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Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos of Microcantilever-Based TM-AFMs with Squeeze Film Damping Effects
Wen-Ming Zhang,Guang Meng,Jian-Bin Zhou,Jie-Yu Chen
Sensors , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/s90503854
Abstract: In Atomic force microscope (AFM) examination of a vibrating microcantilever, the nonlinear tip-sample interaction would greatly influence the dynamics of the cantilever. In this paper, the nonlinear dynamics and chaos of a tip-sample dynamic system being run in the tapping mode (TM) were investigated by considering the effects of hydrodynamic loading and squeeze film damping. The microcantilever was modeled as a spring-mass-damping system and the interaction between the tip and the sample was described by the Lennard-Jones (LJ) potential. The fundamental frequency and quality factor were calculated from the transient oscillations of the microcantilever vibrating in air. Numerical simulations were carried out to study the coupled nonlinear dynamic system using the bifurcation diagram, Poincaré maps, largest Lyapunov exponent, phase portraits and time histories. Results indicated the occurrence of periodic and chaotic motions and provided a comprehensive understanding of the hydrodynamic loading of microcantilevers. It was demonstrated that the coupled dynamic system will experience complex nonlinear oscillation as the system parameters change and the effect of squeeze film damping is not negligible on the micro-scale.
Nitrogen released from different plant residues of the Loess Plateau and their additions on contents of microbial biomass carbon, nitrogen in soil

Jian-Bin Zhou,Xing-Li Chen,Ying-Li Zhang,Jian-Liang Liu,

生态学报 , 2010,
Inhibition of Arterial Allograft Intimal Hyperplasia Using Recipient Dendritic Cells Pretreated with B7 Antisense Peptide
Yu-Feng Yao,Yi-Ming Zhou,Jian-Bin Xiang,Xiao-Dong Gu,Duan Cai
Clinical and Developmental Immunology , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/892687
Abstract: Background. Low expression or absence of dendritic cell (DC) surface B7 molecules can induce immune tolerance or hyporesponse. Whether DCs could induce indirect allogeneic-specific cross-tolerance or hyporesponse to recipient T cells remains unclear. Methods. Generated from C3H/He mice bone marrow cells pulsed with donor antigen from C57BL/6 mice, recipient DCs were incubated with B7 antisense peptide (B7AP). Immune regulatory activities were examined in vitro by a series of mixed lymphocyte reactions. Murine allogeneic carotid artery orthotopic transplantation was performed from C57BL/6 to C3H/He. Recipients were given B7AP-treated DCs 7 days before transplantation. Allograft pathological analysis was done 2 months after transplantation. Results. B7AP-pretreated DCs markedly inhibited T-cell proliferation compared with untreated group. Pretreated T cells exhibited markedly reduced response to alloantigen versus third-party antigen. Pathological analysis of arterial allografts demonstrated significant reduction of intimal hyperplasia in B7-AP pretreated group versus control. Conclusion. Blockade of B7 molecules by B7AP could induce indirect allogeneic-specific hyporesponse and inhibit arterial allograft intimal hyperplasia, which may be involved in future strategies for human allograft chronic rejection.
Synthesis of Hydrotalcite-like Compound Pillared by Hetero-polyacid Anions in a Hydrothermal System
HUI Jian-bin,LIU Qing-fen,MA Yong-xiang,LIU Hui-zhou,LI Lian-sheng,XU Ru-Ren,
HUI Jian-bin
,LIU Qing-fen,MA Yong-xiang

过程工程学报 , 2001,
Abstract: Hetero-polyacid anions (PW12O403()-pillared hydrotalcite-like compound is directly and hydrothermally synthesized by the hot solution method. FTIR and XRD show that PW12O403( has been incorporated into the interstitial space with the dimension of 0.917 nm. The state of PW12O403( anion between the hydrotalcite sheets was also discussed. The title product can be expressed by formula Zn0.68Al0.32(OH)2](PW12O40] 0.11(3H2O after a serious study of TGA and chemical analysis.
Effects of long-term fertilization and fallowing on soil nitrogen mineralization and exogenous NO3--N transformation.

AI Na,ZHOU Jian-bin,YANG Xue-yun,LIANG Bin,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 以黄土高原南部17年长期定位试验不同处理土壤为研究对象,研究了不同肥料处理及撂荒条件下土壤氮素矿化特性、灭菌与不灭菌条件下不同肥力土壤对施入外源硝态氮转化的影响.结果表明:氮磷钾化肥和有机肥配施(MNPK)及长期撂荒处理显著提高了土壤有机质和全氮含量以及土壤氮素矿化量和矿化率;氮磷钾化肥(NPK)处理虽然提高了土壤无机氮含量,但对土壤有机质、全氮、土壤氮素矿化量和矿化率的影响相对较小.高温高压灭菌显著增加了土壤铵态氮含量,但对不同处理土壤硝态氮含量无明显影响;在灭菌土壤培养过程中,土壤铵态氮含量呈显著增加趋势.同一土壤类型,不论灭菌与否,培养过程中施入土壤的硝态氮含量保持相对稳定,说明在本研究培养条件下,生物因素和非生物因素对外源硝态氮在土壤中的转化无明显影响.
Effect of different crop rotation systems and continuous fallow on soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen under different fertilizer treatments

