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Looking for synergies in academic work: research vs. teaching Buscando sinergias en el quehacer académico: Investigación vs. docencia
Joan Mundet Hiern
Intangible Capital , 2007, DOI: 10.3926/ic.63
Abstract: Academics undertake different roles in the university, some of them more preferently than others. Suchs roles manifest themselves as languages and rethorics, sometimes non compatible and irreconcilable. My aim is to encourage the reader (allegedly an academic him/herself) to blend his/her teaching and research roles. Los distintos roles que los profesores suelen desempe ar en el seno de una universidad, unos de manera más preferente que otros, se manifiestan en lenguajes y retóricas -además de acciones- muchas veces irreconocibles e irreconciliables entre sí. Pretendo animar al lector (supuestamente académico) a armonizar docencia e investigación.
Intangibles: Activos y Pasivos
Mercedes Garcia-Parra,Pep Simo,Joan Mundet,Jordi Guzman
Intangible Capital , 2004,
Abstract: El objetivo de este artículo es el estudio de la existencia de un nuevo elemento en los modelos de capital intelectual: los pasivos intangibles. Después de analizar las aportaciones realizadas hasta el momento en el campo de los activos intangibles, se introduce el concepto de pasivo. La existencia de este concepto se justifica desde la perspectiva contable así como desde la perspectiva estratégica.
La Actividad Productiva de la Fábrica de Harinas “La Montserrat” (Girona) en el A o Agrícola de 1903-1904
Helena Benito Mundet
Revista de Contabilidad : Spanish Accounting Review , 2005,
Abstract: La fábrica La Montserrat fue construida en Girona en el a o 1898 por José Ensesa y Cía. Sociedad en Comandita, que se dedicaba al comercio de cereales y a la fabricación de harinas. Con el objetivo de determinar cómo se estructuraba la actividad productiva de la empresa hemos estudiado con detalle las operaciones que realizó durante el a o agrícola 1903-1904. Nos centramos en tres aspectos principales: el del aprovisionamiento de trigo (procedencia, transporte, precios), la producción de harina (de trigos propios y ajenos, rendimientos) y su distribución (clientes, destino de la harina). Por último, también hemos analizado la cuenta de pérdidas y ganancias, que es en definitiva la que nos indicará su rentabilidad. Palabras clave: historia de la contabilidad, trigos y harinas, actividad productiva.Harinera La Montserrat, S.A, a company involved in the manufacturing and trading of cereals and flour, was founded in Girona in 1898 by José Ensesa y Cía., Sociedad en Comandita. With the objective to determine how the product activity of this business was structured, we have studied in detail the operations that were carried out over the agricultural year 1903-1904. We have focused on three main aspects. Firstly, the purchasing of wheat (origin, transportation, prices); secondly, the production of flour (using internal and external wheat, profits); and thirdly, its distribution (customers, destination). Finally, we have analyzed the profit and loos account for this period in order tofind out if this business was profitable.
Finite group actions on 4-manifolds with nonzero Euler characteristic
Ignasi Mundet i Riera
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We prove that if $X$ is a compact, oriented, connected $4$-dimensional smooth manifold, possibly with boundary, satisfying $\chi(X)\neq 0$, then there exists an integer $C\geq 1$ such that any finite group $G$ acting smoothly and effectively on $X$ has an abelian subgroup $A$ satisfying $[G:A]\leq C$, $\chi(X^A)=\chi(X)$, and $A$ can be generated by at most $2$ elements. Furthermore, if $\chi(X)<0$ then $A$ is cyclic. This proves, for any such $X$, a conjecture of Ghys. We also prove an analogous result for manifolds of arbitrary dimension and non-vanishing Euler characteristic, but restricted to pseudofree actions.
Lifts of smooth group actions to line bundles
Ignasi Mundet i Riera
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: Let X be a compact manifold with a smooth action of a compact connected Lie group G. Let $L\to X$ be a complex line bundle. Using the Cartan complex for equivariant cohomology, we give a new proof of a theorem of Hattori and Yoshida which says that the action of G lifts to L if and only if the first Chern class $c\sb 1(L)$ of L can be lifted to an integral equivariant cohomology class in $H\sp 2\sb G(X;\ZZ)$, and that the different lifts of the action are classified by the lifts of $c\sb 1(L)$ to $H\sp 2\sb G(X;\ZZ)$. As a corollary of our method of proof, we prove that, if the action is Hamiltonian and $\nabla$ is a connection on L which is unitary for some metric on L and whose curvature is G-invariant, then there is a lift of the action to a certain power $L\sp d$ (where d is independent of L) which leaves fixed the induced metric on $L^d$ and the connection $\nabla\sp{\otimes d}$. This generalises to symplectic geometry a well known result in Geometric Invariant Theory.
