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Notes on the Tension Between Privacy and Surveillance in Nursing
Johnson, M
Online Journal of Issues in Nursing , 2005,
Abstract: Given their 24 hour responsibility for care in many settings, nurses are the main arbiters of the privacy afforded or denied to patients. In this article the author delineates four aspects of privacy, namely: bodily privacy, space privacy, information privacy, and privacy of individual behaviour. He draws on a range of recent evidence that points to people's experiences of health care being unsatisfactory in terms of privacy, and offers explanations as to why much patient privacy is impossible. He argues that the patients’ need for privacy is to a large extent in competition with the professional need for surveillance, noting that while nurses and others do maintain some patient expectations of privacy, these expectations are artificially low on the part of nurses, who are predisposed to invade privacy as an unconscious aspect of their maintenance of professional power. The author provides a discussion of the theoretical basis of this viewpoint, drawing on importa nt insights from Foucault and Goffman, and concludes that an awareness of these issues can help to re-balance the tension between the need for privacy and the need for surveillance.
Differential expression of Isoesterases in leaves and roots of Vigna unguiculata L. in response to saline stress
Johnson M.
Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry , 2012,
Abstract: The present study was intended to reveal the differential isoesterase expression in leaves and roots of Vigna unguiculata L. in response to saline stress. Influence of NaCl (0, 3, 5, 7 and10 %) on seedlings of Vigna unguiculata L. was analyzed. The seedlings were grown in the centre for a period of 30 days. The randomly collected whole plants were used as a source for isoesterase isolation. The seedlings showed the maximum tolerance up to 10% of NaCl. The Poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis was performed by Anbalagan method. The staining and fixation of the enzyme was performed by the Sadasivam and Manickam method. Seedlings treated with various concentrations of NaCl showed different banding profile based on the concentration (0-10%) and duration (5-30 days) of salt treatment as follows: 32 bands with five active regions, 56 bands with eight active regions, 102 bands with eight active regions, 47 bands with seven active regions, 64 bands with nine active regions and 84 bands with nine active regions on 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th day respectively. The changing pattern of isozymes during development may be interpreted as evidence for differential timing of gene expression correlated with the physiological stress. The results of the present study concluded that the isoesterase patterns could serve as a useful biochemical marker of salinity.
The Effects of Vestibular Rehabilitation after Bilateral Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence: A Case Report  [PDF]
Connor L. Naccarato, Kristen M. Johnson
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2017.86042
Abstract: Background and Purpose: Despite the strong body of evidence for vestibular rehabilitation, research is lacking for effective clinical management of patients with superior semicircular canal dehiscence (SSCD) and endolymphatic hydrops (EH). The purpose of this case report is to describe the effects of physical therapy in the treatment of a patient diagnosed with bilateral SSCD. Case Description: The patient was a 56-year-old woman with a long-standing otologic history involving bilateral SSCD and EH. The patient’s body structure and function impairments include constant headaches, dizziness with head rotation and eye movements, sensitivity to sounds and lights, and instability during gait. Her activity limitations include lower extremity dressing, driving, and playing her flute. Her participation restrictions include taking part in social gatherings, going to church, driving longer than 30 minutes, playing with her dogs, and teaching flute lessons. Interventions: Specific interventions included vestibular habituation and adaptation exercises, balance and gait training, and patient education. Physical therapy services were provided for approximately 11 weeks with a frequency of two times per week. Outcomes: After eleven weeks of physical therapy, the patient made improvements on the Lower Extremity Functional Scale (43/80 to 52/80), the Dynamic Gait Index (19/24 to 24/24), the Dizziness Handicap Inventory (86/100 to 68/100), and the Sharpened Romberg (2 seconds to >30 seconds). The patient improved in all her activity limitations and participation restrictions. She was able to play her flute for 20-minute intervals, play with her dogs, partake in social gatherings, and drive for 5 hours without symptoms. The patient had plans to pursue surgical intervention within the next year. Discussion: For a patient with a complex otologic history and a current diagnosis of bilateral SSCD, vestibular rehabilitation was an effective management option. The information from this case can be used to guide the effective treatment of similar patients diagnosed with vestibular dysfunction.
