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Matching form with content - an appliance for globalised second language learning
Russell Johnson,Elizabeth Kemp
E-learning and Education , 2012,
Abstract: Successful computer-supported distance education requires that its enabling technologies are accessible and usable anywhere. They should work seamlessly inside and outside the information superhighway, wherever the target learners are located, without obtruding on the learning activity. It has long been recognised that the usability of interactive computer systems is inversely related to the visibility of the implementing technologies. Reducing the visibility of technology is especially challenging in the area of online language learning systems, which require high levels of interactivity and communication along multiple dimensions such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. In this article, the authors review the concept of invisibility as it applies to the design of interactive technologies and appliances. They describe a specialised appliance matched to the requirements for distance second language learning, and report on a successful multi-phase evaluation process, including initial field testing at a Thai open university.
The road home: Returning to pre-Katrina homes during episodes of psychosis  [PDF]
Gayle Pletsch, Christopher Rodgman, Elizabeth Leimbach, Kelly Erwin, Janet Johnson
Open Journal of Psychiatry (OJPsych) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpsych.2013.31001

Hurricane Katrina was a devastating event to New Orleans. There was a mandatory evacuation of the city during which victims in affected areas were not allowed to return for months. Many residents were unable to return to their previous residence due to the destruction of their home or change in ownership. In its aftermath, a phenomenon of displaced residents becoming psychotic and returning to their pre-Katrina homes that they no longer owned became apartment. While the clinical ramifications of these behaviors remain unclear, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy monitoring of psychotic patients for similar behaviors may be warranted. We present two such cases of this phenomenon, colloquially called “Post-Katrina Syndrome” by psychiatrists in the New Orleans area.

The Role of Phytonutrients in Skin Health
Julie A. Evans,Elizabeth J. Johnson
Nutrients , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/nu2080903
Abstract: Photodamage is known to occur in skin with exposure to sunlight, specifically ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Such damage includes inflammation, oxidative stress, breakdown of the extracellular matrix, and development of cancer in the skin. Sun exposure is considered to be one of the most important risk factors for both nonmelanoma and melanoma skin cancers. Many phytonutrients have shown promise as photoprotectants in clinical, animal and cell culture studies. In part, the actions of these phytonutrients are thought to be through their actions as antioxidants. In regard to skin health, phytonutrients of interest include vitamin E, certain flavonoids, and the carotenoids, b-carotene, lycopene and lutein.
Encouraging generic skills in science courses
Johnson,Elizabeth; Herd,Susanna; Tisdall,Judith;
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology , 2002,
Abstract: generic skills are skills that are common to all graduates rather than specific for a particular field of study. they include communication and problem-solving skills and the ability to work successfully in teams. to produce graduates with these skills, university courses must include exercises that encourage development of these skills and assessment procedures which reward achievement in these areas. this paper describes three simple exercises designed to develop generic skills that can easily be incorporated into existing courses.
Alterations in Helicobacter pylori Triggered by Contact with Gastric Epithelial Cells
Elizabeth M. Johnson,Timothy L. Cover
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology , 2012, DOI: 10.3389/fcimb.2012.00017
Abstract: Helicobacter pylori lives within the mucus layer of the human stomach, in close proximity to gastric epithelial cells. While a great deal is known about the effects of H. pylori on human cells and the specific bacterial products that mediate these effects, relatively little work has been done to investigate alterations in H. pylori that may be triggered by bacterial contact with human cells. In this review, we discuss the spectrum of changes in bacterial physiology and morphology that occur when H. pylori is in contact with gastric epithelial cells. Several studies have reported that cell contact causes alterations in H. pylori gene transcription. In addition, H. pylori contact with gastric epithelial cells promotes the formation of pilus-like structures at the bacteria–host cell interface. The formation of these structures requires multiple genes in the cag pathogenicity island, and these structures are proposed to have an important role in the type IV secretion system-dependent process through which CagA enters host cells. Finally, H. pylori contact with epithelial cells can promote bacterial replication and the formation of microcolonies, phenomena that are facilitated by the acquisition of iron and other nutrients from infected cells. In summary, the gastric epithelial cell surface represents an important niche for H. pylori, and upon entry into this niche, the bacteria alter their behavior in a manner that optimizes bacterial proliferation and persistent colonization of the host.
