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Background Subtraction Approach Based on Independent Component Analysis
Hugo Jiménez-Hernández
Sensors , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/s100606092
Abstract: In this work, a new approach to background subtraction based on independent component analysis is presented. This approach assumes that background and foreground information are mixed in a given sequence of images. Then, foreground and background components are identified, if their probability density functions are separable from a mixed space. Afterwards, the components estimation process consists in calculating an unmixed matrix. The estimation of an unmixed matrix is based on a fast ICA algorithm, which is estimated as a Newton-Raphson maximization approach. Next, the motion components are represented by the mid-significant eigenvalues from the unmixed matrix. Finally, the results show the approach capabilities to detect efficiently motion in outdoors and indoors scenarios. The results show that the approach is robust to luminance conditions changes at scene.
Implementation of the Hough Transform for Iris Detection and Segmentation  [PDF]
Francisco Javier Paulín-Martínez, Alberto Lara-Guevara, Rosa María Romero-González, Hugo Jiménez-Hernández
Advances in Molecular Imaging (AMI) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ami.2019.91002
Abstract: The iris is used as a reference for the study of unique biometric marks in people. The analysis of how to extract the iris characteristic information represents a fundamental challenge in image analysis, due to the implications it presents: detection of relevant information, data coding schemes, etc. For this reason, in the search for extraction of useful and characteristic information, approximations have been proposed for its analysis. In this article, it is presented a scheme to extract the relevant information based on the Hough transform. This transform helps to find primitive geometries in the irises, which are used to characterize each one of these. The results of the implementation of the algorithm of the Hough transform applied to the location and segmentation of the iris by means of its circumference are presented in the paper. Two public databases of iris images were used: UBIRIS V2 and CASIA-IrisV4, which were acquired under the same conditions and controlled environments. In the pre-processing stage the edges are found from the noise elimination in the image through the Canny detector. Subsequently, to the images of the detected edges, the Hough transform is applied to the disposition of the geometries detected.
Desarrollo tecnológico para el mejoramiento de la comunicación a distancia entre personas con discapacidad
Hernández-Suarez,Cesar A; Jiménez-Hernández,Luis A;
Revista de Salud Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0124-00642009000500016
Abstract: objective providing the general public, especially people suffering from disabilities, with a communication device promoting appropriate communication skills by using a smart, adaptive encoding/decoding system having accessible interfaces as a mechanism of social inclusion, thereby providing suitable opportunities for meeting some basic human needs. methods the research was based on three stages, each preceding the next. it began with an exploratory stage which sought to determine the state of the art regarding research. it was followed by a descriptive one which sought to further the technology developed or applied to the social inclusion of handicapped people. the last stage was quasi-experimental which developed a technological product which was validating with people having different disabilities, the necessary adjustments and adaptations then being made. results this project's main result lay in creating a communication device which increased the development of communication skills in people suffering from motor disabilities or who were blind, postlingually deaf and postlingually deaf-blind and/or any other person without disability (the latter group having a device designed and constructed during this investigation). conclusions a technological device called the scda prototype was designed, implemented and validated; it was based on electronic functions allowing the user to develop some basic human needs, based on every human being's inherent right to communicate, regardless of their physical, mental or economic condition.
Detecting Abnormal Vehicular Dynamics at Intersections Based on an Unsupervised Learning Approach and a Stochastic Model
Hugo Jiménez-Hernández,Jose-Joel González-Barbosa,Teresa Garcia-Ramírez
Sensors , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/s100807576
Abstract: This investigation demonstrates an unsupervised approach for modeling traffic flow and detecting abnormal vehicle behaviors at intersections. In the first stage, the approach reveals and records the different states of the system. These states are the result of coding and grouping the historical motion of vehicles as long binary strings. In the second stage, using sequences of the recorded states, a stochastic graph model based on a Markovian approach is built. A behavior is labeled abnormal when current motion pattern cannot be recognized as any state of the system or a particular sequence of states cannot be parsed with the stochastic model. The approach is tested with several sequences of images acquired from a vehicular intersection where the traffic flow and duration used in connection with the traffic lights are continuously changed throughout the day. Finally, the low complexity and the flexibility of the approach make it reliable for use in real time systems.
