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Günther Anders y la tecnociencia contemporánea; una aproximación a la singular situación humana en la era atómica
Jesús Rodolfo Santander
Revista Observaciones Filosóficas , 2011,
Abstract: The "instrumentalized" man formed by society, has not been, and is not -nor with their representative capacities, nor with their sensitivity- up to their excessive technology production. This is not something that makes it easy to avoid abominable actions, or contribute to assume guilt for them. Faced with the dangers posed to human existence since man crosses the threshold of the atomic age, which today are added -from new technologies- threats to the human as such, it is imperative to recommend, with Günther Anders, expand our moral imagination and be vigilant. The attention to dialogue with C. Anders Eatherly should help us understand the existential implications for humans -especially from the guilt- in the unique human situation of the atomic age.
Tradición, innovación y técnica; sobre el sentido actual de las humanidades
Jesús Rodolfo Santander
Revista Observaciones Filosóficas , 2009,
Abstract: This article tries to show why it must be recognized that the working out of human sciences and philosophy -beholders of great traditions and related in their reflection to what is appropriately human- has vitally necessary meaning and role in a world in which humanity is more and more unilaterally submitted to a technological innovation that, joined together with a capitalist logic, expands itself without restrictions.
Steady state simulation of the operation of an evaporative cooled water-ammonia absorption scale ice maker with experimental basis
Silverio, Rodolfo Jesús R.;Figueiredo, José Ricardo;
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-58782006000400005
Abstract: a steady-state model is presented of the operation of a water-ammonia absorption system for production of scale ice. the model involves relations of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics, and uses simplifying assumptions for the internal mass transfer processes, leading to a non-linear system with more than 100 unknowns and equations, that are reduced to a dimension-10 newton-raphson problem by means of the substitution-newton-raphson approach. the model was validated against experimental data with good agreement.
Catch per unit effort-environmental variables relations in the fishery of white shrimp (Litopenaeus schmitti) from the Gulf of Venezuela  [PDF]
ángel Antonio Díaz Lugo, Orlando José Ferrer Monta?o, Rodolfo álvarez, Luis González, Jesús Méndez, Manuel C orona
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/as.2013.46A013
Abstract: During 15 months the white shrimp (Litopenaeus schmitti) fishing zone was characterized ecologically through the obtaining, compilation and analysis of environmental and physicochemical variables, and modeled the distribution of the relative abundance (CPUE) obtained in 21 fishing sites according to the environmental structure defined by the studied variables. A two-way factorial ANOVA with interaction was used to examine the spatial (fishing sites) and temporal (months) dynamics of CPUE, and a principal component analysis (PCA) was used to discern the environmental structure of the study area. To determine if the environmental structure modeled the distribution of white shrimp, the CPUE values were superimposed on maps of the study area showing strata of the most important physicochemical variables identified by PCA. ANOVA confirmed that the CPUE differed significantly among months (F = 15.6; GL = 11; P < 0.0001) but not between fishing sites (F = 1.52; GL = 17; P = 0.1979); the interaction term was also not significant (F = 0.52; GL = 10; P = 0.8561). The superimposing of the CPUE on temperature and depth strata confirmed that white shrimp showed greater preference for intermediate temperatures and depths. Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A (PDVSA) contemplates the construction of a multiuse pipeline traversing the study area, by which the current environmental structure of the study area is prone to disturbance. Given the precedent effects represented by an aqueduct construction, it seems PDVSA should anticipate measures to minimize its impact on the fisheries of the zone, particularly on the white shrimp fishery.
Estratificación clínica del enfermo con estado de choque cardiogénico, el valor agregado del poder cardíaco y del índice de las resistencias periféricas
Martínez Sánchez, Carlos Rodolfo;Martinez-Reding G, Jesús Octavio;Herrera, Eulo Lupi;
Archivos de cardiología de México , 2006,
Abstract: cardiogenic shock (chc) associated to acute myocardial infarct has high mortality and their manifestations are heterogenous. in our institution historical mortality, was 98%, but with different methods of reperfusion, its reduced to 53%. in other hand, with opportune clinical stratification is useful to improve the treatment strategy. this stratification on basis in clinical signs: age, infarction location, cardiac frequency and systemic arterial pressure, and hemodynamical valuation with the use of right catheterism with quantification miocardial work parameters like "cardiac power" that is the product of flow and arterial pressure and that is of utility to know the "miocardial reserve". in our experience after reperfusion procedure patients with chc and cardiac power less than 1.0 had highly mortality.
