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On Cubic Nonsymmetric Cayley Graphs  [PDF]
Jingjian Li, Bengong Lou, Rui Wang
Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics (OJDM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojdm.2013.31008
Abstract: Let \"\" be a connected Cayley graph of group G, then Γ is called normal if the right regular representation of G is a normal subgroup of , the full automorphism group of Γ. For the case where G is a finite nonabelian simple group and Γ is symmetric cubic Cayley graph, Caiheng Li and Shangjin Xu proved that Γ is normal with only two exceptions. Since then, the normality of nonsymmetric cubic Cayley graph of nonabelian simple group aroused strong interest of people. So far such graphs which have been known are all normal. Then people conjecture that all of such graphs are either normal or the Cayley subset consists of involutions. In this paper we give an negative answer by two counterexamples. As far as we know these are the first examples for the non-normal cubic nonsymmetric Cayley graphs of finite nonabelian simple groups.
Effects of Mg2+ on Supported Bilayer Lipid Membrane on a Glassy Carbon Electrode during Membrane Formation
Hongwei Zhang, Zhanjun Zhang, Jingjian Li, Shengmin Cai
International Journal of Electrochemical Science , 2007,
Abstract: The effects of Mg2+ on supported bilayer lipid membrane (s-BLM) during membrane formation were investigated by cyclic voltammetry (CV) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). There was an increase of the peak-to-peak separation between the cathodic and anodic waves from CV, and an obvious decrease of charge transfer resistance from EIS for the membrane formed in 0.1M MgCl2 compared with that in 0.1M KCl. The higher ionic strength of MgCl2 led to more lipid molecules dropping from the surface of the electrode before they were ready to be in directional arrangement to form s-BLM, so the membrane was not so dense. When reducing the concentration of MgCl2 to 0.03M or 0.05M, the total resistance decreased during the scanning process, which suggested the structure of the lipid membrane changed. The interaction between Mg2+ and hydrophilic parts of lipid molecules should be responsible for the phenomena.
Mechanism of voltage tunable electroluminescence of porous silicon
Rongqiu Wang,Jingjian Li,Yong Chen,Shengmin Cai,Zhongfan Liu,Shulin Zhang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF03182642
The Appliation and Some Problems of TBM and Its Prospects

Zhang Jingjian,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 1999,
Abstract: 1概述随着世界交通和供水的需要,以及设计理论的完善和施工方法的进步,国内外隧洞修建的数目和长度都不断增加。国外已建成的长于10km的隧洞超过100条。闻名世界的联接英国和法国的英吉利海峡隧道全长49.2km,于1994年底投入运行。1988年日本本州到北海道的青涵海底隧道建成,长53.9km。1995年在奥地利召开的“TBM隧洞施工趋势”国际研讨会上德国的A.Haack博士在他的论文中指出:将(欧洲)地下工程建筑计划考虑在内,到2000年欧洲交通网络隧洞长度可能远远超过10000km。1949~1994年,我国铁路隧道新建总长度已超过2200km,到1990年…
Active surveillance for acute flaccid paralysis in poliomyelitis high-risk areas in southern China
Chiba,Yasuo; Hikita,Kazuo; Matuba,Tsuyoshi; Chosa,Tooru; Shinji,Kyogoku; Jingjian,Yu; Zhao,Wang;
Bulletin of the World Health Organization , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0042-96862001000200004
Abstract: objective: on 29 october 2000 poliomyelitis was officially declared to have been eradicated from the western pacific region. this article describes the results of surveillance for cases of acute flaccid paralysis (afp) in china during the final phase of the eradication effort. methods: we conducted hospital-based active surveillance in high-risk areas for poliomyelitis in 5 provinces of southern china (sichuan, yunnan, guizhou, guangxi and jiangxi) between 1995 and 1997 to determine the adequacy of reporting and laboratory diagnosis of cases of afp. findings: a total of 1069 afp cases occurring since 1993 were identified in 311 hospital visits. less than 50% of afp cases occurring in 1993 and 1994 had been reported by afp surveillance, and laboratory diagnosis had been carried out on only a small proportion of these. however, improved cooperation between hospital sectors increased the rate of case reporting and laboratory diagnosis to 85% and 78%, respectively, in 1997. despite this overall improvement, these two indicators were approximately 10-20% lower in yunnan province. epidemiological analysis revealed that cases of clinical poliomyelitis accounted for as much as one-third of all afp in 1993 and that some of these cases were clustered. clusters were rarely observed after 1994. active surveillance in the china-myanmar border areas of yunnan over 1995-96 detected 9 cross-border cases of clinical poliomyelitis, including 2 of wild poliomyelitis. import of poliomyelitis was thus considered to have occurred frequently until 1996 in this border area of yunnan. these data were important for the outbreak response immunization carried out in 1996 in the border prefectures of yunnan. conclusion: our investigation confirmed a high level of afp surveillance in poliomyelitis high-risk areas of the five provinces and provided valuable information on the interruption of wild poliovirus circulation in southern china that will be of use to countries in other regions that have

