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Sedative effects of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) leaf aqueous extracts on brain ATP, AMP, Adenosine and Glutamate/GABA of rats  [PDF]
Xiao-Yan Zu, Zhen-Ya Zhang, Ji-Qiang Liu, Hong-Hai Hu, Guo-Qing Xing, Ying Zhang, Di Guan
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2010.33036
Abstract: Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) leaf aqueous extracts (PLAE) has been reputed to be a type of sleep-aid in China. To investigate the sedative effects and effect pathways of PLAE, rats (n = 31) were employed in two experiments and intragastrically administrated of (1) distilled water, PLAE (500 mg/kg body weight (BW)) and peanut stem aqueous extracts (PSAE, 500 mg/kg BW); (2) 0, 100 or 500 mg/kg BW of PLAE, respectively for at least 14 days. Six relevant neurotransmitters were measured finally. Experiment-1 (n = 16) results showed that the brain Lactate were significantly elevated (p < 0.05) in rat cerebrums after PLAE administrations, compared with Control and PSAE groups. In respect of brain energy system, significant degradations of the brain adenosine triphos- phate (ATP) (p < 0.05) were observed in the brainstems and even the whole brains of rats though PLAE treatments. Moreover, we found that the brain Adenosine monophosphate (AMP) were clearly decreased (p < 0.05) in rat cerebrum and brainstem regions, while the brain Adenosine revealed an increasing propensity (p = 0.076) in the cerebrums of freely behaving rats. After experiment-2 (n = 15), the γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) concentrations were statistically (p < 0.05) enhanced and the ratios of Glutamate/GABA were simultaneously reduced (p < 0.05) in rat brainstems, no matter which one dose (100 or 500 mg/kg BW) of PLAE were used. Results indicated that PLAE could influence the target neurotransmitters that related to rat circadian rhythms in the specific brain regions, possessing the potentialities as a sedative or sleep-aid for hypnic therapy purposes.
The Research of Examination Paper Generation Based on Index System Metrics and Multi-Objective Strategy  [PDF]
Yan Li, Ji-Qiang Tang
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2012.58073
Abstract: Since the examination paper generated with computer by the algorithms of random and backtracking takes on inferior quality and inefficient, and the question of generating examination paper with computer has the character of multi-ob-jective because of the index system metrics, the genetic algorithm with multi-objective strategy optimization is proposed to solve this problem. Mapping the index system to multi-objective functions and optimizing the computing with multi-objective strategy are employed in the algorithm. The genetic algorithm experiment based on the multi-objective strategy optimization shows that the result has the advantages getting tradeoff between performance and quality, and having the ability to tune the performance and quality to meet the user’s requirements.
H.264/SVC parameter optimization based on quantization parameter, mgs fragmentation, and user bandwidth distribution
Xu CHEN, Ji-hong ZHANG, Wei LIU, Yong-sheng LIANG and Ji-qiang FENG
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1687-6180-2013-10
Abstract: In the situation of limited bandwidth, how to improve the performance of scalable video coding plays an important role in video coding. The previously proposed scalable video coding optimization schemes concentrate on reducing coding computation or trying to achieve consistent video quality; however, the connections between coding scheme, transmission environments, and users' accesses manner were not jointly considered. This article proposes a H.264/SVC (scalable video codec) parameter optimization scheme, which attempt to make full use of limited bandwidth, to achieve better peak signal-to-noise ratio, based on the joint measure of user bandwidth range and probability density distribution. This algorithm constructs a relationship map which consists of the bandwidth range of multiple users and the quantified quality increments measure, QPe, in order to make effective use of the video coding bit-stream. A medium grain scalability fragmentation optimization algorithm is also presented with respect to user bandwidth probability density distribution, encoding bit rate, and scalability. Experiments on a public dataset show that this method provides significant average quality improvement for streaming video applications.
An ID-based Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Zhang Rui,Liu Ji-qiang,Zhao Jia,
章 睿
,刘吉强,赵 佳

