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Condicionantes políticos que impiden la reelección de legisladores en México
Tovar Mendoza, Jesús;
Convergencia , 2010,
Abstract: the present article makes a historical account of the coming to force of the immediate reelection ban of federal and state legislators as of 1933, stated in the articles 59 and 116 of the political constitution of mexico, as well as the successive attempts to modify this norm thus far. then, the argumentations in favor and against the consecutive reelection of congressmen are analyzed. finally, i explain the reasons why this ban is still valid in spite there is not a hegemonic party and in practice the presidential powers have noticeably diminished, and on the contrary the mexican political system is characterized by being a highly competitive multiparty democracy.
Condicionantes políticos que impiden la reelección de legisladores en México
Jesús Tovar Mendoza
Convergencia , 2010,
Abstract: El presente artículo hace un recuento histórico de la implantación de la prohibición de la reelección inmediata de legisladores federales y estatales a partir de 1933, plasmada en los artículos 59 y 116 de la Constitución política de México, y los sucesivos intentos por modificar esta norma hasta la actualidad. A continuación se revisan los argumentos en pro y en contra de la reelección consecutiva de congresistas. Finalmente explico las razones por las cuales se mantiene vigente esta prohibición, a pesar de que ya no existe un partido hegemónico, y en la práctica han disminuido notablemente los poderes presidenciales; y por el contrario, el sistema político mexicano se caracteriza por ser una democracia pluripartidista altamente competitiva.
The importance of diet in osteoporosis  [PDF]
Nicolás Mendoza, Jesús Presa, Antonio Martínez-Amat, Fidel Hita
Open Journal of Epidemiology (OJEpi) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojepi.2013.32012

The knowledge of risk factors associated with the development of osteoporosis (OP) is vital in the prevention strategy of this disease and its physical and economic consequences. The epidemiological characteristics of our population of postmenopausal women exhibit a pattern similar to that described in other studies, showing a proportional relationship between the magnitude of the risk factor and the severity of osteopenia/osteoporosis. Moreover, we observed protective effects for several dietary factors, such as the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and cereals; the moderate consumption of fish, alcohol, and dairy products; and the low intake of red meat, on spinal bone mineral density (BMD). Only the intake of grains and vegetables exerted protective effects on hip BMD.

Mecanismo medidor del ángulo de descuadre en el puente apilador de mineral Wellman PA 8007 de ferrominera Orinoco
Mendoza,Jesús; Otero,Luis; Saffont,Marjorie;
Universidad, Ciencia y Tecnología , 2005,
Abstract: this paper shows how the original designer of the wellman pa 8007 ore piling bridge of ferrominera orinoco measures, in a mechanical way, the skew angle when the wheels of the piler travel over its rails during the phases of iron ore piling. measuring the skew angle allows to control the forward movement of the 120 m structure. this paper also analyzes a cam lever mechanism with amplification of the detected angle and allows to decipher, in a process of inverse engineering, the mathematical equations ruling the measurement. the work offers the possibility of making modifications that would help to incorporate new electronic instruments for the control of the driving torque in the two motors of the bridge.
Oxygen Therapy in Critical Care: A Double Edged Sword  [PDF]
Isidro Prieto del Portillo, Susana Temprano Vázquez, Jesús Barea Mendoza, Rubén Viejo Moreno
Health (Health) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/health.2014.615238
Abstract: The oxygen therapy is a universal treatment in the hospital setting, especially in the critical care units. The purpose of this therapy is to avoid hypoxemia and to ensure an adequate supply of oxygen to the tissues. But often we overlook the potential adverse effects of oxygen therapy. Oxygen produces lung damage and induces apoptosis and cell death creating an imbalance between the production of reactive species of oxygen and the antioxidant mechanisms. The oxygen therapy inhibits systemic adaptive changes induced by hypoxia, disrupting compensatory mechanisms and causing deleterious effects. We are faced with a challenge in order to treat patients with respiratory failure, counterbalancing hypoxia with hyperoxia-induced damage and introducing therapy lines that are innovative but not risk-free as permissive hypoxemia. Currently many questions remain unresolved and there are not enough clinical studies that validate the therapeutic optimal oxygenation ranges. These ranges may differ depending on each patient and the underlying disease.
