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Real-time and Automatic Close-up Retrieval from Compressed Videos
Ying Weng,Jianmin Jiang,

国际自动化与计算杂志 , 2008,
江剑民 Jiang Jianmin
大气科学 , 1991, DOI: 10.3878/j.issn.1006-9895.1991.01.05
Abstract: 本文应用正交旋转主分量分析方法,计算分析了我国大陆1952—1987年间大气干旱指数s=ΔT/σ_T-ΔR/σ_R的地域相关和年际变化特征。结果表明,可以将我国大陆上旱涝异常的变化大致按43°N和30°N为分界线划分成三个基本相关的纬带。1954—1957年间和1963、1969年前后大部分地区相对湿润多雨。70年代以来,长江以北相对少雨干旱,气候变化的大趋势与撒亥勒(Sahel),以及英格兰中部和威尔士等地区相类似。年度干旱指数年际变化的短周期大部分地区以2—3年为主,具有准两年振荡的特点。
Significant changes in subseries means and variances in an 8000-year precipitation reconstruction from tree rings in the southwestern USA
Jianmin Jiang, Xiangqian Gu,Jianhua Ju
Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO) , 2007,
Abstract: Both algorithms were applied to an 8000-year long time series of annual precipitation that was reconstructed from tree rings in the southwestern USA. One of the algorithms is the scanning t-test, which detects significant changes in subseries means (the first center moments) on various time scales. Another is the scanning F-test, which detects significant changes in subseries variances (the second center moments) on multi-time scales. Firstly, the scanning t-test identified 22 change points in subseries means and partitioned the series into 23 relatively wet, normal or dry episodes. Secondly, the scanning F-test detected 15 change points in subseries variances and divided 16 phases in comparatively steady (with smaller variance) or unsteady (with larger variance) features. Thirdly, the 23 wetness-episodes were characterized as the steady or unsteady situations by jointing the results from the scanning F-test into those from the t-test. Fourthly, the 23 episodes were compared to those in the TIC and δ18O records from cored sediments in the deep basin of the Pyramid Lake in Nevada by using a coherency analysis of the t-test between the precipitation reconstruction and the TIC or δ18O series. Fifthly, the 23 episodes were collaborated with some published papers in related studies. In addition, the 23 episodes were also compared with studies of the global climate change and with documents of climate changes in China during the same periods. As the TIC and δ18O record series are high resolution with unequal sampling intervals between 3 and 14 years, an algorithm in the scanning t-test for dealing with the unequal time intervals was developed in this study.
Atmospheric Dryness Index in China Mainland and its Interannual Variation

Jiang Jianmin,

大气科学 , 1991,
Abstract: 本文应用正交旋转主分量分析方法,计算分析了我国大陆1952—1987年间大气干旱指数s=ΔT/σ_T-ΔR/σ_R的地域相关和年际变化特征。结果表明,可以将我国大陆上旱涝异常的变化大致按43°N和30°N为分界线划分成三个基本相关的纬带。1954—1957年间和1963、1969年前后大部分地区相对湿润多雨。70年代以来,长江以北相对少雨干旱,气候变化的大趋势与撒亥勒(Sahel),以及英格兰中部和威尔士等地区相类似。年度干旱指数年际变化的短周期大部分地区以2—3年为主,具有准两年振荡的特点。
Human Susceptibility to Framing Effect in Decisions Can Be Reflected in Scalp Potentials  [PDF]
Jianmin Zeng, Fenghua Zhang, Ying Wang, Qinglin Zhang, Hong Yuan, Lei Jia, Jiang Qiu
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2013.46077

Humans are susceptible to a famous decision bias named framing effect, which refers that people make different decisions in two decision questions that are intrinsically the same but described in different ways. This intriguing phenomenon has been widely studied with behavioral methods, animal models, and fMRI technique. To date, it’s still unknown whether human susceptibility to this intriguing decision bias can be reflected in scalp potentials. We recorded subjects’ scalp potentials when they decided between risky options and sure options, which were described in positive or negative way. We found that subjects’ brain potential significantly differed between when their choices were consistent with framing effect and when not. More significantly, we found that their susceptibility to framing effect could be reflected in their scalp potentials. Further research in this line can possibly help minimize framing effect bias.