Concurrent Phenomena at the Reaction Path of the SN2 Reaction CH3Cl + F?. Information Planes and Statistical Complexity Analysis
Moyocoyani Molina-Espíritu,Rodolfo O. Esquivel,Juan Carlos Angulo,Jesús S. Dehesa
Entropy , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/e15104084
Abstract: An information-theoretical complexity analysis of the S N2 exchange reaction for CH 3Cl + F ? is performed in both position and momentum spaces by means of the following composite functionals of the one-particle density: D-L and I-J planes and Fisher-Shannon’s ( FS) and López-Ruiz-Mancini-Calbet ( LMC) shape complexities. It was found that all the chemical concepts traditionally assigned to elementary reactions such as the breaking/forming regions ( B-B/F), the charge transfer/reorganization and the charge repulsion can be unraveled from the phenomenological analysis performed in this study through aspects of localizability, uniformity and disorder associated with the information-theoretical functionals. In contrast, no energy-based functionals can reveal the above mentioned chemical concepts. In addition, it is found that the TS critical point for this reaction does not show any chemical meaning (other than the barrier height) as compared with the concurrent processes revealed by the information-theoretical analysis. Instead, it is apparent from this study that a maximum delocalized state could be identified in the transition region which is associated to the charge transfer process as a new concurrent phenomenon associated with the charge transfer region ( CT) for the ion-complex is identified. Finally it is discussed why most of the chemical features of interest (e.g., CT, B-B/F) are only revealed when some information-theoretic properties are taken into account, such as localizability, uniformity and disorder.
Un nuevo paradigma de la responsabilidad social corporativa: El aumento de enfermedades crónico-degenerativas en la fuerza laboral
Leiner de la Cabada, Marie;Ortiz Díaz, Jesús Rodolfo;ávila Maese, Carmen;
Contaduría y administración , 2008,
Abstract: the exponential increase of chronic diseases observed in mexico in the last 20 years is poised to threaten the number of productive years of the workforce at all levels. organizations need to consider the possibility of intervention to respond to this threat to their workforce due to the alarming increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases. this epidemic is unlikely to be controlled by medicines or vaccines but with strategies never used before and by actors that typically lack experience in the field of health. if corporations decide to intervene, it will be necessary to consider programs that could be incorporated as a new paradigm for the corporate social responsibility. this manuscript raises the need for organizations to make a contribution in preventing chronic diseases among their employees through interventional activities within their corporate social responsibility programs. in addition, we discuss the profile of the professional to be in charge of these programs, the importance of reviewing and employing successful strategies used in the past to avoid repeating the same mistakes, and the importance of considering a cost-benefit in all programmed activities.
Nuevos genotipos de arroz resistentes a la Piriculariosis obtenidos por cultivo de anteras
Pérez,Noraida de Jesús; González,María Caridad; Castro,Rodolfo I; Aguilar,Manuel;
Revista Colombiana de Biotecnología , 2012,
Abstract: crosses were made between four blast resistant and six rice varieties of good agronomic performance, at the los palacios rice research station of the national agricultural sciences institute of cuba (inca) and the anthers from f2 plants were in vitro culture using three liquid media: n6-1, n6m, and nl, for callus formation and after plants regenerations using ms medium. the first two generations of breeding lines were evaluated for agronomic characters and the second generations, also, for blast resistant. the lines that combined resistance to blast and good agronomic performance were evaluated under high pressure of natural blast infection conditions. the success rate of anther culture was highly dependent on the genotype and culture media used. nl medium led to the highest callus formation values. in the process, new blast resistant and high yielding genotypes were obtained.