Legionella pneumophila pangenome reveals strain-specific virulence factors
Giuseppe D'Auria, Nuria Jiménez-Hernández, Francesc Peris-Bondia, Andrés Moya, Amparo Latorre
BMC Genomics , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-11-181
Abstract: We have sequenced the genome of the particularly persistent L. pneumophila strain Alcoy 2300/99 and have compared it with four previously sequenced strains known as Philadelphia (USA), Lens (France), Paris (France) and Corby (England).Pangenome analysis facilitated the identification of strain-specific features, as well as some that are shared by two or more strains. We identified: (1) three islands related to anti-drug resistance systems; (2) a system for transport and secretion of heavy metals; (3) three systems related to DNA transfer; (4) two CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) systems, known to provide resistance against phage infections, one similar in the Lens and Alcoy strains, and another specific to the Paris strain; and (5) seven islands of phage-related proteins, five of which seem to be strain-specific and two shared.The dispensable genome disclosed by the pangenomic analysis seems to be a reservoir of new traits that have mainly been acquired by horizontal gene transfer and could confer evolutionary advantages over strains lacking them.Legionella pneumophila is a gram-negative facultative intracellular pathogen, identified as the infectious agent of the Legionnaire's disease (LD) or Legionellosis in 1977 [1]. It is found in aquatic environments parasitizing its natural hosts, amoebae and protozoa. From this environment, Legionella can colonize water treatment plants, such as refrigeration towers, potable water pipes, etc., and can cause infections in humans, when infected aerosols are inhaled [2,3]. Despite efforts to keep water systems free of Legionella, this pathogen is still causing infection throughout the world, including Spain, where it is endemic in some areas. From 1989 to 2005, around 310 outbreaks with 2,974 cases were recorded worldwide. In 2002 and 2005 there were two important epidemic events with 1,461 and 1,292 cases respectively. In Alcoy, an industrial town in the Valencian Region (Spain), a large outbre
Características agronómicas y contenido de Fe y Zn en el grano de frijol tipo Rosa de Castilla (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Jiménez-Hernández, Yanet;Acosta-Gallegos, Jorge Alberto;Sánchez-García, Bertha María;Martínez Gami?o, Miguel ángel;
Revista mexicana de ciencias agrícolas , 2012,
Abstract: the 'rosa de castilla' type bean is popular in areas of guanajuato, san luis potosí and zacatecas, where it is produced under rainfed conditions. the aim of this research was to compare the agronomic characteristics of 22 rc accessions with two bred cultivars of the flor de mayo type beans grown under rainfed conditions. the trial was established during 2008 under rainfall conditions in two locations in the state of guanajuato: celaya (1 785 masl) and ocampo (2 200 masl), as well as one in san luis potosí, in villa de arriaga (2 200 masl). a complete random block design was used. at the locations in guanajuato, phenological characteristics and reactions to diseases were established, and in all three locations, seed yield and the weight of 100 seeds were determined; also, the iron and zinc contents were established in one seed sample for each material. significant differences (p< 0.01) were observed for seed yield, weight of 100 seeds, and iron and zinc seed content for the effects of location, genotype and the interaction of both. throughout locations, the greatest yield, > 1 3 00 kg ha-1 was obtained by accessions rcg08001, rca06001 and rcz06001. the highest weight for 100 seeds was found in rcslp 08001, with 40.2 g. for mineral content, outstanding accessions were rcg 08011 and rcz06001 with > 65 and 40 ppm for fe and zn, respectively. in comparison to the checks, accessions displayed a long growth cycle and susceptibility to rust and halo blight.
Neuromyelitis optica initially treated as multiple sclerosis: A propos a case
Carlos Eduardo Jiménez-Canizales, Verónica Alzate-Carvajal, Cindy Vanessa Martínez-Hernández, Claudio Aguirre Casta?eda, álvaro Eduardo Mondragón-Cardona
Revista Médica de Risaralda , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Devic’s syndrome or neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is an autoimmune, inflammatory and demyelinating uncommon clinical entity characterized by the presence of clinical, imagining and laboratory evidence of optic neuritis, acute myelitis with longitudinal injury in more than three spinal segments and finally, NMO IgG seropositive for antibodies specific for the aquaporin channel 4. Case: We report a 28 years old woman diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 14 months ago, who consulted to emergency of Hospital Universitario San Jorge from Pereira by progressive reduction of strength in lower extremities and unrinary retention with duration of five days. She had a history of bilateral optic neuritis in treatment with interferon Beta 1-B, with poor clinical improvement, and parenteral corticosteroid for acute symptoms. Is performed a spinal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) reported a lumbar spine without changes and a dorsal spine with myelopathy in segments T5-T8, possible demyelinitation. Blood count, blood chemistry, C Reactive Protein, complement C3 and C4 within normal ranges. Discussion: The presentation of isolated optic neuritis as a clinical debut leads us to suspect initially in a demyelinating disease, multiple sclerosis type which can alter the initial management of patients with NMO.
