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Derivation of Hubble’s Law and the End of the Darks Elements  [PDF]
Joao Carlos Holland de Barcellos
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105338
From the “Decreasing Universe” model, establishing the contraction of space tissue when exposed to a gravitational field, we derive the Hubble Law and, from there, we will explain the effects “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter”.
Dor dentária como motivo de absenteísmo em uma popula??o de trabalhadores
Miotto,Maria Helena Monteiro de Barros; Silotti,Jean Carlos Bazoni; Barcellos,Ludmilla Awad;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232012000500029
Abstract: the aim of this study was to analyze the prevalence of dental pain, absenteeism induced by dental pain, and the association with socio-demographic characteristics. the research had a cross-sectional design using a random sample of 170 municipal employees from the city of venda nova do imigrante, espírito santo state, brazil, selected from a universe of 545 individuals. data was collected using a 27-item questionnaire applied by a municipal worker. the comparison of dental pain and prevalence of absenteeism with socio-demographic and functional characteristics was verified using fisher's exact test. the research project was approved by an ethics research committee. the prevalence of dental pain among the employees was 43% and half of these felt dental pains at work. absenteeism related to dental pain was 23.4%. workers with lower instruction level were twice as likely to have dental pain (or = 2,144, ic95% = 1,141; 4,030). male subjects (or = 5,714, ic95% = 1,773; 18,416), less years of education (or = 4,875, ic95% = 1,405; 16,909) and less family income (or = 3,613, ic95% = 0,931; 14,021) were related with higher absenteeism caused by dental pain. high dental pain frequency revealed in this study indicates that health promotion policies are needed to improve the quality of life of workers.
Osteotomias do processo coracoide: um estudo anat mico Osteotomies of the coracoid process: an anatomical study
Bernardo Barcellos Terra,Eduardo Ant?nio de Figueiredo,Carlos Stanislaw Fleury Marczyk,Gustavo Cará Monteiro
Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0102-36162012000300010
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Estudar as principais estruturas tendinosas e ligamentares inseridas no processo coracoide, correlacionando com diversos níveis de osteotomia e relatando as estruturas envolvidas no fragmento distai osteotomizado. MéTODOS: Trinta ombros de 15 cadáveres (10 masculinos e cinco femininos) frescos foram dissecados. O processo coracoide com as principais estruturas anat micas inseridas foram dissecados e cinco níveis de osteotomias (1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 2,5; 3,0cm) foram realizadas a partir do ápice e anotadas as principais estruturas inseridas no fragmento distal osteotomizado. RESULTADOS: Nas osteotomias de 1,0cm, em 100% dos casos houve envolvimento somente do tend o conjunto (TC). Nas osteotomias de 1,5cm, em 63,33% houve envolvimento do TC e peitoral menor (PMe), em 20% apenas do TC e em 16,66% do TC, PMi e ligamento coracoumeral (LCU). Nas osteotomias de 2,0cm, em 80% dos ombros, as osteotomias abrangeram o TC, PMe e o LCU e em 20% houve apenas envolvimento de TC e PMe. Nas osteotomias de 2,5cm, em 100% dos casos houve envolvimento do TC, PMe e LCU. Nas osteotomias de 3,0cm, em seis casos (20%) houve les o do ligamento trapezoide e em 100% destas osteotomias, o fragmento distal osteotomizado abrangia o TC, PMe, LCU e em 90% envolvia também totalmente o ligamento coracoacromial. CONCLUS O: O conhecimento das estruturas anat micas inseridas e envolvidas nos cortes das osteotomias do processo coracoide é de fundamental importancia no manejo das osteotomias realizadas nas técnicas que utilizam o processo coracoide como enxerto ou referência anat mica. Nas osteotomias de 3,0cm há o risco de les o do ligamento trapezoide. OBJECTIVE: Relate the main tendinous and ligamentous structures attached in the coracoid process, correlating it to several levels of osteotomy and describing the involved structures. METHODS: Thirty shoulders were dissected. The coracoid process with mainly inserted anatomic structures was dissected, and five levels of osteotomy (1.0; 1.5; 2.0; 2.5; 3.0 cm) were made from the apex of the process and the mainly involved structures were recorded. RESULTS: In osteotomies of 1.0 cm, in 100% of the cases only the conjoint tendon (CT). In osteotomies of 1.5 cm there were 63.33% of cases involved with the CT and the Pectoralis minor (PMi), in 20% of cases only the CT, and in 16.66% the CT, PMi, and the coracohumeral ligament (CUL). In osteotomies of 2.0 cm, in 80% of the shoulders, the osteotomies embraced the CT, PMi and the CUL, and in 20% only the CT and the PMi were involved. In the osteotomies of 2.5cm there was involvement of the CT, PM