Perfil actual del paciente en hemodialisis hospitalaria: Análisis de sus necesidades
Contreras Abad,Ma Dolores; Rivero Arellano,Ma Flora; Jurado Torres,Ma Jesús; Crespo Montero,Rodolfo;
Revista de la Sociedad Espa?ola de Enfermería Nefrológica , 2004, DOI: 10.4321/S1139-13752004000100006
Abstract: this study was performed with the aim of detecting the degree of dependence of patients underhemodialysis and its influence on the necessity ofnursing care. we performed a transversal descriptive study inpatients under hemodialysis between novemberand december 2002. we studied 38 patients, 19women and 19 men who were under hemodialysis for 84 months (2-317) with a range of age between 21 and 78 years. 13 patients (34%) werediabetic. patients were grouped according to theirage, 30 - 65 years (19 patients), 65 - 70 years (7patients), 70 - 80 years (12 patients). from the14 basic needs (v henderson) we chose those 5 that can have the greatest influence on nursingcare (food and drink, elimination, movement,dressing, hygiene). dependence was analysedglobally. for food and drink 42% were dependent. elimination, 36% were dependent. moving 73.6% were dependent. dressing 68.3% were dependent. hygiene 55.1% were dependent. when patients weregrouped by age, for food and drink, in group one,36% were dependent, in group 2, 28% and ingroup 3, 58%. for elimination in group 1, 26%were dependent, in group 2, 14%, and in group 3,58%. for moving, in group 1, 62% were dependent, in group 2, 71 % and in group 3, 92%. fordressing, in group 1, 58% were dependent, ingroup 2, 57%, and in group 3, 92%. finally, forhygiene, in group 1, 42% were dependent, ingroup 2, 28%, and in group 3, 75%. in conclusion, patients of 60 years or older, withchronic pathology present a higher degree of dependence. therefore, they need individual careadapted to this reality. areas of dependence presented by patients in our unit, confirm a quantitative and qualitative increase in caring procedures.
Nuevos genotipos de arroz resistentes a la Piriculariosis obtenidos por cultivo de anteras
Castro Rodolfo I,Pérez Noraida de Jesús,González María Caridad,Aguilar Manuel
Revista Colombiana de Biotecnología , 2012,
Abstract: Título en inglés: New blast resistant rice genotypes obtained by and anthers culture. Resumen: En la Estación Experimental del Arroz Los Palacios, perteneciente al Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Agrícolas de Cuba (INCA), se efectuaron cruzamientos entre cuatro cultivares resistentes a la Piriculariosis y seis de buen comportamiento agronómico y las anteras de las plantas F2 fueron cultivadas in vitro para evaluar la formación de callos en tres medios líquidos: N6-1, N6-m y NL, así como la regeneración de plantas verdes y albinas, en el medio MS. Las dos primeras generaciones de las nuevas líneas obtenidas fueron evaluadas para caracteres agronómicos y la segunda generación, además, para resistencia frente a la Piriculariosis. Las líneas que combinaron resistencia a la Piriculariosis y buenos caracteres agronómicos fueron evaluadas en condiciones de infección natural, con alta presión del patógeno. La utilización de la técnica del cultivo de anteras mostró alta dependencia del genotipo y el medio de cultivo. Con el medio NL se lograron los valores más altos para la formación de callos. Se obtuvieron nuevos genotipos resistentes a la Piriculariosis y de alto rendimiento agrícola. Palabras clave: Arroz; Mejoramiento genético; Cultivo in Vitro de anteras Summary: Crosses were made between four blast resistant and six rice varieties of good agronomic performance, at the Los Palacios Rice Research Station of the National Agricultural Sciences Institute of Cuba (INCA) and the anthers from F2 plants were in vitro culture using three liquid media: N6-1, N6m, and NL, for callus formation and after plants regenerations using MS medium. The first two generations of breeding lines were evaluated for agronomic characters and the second generations, also, for Blast resistant. The lines that combined resistance to Blast and good agronomic performance were evaluated under high pressure of natural Blast infection conditions. The success rate of anther culture was highly dependent on the genotype and culture media used. NL medium led to the highest callus formation values. In the process, new blast resistant and high yielding genotypes were obtained. Key words: Rice; Rice Breeding; Anther culture
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