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Based on the Force Deployment Model of Unascertained Expectation
Jianli Chen
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: In this study, we utilize the unascertained mathematics method to give the unascertained number of countermeasure of anti-terrorism strategic force deployment and unknown event. It has been defined the situation sets of force deployment, condition density and mathematical expectation of density model. It has been given the unascertained parameters Cij which decide and direct the force deployment. Find out the condition density matrix of force deployment, further get the conditional density of single target force deployment, using the maximum density mathematical expectation in order to get the optimal mathematical model of multiple target force deployment. Analyzing the coefficient of model and provide two kinds of discussed computing method. The model overcomes the limitation of past deterministic thinking method which study the force deployment and provide the decision maker a relative substantial theory evidence.
Variational Approach to Impulsive Differential Equations with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions
Chen Huiwen,Li Jianli
Boundary Value Problems , 2010,
Abstract: We study the existence of distinct pairs of nontrivial solutions for impulsive differential equations with Dirichlet boundary conditions by using variational methods and critical point theory.
Variational Approach to Impulsive Differential Equations with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions
Huiwen Chen,Jianli Li
Boundary Value Problems , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/325415
Existence of Multiple Positive Solutions for Third-Order Three-Point Boundary Value Problem  [PDF]
Qiufeng Chen, Jianli Li
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2019.77098
Abstract: In this paper, we study the existence of positive solutions for a class of third-order three-point boundary value problem. By employing the fixed point theorem on cone, some new criteria to ensure the three-point boundary value problem has at least three positive solutions are obtained. An example illustrating our main result is given. Moreover, some previous results will be improved significantly in our paper.
A Study of Self-Burial of a Radioactive Waste Container by Deep Rock Melting
Wenzhen Chen,Jianli Hao,Zhiyun Chen
Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/184757
Abstract: Aiming at the problem of radioactive waste disposal, the concept and mechanism of self-burial by deep rock melting are presented. The rationality and feasibility of self-burial by deep rock melting are analyzed by comparing with deep geological burial. The heat threshold during the process of contact melting around a spherical heat source is defined. The descent velocities and burial depths of spherical waste containers with varying radius are calculated. The calculated depth is much smaller than that obtained in the related literature. The scheme is compared with the deep geological burial that is currently carried out by the main nuclear countries. It is found that, at the end of melting, a radioactive waste container can reach deep strata that are isolated from groundwater. 1. Introduction According to the latest report from the OECD/NEA [1], nuclear energy will be the only choice to replace the carbon fuels and satisfy the global energy needs. However, for nuclear energy, the problem of radioactive waste disposal is inevitable. The problem has existed for more than half a century since the development of the first nuclear power plant. There are available deep geological disposal solutions in France, Sweden, Finland, or USA, but at the moment there is no operating facility available for radioactive waste from civil use of nuclear energy. In 2020 also first disposal operating facility is expected in Finland. At the present time, most of the waste has to be stored temporarily, and the long-term storage has been proven to be safe and efficient. A lot of countries are in process of long-term storage prolongation from 50 to 100 years [1]. The peculiarity and difficulty with the disposal of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) lie in its high radioactivity and longevity. The most popular schemes being researched for waste disposal are the transmutation and the deep geological burial [1]. The transmutation is a type of nuclear reaction, in which a long-life radioactive nuclide is changed into a steady-state or short-lived nuclide so that the amount of radioactive waste is much reduced and its disposal is much simplified. The significance of transmutation also lies in its efficient use of valuable nuclear resources such as 238U and 232Th. However, research on the transmutation has not advanced beyond its earliest stages because of its complexity so that the future of this technology is still unclear. Deep geological burial is one of the most popular schemes at present. In this scheme, the spent fuel should be vitrified and compacted first and then is put into a special
On the Philosophical Construction of Discourse Field of Chinese Character  [PDF]
Jianli Tang
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.54023
Abstract: The generation of Chinese characters, evolution of Chinese characters and the general linkage between the elements of the historical field have constructed the giant discourse field of the Chinese character. The philosophical construction of discourse field of Chinese character provides a new solution for Chinese character research. This paper is based on the Chinese history and reality, beyond the traditional theory of knowledge platform to examine the key value of Chinese characters, revealing the critical points of Chinese characters formation, ideology and value orientation. The relationship between Chinese character formation and thinking, ideology, culture mode, and academic form in a certain historical context is the basis of reconstructing and locating the value of Chinese philosophy.
