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A Novel Algorithm for Color Space Conversion Model from CMYK to LAB
Juan-li Hu,Jia-bing Deng,Shan-shan Zou
Journal of Multimedia , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jmm.5.2.159-166
Abstract: Color space conversion has become a very important role in the image acquisition, display and the transmission of the color information in the replication. Printers and Image setter express color by CMYK space. But if color is edited and corrected in the CMYK space, it will cause a greater loss of color, and the Computing of computer will also be slowed down. So it often needs to be converted to a LAB uniform color space. Among the previous conversion methods, there is a widespread problem that is dark color tones is a little larger. In view of the problem above, we put forward a non-uniform segmentation method: with Prism geometry linear interpolation method and Pyramid linear geometry interpolation method, doing color modeling for color inkjet printer, realizing the conversion of CMYK and LAB (positive) color space; Meanwhile, we explore technical difficulties and the realization process of this method and give a comparison with these two testing results. Through the analysis of the results of the modeling, it can be seen that: The feature of these tow color space conversion methods we proposed in this paper is small in chromatic aberration, effective and simple. This method can also be applied to other color space conversion.
Research on Knowledge Markup and Automated Reasoning Web Service

WANG Jia-Bing,ZHANG Jun,PENG Hong,

计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: The knowledge representation and automated reasoning on the Web are an important issue for artificial intelligence community. In order to provide automated reasoning community with a uniform format of knowledge representation, a many-sorted knowledge mark
Finite-time Control of Linear Singular Systems with Parametric Uncertainties and Disturbances

FENG Jun-E,WU Zhen,SUN Jia-Bing,

自动化学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The concept of finite-time stability for linear singular system is induced in this paper.Finite-time control problem is considered for linear singular systems with time-varying parametricuncertainties and exogenous disturbances. The disturbance satisfies a dynamical system with para-metric uncertainties. A su?cient condition is presented for robust finite-time stabilization via statefeedback. The condition is translated to a feasibility problem involving restricted linear matrix in-equalities (LMIs). A detailed solving method is proposed for the restricted linear matrix inequalities.Finally, an example is given to show the validity of the results.
Data Fusion Techniques for Multisources Remotely Sensed Imagery

JIA Yong-hong,LI De-ren,SUN Jia-bing,

遥感技术与应用 , 2000,
Abstract: Techniques for data fusion in multisources remotely sensed imagery are reviewed.Representation of information,framework,algorithms,control and applications of fusion are included.Problems,possibilities and prospects of data fusion are discussed in conclusion.
Direct-Path Cancellation to FM Broadcast Transmitter Radar Based on Adaptive Fractional Delay Estimation

Zhu Jia-bing,Hong Yi,Tao Liang,Lu Jia-guo,

电子与信息学报 , 2007,
Abstract: One of the major problems in continuous wave bistatic radar is direct-path interference. Conventional solutions to this problem is the use of an adaptive antenna, steering null towards the interference. Unfortunately the null depth obtained by this technology is not enough for surveillance radar. First of all, direct-path interference appeared in bistatic radar based on FM broadcast transmitter is analyzed in the paper; Secondly, a solution based on adaptive fractional delay estimation is introduced how to deal with this problem; Finally, a bistatic radar experimental system based on FM broadcast transmitter is discussed. Simulation results with real collected data show applying the method has better the performance of target detection.
Immune Responses Following Mouse Peripheral Nerve Xenotransplantation in Rats
Lai-Jin Lu,Jia-Bing Sun,Zhi-Gang Liu,Xu Gong,Jian-Li Cui,Xi-Guang Sun
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/412598
Abstract: Xenotransplantation offers a potentially unlimited source for tissues and organs for transplantation, but the strong xenoimmune responses pose a major obstacle to its application in the clinic. In this study, we investigate the rejection of mouse peripheral nerve xenografts in rats. Severe intragraft mononuclear cell infiltration, graft distension, and necrosis were detected in the recipients as early as 2 weeks after mouse nerve xenotransplantation. The number of axons in xenografts reduced progressively and became almost undetectable at week 8. However, mouse nerve xenotransplantation only led to a transient and moderate increase in the production of Th1 cytokines, including IL-2, IFN-, and TNF-. The data implicate that cellular immune responses play a critical role in nerve xenograft rejection but that further identification of the major effector cells mediating the rejection is required for developing effective means to prevent peripheral nerve xenograft rejection.
Beclin-1 Expression Is a Significant Predictor of Survival in Patients with Lymph Node-Positive Gastric Cancer
Qi-Rong Geng, Da-Zhi Xu, Long-Jun He, Jia-Bing Lu, Zhi-Wei Zhou, You-Qing Zhan, Yue Lu
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0045968
Abstract: Background Beclin 1 is a main actor of autophagy. The expression of Beclin 1 and its prognostic role in gastric cancer is largely unexplored. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the expression of beclin 1 in gastric cancer cells, tissues and its relationship with prognosis. Methods The expression of Beclin 1 was detected in 271 specimens of lymph-node positive gastric cancer patients by immunohistochemistry. The correlation of Beclin 1 expression to clinicopathologic features and survival of gastric cancer was studied. Beclin-1 expression in gastric cancer cell lines and clinical specimens is also detected using reverse transcription-PCR and Western blotting. Results Beclin 1 is up-regulated at both mRNA and protein levels in six gastric cancer cell lines compared with those in normal gastric mucosa cell line (GES-1). The expression of Beclin-1 in gastric clinical specimens is also higher than those in the adjacent noncancerous tissues. Of the 271 patients, 229 (84.5%) were Beclin 1 high expression tumors by immunohistochemistry. Beclin 1 expression is closely associated with intravascular embolus. Kaplan-Meier analysis showed high beclin 1 expression was associated with longer overall survival. Both univariate analysis and multivariate analysis revealed that Beclin 1 expression were independent prognostic factors in the patients with node-positive gastric cancer. Conclusions Our findings strongly suggest that Beclin 1 has a potential role in tumorigenesis of gastric cancer and could be a promising biomarker for predicting the prognosis of patients with lymph node-positive gastric cancer. It might also serve as a novel therapeutic target for gastric cancer treatment.
Temperature effect of broadleaved-Korean pine(Pinus koraiensis)mixed forest in Changbai Mountains

