (Carica papaya L.) Evaluation of irrigation uniformity and effect of nitrogen fertirrigation in a papaya orchard (Carica papaya L.)
Carmen Basso,Roberto Villafa?e,Stalin Torres,José Díaz
Bioagro , 2008,
Abstract: En un huerto de lechosa cv. Cartagena Roja se estudió el desempe o del fertirriego nitrogenado y riego sobre el rendimiento del cultivo. Se evaluaron cuatro tratamientos de fertilización nitrogenada y tres de riego, utilizando cintas de goteo, y se registró la humedad del suelo usando un TDR y mediante gravimetría. La cosecha se inició al final del período lluvioso y se prolongó durante veinte y un semanas del período seco. Se encontró que la descarga de los emisores resultó altamente uniforme en sus distintas modalidades de operación. Los tratamientos de fertilización nitrogenada no se vieron reflejados en el rendimiento de las plantas pero sí en el adelanto de la cosecha en los tratamientos con mayor dosis de fertilizante. Los tratamientos de riego tampoco afectaron los rendimientos, lo cual se atribuyó al efecto de la humedad almacenada en el perfil durante el período húmedo. Nitrogenous fertilization and watering performance on yield of a papaya orchard cv. Red Cartagena was studied. Four treatments of nitrogenous fertilization and three of watering were evaluated using drip lines. The soil moisture was registered by TDR and gravimetry. The harvest began at the end of the rainy period and it prolonged for twenty one weeks in the dry period. It was found that the emitter discharge was highly uniform in its different operation modalities. The nitrogenous fertilization did not affect the plant yield but permitted earlier maturity of fruits. Similarly, the watering treatments did not affect the yield which was attributed to the effect of the water stored in the soil profile during the rainy period.
Integrated Off-Line Ballast for High Brightness LEDs with Dimming Capability  [PDF]
Jorge Garcia, Antonio J. Calleja, Emilio L. Corominas, David Gacio, Lidia Campa, Ramón E. Díaz
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2011.24047
Abstract: This paper presents an off-line integrated full ballast to supply a 35W assembly of Power LEDs. The proposed solution integrates an input PFC stage (a flyback converter operating in DCM) and a DC-DC output converter (a buck converter) into a single switch power stage, operating with peak current control. As it will be shown, this control scheme maintains the current through the load constant, regardless of the instantaneous value of the DC link voltage. This issue allows the use of a small capacitor for the DC link, which enhances the overall system reliability. The complete ballast has full dimming capability, and all the analysis and design steps are presented, thus ensuring the fulfilling of the existing regulations. The novelty of the final solution comes from the simplicity and robustness of the control scheme in an integrated compact single-switch power stage. A final prototype of the ballast has been built and tested, and experimental results are shown in the last part of the paper. Finally, conclusions and future developments are shown.
Lámpsakos , 2012,
Abstract: En este artículo se presenta una estrategia para el reconocimiento de imágenes estáticas, específicamente de reconocimiento facial a través de una técnica novedosa y reciente de clasificación que se llama método Lamda (Learning Algorithm for Multivariable Data Analysis). La estrategia consta de tres etapas que conforman el modelo de reconocimiento y clasificación presentado en este trabajo, la primera, denominada pre-procesamiento, es la encargada de adecuar las imágenes con procesos de filtrado y comprensión. La segunda etapa es la correspondiente a la extracción de características para obtener los atributos de las imágenes y diferenciarlas de manera correcta. Finalmente, la etapa de clasificación, que es la que relaciona las clases con las imágenes analizadas con la técnica Lamda
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