Structural Properties of the RNA Synthesized by Glutamate Dehydrogenase for the Degradation of Total RNA  [PDF]
Godson O. Osuji, Paul M. Johnson
Advances in Enzyme Research (AER) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aer.2018.63004
Abstract: Glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH)-synthesized RNA, a nongenetic code-based RNA is suitable for unraveling the structural constraints imposed on the regulation (transcription, translation, siRNA etc.) of metabolism by genetic code. GDH-synthesized RNAs have been induced in whole plants to knock out target mRNA populations thereby producing plant phenotypes that are allergen-free; enriched in fatty acids, essential amino acids, shikimic acid, resveratrol etc. Methods applied hereunder for investigating the structural properties of GDH-synthesized RNA included purification of GDH isoenzymes, synthesis of RNA by the isoenzymes, reverse transcription of the RNA to cDNA, sequencing of the cDNA, computation of the G+C-contents, profiling the stability through PCR amplification compared with genetic code-based DNA; and biochemical characterization of the RNAs synthesized by individual hexameric isoenzymes of GDH. Single product bands resulted from the PCR amplification of the cDNAs of GDH-synthesized RNA, whereas several bands resulted from the amplification of genetic code-based DNA. The cDNAs have wide G+C-contents (35% to 59%), whereas genetic code-based DNA has narrower G+C-contents (50% to 60%). The GDH β6 homo-hexameric isoenzyme synthesized the A+U-rich RNAs, whereas the a6, and α6 homo-hexameric isoenzymes synthesized the G+C-rich RNAs. Therefore, the RNA synthesized by GDH is different from genetic code-based RNAs. In vitro chemical reactions revealed that GDH-synthesized RNA degraded total RNA to lower molecular weight products. Therefore, GDH-synthesized RNA is RNA enzyme. Dismantling of the structural constraints imposed on RNA by genetic code liberated RNA to become an enzyme with specificity to degrade unwanted transcripts. The RNA enzyme activity of GDH-synthesized RNA is ubiquitous in cells; it is readily induced by treatment of plants with mineral nutrients etc. and may simplify experimental approaches in plant enzymology and molecular biology research projects.
The centuries-old dialogue between buddhism and christianity
M Clasquin-Johnson
Acta Theologica , 2009,
Abstract: This article examines the pre-history of today’s dialogue between Buddhists and Christians. Contrary to what one might think, pre-modern Europeans did have some understanding of Buddhism, however limited and distorted it might have been. Asians during the same period had a far better chance of understanding Christianity, because of the widespread presence of the Nestorian Church from Arabia to China. We do have evidence that interaction between Buddhists and Christians lead to some creative synthesis between the two.
Book Review: Connecting With Reluctant Teen Readers.Tips, Titles and Tools
Janet M Johnson
Partnership : the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research , 2007,
Book Review: Connecting With Reluctant Teen Readers.Tips, Titles and Tools
Janet M Johnson
Partnership : the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research , 2007,
Abstract: Book Review of Jones, Patrick, Maureen L. Hartman and Patricia Taylor. Connecting With Reluctant Teen Readers. Tips, Titles and Tools. New York: Neal Schuman, 2006. 314p. $59.95 USD. ISBN 1-55570-571-5. ∞
Monitoring the effects of air pollution on forest condition in Europe: is crown defoliation an adequate indicator?
Johnson J,Jacob M
iForest : Biogeosciences and Forestry , 2010, DOI: 10.3832/ifor0538-003
Abstract: Forest condition in Europe is monitored under the International Co-operative Program on Assessment and Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Forests (ICP Forests). The focus of the program is to provide an overview of the status of forest ecosystems in Europe with respect to air pollution and contribute to the understanding of the relationship between pollution and forest health. Crown condition parameters, i.e., defoliation and discoloration, are used as the principal indicators of forest condition within the ICP Forest network. Crown condition assessments have been successful in disproving the “forest die-back” hypothesis. However, there are a number of limitations associated with this approach given the current monitoring objectives. Data from crown condition assessments indicate that stand age and country differences explain most of the variation in crown defoliation. It is difficult to clearly discern the effects of air pollution from other site and stress factors. The results do however indicate the role of meteorology and other factors. A better understanding of the relationships between forest condition and air pollution may be achieved if more specific, quantitative response variables are selected. However, we suggest that the original focus of the program on air pollution effects may need to be re-evaluated.
