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Microstructure and properties of Ag–Ti3SiC2 contact materials prepared by pressureless sintering
Min Zhang,Wu-bian Tian,Pei-gen Zhang,Jian-xiang Ding,Ya-mei Zhang,Zheng-ming Sun
- , 2018, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-018-1629-0
Abstract: Ti3SiC2-reinforced Ag-matrix composites are expected to serve as electrical contacts. In this study, the wettability of Ag on a Ti3SiC2 substrate was measured by the sessile drop method. The Ag–Ti3SiC2 composites were prepared from Ag and Ti3SiC2 powder mixtures by pressureless sintering. The effects of compacting pressure (100–800 MPa), sintering temperature (850–950°C), and soaking time (0.5–2 h) on the microstructure and properties of the Ag–Ti3SiC2 composites were investigated. The experimental results indicated that Ti3SiC2 particulates were uniformly distributed in the Ag matrix, without reactions at the interfaces between the two phases. The prepared Ag–10wt%Ti3SiC2 had a relative density of 95% and an electrical resistivity of 2.76 × 10-3 mΩ·cm when compacted at 800 MPa and sintered at 950°C for 1 h. The incorporation of Ti3SiC2 into Ag was found to improve its hardness without substantially compromising its electrical conductivity; this behavior was attributed to the combination of ceramic and metallic properties of the Ti3SiC2 reinforcement, suggesting its potential application in electrical contacts.
The construction of plant expression vector of S1 gene of avian infectious branchitis virus

WU Jian-xiang,ZHOU Ji-yong,CHENG Li-qin,SHEN Xing-yan,DING Hong-mei,

浙江大学学报(农业与生命科学版) , 2001,
Abstract: The S1 gene of avian infectious bronchitis virus (ZJ971 strain) was amplified by polymerase chain reaction with special primers containing XbalI and BamHI. The purified PCR product was digested by the restricted enzyme XbalI and BamHI. The digested and purified S1 gene of infectious bronchitis virus was cloned into plant expression vector pBI121. The result shows that pBI121 with S1 gene was successfully transferred into Agrobacterium tume faciens (Aotumefaciens) with methods of PCR and restricted enzymes.
Intelligentization Problems Research for Space-Ground Large System

FENG Jian-xiang,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2000,
Abstract: This paper proposes an intelligentization concept and describes intelligentization problems about space\|ground large system. A space\|ground large intelligentization system architecture is discussed.
Transcriptomic Analysis of Cadmium Stress Response in the Heavy Metal Hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii Hance
Jun Gao, Ling Sun, Xiaoe Yang, Jian-Xiang Liu
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0064643
Abstract: The Sedum alfredii Hance hyperaccumulating ecotype (HE) has the ability to hyperaccumulate cadmium (Cd), as well as zinc (Zn) and lead (Pb) in above-ground tissues. Although many physiological studies have been conducted with these plants, the molecular mechanisms underlying their hyper-tolerance to heavy metals are largely unknown. Here we report on the generation of 9.4 gigabases of adaptor-trimmed raw sequences and the assembly of 57,162 transcript contigs in S. alfredii Hance (HE) shoots by the combination of Roche 454 and Illumina/Solexa deep sequencing technologies. We also have functionally annotated the transcriptome and analyzed the transcriptome changes upon Cd hyperaccumulation in S. alfredii Hance (HE) shoots. There are 110 contigs and 123 contigs that were up-regulated (Fold Change ≧2.0) and down-regulated (Fold Change ≦0.5) by chronic Cd treatment in S. alfredii Hance (HE) at q-value cutoff of 0.005, respectively. Quantitative RT-PCR was employed to compare gene expression patterns between S. alfredii Hance (HE) and non-hyperaccumulating ecotype (NHE). Our results demonstrated that several genes involved in cell wall modification, metal translocation and remobilization were more induced or constitutively expressed at higher levels in HE shoots than that in NHE shoots in response to Cd exposure. Together, our study provides large-scale expressed sequence information and genome-wide transcriptome profiling of Cd responses in S. alfredii Hance (HE) shoots.
LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Zircon Dating and Geochemistry of the Devonian Granites from the Middle Kelan River Valley of Altay in Xinjiang
新疆阿尔泰克兰河中游泥盆纪花岗岩锆石LA-ICP-MS U-Pb年龄及地球化学特征

LIU Guo-ren,DONG Lian-hui,GAO Fu-ping,CHEN Jian-xiang,ZHAO Hu,WANG Ding-sheng,SONG Zhi-yong,HE Li-xin,QIN Ji-hua,

