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Fabrication and Application of a Novel Cell Culture Microchip

Jianbo Shao,Lei Wu,Qinghui Jin,Jianlong Zhao,
,Lei Wu,金庆辉,Jianlong Zhao

生物工程学报 , 2008,
Abstract: In this article, a cell culture microchip was fabricated on the SU-8 mold based on polymer-MEMS process. In the microchip, the cell culture area was separated with microchannel by a microgap, which kept the cell culture area independent, but also regulated the micro-environment of extracellular matrix by the microfluidic flow. The cell culture microchip provided a new platform for cell research.
Characteristics of chlorophenol degradation and the 16S rRNA gene sequencing of the strain

WANG Jianlong,ZHAO Xuan,Werner Hegemann,
,赵璇,Wener Hegemann

环境科学学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 从受氯代有机物污染的土壤中富集分离到对2、4-二氯酚具有高效降解能力的微生物混合菌群。实验表明,降解1mol二氯酚可以定量释放出2mol的氯离子,在生物流化床反应器中,以聚胺酯泡沫块为固定化载体吸附固定化微生物,进行了连续降解氯酚的实验研究,当水力停留时间为24h,二氯酚的初始浓度为30μmol/L时,二氯酚的去除率均在90%以上,利用平板划线法从混合微生物菌群中分离到可以利用二氯酚为唯一碳源和能源的纯种微生物,16SrRNA基因序列分析结果表明,该微生物为Rhodococcus属。
The Cauchy problem and steady state solutions for a nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard equation
Jianlong Han
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations , 2004,
Abstract: We study the existence, uniqueness, and continuous dependence on initial data of the solution to the Cauchy problem and steady state solutions of a nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard equation on a bounded domain.
Intervention-point principle of meshless method
JianJun Yang,JianLong Zheng
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2013, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-012-5471-x
Abstract: Meshless method is a type of promising numerical approach. But for the method, the convergence is still lack of common theoretical explanations, and the technique of numerical implementation also remains to be improved. It is worth noting that a kind of uniformly defined intervention point is used in many existing schemes. Therefore, the intervention-point principle is proposed. The viewpoint is likely to give a reasonable explanation for the inaccuracy and instability of the collocation method. Based on the principle, a design process for a new scheme was demonstrated. Some initial numerical tests were also offered. The results have revealed the intervention point to take effect on convergence, suggested a construction concept using intervention point for meshless collocation method, and presented a new scheme of meshless method for application.
Limit Cycles and Integrability in a Class of Systems with High-Order Nilpotent Critical Points
Feng Li,Jianlong Qiu
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/861052
Strongly Goldie Dimension
Liang Shen,Jianlong Chen
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: Let $R$ be an associative ring with identity. A unital right $R$-module $M$ is called strongly finite dimensional if Sup$\{{\rm G.dim} (M/N) | N\leq M\} < +\infty$. Properties of strongly finite dimensional modules are explored. It is also proved that: (1)If $R$ is left $F$-injective and strongly right finite dimensional, then $R$ is left finite dimensional. (2) If $R$ is right $F$-injective, then $R$ is right finite dimensional if and only if $R$ is semilocal. Thus the Faith-Menal conjecture is true if $R$ is strongly right finite dimensional. Some known results are obtained as corollaries.
Two questions of L. Va${\rm \check{\textbf{s}}}$ on *-clean rings
Jianlong Chen,Jian Cui
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: A ring $R$ with an involution * is called (strongly) *-clean if every element of $R$ is the sum of a unit and a projection (that commute). All *-clean rings are clean. Va${\rm \check{s}}$ [L. Va${\rm \check{s}}$, *-Clean rings; some clean and almost clean Baer *-rings and von Neumann algebras, J. Algebra 324 (12) (2010) 3388-3400] asked whether there exists a *-ring that is clean but not *-clean and whether a unit regular and *-regular ring is strongly *-clean. In this paper, we answer both questions by several examples. Moreover, some characterizations of unit regular and *-regular rings are provided.
Small Injective Rings
Liang Shen,Jianlong Chen
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: Let $R$ be a ring, a right ideal $I$ of $R$ is called small if for every proper right ideal $K$ of $R$, $I+K\neq R$. A ring $R$ is called right small injective if every homomorphism from a small right ideal to $R_{R}$ can be extended to an $R$-homomorphism from $R_{R}$ to $R_{R}$. Properties of small injective rings are explored and several new characterizations are given for $QF$ rings and $PF$ rings, respectively.
2-clean rings
Zhou Wang,Jianlong Chen
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: A ring $R$ is said to be $n$-clean if every element can be written as a sum of an idempotent and $n$ units. The class of these rings contains clean ring and $n$-good rings in which each element is a sum of $n$ units. In this paper, we show that for any ring $R$, the endomorphism ring of a free $R$-module of rank at least 2 is 2-clean and that the ring $B(R)$ of all $\omega\times \omega$ row and column-finite matrices over any ring $R$ is 2-clean. Finally, the group ring $RC_{n}$ is considered where $R$ is a local ring. \vskip 0.5cm {\bf Key words:}\quad 2-clean rings, 2-good rings, free modules, row and column-finite matrix rings, group rings.
On countably $Σ$-C2 rings
Liang Shen,Jianlong Chen
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Let $R$ be a ring. $R$ is called a right countably $\Sigma$-C2 ring if every countable direct sum copies of $R_{R}$ is a C2 module. The following are equivalent for a ring $R$: (1) $R$ is a right countably $\Sigma$-C2 ring. (2) The column finite matrix ring $\mathbb{C}\mathbb{F}\mathbb{M}_{\mathbb{N}}(R)$ is a right C2 (or C3) ring. (3) Every countable direct sum copies of $R_{R}$ is a C3 module. (4) Every projective right $R$-module is a C2 (or C3) module. (5) $R$ is a right perfect ring and every finite direct sum copies of $R_{R}$ is a C2 (or C3) module. This shows that right countably $\Sigma$-C2 rings are just the rings whose right finitistic projective dimension r$FPD(R)$=sup\{$Pd_{R}(M)|$ $M$ is a right $R$-module with $Pd_{R}(M)<\infty$\}=0, which were introduced by Hyman Bass in 1960.
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