Desafios para o desenvolvimento profissional na sociedade da informa o: algumas respostas das escolas de biblioteconomia e estudos de informa o na Gr Bretanha Challenges for the Professional Improvement in the "Information Society" - Some responses from the Librarianship and Informations Studies Schools in Great Britain
Ian M. Johnson
Informa??o & Informa??o , 1998, DOI: 10.5433/1981-8920.1998v3n2p
Abstract: Este artigo identifica os seis maiores desafios emergentes para as profiss es de informa o devido ao surgimento da chamada Sociedade da Informa o: orientar os usuários a tratar com o excesso de informa o; o alto nível das habilidades técnicas exigidas para o gerenciamento das novas tecnologias de Informa o e Comunica o; a competi o com outros profissionais, pelas posi es de gerenciamento, nas quais convergem a biblioteca e os centros de computa o/informa o; a necessidade de incorporar um espectro mais amplo de conhecimento e habilidades, provindas de outros setores separados da indústria da informa o, tais como a editora o; a necessidade de desenvolver um nível mais elevado de habilidades de treinamento e estratégias facilitadoras para o uso da informa o; e a necessidade de desenvolver uma profunda habilidade de trabalhar com outras pessoas. Tais desafios apontam para algumas solu es que têm sido adotadas pelas Escolas de Biblioteconomia na Gr Bretanha, muitas delas envolvendo a colabora o com outras áreas e disciplinas, de forma a produzir o conhecimento requerido por novos ambientes de trabalho. Tais desafios exigem mudan as nas estruturas de ensino, pesquisa e extens o de tais Escolas, o que inclui tanto a forma o universitária em geral, como a educa o continuada em particular. Finalmente, o artigo aponta para os perigos da inércia em rela o a tais desafios.
A numerical scheme to calculate temperature and salinity dependent air-water transfer velocities for any gas
M. T. Johnson
Ocean Science Discussions (OSD) , 2010,
Abstract: The transfer velocity determines the rate of exchange of a gas across the air-water interface for a given deviation from Henry's law equilibrium between the two phases. In the thin film model of gas exchange, which is commonly used for calculating gas exchange rates from measured concentrations of trace gases in the atmosphere and ocean/freshwaters, the overall transfer is controlled by diffusion-mediated films on either side of the air-water interface. Calculating the total transfer velocity (i.e. including the influence from both molecular layers) requires the Henry's law constant and the Schmidt number of the gas in question, the latter being the ratio of the viscosity of the medium and the molecular diffusivity of the gas in the medium. All of these properties are both temperature and (on the water side) salinity dependent and extensive calculation is required to estimate these properties where not otherwise available. The aim of this work is to standardize the application of the thin film approach to flux calculation from measured and modelled data, to improve comparability, and to provide a numerical framework into which future parameter improvements can be integrated. A detailed numerical scheme is presented for the calculation of the gas and liquid phase transfer velocities (ka and kw respectively) and the total transfer velocity, K. The scheme requires only basic physical chemistry data for any gas of interest and calculates K over the full range of temperatures, salinities and wind-speeds observed in and over the ocean. Improved relationships for the wind-speed dependence of ka and for the salinity-dependence of the gas solubility (Henry's law) are derived. Comparison with alternative schemes and methods for calculating air-sea flux parameters shows good agreement in general but significant improvements under certain conditions. The scheme is provided as a downloadable program in the supplementary material, along with input files containing molecular weight, solubility and structural data for 80 gases of general interest, enabling calculation of the total transfer velocity over ranges of temperature and salinity for each gas.
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