ZHANG Jingjian,FU Bingjun,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 我国应用隧道掘进机近半个世纪,特别是实行改革开放以来,掘进机得到广泛应用,并且取得许多经验和教训。大中型水利水电工程、铁道、高速公路工程显示了开敞型TBM适合于良好的地质环境,而双护盾TBM适合中等地质条件。在石灰岩地区,用传统的钻煤法比较合适。盾构机在中国也得到广泛应用。在今后10~30 a中,南水北调整西线工程、海底隧道将要建设,市政工程、铁路和高速公路将提高建设速度,可以预期,TBM在中国将得到越来越多应用。
Review for computational image aesthetics

Wang Weining,Yi Jingjian,He Qianhua,

中国图象图形学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The purpose of the computational image aesthetics research is to endow computer with the ability to assess the aesthetics value of images as human beings do. The results can be used in many fields, for example semantic-based image retrieval, fusing the subjective perception, image aesthetics evaluation, image aesthetics retouching, photograph aesthetics prediction, art works style analysis and man-machine interaction. Computational image aesthetics is a new interdisciplinary advanced topic with good developing prospect, while it involves different subjects, including Aesthetics, Art, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Psychology, and so on. In this paper, the latest achievements of the computation image aesthetics research are introduced at first, then a general framework of the computational image aesthetics is proposed after the analysis and summary of methods commonly applied in this field. Additionally,we point out the exiting problems and we discuss including image aesthetics measurement, extraction of aesthetics vision features, aesthetics deduction, and also the application and future developments of image aesthetics. Furthermore, some crucial solutions are pointed out to solve the exiting problems.
Beneficial Experience from Teaching and Education to Research and Development  [PDF]
Li Li
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.37B039

Teaching and Education (T&E) constitute the most important activity in knowledge transfer from generation to generation. This can explain why government organizations consider the training of highly qualified personnel as one of the most important criteria in the selection of research and development (R&D) grant applications. A university professor should thus not only play the role of researcher, but also that of teacher. T&E and R&D combine to form an inseparable relationship for university professors. By shooting for excellence in T&E, we could get a new perception of a familiar field or initiate a brand new field altogether, which would in turn enhance our research. The quest for excellence in R&D leads to deeper and better understanding of materials taught, and progress in R&D enriches our T&E endeavors. Here, the author shares a beneficial experience from T&E to R&D.

A Causality Analysis of Coal Consumption and Economic Growth for China and India  [PDF]
Jinke Li, Zhongxue Li
Natural Resources (NR) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/nr.2011.21007
Abstract: China and India are the two countries with the strongest economic growth in the world. Meanwhile they consume much of the global coal to fuel their economic development. With coal burning as a major factor contributing to global greenhouse gas emissions, China and India are confronted with a dilemma of economic growth and environment protection. Will coal consumption reduction cause economic shocks? Is there a causal relationship between coal consumption and economic growth in China and India? In this paper Granger causality tests were used to examine the relationship between coal consumption and GDP in China and India, using data for the period from 1965 to 2006. It was found that a unidirectional causality from GDP to coal consumption existed in China while a unidirectional causality from coal consumption to GDP did in India. Therefore, developing cleaner and more efficient technologies is essential to reduce their CO2 emissions to reach sustainable development.
An Investigation and Analysis of Information Overload in Manager's Work  [PDF]
Tao Li, Min Li
iBusiness (IB) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2011.31008
Abstract: The problem of information overload in management field has been receiving increasing attention, while there are less empirical researches now. This paper proposes a conceptual model and some operational variables, in which information overload is as an intervening variable between the factors of causes and impacts. An investigation and analysis has been conducted from a selected sample of managers. This research suggests that work efficiency and work quality are both not strongly connected with information overload. We also find that the main causes of information overload are the work interruption and work time pressure but the amount of information.
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