LIANG Bin,ZHOU Jian-Bin,YANG Xue-Yun,AI Na,

中国生态农业学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Crop rotation affects the amount and quality of crop residue returned into the soil. In this study, a 17-year long-term field experiment was conducted to study the effect of different crop rotation systems continuous fallow(CF), wheat and summer fallow (WF), and wheat and maize rotation (WM)] under various fertilization treatments on the contents of soil microbial biomass carbon (SMBC), soil microbial biomass nitrogen (SMBN), soluble organic carbon (SOC) and soluble organic nitrogen (SON). Compared with WF rotation, WM rotation increases SMBC, SMBN, SOC, SON, total organic carbon (TOC) and total nitrogen (TN) contents in the 0~10 cm layer soil, but this is not so obvious in the 10~20 cm soil layer. CF also significantly increases SMBC, SMBN, SOC, SON, TOC and TN contents in the 0~10 cm soil layer in comparison with treatments without fertilizer (CK) or with chemical fertilizer (NPK) under both WF and WM rotations. The effect of different fertilizer treatments on the level of SMBC, SMBN, SOC and SON is in the following order: MNPK>NPK>CK. Crop rotation systems and fertilizer treatments have insignificant effect on SMBC/TOC and SMBN/TN ratios in the soil.
Contents and biodegradation of soluble organic carbon in different plant residues from the Loess Plateau

Wang Chun-Yang,Zhou Jian-Bin,Wang Xiang,Xia Zhi-Min,
Wang CY
,Zhou JB,Wang X,Xia ZM

环境科学 , 2011,
Abstract: Soluble organic carbon (SOC) in plant residues extracted by water or different extractants is an active component, and has important roles in carbon and nitrogen biogeochemical process in soil ecosystem. Reestablishing the vegetation on the Loess Plateau is changing the types and amounts of the plant residues into soil ecosystem. Therefore, our objective was to evaluate the contents and biodegradation of SOC of residues of different species from this region. Six species of plant residues were sampled from Shenmu, North of the Loess Plateau, and the contents of SOC in two sizes residues (2 mm and 1 cm length) was extracted with two extractants (distilled water and 0.01 mol x L(-1) CaCl2). And a 7-day incubation experiment (25 degrees C) was conducted to compare the biodegradability of SOC of the different plant residues. The contents of SOC in the different plant species ranged from 4.21 g x kg(-1) to 76.25 g x kg(-1), and the rates of SOC to total carbon (SOC/TC) of the plant residues were in range of 0.99% and 19.84%. The order about the average content of SOC and SOC/TC of the different plant species was trees > shrubs > grasses. After 7-day of incubation, rates of biodegradation of SOC in different plant residues ranged from 34. 7% to 75. 1% (averaged 56.3%). The proportion of complex structure SOC increased significantly in solution at the end of incubation, indicated the rapid biodegradation of labile composition in the residues.
Adsorption characteristics of soluble organic carbon and nitrogen in two cultivated soils

ZHAO Man-xing,ZHOU Jian-bin,CHEN Zhu-jun,ZHENG Xian-feng,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: In this paper, soluble organic carbon (SOC) and nitrogen (SON) were extracted from manure, and their adsorption characteristics in Argosols and Anthrosols in Guanzhong region of Shaanxi Province were investigated. The results showed that the adsorption of SON and SOC in the two soils could be fitted by initial mass isotherm model, and the adsorbed amounts of SON and SOC had a significant linear relationship with the initial concentrations of SON and SOC added into soils. The partition coefficient, m of the initial mass isotherm model, indicated that Argosols had a higher adsorbility than Anthrosols. The average adsorption rates of SON and SOC in Anthrosols were 24.3% and 18.8%, and those in Argosols were 38.3% and 18.6%, respectively. The low adsorption rates of SON and SOC indicated their high mobility in the two soils, and more SON was adsorbed than SOC suggested the higher potential of SOC leaching from soil.
Effects of supplementary irrigation, nitrogen fertilizer and straw mulching on the growth and yield of winter wheat

ZHAI Jun-Hai,LIN Li,GAO Ya-Jun,ZHOU Jian-Bin,
,凌 莉,高亚军,周建斌

中国生态农业学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Field experiment was carried out to study the impacts of supplementary irrigation, nitrogen fertilizer and straw mulching on the growth of root, shoot biomass, yield and its characters of winter wheat. The results show that only the application of nitrogen fertilizer has the significant effects on the growth of winter wheat. The straw mulch improves the growth of root and weight of plant biomass when the nitrogen fertilizer is added. The effect of straw mulching is related to water content in soil. When water stress occurs, the mulching has no significant effects on the growth of root; and a further application of nitrogen fertilizer even has negative effects. Whether the supplementary irrigation is added or not, the straw mulching with N-fertilization has a significant interaction on the yield. The combined treatment of irrigation, fertilization and straw mulch has the highest yield among all the treatments.
Microstructure and properties of mullite-based porous ceramics produced from coal fly ash with added Al2O3
Jian-bin Zhu,Hong Yan
- , 2017, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-017-1409-2
Abstract: Using coal fly ash slurry samples supplemented with different amounts of Al2O3, we fabricated mullite-based porous ceramics via a dipping-polymer-replica approach, which is a popular method suitable for industrial application. The microstructure, phase composition, and compressive strength of the sintered samples were investigated. Mullite was identified in all of the prepared materials by X-ray diffraction analysis. The microstructure and compressive strength were strongly influenced by the content of Al2O3. As the Al/Si mole ratio in the starting materials was increased from 0.84 to 2.40, the amount of amorphous phases in the sintered microstructure decreased and the compressive strength of the sintered samples increased. A further increase in the Al2O3 content resulted in a decrease in the compressive strength of the sintered samples. The mullite-based porous ceramic with an Al/Si molar ratio of 2.40 exhibited the highest compressive strength and the greatest shrinkage among the investigated samples prepared using coal fly ash as the main starting material.
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