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The completion of optimal $(3,4)$-packings
Jingjun Bao,Lijun Ji
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: A 3-$(n,4,1)$ packing design consists of an $n$-element set $X$ and a collection of $4$-element subsets of $X$, called {\it blocks}, such that every $3$-element subset of $X$ is contained in at most one block. The packing number of quadruples $d(3,4,n)$ denotes the number of blocks in a maximum $3$-$(n,4,1)$ packing design, which is also the maximum number $A(n,4,4)$ of codewords in a code of length $n$, constant weight $4$, and minimum Hamming distance 4. In this paper the undecided 21 packing numbers $A(n,4,4)$ are shown to be equal to Johnson bound $J(n,4,4)$ $( =\lfloor\frac{n}{4}\lfloor\frac{n-1}{3}\lfloor\frac{n-2}{2}\rfloor\rfloor\rfloor)$ where $n=6k+5$, $k\in \{m:\ m$ is odd, $3\leq m\leq 35,\ m\neq 17,21\}\cup \{45,47,75,77,79,159\}$.
New families of optimal frequency hopping sequence sets
Jingjun Bao,Lijun Ji
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Frequency hopping sequences (FHSs) are employed to mitigate the interferences caused by the hits of frequencies in frequency hopping spread spectrum systems. In this paper, we present some new algebraic and combinatorial constructions for FHS sets, including an algebraic construction via the linear mapping, two direct constructions by using cyclotomic classes and recursive constructions based on cyclic difference matrices. By these constructions, a number of series of new FHS sets are then produced. These FHS sets are optimal with respect to the Peng-Fan bounds.
Frequency hopping sequences with optimal partial Hamming correlation
Jingjun Bao,Lijun Ji
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Frequency hopping sequences (FHSs) with favorable partial Hamming correlation properties have important applications in many synchronization and multiple-access systems. In this paper, we investigate constructions of FHSs and FHS sets with optimal partial Hamming correlation. We first establish a correspondence between FHS sets with optimal partial Hamming correlation and multiple partition-type balanced nested cyclic difference packings with a special property. By virtue of this correspondence, some FHSs and FHS sets with optimal partial Hamming correlation are constructed from various combinatorial structures such as cyclic difference packings, and cyclic relative difference families. We also describe a direct construction and two recursive constructions for FHS sets with optimal partial Hamming correlation. As a consequence, our constructions yield new FHSs and FHS sets with optimal partial Hamming correlation.
Rational thinkings on the universities’ “special group” students’ physical education curriculum design  [PDF]
Jingjun Han
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.56144

To conduct this study, the literatures, questionnaires, interviews and other methods were used, the analysis of the present situation and health status of the students’ physical education in universities “special group”, and the nature of the course and teaching modes of thinking were also done in order to provide references to improve sports education in colleges and universities.

Multivariate discriminant and iterated resultant
Jingjun Han
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, we study the relationship between iterated resultant and multivariate discriminant. We show that, for generic form $f(X_n)$ with even degree $d$, if the polynomial is squarefreed after each iteration, the multivariate discriminant $\Delta(f)$ is a factor of the squarefreed iterated resultant. In fact, we find a factor $Hp(f,[x_1,\ldots,x_n])$ of the squarefreed iterated resultant, and prove that the multivariate discriminant $\Delta(f)$ is a factor of $Hp(f,[x_1,\ldots,x_n])$. Moreover, we conjecture that $Hp(f,[x_1,\ldots,x_n])=\Delta(f)$ holds for generic form $f$, and show that it is true for generic trivariate form $f(x,y,z)$.
A Simple Quantifier-free Formula of Positive Semidefinite Cyclic Ternary Quartic Forms
Jingjun Han
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Quantifier elimination of positive semidefinite cyclic ternary quartic forms is studied in this paper. We solve the problem by the theory of complete discrimination systems, function \RealTriangularize in Maple15 and the so-called Criterions on Equality of Symmetric Inequalities method. The equivalent simple quantifier-free formula is proposed and is difficult to obtain automatically by previous methods or quantifier elimination tools.