地球学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 克兰河中游英云闪长岩和二长花岗岩的锆石LA-ICP-MS U-Pb年龄分别为400±2.3Ma(MSDW=1.1)和401±3.3 Ma(MSDW=1.2), 表明岩体侵位于早泥盆世早期, 同时也暗示了岩体围岩康布铁堡组地层的形成时代早于401 Ma。所有花岗质岩石具有高的SiO2(67.80%~76.54%)和Al2O3(12.39%~16.07%)含量, 低P2O5 (0.02%~0.17%)和MgO+FeO(2.22%~5.12%)含量, 富碱(K2O+Na2O=5.58%~8.25%), 具有低的CaO/Na2O (<0.3)比值和高的A/CNK值(0.96~1.39); 富集LREE和Th、U, 贫Ba、P、Sr、Ti、Nb, 呈现明显的Eu负异常(δEu=0.22~0.73)。以上特征表明该岩体属钙碱性准铝质-过铝质岩类, 具有岛弧花岗岩的典型特征。结合阿尔泰南缘的区域地质背景综合分析, 推测岩体形成于活动大陆边缘环境, 是在俯冲作用过程中由变泥质岩和变质杂砂岩脱水熔融的产物, 在部分熔融过程中有磷灰石、斜长石、钛铁矿等矿物的残留。
A Model with Regularity for Open Pit Mine Short Term Production Scheduling

LI Jian-xiang,WU Hui-jiang,TANG Li-xin,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2005,
Abstract: 为了解决数学优化方法得到的露天矿短期生产调度的现实不可行性,引入开采区域规整性用以表示模型结果的现实可行性,并提出基于周长的规整性测度.将该规整性测度作为目标函数添加到一般的露天矿短期生产调度模型中,建立了具有现实性目标的露天矿短期调度模型.使用点估计加权和方法和 LINGO建模并求解,实验结果表明新建立的模型能够得到现实可行的露天矿短期调度.
Production and application of monoclonal antibodies against Potato virus X

WU Jian-xiang,ZHOU Xue-ping,

浙江大学学报(农业与生命科学版) , 2005,
Abstract: 用马铃薯X病毒(Potato virus X,PVX)免疫的BALB/C鼠脾细胞与SP2/0鼠骨髓瘤细胞融合,经筛选克隆,获得2株能稳定传代并分泌抗PVX单克隆抗体(MAb)的杂交瘤细胞2B12和4E7,并分别制备它们的单抗腹水.2株单克隆抗体腹水间接ELISA效价在10-6以上,2B12和4E7的抗体类型及亚类均为IgG1,轻链均为κ链.利用这些单克隆抗体建立了抗原包被的间接ELISA(ACP-ELISA)检测PVX的方法.病叶经1:600倍稀释、提纯PVX病毒浓度为2 ng/mL(每孔的病毒绝对量为0.2 ng)时,该方法仍能检测到病毒.利用ACP-ELISA方法测定了田间样品,发现PVX在马铃薯上发病很普遍.
Invisible anti-cloak with elliptic cross section using phase complement

Yang Yu-Qi,Zhang Min,Yue Jian-Xiang,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: Based on the theory of phase complement, an anti-cloak with circular cross section can be made invisible to an object outside its domain. As the cloak with elliptic cross section is more effective to make objects invisible than that with circular cross section, a scaled coordinate system is proposed to design equivalent materials of invisible anti-cloak with elliptic cross section using phase complement. The cloaks with conventional dielectric and double negative parameters are both simulated with the geometrical transformations. The results show that the cloak with elliptic cross section through phase complement can effectively hide the outside objects.
Framing and implementation of distributive population information system

ZHOU Li,LU Ji,WEI Jian-xiang,

计算机应用 , 2007,
Abstract: To make full use of current population information resources and meet the demand of setting up a distributive population information management system, this paper put forward a three-layer structure information integration model of distribution population system by using Web services technology. The paper analyzed management mechanism and information processing process on all layers of the model, and solved the information integration problem between users such as the differences in system languages, platforms, protocol and data structures. Besides, based on the construction model, this paper discussed a programming technique, which developed a corresponding system by taking advantage of Java's cross-platform function, the powerful exchanging ability of the Internet and the powerful linking capability of database.
Toxicity of spinosad to Plutella xylostella (L.) and its natural enemies

XU Jian-Xiang,QIAO Jing,ZHONG Chong- Xiang,
,乔 静,仲崇翔

中国生态农业学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The toxicities of spinosad to Plutella xylostella and its natural enemies are evaluated in this paper. The results show that spinosad has a high toxicity to P. xylostella and a high efficacy against the pest in fields. Spinosad has a lethal effect on Paederus fuscipes and C. plutellae, but no significant effect on Lycosa psedoannulata. For C. plutellae, the treatment with 1000 times dilution of 2.5% CAIXI causes its mortality of 62.2% after 24h and 88.7% after 36h. The side-effects of spinosad on parasitoid of P. xylostella are very high and should be considered when the pesticide is used.
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