Hamiltonian Gromov-Witten invariants
Ignasi Mundet i Riera
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: In this paper we introduce invariants of semi-free Hamiltonian actions of $S\sp 1$ on compact symplectic manifolds (which satisfy some technical conditions related to positivity) using the space of solutions to certain gauge theoretical equations. These equations generalize at the same time the vortex equations and the holomorphicity equation used in Gromov-Witten theory. In the definition of the invariants we combine ideas coming from gauge theory and the ideas underlying the construction of Gromov-Witten invariants. This paper is based on a part of my PhD Thesis (see math/9912150).
Parabolic vector bundles and equivariant vector bundles
Ignasi Mundet i Riera
Mathematics , 2001,
Abstract: Given a complex manifold $X$, a normal crossing divisor $D\subset X$ whose irreducible components $D_1,...,D_s$ are smooth, and a choice of natural numbers $r=(r_1,...,r_s)$, we construct a manifold $X(D,\ur)$ with an action of a torus $\Gamma$ and we prove that some full subcategory of the category of $\Gamma$-equivariant vector bundles on $X(D,r)$ is equivalent to the category of parabolic vector bundles on $(X,D)$ in which the lengths of the filtrations over each irreducible component of $X$ are given by $r$. When $X$ is Kaehler, we study the Kaehler cone of $X(D,r)$ and the relation between the corresponding notions of slope-stability.
Yang-Mills-Higgs theory for symplectic fibrations
Ignasi Mundet i Riera
Mathematics , 1999,
Abstract: Our aim in this work is to study a system of equations which generalises at the same time the vortex equations of Yang-Mills-Higgs theory and the holomorphicity equation in Gromov theory of pseudoholomorphic curves. We extend some results and definitions from both theories to a common setting. We introduce a functional generalising Yang-Mills-Higgs functional, whose minima coincide with the solutions to our equations. We prove a Hitchin-Kobayashi correspondence allowing to study the solutions of the equations in the Kaehler case. We give a structure of smooth manifold to the set of (gauge equivalence classes of) solutions to (a perturbation of) the equations (the so-called moduli space). We give a compactification of the moduli space, generalising Gromov's compactification of the moduli of holomorphic curves. Finally, we use the moduli space to define (under certain conditions) invariants of compact symplectic manifolds with a Hamiltonian almost free action of S^1. These invariants generalise Gromov-Witten invariants. This is the author's Ph.D. Thesis. A chapter of it is contained in the paper math.DG/9901076. After submitting his thesis in April 1999, the author knew that K. Cieliebak, A. R. Gaio and D. Salamon had also arrived (from a different point of view) at the same equations, and had developed a very similar programme (see math.SG/9909122).
A Hitchin-Kobayashi correspondence for Kaehler fibrations
Ignasi Mundet i Riera
Mathematics , 1999,
Abstract: Let $X$ be a compact Kaehler manifold and $E\to X$ a principal $K$ bundle, where $K$ is a compact connected Lie group. Let ${\cal A}^{1,1}$ be the set of connections on $E$ whose curvature lies in $\Omega^{1,1}(E\times_{Ad} {\frak k})$, where ${\frak k}$ is the Lie algebra of $K$. Endow $\frak k$ with a nondegenerate biinvariant bilinear pairing. This allows to identify $\{\frak k}\simeq{\frak k}^*$. Let $F$ be a Kaehler left $K$-manifold and suppose that there exists a moment map $\mu$ for the action of $K$ on $F$. Let ${\cal S}=\Gamma(E\times_K F)$. In this paper we study the equation $$\Lambda F_A+\mu(\Phi)=c$$ for $A\in {\cal A}^{1,1}$ and a section $\Phi\in {\cal S}$, where $c\in{\frak k}$ is a fixed central element. We study which orbits of the action of the complex gauge group on ${cal A}^{1,1}\times{\cal S}$ contain solutions of the equation, and we define a positive functional on ${cal A}^{1,1}\times{\cal S}$ which generalises the Yang-Mills-Higgs functional and whose local minima coincide with the solutions of the equation.
Finite group actions on homology spheres and manifolds with nonzero Euler characteristic
Ignasi Mundet i Riera
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Let $X$ be a smooth manifold belonging to one of these three collections: (1) acyclic manifolds (compact or not, possibly with boundary), (2) compact manifolds (possibly with boundary) with nonzero Euler characteristic, and (3) homology spheres. We prove the existence of a constant $C$ such that any finite group acting effectively and smoothly on $X$ has an abelian subgroup of index at most $C$. The proof uses a result on finite groups by Alexandre Turull and the author which is based on the classification of finite simple groups. If $X$ is compact and its cohomology is torsion free and supported in even degrees, we also prove the existence of a constant $C'$ such that any finite abelian group $A$ acting on $X$ has a subgroup $A_0$ of index at most $C'$ such that $\chi(X^{A_0})=\chi(X)$.
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