Autonomy and Intervention in Medical Practice  [PDF]
Jianli Song
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2018.83021
Abstract: Autonomy and intervention are two terms of Political philosophy, and they have always been essentially located polar opposites of each other. But in medical practice, it is problematic to stress alone that either side. We should get rid of abstract liberal individual right thinking and reconsider the relationship between the patients and the physicians in all kinds of real situations. Only if we truly worship and praise for the life, including more moral and humanistic concern in abstract right discourse, the more elastic the ethical decision model will be aroused in current medical practice.
Error Modeling, Calibration, and Nonlinear Interpolation Compensation Method of Ring Laser Gyroscope Inertial Navigation System
Jianli Li,Yanhai Ma,Chen Xiyuan
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/359675
Research on the CORBA Implementation Mechanism of a New Industrialized PL-ISEE
Jianli Dong,Ningguo SHI,Yanyan CHEN
Journal of Software , 2012, DOI: 10.4304/jsw.7.5.1171-1176
Abstract: Borrowing the automation production and management system of modern manufacturing industry production line, a new industrialized PL-ISEE (product line based integrated software engineering environment) architecture was proposed by us in the reference [6]. This kind of new architecture model is a hiberarchy double development environment model with the product line core assets as the software components bus. The upper part on the bus is the software product line development environment to achieve the assembly line production of software products; under the bus is a traditional software development environment to achieve the development of core asset component source program and related documents. For this new PL-ISEE model, its implementation framework and mechanisms as well as methods based on the CORBA are further proposed and studied in this paper. Such the implementation of the new PL-ISEE and own developing abilities are similar to the assembly line and management system of modern manufacturing industry, and it will be an ideal production environment of computer software industry and pattern of software engineering in the future.
Effect of Heaving Movement on Flow Instability in U-Tubes of Marine Steam Generator under Natural Circulation
Jianli Hao,Wenzhen Chen,De Zhang
Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/432817
Abstract: Under heaving movement conditions, the single phase flow instability in U-tubes is affected by the additional force, which will influence the marine reactor operation. In the present work, one-dimensional thermal-hydraulic model in U-tubes under heaving movement conditions is established, and the critical pressure drop (CPD) and critical mass flow rate (CMFR) which relate to the occurrence of reverse flow in U-tubes are proposed and analyzed. The effects of the heaving period and heaving acceleration amplitude on the flow instability in U-tubes with the different length are discussed. It is shown that (1) the CPD and CMFR are obviously affected by the heaving movement, which means that the reverse flow characteristic in U-tubes will be changed; (2) the fluctuation periods of the CPD and CMFR are the same as the heaving period, but the fluctuation magnitude of them is little affected by the heaving period; (3) the relative changes of CPD and CMFR are the linear function of heaving acceleration amplitude; and (4) the U-tube length has little influence on the relative changes of CPD and CMFR compared with the heaving acceleration amplitude, which means that the heaving movement has little influence on the space distribution of reverse flow in the U-tubes of marine steam generator. 1. Introduction Natural circulation operation is significant for the marine nuclear power plant in terms of passive safety, efficiency, and noise decrease. The operation performance of steam generator (SG) can deeply influence the nuclear power plant safety. Under natural circulation conditions, it is shown that the single phase flow in the parallel U-tubes of SG may be unstable, and reverse flow occurs within some U-tubes [1, 2]. Because of the occurrence of reverse flow, the effective heat transfer area of SG primary side is reduced, and the flow resistance coefficient under the natural circulation is obviously larger than that under the forced circulation. So the actual nature circulation capability of primary loop is lower than the needed value due to the reverse flow in U-tubes, which has negative influence on the operation of the marine nuclear power plant [3]. The flow instability in U-tubes is considered to be a typical Ledinegg-type single phase flow instability [4]. Yang et al. [5] developed a lumped-distribution model to calculate the reverse flow in the inverted U-tubes. Walter and Linzer [6] discussed the influence of the operating pressure on the reverse flow in natural circulation system. They thought that the design procedure for natural circulation systems with
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