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Remediation of Pb-Resistant Bacteria to Pb Polluted Soil  [PDF]
Bao Chen, Jia-nan Liu, Zheng Wang, Lei Dong, Jing-hua Fan, Juan-juan Qu
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2011.22015
Abstract: To show the remediation of Pb-resistant bacteria to Pb polluted soil, several indices including microbial counts, soil enzyme activity, microbial community diversity and soil Pb concentration were investigated. Two Pb-resistant bacteria were filtrated and identified by previous study as Bacillus pumilus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (GeneBank Accession No. FJ402988 and GU017676) and inoculated to soil planted with cabbages. Soil with different Pb application rates were incubated for a period of 0, 12, 24, 36, 48 days in greenhouse. Results indicated the count of bacteria in 1000 mg/kg Pb treated soil greatly affected by inoculating Pb-resistant bacteria, which was raised about 237% and 347% compared with control. Soil urease and invertase were intensified 37.9% and 65.6% after inoculation compared with control. Phosphatase activity was inhibited by inoculation of Bacillus pumilus. Catalase activity was intensified about 64.2% in 24 days incubation but decrease in the following days. Microbial community diversity analyzed by polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (PCR-DGGE) also proved that the samples inoculated with Pb-resistant bacteria exhibited more bands and intensity in DGGE patterns compared with uninoculated ones. For Pb-resistant bacteria inoculated samples, the reduction of Pb concentration in rhizospheric soil was 15 mg/kg at least and 42 mg/kg at most, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa showed a better tolerance to high Pb concentration and stronger remediation ability. It was concluded that remediation of Pb polluted soil can be promoted by the two Pb-resistant bacteria.
Preparation of ultrafine silica from potash feldspar using sodium carbonate roasting technology
Jia-nan Liu,Xiao-yi Shen,Yan Wu,Jun Zhang,Yu-chun Zhai
- , 2016, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-016-1313-1
Abstract: A novel process was developed for the preparation of ultrafine silica from potash feldspar. In the first step, potash feldspar was roasted with Na2CO3 and was followed by leaching using NaOH solution to increase the levels of potassium, sodium, and aluminum in the solid residue. The leaching solution was then carbonated to yield ultrafine silica. The optimized reaction conditions in the roasting process were as follows: an Na2CO3-to-potash feldspar molar ratio of 1.1, a reaction temperature of 875°C, and a reaction time of 1.5 h. Under these conditions, the extraction rate of SiO2 was 98.13%. The optimized carbonation conditions included a final solution pH value of 9.0, a temperature of 40°C, a CO2 flow rate of 6 mL/min, a stirring intensity of 600 r/min, and an ethanol-to-water volume ratio of 1:9. The precipitation rate and granularity of the SiO2 particles were 99.63% and 200 nm, respectively. We confirmed the quality of the obtained ultrafine silica by comparing the recorded indexes with those specified in Chinese National Standard GB 25576―2010.
Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks by Singular Value Decomposition and Gravitation Field Algorithm
Ming Zheng, Jia-nan Wu, Yan-xin Huang, Gui-xia Liu, You Zhou, Chun-guang Zhou
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0051141
Abstract: Reconstruction of gene regulatory networks (GRNs) is of utmost interest and has become a challenge computational problem in system biology. However, every existing inference algorithm from gene expression profiles has its own advantages and disadvantages. In particular, the effectiveness and efficiency of every previous algorithm is not high enough. In this work, we proposed a novel inference algorithm from gene expression data based on differential equation model. In this algorithm, two methods were included for inferring GRNs. Before reconstructing GRNs, singular value decomposition method was used to decompose gene expression data, determine the algorithm solution space, and get all candidate solutions of GRNs. In these generated family of candidate solutions, gravitation field algorithm was modified to infer GRNs, used to optimize the criteria of differential equation model, and search the best network structure result. The proposed algorithm is validated on both the simulated scale-free network and real benchmark gene regulatory network in networks database. Both the Bayesian method and the traditional differential equation model were also used to infer GRNs, and the results were used to compare with the proposed algorithm in our work. And genetic algorithm and simulated annealing were also used to evaluate gravitation field algorithm. The cross-validation results confirmed the effectiveness of our algorithm, which outperforms significantly other previous algorithms.
Directed Evolution of D-lactonohydrolase by Error Prone PCR and DNA Shuffling