DU Ying,GUAN De-xin,YIN Hong,WU Jia-bing,

生态学杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: 森林温度特征的研究是揭示森林生态系统功能、评估森林环境效益的基础.对2004年长白山阔叶红松林林内外空气温度和土壤温度进行了观测,结果表明:林内外空气温度、土壤温度明显不同.白天林内气温一般低于林外,夜间高于林外.昼间气温差夏季较大,7月平均差值为1.6 ℃;夜间气温差冬季较大,1月平均差值为1.5℃.空气温度和土壤温度的日振幅总是林内小于林外,7月空气温度日振幅林内比林外低1.7℃,4月土壤温度日振幅林内比林外低5.8℃.
Spatiotemporal characteristics of photosynthetically active radiation in understory of Korean pine and broadleaved mixed forest in Changbai Mountains.

YUAN Feng-hui,GUAN De-xin,WU Jia-bing,WANG An-zhi,SHI Ting-ting,ZHANG Xiao-jing,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Based on the data of three years successive automatic measurement with five horizontal quantum PAR sensors, this paper studied the spatiotemporal characteristics of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in the understory of Korean pine and broadleaved mixed forest in Changbai Mountains, in contrast with above-canopy PAR. It was found that the annual dynamics of above-canopy PAR showed two or more peaks, which was mainly affected by the weather conditions such as cloudy, foggy and rainy events. The annual dynamics of understory PAR followed the same trend of above-canopy PAR in non-growth season, but was steady and lower in numerical value in growth season. On clear days, larger differences were observed in the diurnal variation and frequency distribution of the understory PAR. As for the spatial variation of the understory PAR, the coefficient of variation (CV) was smaller in non-growth season (about 0.15) than in growth season (> 0.22), with the greatest in August. On the clear days in growth season, the understory PAR had a greater spatial variation when the solar elevation angle was between 38 degrees and 48 degrees (at 9:00-10:00 or 13:00-14:00).
Interdecadal Variation of the Relationship between AO and Winter Precipitation in China

SHUAI Jia-bing,GUO Pin-wen,PANG Zi-qin,

高原气象 , 2010,
Abstract: 利用NCEP/NCAR再分析资料、 AO指数序列、 全球SST资料以及全国160站月降水量资料, 分析了1951/1952-2007/2008年我国冬季降水与AO指数的相互关系及其年代际变化。结果表明, 我国冬季降水与AO的相关关系在1978/1979-1989/1990年非常显著。通过回归分析得出, 1978/1979-1989/1990年AO与500 hPa东亚大槽密切相关, 当AO偏强时, 东亚大槽偏弱, 西伯利亚高压偏弱, 冬季风偏弱, 低层我国东北地区有一异常反气旋, 异常环流西南侧偏南、 偏东风分量增强, 有利于从西北太平洋和孟加拉湾向我国中部、 东部输送水汽, 影响冬季降水。东赤道太平洋SST可能对我国冬季降水与AO关系年代际变化有影响, 当降水与AO的相关关系偏强时, 降水与SST的相关关系则偏弱; 1951/1952-1977/1978年和1990/1991-2007/2008年, SST与500 hPa副热带高压密切相关, 当SST偏高时, 副热带高压偏强, 低层我国东部沿海、 南海地区南风分量偏强, 有利于向我国东南地区输送暖湿气流, 影响东南地区冬季降水。
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