电子与信息学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Pairwise key establishment is a fundamental security service in sensor networks. It enables sensor nodes to communicate securely with each other using cryptographic techniques. However, due to the resource constraints on sensors, it is infeasible to use traditional key management techniques. To facilitate the study of novel pairwise key predistribution techniques, this paper presents a new framework for establishing pairwise keys between sensors on the basis of an ID-based key predistribution protocol. In this paper key agreement uses hash calculation and comparison instead of broadcasting; it reduces communication consumption on sensors. This paper then analyses the security and overhead and compares with previous schemes. The results show our scheme is superior to the existing approaches, and it can save communication resources.
Research and implementation of trust transition based on EFI

ZHANG Rui,LIU Ji-qiang,PENG Shuang-he,

计算机应用 , 2007,
Abstract: To further enhance the safety of BIOS, this paper presented a new trust transition model with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI). This model established a trust chain from the first stage of EFI to the operating system by analyzing the process of EFI startup. Thus the model narrowed the scope of the root of trust and substantially improved the safety of the BIOS. With the popularity of EFI, this model has a good prospect in achieving security on computer system.
Emergence of grouping in multi-resource minority game dynamics
Zi-Gang Huang,Ji-Qiang Zhang,Jia-Qi Dong,Liang Huang,Ying-Cheng Lai
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: TheMinority Game (MG) has become a paradigm to probe complex social and economical phenomena where adaptive agents compete for a limited resource, and it finds applications in statistical and nonlinear physics as well. In the traditional MG model, agents are assumed to have access to global information about the past history of the underlying system, and they react by choosing one of the two available options associated with a single resource. Complex systems arising in a modern society, however, can possess many resources so that the number of available strategies/resources can be multiple. We propose a class of models to investigate MG dynamics with multiple strategies. In particular, in such a system, at any time an agent can either choose a minority strategy (say with probability p) based on available local information or simply choose a strategy randomly (with probability 1 - p). The parameter p thus defines the minority-preference probability, which is key to the dynamics of the underlying system. A striking finding is the emergence of strategy-grouping states where a particular number of agents choose a particular subset of strategies. We develop an analytic theory based on the mean-field framework to understand the "bifurcation" to the grouping states and their evolution. The grouping phenomenon has also been revealed in a real-world example of the subsystem of 27 stocks in the Shanghai Stock Market's Steel Plate. Our work demonstrates that complex systems following the MG rules can spontaneously self-organize themselves into certain divided states, and our model represents a basic mathematical framework to address this kind of phenomena in social, economical, and even political systems.
Controlling herding in minority game systems
Ji-Qiang Zhang,Zi-Gang Huang,Zhi-Xi Wu,Riqi Su,Ying-Cheng Lai
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Resource allocation takes place in various types of real-world complex systems such as urban traf- fic, social services institutions, economical and ecosystems. Mathematically, the dynamical process of complex resource allocation can be modeled as minority games in which the number of resources is limited and agents tend to choose the less used resource based on available information. Spontaneous evolution of the resource allocation dynamics, however, often leads to a harmful herding behavior accompanied by strong fluctuations in which a large majority of agents crowd temporarily for a few resources, leaving many others unused. Developing effective control strategies to suppress and elim- inate herding is an important but open problem. Here we develop a pinning control method. That the fluctuations of the system consist of intrinsic and systematic components allows us to design a control scheme with separated control variables. A striking finding is the universal existence of an optimal pinning fraction to minimize the variance of the system, regardless of the pinning patterns and the network topology. We carry out a detailed theoretical analysis to understand the emergence of optimal pinning and to predict the dependence of the optimal pinning fraction on the network topol- ogy. Our theory is generally applicable to systems with heterogeneous resource capacities as well as varying control and network topological parameters such as the average degree and the degree dis- tribution exponent. Our work represents a general framework to deal with the broader problem of controlling collective dynamics in complex systems with potential applications in social, economical and political systems.
Porous Silicon Nitride Ceramics Prepared by Carbothermal Reduction Method