LIU Zhi-Qiang,SUN Zhi-Hao,ZHENG Pu,LENG Yong,QIAN Jia-Nan,

生物工程学报 , 2005,
Abstract: D-lactonohydrolase is useful in the procedure of resolution of racemic pantolactone to produce D-pantolactone, but the activity and stability under low pH of the wild type enzyme is not satisfactory enough to be applied to industrial production. The expected properties of wild type enzyme were enhanced by directed evolution. According to the formation of products and pH indicators, a screening system was designed. After three sequential error prone PCR and one round DNA shuffling followed by screening, Mut E-861, the best mutant with improved activity and stability under low pH situation was obtained. Gene analysis of the Mut E-861 mutant indicated that the mutant enzyme had A352C, G721A mutations and a silent mutation of position 1038. Moreover, the activity and stability of Mut E-861 were determined. The results showed that the activity of this mutant was 5.5-fold higher than that of wild type, and the stability under low pH was improved at no expense of D-lactonohydrolase activity. After incubated at pH 6.0 and pH 5.0 the activity of D-lactonohydrolase could be retained 75% to 50%, however, compared with 40% to 20% for wild type.
Compression of Fully-Connected Layer in Neural Network by Kronecker Product
Shuchang Zhou,Jia-Nan Wu
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper we propose and study a technique to reduce the number of parameters and computation time in fully-connected layers of neural networks using Kronecker product, at a mild cost of the prediction quality. The technique proceeds by replacing Fully-Connected layers with so-called Kronecker Fully-Connected layers, where the weight matrices of the FC layers are approximated by linear combinations of multiple Kronecker products of smaller matrices. In particular, given a model trained on SVHN dataset, we are able to construct a new KFC model with 73\% reduction in total number of parameters, while the error only rises mildly. In contrast, using low-rank method can only achieve 35\% reduction in total number of parameters given similar quality degradation allowance. If we only compare the KFC layer with its counterpart fully-connected layer, the reduction in the number of parameters exceeds 99\%. The amount of computation is also reduced as we replace matrix product of the large matrices in FC layers with matrix products of a few smaller matrices in KFC layers. Further experiments on MNIST, SVHN and some Chinese Character recognition models also demonstrate effectiveness of our technique.
Analysis of deformation-strain characteristics of the northeast margin of Qinghai-Tibet Block using the RELSM model based on the GPS velocity field

QU Wei,ZHANG Qin,ZHANG Dong-ju,LIU Zhong,ZHANG Xian-yun,GUAN Jia-nan,

地球物理学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: 利用青藏块体东北缘地区1999~2001年GPS观测获得的地壳水平运动速率场,通过对该地区进行块体划分,将该地区划分为9个块体,应用块体的整体旋转线性应变模型(RELSM)估计了各个块体的旋转与应变参数,以及计算了该地区内143个GPS站点的应变参数,以此分析了该地区的应变场的基本特征,结果表明:①阿拉善块体s较稳定,其旋转角为0.630×10-8,运动速率为0.688 mm/a,②相比其他块体,共和块体旋转角最大达到了6.589×10-8 ,运动速率达到了7.296 mm/a,③应变高值区主要集中在祁连山断裂,海原断裂等,在这些地区最大剪应变率达到了7.5×10-8、面膨胀率达到了-2.5×10-8、主压应变达到了-6×10-8.
绿鳍马面鲀(Thamnaconus modestus)仔、稚鱼生长发育特征研究

GUAN Jian,CHEN Zhi-Xin,ZHANG Jia-Nan,GUAN Shu-Guang,ZHENG Yong-Yun,WEN Hai-Shen,LIU Hong-Jun,
关 健

海洋与湖沼 , 2011,
Abstract: 在对绿鳍马面 苗种人工培育技术进行研究的过程中, 采用显微观察、拍照、测量的方法, 对其早期生活史进行了研究。结果表明, 在沙滤自然海水、水温由前期的 22℃逐渐升至 25℃、光照1000—2000 lx 的培育条件下, 鲀 绿鳍马面 早期生活史如下: 0—2dph 为卵黄囊仔鱼, 营内源性营养; 3dph开口摄食, 7dph出现鳔器官, 3—18dph为前弯曲期仔鱼; 19dph脊索末端向上弯曲, 19—24dph为弯曲期仔鱼, 25dph 尾鳍健全, 25—31dph 为后弯曲期仔鱼; 32dph 后各鳍的鳍条和鳞被基本发育健全, 进入稚鱼期。描述了在早期发育过程中体表色素的分布及形态变化、吻部等的发育、变化过程, 并测定生长参数。
New Information on the Coal Series of Gigantopterid

Hu yu-fan,zhu Jia-nan,

植物学报 , 1990,
Allergenic pollen plants and their influencing factors in urban area


生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Due to unsuitable green space construction,abundant allergenic pollen plants are centralized in urban area,producing allergenic pollens.A mass of airborne allergenic pollens could cause pollinosis badly influencing people's robustness.To provide scientific base for reasonable virescence construction,the research advances of allergenic pollen plants were reviewed.Firstly,species composition,phonological characteristics and influencing factors,which include unsuitable green land construction,urban heat island effect,traffic pollution,etc,were summarized.Secondly,the strategies controlling allergenic pollen plants were given out.Thirdly,some problems on allergenic plants worthy of more research,including allergenic mechanism and methodology,were also put forward.
Species composition, distribution and phenological characters of pollen-allergenic plants in Beijing urban area

OUYANG Zhi-yun,XIN Jia-nan,ZHENG Hua,MENG Xue-song,WANG Xiao-ke,

应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: In order to know the species composition,distribution pattern,and phenological characteristics of pollen-allergenic plants in Beijing urban area,an investigation was made,combined with literature survey and experts interviews.The results showed that within the fifth ring of Beijing,there were 99 pollen-allergenic plant species belonging to 32 genera and 19 families,among which,52 species were native plants,accounting for 52.5% of the total,26 species were introduced from other regions of China,occupying 26.3% of the total,and 21 species were introduced from foreign countries,being 21.2% of the total.The 32 genera of pollen-allergenic plants in Beijing urban area were mainly North Temperate elements,occupying 40.6%,followed by Cosmopolitan and Pantropic elements.In all functional sections of Beijing urban area,the pollen-allergenic plants were most diversified in urban parks,and had the highest proportion in street tree species.The coverage of herbs with strong pollen allergy was in the order of waste lands> gym centers and institution yards> greenbelts> parks> residential areas> squares.The blooming period of pollen-allergenic arbors in Beijing urban area was concentrated in March and April,while that of pollen-allergenic herbs was from July to September.
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