Adolescent Opiate Exposure in the Female Rat Induces Subtle Alterations in Maternal Care and Transgenerational Effects on Play Behavior
Nicole L. Johnson,Elizabeth M. Byrnes
Frontiers in Psychiatry , 2011, DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2011.00029
Abstract: The non-medical use of prescription opiates, such as Vicodin? and MSContin?, has increased dramatically over the past decade. Of particular concern is the rising popularity of these drugs in adolescent female populations. Use during this critical developmental period could have significant long-term consequences for both the female user as well as potential effects on her future offspring. To address this issue, we have begun modeling adolescent opiate exposure in female rats and have observed significant transgenerational effects despite the fact that all drugs are withdrawn several weeks prior to pregnancy. The purpose of the current set of studies was to determine whether adolescent morphine exposure modifies postpartum care. In addition, we also examined juvenile play behavior in both male and female offspring. The choice of the social play paradigm was based on previous findings demonstrating effects of both postpartum care and opioid activity on play behavior. The findings revealed subtle modifications in the maternal behavior of adolescent morphine-exposed females, primarily related to the amount of time females’ spend nursing and in non-nursing contact with their young. In addition, male offspring of adolescent morphine-exposed mothers (MOR-F1) demonstrate decreased rough and tumble play behaviors, with no significant differences in general social behaviors (i.e., social grooming and social exploration). Moreover, there was a tendency toward increased rough and tumble play in MOR-F1 females, demonstrating the sex-specific nature of these effects. Given the importance of the postpartum environment on neurodevelopment, it is possible that modifications in maternal–offspring interactions, related to a history of adolescent opiate exposure, plays a role in the observed transgenerational effects. Overall, these studies indicate that the long-term consequences of adolescent opiate exposure can impact both the female and her future offspring.
El precerámico medio de Huarmey: historia de un sitio (PV35-106)
Bonavia, Duccio,Johnson-Kelly, Laura,Reitz, Elizabeth,Wing, Elizabeth
Bulletin de l'Institut Francais d'études Andines , 2001,
Abstract: LE PRECERAMIQUE MOYEN DE HUARMEY : HISTOIRE D UN SITE (PV 35-106). PV35-106 est le seul site correspondant au Précéramique moyen qui a pu être localisé dans la région de Huarmey. Le site se caractérise pour avoir une industrie lithique très particulière, composée fondamentalement par des pièces esquillées et des galets avec taille bipolaire. La datation radiocarbone date le site entre environ cal. 5750 et cal. 4950 av. J.C. D après les restes récupérés dans les fouilles, il s agirait d un groupe humain sédentaire ayant une économie basée sur les ressources marines. Mais il y a aussi des indices qui montrent qu un processus d horticulture était en train de se développer. Les caractéristiques culturelles du site ressemblent à celle de la culture Mongoncillo de la vallée voisine de Casma. En accord avec les évidences, on peut conclure que le site PV35-106 représente la transition entre la culture Paijanienne (Complexe Chivateros) et le Précéramique final. PV35-106 es el único sitio correspondiente al Precerámico medio que se ha podido ubicar en el área de Huarmey. Presenta la característica de tener una industria lítica muy particular, compuesta fundamentalmente por piezas astilladas y guijarros con golpe bipolar. El fechado radiocarbónico calibrado nos da para este yacimiento un lapso de tiempo que oscila entre cal. 5750 y cal. 4950 a os a.C. A juzgar por los restos recuperados en las excavaciones, se trata de un grupo humano sedentario cuya economía básica fueron los recursos marinos. Pero hay indicios que ya se estaba iniciando un proceso hortícola. Las características culturales del sitio tienen parecido con las de la cultura Mongoncillo del vecino valle de Casma. Por todas las evidencias, parece que PV35-106 representa la transición entre la cultura Paijanense (Complejo Chivateros) y el Precerámico final. THE MIDDLE PRECERAMIC OF HUARMEY: HISTORY OF A SITE (PV 35-106). PV35-106 is the only site found in the area of Huarmey that belongs to the Middle Preceramic. The principal characteristic of this site is that it displays a very particular lithic industry, which consists mainly of splintered pieces of stone and pebbles with bipolar percussion. The radiocarbon date situates the site between cal. 5750 and cal. 4950 BC. According to the remains found in the excavations, the site would have been inhabited by a sedentary human group with a marine-based economy. But there are also indications that a horticultural process was developing. The cultural characteristics of the site are similar to the Mongoncillo culture of the neighboring valley of Casma. All th
Un sitio precerámico de Huarmey (PV35-6) antes de la introducción del maíz
Bonavia, Duccio,Johnson W., Laura,Reitz, Elizabeth,Wing, Elizabeth
Bulletin de l'Institut Francais d'études Andines , 1993,
Abstract: UN SITE PRECERAMIQUE DE HUARMEY (PV 35-6) AVANT L INTRODUCTION DU MA S. Ce travail essaye de reconstruire l histoire d un petit site précéramique de la c te nord-centrale péruvienne qui est occupé depuis le troisième millénaire avant notre ère. Le site et les matériaux trouvés y sont décrits. Les restes botaniques indiquent que cette occupation correspond à une phase de transition entre le Précéramique ancien, au début de l utilisation des premières plates domestiquées, et le Précéramique tardif quand celles-ci sont déjà la base fondamentale de l économie des sociétés de la c te péruvienne. Ce site est important car il s agit d une occupation immédiatement antérieure à l introduction du ma s dans la zone. Parmi les restes botaniques, il y a des fragments de feuilles qui semblent être de coca. Il pourrait s agir des restes les plus anciens de cette plante connus jusqu à présent. On trouve également des gousses de haricots qui sont les plus vieux de cette plante