SHAN Shao-Yun,YANG Jian-Feng,GAO Ji-Qiang,ZHANG Wen-Hui,JIN Zhi-Hao,

无机材料学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 以廉价的二氧化硅和活性碳为起始粉料,用碳热还原法制备了高气孔率,孔结构均匀的多孔氮化硅陶瓷.考察了二氧化硅粉末粒径对多孔氮化硅陶瓷微观组织和力学性能的影响.借助X射线衍射(XRD),扫描电子显微(SEM)和三点弯曲法对多孔氮化硅陶瓷的微观组织和力学性能进行了研究.XRD分析表明在烧结后的试样中,除了微量的α—Si3N4相和晶界结晶相YsSi4N4O14外,其余的都是伊Si3N4相;SEM分析显示多孔氮化硅陶瓷是由柱状β—Si3N4晶粒和均匀的孔组成,通过改变二氧化硅的粒径,制备了不同孔隙率,力学性能优异的多孔氮化硅陶瓷.
Controlling collective dynamics in complex, minority-game resource-allocation systems
Ji-Qiang Zhang,Zi-Gang Huang,Zi-Gang Huang,Liang Huang,Tie-Qiao Huang,Ying-Cheng Lai
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1103/87.052808
Abstract: Resource allocation takes place in various kinds of real-world complex systems, such as the traffic systems, social services institutions or organizations, or even the ecosystems. The fundamental principle underlying complex resource-allocation dynamics is Boolean interactions associated with minority games, as resources are generally limited and agents tend to choose the least used resource based on available information. A common but harmful dynamical behavior in resource-allocation systems is herding, where there are time intervals during which a large majority of the agents compete for a few resources, leaving many other resources unused. Ac- companying the herd behavior is thus strong fluctuations with time in the number of resources being used. In this paper, we articulate and establish that an intuitive control strategy, namely pinning control, is effective at harnessing the herding dynamics. In particular, by fixing the choices of resources for a few agents while leaving majority of the agents free, herding can be eliminated completely. Our investigation is systematic in that we consider random and targeted pinning and a variety of network topologies, and we carry out a comprehensive analysis in the framework of mean-field theory to understand the working of control. The basic philosophy is then that, when a few agents waive their freedom to choose resources by receiving sufficient incentives, majority of the agents benefit in that they will make fair, efficient, and effective use of the available resources. Our work represents a basic and general framework to address the fundamental issue of fluctuations in complex dynamical systems with significant applications to social, economical and political systems.
The Effects of Enriched Environment on Structural Modification of Synaptic Interface and PSD -95 mRNA of Rats after Transient Focal Cerebral Ischemia

YE Ling-Jing,XU Xiao-Hong,WANG Ya-Min,ZHANG Jing,FU Ji-Qiang,ZHONG Pu-Feng,ZHU Ting,

心理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 探讨丰富环境干预对局部脑缺血大鼠突触界面结构修饰和突触后致密物-95(postsynaptic density-95,PSD-95)mRNA表达的影响.栓塞健康雄性sprague-Dawley大鼠的右侧大脑中动脉,建立脑中动脉栓塞(mid-dle cerebral artery occlusion,MCAO)模型后,分为丰富环境缺血组(IE)、标准环境缺血组(IS),同时分别设丰富环境假手术组(SE)、标准环境假手术组(SS).以Morris水迷宫检测大鼠的空间学习记忆能力,应用透射电镜、图像分析和细胞形态计量学技术,观察海马CA1区和额叶皮层突触界面结构变化,采用RT-PCR检测突触后脚手架蛋白PSD-95 mRNA的表达.结果表明:丰富环境干预能有效改善脑缺血导致的空间学习记忆能力下降,并对正常大鼠的空间学习记忆能力也有改善作用.同时,丰富环境干预能抑制局部脑缺血导致的突触数密度减少,该作用对额叶皮层特别明显;丰富环境干预不同程度地逆转脑缺血造成的突触界面参数变化,特别使突触间隙宽度显著减小、PSD厚度明显增加;并有效抑制因脑缺血诱导的PSD-95 mRNA表达下调.以上结果提示,丰富环境改善脑缺血大鼠的空间学习记忆能力可能与其促进缺血区边缘组织突触界面结构修饰,提高PSD-95 mRNA表达有关.
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