Rogério de Araújo Almeida,Luiz Carlos Barcellos,Paulo Alcanfor Ximenes
Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical , 2007, DOI: 10.5216/pat.v33i1.2391
Abstract: Avaliaram-se os efeitos de danos mecanicos ocasionados por cinco sistemas dosadores de sementes, em quatro culturas. Amostras das sementes foram coletadas antes e após passarem pelos sistemas dosadores e foram submetidas a testes de pureza, germina o e vigor. N o houve diferen a entre os efeitos de danos mecanicos ocasionados pelos sistemas dosadores empregados nas sementes de milho. Para as sementes de feij o, menores efeitos foram verificados quando da utiliza o dos dosadores pneumático a vácuo e copo dosador. O sistema rotor acanalado causou menores danos às sementes de arroz e os sistemas disco horizontal perfurado e copo dosador foram os que menos danificaram as sementes de soja. O sistema dosador pneumático a vácuo ocasionou o maior índice de dano mecanico nas sementes de soja. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Semeadoras; distribuidores de sementes; rotor acanalado. Effects of mechanical damage caused by five seed metering systems were evaluated in four crops. Seed samples were collected before and after passing through the measuring systems and submitted to tests of purity, germination and vigor. There was no difference in the level of mechanical damage caused by the metering systems used for maize seeds. For common bean seeds, minor effects were verified when using the vacuum metering disk and the feed cup. The fluted feed system showed the best performance for rice seeds, and the horizontal perforated disk and feed cup systems exhibited the best results for soybean seeds. The vacuum metering disk system caused the highest level of mechanical damage to soybean seeds. KEY-WORDS: Planter machine; seed distributor; fluted feed.
Reference values for chinchilla (Chinchilla laniger) blood cells and serum biochemical parameters
Silva Tális de Oliveira,Kreutz Luiz Carlos,Barcellos Leonardo José Gil,Borella Jo?o
Ciência Rural , 2005,
Abstract: Raising chinchilla (Chinchilla laniger) for commercial purpose has increased significantly; however, hematological and serum biochemical reference values have not yet been determined for chinchillas raised in south Brazil. Establishing blood cells and serum biochemistry reference values might be helpful to evaluate health status of chinchillas and might be used as a tool by clinicians. The purpose of this study was to determine the reference values for blood cells and serum biochemistry of Chinchilla laniger. Blood samples were collected by cardiac puncture from 16 adult males, at the time they were killed to remove the fur coat, and from 8 adult males anesthetized with ketamine and xylazine. Blood cell counts and serum biochemistry analysis were performed using standard techniques and the results were expressed as mean ? SEM. Analysis of blood parameters from post-mortem cardiac punctured and from anesthetized chinchillas indicated that blood samples from anesthetized chinchillas had higher PCV, Hemoglobin, MCHC and WBC (P < .05); in contrast, had lower levels of monocytes, basophils and eosinophils (P < .05). Serum biochemical parameters were less affected by sampling method: anesthetized chinchillas had lower levels of urea, glucose and triglycerids (P < .05). The data obtained might be useful as a parameter to monitor the health status of chinchillas raised in south Brazil.
A Scenario and Aspects- Oriented Requirements Agile Approach.
Joao Araujo,Joao Carlos Ribeiro
International Journal of Computer Science & Applications , 2008,
Metodologia inédita para medida da tor??o ocular reflexa
Barcellos, Ronaldo Boaventura;Alves, Carlos Alberto Rodrigues;Carvalho, Luiz Eduardo M. Rebou?as de;Andrade, Eric Pinheiro de;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492001000400002
Abstract: purpose: to develop a methodology to evaluate ocular torsion reflex. methods: modifications of a helmholtz keratometer were made in order to perform keratometry in the primary position and during head tilt (30 degrees to the right, 30 degrees to the left). a total of 16 patients (32 eyes) were examined. there was a mean astigmatism of 0.50 to 3.50 (mean 1.18 ± 0.61). results: the mean recorded intortions (right eye 5.31 ± 4.23, left eye 5.22 ± 3.91) were slightly lower than the extortions (right eye 7.84 ± 4.79, left eye 7.78 ± 4.09) with no significant difference between both eyes. conclusions: the modified helmholtz keratometer allows new and simple method to quantify ocular counterrolling.