Class I ADP-Ribosylation Factors Are Involved in Enterovirus 71 Replication
Jianmin Wang, Jiang Du, Qi Jin
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099768
Abstract: Enterovirus 71 is one of the major causative agents of hand, foot, and mouth disease in infants and children. Replication of enterovirus 71 depends on host cellular factors. The viral replication complex is formed in novel, cytoplasmic, vesicular compartments. It has not been elucidated which cellular pathways are hijacked by the virus to create these vesicles. Here, we investigated whether proteins associated with the cellular secretory pathway were involved in enterovirus 71 replication. We used a loss-of-function assay, based on small interfering RNA. We showed that enterovirus 71 RNA replication was dependent on the activity of Class I ADP-ribosylation factors. Simultaneous depletion of ADP-ribosylation factors 1 and 3, but not three others, inhibited viral replication in cells. We also demonstrated with various techniques that the brefeldin-A-sensitive guanidine nucleotide exchange factor, GBF1, was critically important for enterovirus 71 replication. Our results suggested that enterovirus 71 replication depended on GBF1-mediated activation of Class I ADP-ribosylation factors. These results revealed a connection between enterovirus 71 replication and the cellular secretory pathway; this pathway may represent a novel target for antiviral therapies.
Effects of Fertilizer Placement and Nitrogen Forms on Soil Nitrogen Diffusion and Migration of Red-Yellow Soil in China  [PDF]
Chaoqiang Jiang, Huoyan Wang, Dianjun Lu, Jianmin Zhou, Decheng Li, Chaolong Zu
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/as.2017.811088
Abstract: A better understanding of nitrogen (N) diffusion and transformation in soils could reveal the capacity of the biological inorganic N and improve the efficiency of N fertilizers. A field micro-plot experiment was carried out to study the effects of fertilization methods (mixed uniformly with 12 cm top soil, placed in holes at a 12-cm depth, or placed in furrows at a 12-cm depth) and forms of N fertilizers (urea and ammonium phosphate) on the dynamics of soil N’s vertical diffusion and horizontal migration in red-yellow soil. The soil inorganic N ( NH4+-N and NH3--N) content following point deep placement was greater than that from mixed or furrow applications. Under point placement, the migration of soil inorganic N in urea and ammonium phosphate treatments occurred in the 6 - 15 cm layer at a horizontal distance of 0 - 9 cm. However, the nutrient preservation capability of the soil receiving ammonium phosphate was greater than that receiving urea under point deep placement. Thus, point deep placement had a tendency to increase the inorganic N in the soil and reduce inorganic N loss, which probably occurred due to the reduced soil volume with which the N fertilizer was mixed. According to crop growth and fertilizer requirements, the optimized fertilizer placement and N species resulted in a continuously high nutrient supply to crops for 90 d. However, the effects of point deep placement on increasing the N-use efficiency and reducing N loss have to be evaluated under natural field conditions.
Abrupt changes in an 8000-year precipitation reconstruction for Nevada, the Western USA

GU Xiangqian,JIANG Jianmin,Franklin SCHWING,Roy MENDELSSOHN,

地理学报 , 2005,
Abstract: A scanning t-test algorithm for detecting multiple time-scale abrupt changes in the level of a time-series was used to analyze an 8000 year time series of annual precipitation which was reconstructed from tree rings for the Nevada Climate Division 3 in the western USA. The tree ring samples were gathered from eight states in the southwestern USA. Twenty-two change-points were identified by the algorithm and these were used to partition the tree-ring series into twenty-three relatively Wet/Normal/Dry episodes. These twenty-three episodes were collaborated by a coherency analysis of abrupt changes between the precipitation reconstruction series and the TIC/δ18O records from cored sediments of Pyramid Lake in Nevada, and by comparison with published results from related studies. These episodes were also compared with studies of the global climate change and with records of climate change in China during the same periods. The results suggest that the precipitation reconstruction series is quite valuable for climate-change research on multi-centurial time-scales in the western USA, and that the scanning t-test and coherency detection algorithms may have a wide use for detecting multiple time-scale abrupt changes in a long time series.As the TIC and δ18O record series are high resolution with unequal sampling intervals ranging between 3 and 14 years, a new algorithm was developed to deal with the unequal time intervals in the series.
Network Anomaly Detection Using One Class Support Vector Machine
Rui Zhang,Shaoyan Zhang,Yang Lan,Jianmin Jiang
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2008,
Extracting Objects and Events from MPEG Videos for Highlight-based Indexing and Retrieval
Jinchang Ren,Jianmin Jiang,Juan Chen,Stan S. Ipson
Journal of Multimedia , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jmm.5.2.95-103
Abstract: Automatic recognition of highlights from videos is a fundamental and challenging problem for content-based indexing and retrieval applications. In this paper, we propose techniques to solve this problem using knowledge supported extraction of semantics, and compressed-domain processing is employed for efficiency. Firstly, knowledgebased rules are utilized for shot detection on extracted DCimages, and statistical skin detection is applied for human object detection. Secondly, through filtering outliers in motion vectors, improved detection of camera motions like zooming, panning and tilting are achieved. Video highlight high-level semantics are then automatically extracted via low-level analysis in the detection of human objects and camera motion events, and finally these highlights are taken for shot-level annotation, indexing and retrieval. Results using a large test video data set have demonstrated the accuracy and robustness of the proposed techniques.
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