trouvés sur la c te. Les vestiges d animaux reflètent l importance de la mer et de ses produits sur ces sociétés anciennes. La découverte de quelques coprolithes a permis de reconstruire le spectre du pollen et facilité la compréhension du milieu dans lequel se sont développées ces sociétés ainsi que la reconstruction de leur diète. Il est intéressant de voir la possibilité de l existence de l allotriophagie. La conclusion est qu il s agit d un groupe humain qui, même s il se consacrait à la pêche et a la collecte de produits marins, utilisait déjà les produits agricoles tout en pratiquant la collecte d aliments végétaux et chassait de petits animaux terrestres. Se intenta reconstruir la historia de un peque o yacimiento precerámico de la costa norcentral peruana, que estuvo habitado desde el tercer milenio antes de nuestra Era. Se describe el sitio y los materiales encontrados. Los restos botánicos indican que esta ocupación corresponde a una fase de transición entre el Precerámico Temprano, cuando se comienzan a utilizar las primeras plantas domésticas, y el Precerámico Tardío cuando ya las plantas domésticas representan la base fundamental de la economía de las sociedades de la costa peruana. La importancia de este yacimiento es que representa una ocupación inmediatamente anterior a la introducción del maíz en la zona. Entre los restos botánicos hay fragmentos de hojas que parecen ser de coca podría tratarse de los restos más antiguos de esta planta que se conocen hasta la fecha. También hay vainas de fréjoles, que representan el hallazgo más temprano de esta planta en la costa. Los restos anim
Behavioural interventions for weight management in pregnancy: A systematic review of quantitative and qualitative data
Fiona Campbell, Maxine Johnson, Josie Messina, Louise Guillaume, Elizabeth Goyder
BMC Public Health , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-11-491
Abstract: We undertook a systematic review of quantitative and qualitative evidence. This included a meta-analysis of controlled trials of diet and physical activity interventions to prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy and a thematic synthesis of qualitative studies that investigated the views of women on weight management during pregnancy. A thorough search of eleven electronic bibliographic databases, reference lists of included studies, relevant review articles and experts in the field were contacted to identify potentially relevant studies.Two independent reviewers extracted data. RevMan software was used to perform the meta-analyses. Qualitative data was subject to thematic analysis. Both quantitative and qualitative data were aligned using a matrix framework.Five controlled trials and eight qualitative studies were included. The overall pooled effect size found no significant difference in gestational weight gain amongst participants in the intervention group compared with the control group (mean difference -0.28 95% CI -0.64 to 0.09). The study designs, participants and interventions all varied markedly and there was significant heterogeneity within this comparison in the meta-analysis (I2 67%). Subgroup and sensitivity analysis did not identify contextual elements that influenced the effectiveness of the intervention.In a thematic analysis of the qualitative studies, three major themes emerged relating to women's views of weight management in pregnancy: pregnancy as a time of transition and change, conflicting and contradictory messages and a perceived lack of control. When the results of both quantitative and qualitative data were aligned it was clear that some of the barriers that women described in achieving healthy weight gain in pregnancy were not addressed by the interventions evaluated. This may have contributed to the limited effectiveness of the interventions.Despite intense and often tailored interventions there was no statistically significant ef
Factors affecting staff morale on inpatient mental health wards in England: a qualitative investigation
Jonathan Totman, Gillian Hundt, Elizabeth Wearn, Moli Paul, Sonia Johnson
BMC Psychiatry , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-244x-11-68
Abstract: We conducted individual and group interviews with staff of a full range of disciplines and levels of seniority on seven NHS in-patient wards of varying types in England.Inpatient staff feel sustained in their potentially stressful roles by mutual loyalty and trust within cohesive ward teams. Clear roles, supportive ward managers and well designed organisational procedures and structures maintain good morale. Perceived threats to good morale include staffing levels that are insufficient for staff to feel safe and able to spend time with patients, the high risk of violence, and lack of voice in the wider organisation.Increasing employee voice, designing jobs so as to maximise autonomy within clear and well-structured operational protocols, promoting greater staff-patient contact and improving responses to violence may contribute more to inpatient staff morale than formal support mechanisms.Psychiatric inpatient wards are potentially highly stressful places to work. In England, the shift towards community-based care in the post-deinstitutionalisation era has raised the threshold for admission, with more patients detained under section and shorter lengths of stay [1]. Policy makers, managers, clinicians and service users have all expressed concerns regarding the quality of inpatient care [2-4]. National audits report high rates of violence on psychiatric wards [5] and difficulties identified in a national review of acute wards [6] included high staff vacancy and sickness rates, lack of leadership from consultant psychiatrists, poor communication with community teams and limited availability of psychological treatments.Staff morale in the NHS is important in several respects. Firstly, the NHS is one of the world's largest employers, and achieving the status of an exemplary employer has recently been defined as an important goal [7]. Secondly, the cost to the nation of the current high rates of staff sickness in the NHS is around £1.7 billion per year. Thirdly, substantia
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