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A Catalog of Moving Group Candidates in The Solar Neighborhood
Jingkun Zhao,Gang Zhao,Yuqin Chen
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/692/2/L113
Abstract: Based on the kernel estimator and wavelet technique, we have identified 22 moving group candidates in the solar neighborhood from a sample which includes around 14,000 dwarfs and 6000 giants. Six of them were previously known as the Hercules stream, the Sirus-UMa stream, the Hyades stream, the Caster group, the Pleiades stream, and the IC 2391; five of them have also been reported by other authors. 11 moving group candidates, not previously reported in the literature, showprominent structures in dwarf or giant samples.Acatalog of moving group candidates in the solar neighborhood is presented in this work.
Manifesting pseudo-spin polarization on the edge of graphene via field emission image
Jingkun Chen,Zhibing Li,Weiliang Wang
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1063/1.4863726
Abstract: We obtain the wave function of field emission from graphene in magnetic field. The emission image reveals structure of the Landau levels and depends on the phase difference between two sub-lattices. The emission pattern is sensitive to the edge potential shift, so a gate voltage can manipulate that.
Dibromido[1,1′-dibenzyl-2,2′-(sulfanediyldimethylene)di-1H-benzimidazole]cadmium(II) dimethylformamide solvate
Kaitong Wang,Jingkun Yuan,Guisheng Chen,Qian Chen
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536810028448
Abstract: In the title compound, [CdBr2(C30H26N4S)]·C3H7NO, both the complex and solvent molecule lie on a crystallographic mirror plane. The CdII ion is coordinated in a disorted square-pyramidal CdBr2N2S environment with one of the Br atoms in the apical site. In the crystal structure, the benzimidazole ring systems are involved in weak intermolecular π–π stacking interactions [centroid–centroid distances = 3.606 (2) and 3.753 (2) ]. Further stabilization is provided by weak intermolecular C—H...O hydrogen bonds. The methyl H atoms of the dimethylformamide solvent molecule are disordered about a mirror plane.
Effect of addition of poly-(ethylene glycol) on electrical conductivity of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrenesulfonate) hybrid
Tiejun Wang,Yingqun Qi,Jingkun Xu,Xiujie Hu,Ping Chen
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2003, DOI: 10.1360/03wb0134
Abstract: By mixing various concentrations of poly (ethylene glycol), a series of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrenesulfonate) composite thin films were prepared. The electrical conductivity of the PEDOT-PSS/PEG thin films was measured by the four-probe method. Experimental results showed that the inclusion of poly(ethylene glycol) influenced the electrical conductivity of PEDOT-PSS film significantly. With the increase of PEG concentrations, the electrical conductivity sharply increased to reach a maximum and then slowly decreased down. Furthermore, the PEG molecular weight and environment temperature also played important roles on the electrical conductivity of PE-DOT-PSS/PEG thin films. A good linear relationship was found between ln σdc and T 1÷2 within the entire temperature range detected.
Signatures of Bose-Einstein condensation in an optical lattice
Ke-Ji Chen,Jingkun Wang,Wei Yi,Wei Zhang
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2014-50340-y
Abstract: We discuss typical experimental signatures for the Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) of an ultracold Bose gas in an inhomogeneous optical lattice at finite temperature. Applying the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov-Popov formalism, we calculate quantities such as the momentum-space density distribution, visibility and peak width as the system is tuned through the superfluid to normal phase transition. Different from previous studies, we consider systems with fixed total particle number, which is of direct experimental relevance. We show that the onset of BEC is accompanied by sharp features in all these signatures, which can be probed via typical time-of-flight imaging techniques. In particular, we find a two-platform structure in the peak width across the phase transition. We show that the onset of condensation is related to the emergence of the higher platform, which can be used as an effective experimental signature.
Research on Strategic-oriented College Teacher Performance Management System
Zhou Jingkun
Information Technology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: This study gives guiding principles for constructing strategic-oriented college teacher performance management system, including strategic orientation, systematicness, reliability, efficiency, operability and dynamism; it also designs a dynamic circulation process which takes achieving college strategic management objective system as the center and contains four key links: Making plans for college teacher performance evaluation, performance tutorship and implementation, performance evaluation and feedback and utilization of results of performance evaluation; besides, this study provides a model of strategic-oriented college teacher performance management system based on six key decisions: Evaluation subject, methods, indicators, standards, period and feedback and utilization of results.

YU Jingkun,LIU Tao,CHEN Min,

金属学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 以金属和升华硫为原料,利用温度梯度法合成硫化物;并用合成的MgS+1.5%ZrS2作为固体电解质,以Mo+MoS2作为参比极研制了硫浓差电池.在1623 K利用该电池对碳饱和铁水(氧的活度aO]≤2×10-6)中的硫含量进行了测定.进一步优化了硫浓差电池的结构,解决了电解质管的炸裂和漏气问题,同时采用特殊工艺抑制了硫化物水化.结果表明,该硫浓差电池的电动势信号稳定,重现性好且持续时间长.
Three Moving Groups Detected in the LAMOST DR1 Archive
Jingkun Zhao,Gang Zhao,Yuqin Chen,Terry D. Oswalt,Kefeng Tan,Yong Zhang
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/787/1/31
Abstract: We analyze the kinematics of thick disk and halo stars observed by the Large sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope. We have constructed a sample of 7,993 F, G and K nearby main-sequence stars (\textit{d} $<$ 2 kpc) with estimates of position (x, y, z) and space velocity ($U$, $V$, $W$) based on color and proper motion from the SDSS DR9 catalog. Three `phase-space overdensities' are identified in [\textit{V}, $\sqrt{U^{2}+2V^{2}}$] with significance levels of $\sigma$ $>$ 3. %[L$_{Z}$, eccentricity], [L$_{Z}$, L$_{\bot}$], and [V$_{az}$, V$_{\triangle}E$]. Two of them (Hyades-Pleiades stream, Arcturus-AF06 stream) have been identified previously. We also find evidence for a new stream (centered at \textit{V} $\sim$ -180 km s$^{-1}$) in the halo. The formation mechanisms of these three streams are analyzed. Our results support the hypothesis the Arcturus-AF06 stream and the new stream originated from the debris of a disrupted satellite, while Hyades-Pleiades stream has a dynamical origin.
Visual Modeling of XML Constraints Based on a New Extensible Constraint Markup Language
Jingkun Hu,Lixin Tao
Engineering Letters , 2006,
Characterization of Microstructure and Properties of Post-hot Isostatic Pressing of Liquid Phase Sintered SiC

DONG Shaoming,CHEN Zhongming,TAN Shouhong,JIANG Dongliang,GUO Jingkun,

无机材料学报 , 1997,
Abstract: The microstructure and mechanical properties of liquid phase sintered SiC followed by posthot isostatic pressing (HIP) were studied. It is indicated that the effect of post-HIP treatment is changed with the variation of sintering aids and temperature of liqllid phase sintering. After Ar-HIP treatment, the density of SiC is increased and the inside pores are diminished, but graingrowth is depressed. Besides the advantages of the Ar-HIP, N_2-HIP can modify the surface statebecause of the reaction between SiC and N_2 so that the mechanical properties are improved.Microstructure analysis has shown that after N_2-HIP treatment, grain size is decreased and thedensity is increased. Meanwhile, the results of post-HIP treatment are highly affected by themicrostructure of the liquid phase sintered SiC. When the sintering temperature is relatively lowerand the grain size is smaller, after post-HIP treatment, esp. N_2-HIP treatment, bending strengthand fracture toughness of the liquid phase sintered SiC are improved greatly.
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