Update on the Fungal Biofilm Drug Resistance and Its Alternative Treatment  [PDF]
Karina Siow Yen Ng How Tseung, Jingjun Zhao
Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (JBM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2016.45004
Abstract: Candida albicans (C. albicans) and Aspergillus fumigatus (A. fumigatus) are the two main pathogens in the clinical setting to cause serious, sometimes, lethal fungal infections. Immunocompromised patients fall victims to these fungi, with a mortality rate rising drastically over the past decades. This is in correlation with the fact that conventional antifungals are no longer capable of completely eradicating the disease, or if so, high doses are usually required to do so, leading to eventual resistance to those drugs and severe side effects. High drug resistance is in association with the discovery that these opportunistic pathogens have the ability to develop a multicellular complex, known as biofilm. Biofilms prevent drugs from reaching the fungal cells by sequestering them in their extracellular matrix. Other factors such as extracellular DNA, persister cells or heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) also play a role in biofilm and contribute to drug recalcitrance. With the discovery of new antifungals lagging behind, scientists focused on other more profitable ways to counteract this phenomenon. Combination of two or more antifungals was found effective but came with serious drawbacks. Natural plant extracts, such as traditional Chinese medicine have also been demonstrated in vitro to possess antimicrobial actions. Great interest was directed towards their use with conventional antifungal agents with a possibility of lowering the necessary concentration required to inhibit the growth of fungi. This review aims in understanding the different factors contributing to clinical drug resistance and evaluating the effect of combination therapy and natural products on those cases difficult to treat.
Nonlinear Stability and D-Convergence of Additive Runge-Kutta Methods for Multidelay-Integro-Differential Equations
Haiyan Yuan,Jingjun Zhao,Yang Xu
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/854517
Abstract: This paper is devoted to the stability and convergence analysis of the Additive Runge-Kutta methods with the Lagrangian interpolation (ARKLMs) for the numerical solution of multidelay-integro-differential equations (MDIDEs). GDN-stability and D-convergence are introduced and proved. It is shown that strongly algebraically stability gives D-convergence, DA- DAS- and ASI-stability give GDN-stability. A numerical example is given to illustrate the theoretical results.
Some Stability and Convergence of Additive Runge-Kutta Methods for Delay Differential Equations with Many Delays
Haiyan Yuan,Jingjun Zhao,Yang Xu
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/456814
Abstract: This paper is devoted to the stability and convergence analysis of the additive Runge-Kutta methods with the Lagrangian interpolation (ARKLMs) for the numerical solution of a delay differential equation with many delays. GDN stability and D-Convergence are introduced and proved. It is shown that strongly algebraically stability gives D-Convergence DA, DAS, and ASI stability give GDN stability. Some examples are given in the end of this paper which confirms our results.
Recent Advances in the Photorefraction of Doped Lithium Niobate Crystals
Yongfa Kong,Shiguo Liu,Jingjun Xu
Materials , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ma5101954
Abstract: The recent advances in the photorefraction of doped lithium niobate crystals are reviewed. Materials have always been the main obstacle for commercial applications of photorefractive holographic storage. Though iron-doped LiNbO 3 is the mainstay of holographic data storage efforts, several shortcomings, especially the low response speed, impede it from becoming a commercial recording medium. This paper reviews the photorefractive characteristics of different dopants, especially tetravalent ions, doped and co-doped LiNbO 3 crystals, including Hf, Zr and Sn monodoped LiNbO 3, Hf and Fe, Zr and Fe doubly doped LiNbO 3, Zr, Fe and Mn, Zr, Cu and Ce triply doped LiNbO 3, Ru doped LiNbO 3, and V and Mo monodoped LiNbO 3. Among them, Zr, Fe and Mn triply doped LiNbO 3 shows excellent nonvolatile holographic storage properties, and V and Mo monodoped LiNbO 3 has fast response and multi-wavelength storage characteristics.
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