Impacto de las acciones de promoción y control en la prevención del dengue
Argeo Romero-Vázquez,Clara Magdalena Martínez-Hernández,Silvia Beatriz Cano-González,Alejandro Jiménez-Sastre
Salud en Tabasco , 2005,
Abstract: Objetivo: Evaluar el impacto de las acciones de promoción y control para la prevención del dengue, en Villa Benito Juárez García, Macuspana, Tabasco, México. Material y Métodos: Se realizó estudio de intervención cuasiexperimental, descriptivo, enero - julio 2002 en Villa Benito Juárez García. Entrevistando a 383 personas antes y después de las acciones, y exploración entomológica en su domicilio. La probabilidad de presentar diferencias estadísticas entre las encuestas pre y Post-intervención dependiendo de las intervenciones se estimó con pruebas de Chi-cuadrada (X2) y (p < 0.01). Resultados: Recibió plática de dengue. (X2 14.1), recibió difusión (X2 10.9), conoce el temefos en granos de arena al 1% (X2 16.7), le informaron de la campa a de descacharrización (X2 34.5), enterándose el 50.6% a través de mensajes en volantes. El 75.7% refirió importancia de eliminar los recipientes para evitar incremento del mosquito transmisor. El conocimiento sobre la prevención del dengue de las personas entrevistadas incrementó a 47.9%, el número de recipientes disminuyó 14.1%. Se observó reducción de índices larvarios: índices de casa positiva 2%, índice de recipiente positivo 0.5% e índice de Breteau 2%. Conclusión: El conocimiento de la prevención y control del dengue en la población influye de manera significativa en el control del número de recipientes y de los índices larvarios, se observó la aceptación de las distintas intervenciones por la población, notando incremento del conocimiento y reducción de índices larvarios, demostrando que las estrategias realizadas impactan a corto plazo. Las alternativas deben estarencaminadas a reforzar acciones de promoción y control en la prevención del dengue con énfasis en educación para la salud.
Características agronómicas y contenido de Fe y Zn en el grano de frijol tipo Rosa de Castilla (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Agronomic traits and Fe and Zn content in the grain of common Rosa de Castilla type bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Yanet Jiménez-Hernández,Jorge Alberto Acosta-Gallegos,Bertha María Sánchez-García,Miguel ángel Martínez Gami?o
Revista mexicana de ciencias agrícolas , 2012,
Abstract: El frijol de tipo Rosa de Castilla (RC) es popular en áreas de Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí y Zacatecas, donde se produce bajo temporal. El objetivo fue comparar características agronómicas de 22 colectas de tipo RC con dos variedades mejoradas de tipo Flor de Mayo (FM) bajo condiciones de temporal. El experimento se estableció en 2008 en dos localidades de Guanajuato, Celaya (1 785 msnm) y Ocampo (2 200 msnm) y una de San Luis Potosí, Villa de Arriaga (2 200 msnm). Se utilizó un dise o de bloques completos al azar. En las localidades de Guanajuato se determinaron características fenologicas y la reacción a enfermedades y en las tres se determino el rendimiento y peso de 100 semillas y a una muestra de semilla de cada material se le determino el contenido de hierro y Zinc. Se observaron diferencias significativas (p< 0.01) para rendimiento, peso de 100 semillas y contenido de hierro y zinc en el grano entre localidades, genotipos y para la interacción genotipo x localidad. A través de localidades, el mayor rendimiento, > 1 300 kg ha-1, lo obtuvieron las colectas RCG08001, RCA06001 y RCZ06001. El promedio del peso de 100 semillas más alto lo obtuvo la colecta RCSLP 08001 con 40.2 g. Las colectas sobresalientes por contenido de minerales fueron RCG 08011 y RCZ06001 con más de 65 y 40 ppm para Fe y Zn, respectivamente. En comparación con los testigos, las colectas mostraron ciclo largo y susceptibilidad a la roya y al tizón de halo. The 'Rosa de Castilla' type bean is popular in areas of Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí and Zacatecas, where it is produced under rainfed conditions. The aim of this research was to compare the agronomic characteristics of 22 RC accessions with two bred cultivars of the Flor de Mayo type beans grown under rainfed conditions. The trial was established during 2008 under rainfall conditions in two locations in the state of Guanajuato: Celaya (1 785 masl) and Ocampo (2 200 masl), as well as one in San Luis Potosí, in Villa de Arriaga (2 200 masl). A complete random block design was used. At the locations in Guanajuato, phenological characteristics and reactions to diseases were established, and in all three locations, seed yield and the weight of 100 seeds were determined; also, the iron and zinc contents were established in one seed sample for each material. Significant differences (p< 0.01) were observed for seed yield, weight of 100 seeds, and iron and zinc seed content for the effects of location, genotype and the interaction of both. Throughout locations, the greatest yield, > 1 3 00 kg ha-1 was obtained by accessions RCG08001, RCA
An alternative theory of real exchange rate determination: theory and empirical evidence for the Mexican economy, 1970-2004
Martínez-Hernández, Francisco A;
Investigación económica , 2010,
Abstract: it is well known that mainstream approaches to real exchange rate determination (e.g. those based on purchasing power parity) can fail because price adjustments between trading partners do not occur simultaneously. this paper puts forth an alternative theory with regard to the mexico-united states (us) real exchange rate. our approach takes a long term perspective and employs a classical political economy framework developed by shaikh (1980, 1991, 1998, 1999b), with foundations in the works of david ricardo and karl marx. unlike mainstream theories which focus on relative consumer or producer prices, we argue that relative real unit labor costs of the mexican and us manufacturing sectors is a good indicator of the effective real exchange rate between the two countries. the empirical methods used in this paper include unit root tests and a co-integrated vector autoregression model (var). this paper seeks to provide some critical insights with regard to relative prices and relative and absolute competitiveness between mexico and the united states.
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