Análise do duplo retrocesso de retos mediais em pacientes esotrópicos portadores de incomitancia longe/perto
Barcellos, Ronaldo Boaventura;Andrade, Eric Pinheiro de;Carvalho, Luiz Eduardo M. Rebou?as de;Souza-Dias, Carlos Ramos;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492001000300007
Abstract: introduction: accommodative convergence (ac) is the convergence induced by a determined amount of accommodation (a). besides the many techniques described to correct esotropias, great distance/near incomitance is still a challenge in avoiding secondary exotropias and esotropias. objective: to compare the surgical results obtained with double medial rectus recession and its relationship to distance/near incomitance and high hyperopias. methods: 33 patients with esotropia and distance/near incomitance who where submitted to double medial rectus recession at santa casa de s?o paulo, between 1980 and 1990 were retrospectively analyzed. there were two groups: those with more than 3.50 d of hyperopias (group i) and those with less than 3.50 d (group ii). results: group i had a mean of 18.18 pd correction (72.72% of correction) for distance and 27.64 pd (63.36%) for near. group ii had a mean of 20.20 pd correction for distance (87.83%) and 34.60 pd (82.78%) for near. conclusion: there was no statistical difference regarding the amount of distance/near incomitance reduction, between groups i and ii. the total amount of correction was greater for near but, in percentage, it was similar.
Influência de três tipos de vias de fornecimento de dietas pós-operatórias na cicatriza??o de esofagotomia cervical em c?es
BARCELLOS, Heloísa Helena de Alcantara;SILVA FILHO, Ant?nio de Pádua Ferreira da;BECK, Carlos Afonso;
Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-95962000000500007
Abstract: fifteen dogs were distributed in three groups (gi, gii and giii). in the gi group, it was proceeded the fluidotherapy during 48 hours, liquefied food for more 48 hours, and pasty food for 72 hours (a protocol named as "traditional diet"); in the gii group, the food was supplied using a pharingostomy tube, and in the giii group, using a percutaneos endoscopic gastrostomy tube. to evaluate the cicatrization, daily clinical exams and weekly esophagoscopy were proceeded for six weeks. the endoscopy showed some undesirable characteristics that can retard the esophagus cicatrization: edema between the stitches appeared at the first post-surgery endoscopy (gi) and ulcerations on the esophagic mucosa, provoked by the contact of the pharingostomy tube with the esophagus wound (gii). the feeding through the percutaneos endoscopic gastrostomy tube resulted in a shorter period of cicatrization (1.40 ± 0.55 weeks, p < 0.01), when compared with the pharingostomy tube (4.25 ± 1.50 weeks). in the giii group, the clinic characteristics of cicatrization were better, and it was attributed, probably, to the absence of deglutition movements and the contact of the alimentary bolus with the esophagus wound. based on these results, the use of nutrition supply through percutaneos endoscopic gastrostomy tube is recommended, and, in case of absence of the endoscopy, the protocol named "traditional diet" is recommended, due to the best cicatrization results, when compared to the pharyngostomy tube.
Haemonchus resistente a lactona macrocíclica em caprinos naturalmente parasitados
Mattos, Mary Jane Tweedie de;Oliveira, Carlos Marcos Barcellos de;Gouvea, Aline Silva;Andrade, Cíntia Bisogno;
Ciência Rural , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782004000300034
Abstract: ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug that is widely used in young goats, was avalied as to its effect on gastrointestinal nematodes, at all parasitic stages. twelve naturally infected young goats was studied: six of them received 200μg.kg-1 of ivermectin orally, while the other six was used as controls. the faecal egg count reduction (fecr) test, the larval culture and the worm burden was estimated. faecal samples was collected from the goats on the day of medication (day zero), at seven and at fourteen days. all the goats were killed fourteen days after treatment; helminths were collected and the total parasite load was estimated. fecr and the efficiency of the drug on adult nematodes was 42.10% and 32.62%, respectively. the genus haemonchus represented 100% of the population in the treated group and 99.58% of the control group. these results show that the goats had already been infected by ivermectin-resistant haemonchus strains.
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