Added after Anoxia-Reoxigenation Stress, Genistein Rescues from Death the Rat Embryo Cortical Neurons  [PDF]
Arce Carmen, Arteaga José Luis, Sánchez-mendoza Eduardo, Oset Gasque Ma Jesús, González Ma Pilar
Neuroscience & Medicine (NM) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/nm.2010.12008
Abstract: Estrogens and phytoestrogens have neuroprotective effect against neuronal damage induced by cerebral ischemia /reperfusion (I/R) injury. In preceding studies, the phytoestrogen effects have been assessed by administration previous to the ischemic period, conditions which are unusual to apply to the treatment of human stroke. Here we present a study on neuroprotection afforded by genistein on rat embryo cortical neurons subjected to oxygen and glucose deprivation (OGD) followed by re-oxigenation, when added after the stress stimulus. At 1 and 2 h of OGD times and after 24 h of reperfusion, cell viability, necrotic, apoptotic and autophagic cell death and different parameters related to oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction were measured in the absence and presence of 1 µM genisteine. We found an in-creasing loss of neuronal viability after 1-5 h of OGD which was only reversed in part by 24 h of reperfusion. These changes were preceded by increases in ROS generation, caspase-3 activation, LDH release and increase in LC3B lipi-dation, indicative of autophagia. Treatment with 1 µM genistein during the 24 h reperfusion significantly attenuated neuronal necrosis and autophagia induced by 1 and 2 h of OGD exposure. Genistein also decreased ROS generation and lipid-peroxidation induced by 2 h of OGD. These results suggest an important neuroprotective effect of genistein against transient post-ischemic-like conditions
Sistematización de procesos para estudios de aforo de pozos de agua subterránea en áreas sujetas a la adquisición de datos sísmicos
Pineda,Neida; Jaimes,Edgar; Mejías,Jesús; Mendoza,José;
Interciencia , 2004,
Abstract: a procedure expressed as a model based on the system theory, that will facilitate the carrying out of studies for the measurement of underground water wells has been proposed. the application of this procedure will allow, on one hand, to perform the recognition, description and measurement of qualitative and quantitative variables of underground water and well infrastructure, and on the other hand, to order the implicit sequence of activities in the study of subterranean water wells located in areas of oil exploration and production. the model consists of the three kinds of data flow diagrams (dfd): dfd of context, analysis and expanded dfd. the building of the data flow diagrams made it possible to determine the logical sequence of the necessary steps to be carried out, in appropriate and precise form, studies of water wells in geoseismic surveys. the utilization of the proposed procedure is recomended for the evaluation of the impact of vibrations produced during the acquisition of seismic data on well characteristics.
Vacunas contra el virus del síndrome reproductivo y respiratorio porcino (PRRSV): escribiendo una historia
Flores-Mendoza, Lilián;Hernández, Jesús;
Veterinaria México , 2010,
Abstract: the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv) constitutes one of the most serious problems of the pig industry in the world. it affects pigs of all ages and causes reproductive and respiratory disorders that create great economic losses. these increase due to the rapid spread of the disease and the inefficiency of the commercial vaccines. modified live and killed vaccines are the two types of commercial vaccines currently available on the market for american and european strains. although these vaccines can reduce disease symptoms and viremia, they do not prevent infection in any way and cross-presentation is variable against heterologous virus. furthermore, it has been reported that the vaccine's virus can spread to other susceptible animals. for these reason, many studies focused on the development of new vaccines that include different vectors for the development of dna vaccines by evaluating various structural proteins. the use of prrsv infectious clones, as well as the construction of viral chimeras between the vaccine virus and highly infectious virus have also been evaluated. all these strategies have failed to develop an effective vaccine against prrsv; therefore it remains as a major challenge.
Enfoque actual de la problemática salud-sociedad en pacientes con mastectomía
Borbón Mendoza,Jesús E.; Beato Canfux,Abraham I.;
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar , 2002,
Abstract: a socioethic assessment on the psychological, family, economic and working problems the female patients with breast cancer have to face after mastectomy is presented. the study carried out allows to corroborate how the above mentioned problems influence significantly on the life of these patients. great importance is given to the early diagnosis of the disease, to the comprehensive rehabilitation of them and to the predominant role played by the cuban state and society in the search for a better quality of life of these ill women.
Felix Jesús Oliva Mendoza*,Nazira Calleja Bello**
Liberabit , 2010,
Abstract: RESUMENLa ira es una emoción que juega un papel fundamental en la ejecución de los deportes de combate. El propósito delpresente estudio fue desarrollar una versión para deportistas de combate del Inventario de Expresión de la Ira Estado-Rasgo, STAXI-2, versión espa ola. La muestra estuvo conformada por 303 deportistas que formaban parte de las seleccionesnacionales mexicanas de cinco deportes de combate. Los resultados mostraron una estructura factorial similar a la versiónespa ola, que reporta tres escalas: Ira-Estado, Ira-Rasgo y Expresión de Ira; sin embargo, de los 49 reactivos iniciales sólose conservaron 28, que se agruparon en siete factores y no en las nueve subescalas que conformaban el instrumento original.Los índices de consistencia interna fueron aceptables y se obtuvieron correlaciones significativas entre los factores, exceptocon el Control de la ira. El inventario obtenido es un instrumento válido y confiable para su utilización en la medición de laira en el deporte de combate.ABSTRACTThe anger is an emotion that plays a fundamental role in combat sports execution. The purpose of the present study wasto develop a version for combat sportsmen of the State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory, STAXI-2, Spanish version. Thesample was conformed by 303 sportsmen that were part of the selections national Mexicans of five combat sports. Theresults showed a similar factorial structure to the Spanish version which reports three scales: Anger-State, Anger-Trait andAnger-Expression; however, of the 49 initial items only 28 were conserved that grouped in seven factors and not in the ninesubscales that consisted the original instrument. The indexes of internal consistency were acceptable and significantcorrelations were obtained among the factors, except with the Anger-Control. The obtained inventory is a reliable and validfor its use in anger mensuration in combat sports.
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