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Evaluation of radiographic waste management in dental offices and radiology clinics of S o Luís (MA)
Marcos André dos Santos da Silva,Oswaldo Serra dos Santos-Neto,Jefson Moraes Amorim,José Bauer
RSBO , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: Lack of information continues to lead the professionals of various areas to contribute to environment degradation, and Dentistry is a potential source of contamination through chemical residues resulting from radiographic procedures. Objective: To evaluate the management of residues resulting from radiographic processing in dental radiology clinics and dental offices in S o Luís – MA, Brazil. Material and methods: A semi-structured questionnaire was prepared with the aim of characterizing the behavior of professionals and their procedures for discarding the processing solutions (developer, fixer, and water) and radiographic packing materials. A sample of 100 individuals represented 7.8% of the total number of 1,281 dentists in the city of S o Luís. Results: A total of 92% of the participants believed that radiographic effluents could cause damage to the environment. Concerning to the fixer discarding, 43% affirmed that they threw the solution directly through the sink, 36% diluted the fixer in water and threw it into the sink, 14% used a specialized company to discard it and 7% used other means. The developer was discarded as follows: 42% threw it down the sink, 36% diluted it in water before throwing it into the sink, 13% used a specialized company to discard it and 9% used other ways. Considering to the discarding of the packing of the radiographic films, 51% threw them into the trash and 49% used a specialized disposal company. Conclusion: Large portions of dentists do not discard radiographic processing residues and films correctly.
NURBS Parameterization for Medical Surface Reconstruction  [PDF]
Dalton Fazanaro, Paulo Amorim, Thiago Moraes, Jorge Silva, Helio Pedrini
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/am.2016.72013
Abstract: InVesalius is an open-source software for reconstruction of computed tomography and magnetic resonance images, which allows the user to make analysis and segmentation of virtual anatomical models. Physical models can be printed with the aid of rapid prototyping, giving the medical community a reliable instrument to help planning surgeries. To offer the user more control over the model, this work describes a methodology and tool developed for NURBS parameterization that provides mechanisms for adjusting the shape or even selecting a particular region of interest of the surface. Furthermore, the tool gives the option to export the final results of the process to a STEP file, which allows further edition in any well-known CAD software.
A radio tracking study of home range and movements of the marsupial Micoureus demerarae (Thomas) (Mammalia, Didelphidae) in the Atlantic forest of south-eastern Brazil
Moraes Junior, Edsel Amorim;Chiarello, Adriano Garcia;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752005000100011
Abstract: from august 2001 to july 2002 the home range and movements of seven micoureus demerarae (thomas, 1905) (three males and four females) were investigated using radio tracking in the uni?o biological reserve, state of rio de janeiro, south-eastern brazil. a total of 436 locations was obtained and home range estimated with fixed kernel (95% of data points), and minimum convex polygon (mcp) methods, with 100 and 95% of data points. male home ranges estimated by mcp (100%) ranged from 5.4-24.2 ha and females from 0.3-10.7 ha. corresponding figures calculated with kernel (95%) were 4-10.9 ha for males and 1.3-5.9 ha for females. animals travelled on average 423 m/night, with males travelling significantly further (582.8 m/night) than females (335.1 m/night) (t test, t = 3.609, p = 0.001). we concluded that radio tracking produced much larger home ranges than those estimated with traditional live-trapping techniques, suggesting that the latter might underestimate ranging when the area covered with traps is relatively small (ca. 1 ha or less). radio tracking also indicated that m. demerarae, although predominantly arboreal and weighting only ca. 130 g., has movements similar in magnitude to larger-sized terrestrial didelphimorph marsupials, such as didelphis linnaeus, 1758, philander linnaeus, 1758 and metachirus (desmarest, 1817).
Medi??o precisa das for?as de acelera??o em cabos
Nascimento,Edgar Moraes do; Amorim Neto,Manoel Godinho de;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1986, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89101986000500011
Abstract: certain problems related to the use of safety belts remain unsolved, important among them being the exact determination of forces acting on cables. various methods of calculation, severely limited because of the way in which they are applied, are presented. three methods with a view to surpassing these limits are presented and another for the calculation of the forces acting on a cable is perfected. one of these methods is applicable in developing countries.
Evaluation of the mixtures ammonium phosphate/magnesium nitrate and palladium nitrate/magnesium nitrate as modifiers for simultaneous determination of Cd, Cr, Ni and Pb in mineral water by GFAAS
Amorim Filho, Volnei R;Fernandes, Kelly G;Moraes, Mercedes de;Gomes Neto, José Anchieta;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532004000100006
Abstract: a method is described for the simultaneous determination of cd, cr, ni and pb in mineral water samples by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry with a transversely heated graphite atomizer (thga) and a longitudinal zeeman-effect background correction system. the electrothermal behavior of analytes during pyrolysis and atomization steps was studied without modifier, in presence of 5 mg pd and 3 mg mg(no3)2 and in presence of 50 mg nh4h2po4 and 3 mg mg(no3)2. a volume of 20 ml of a 0.028 mol l-1 hno3 solution containing 50 mg l-1 ni and pb, 10 mg l-1 cr and 5 mg l-1 cd was dispensed into the graphite tube at 20 °c. the mixture palladium/magnesium was selected as the optimum modifier. the pyrolysis and atomization temperatures were fixed at 1000 °c and 2300 °c, respectively. the characteristic masses were calculated as 2.2 pg cd, 10 pg cr, 42 pg ni and 66 pg pb and the lifetime of the graphite tube was around 600 firings. limits of detection based on integrated absorbance were 0.02 mg l-1 cd, 0.94 mg l-1 cr, 0.45 mg l-1 ni and 0.75 mg l-1 pb, which exceeded the requirements of brazilian food regulation that establish the maximum permissible level for cd, cr, ni and pb at 3 mg l-1, 50 mg l-1, 20 mg l-1 and 10 mg l-1, respectively. the recoveries of cd, cr, ni and pb added to mineral water samples varied within the 93-108%, 96-104%, 87-101% and 98-108% ranges, respectively. results of analysis of standard reference materials (national institute of standards and technology: 1640-trace elements in natural water; 1643d-trace elements in water) were in agreement with certified values at the 95% confidence level.
Prevalência de anticorpos para o vírus da Influenza Eqüina, subtipo H3N8, em eqüídeos apreendidos no Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Oliveira, Gabrielle Sales de;Schiavo, Paula Amorim;Mazur, Carlos;Andrade, Cláudio de Moraes;
Ciência Rural , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782005000500038
Abstract: the influenza virus type a, subtype h3n8, is the etiological agent of the equine influenza, responsible for several epidemics and endemic respiratory diseases in world level, besides in the rio de janeiro state, brazil. the objective of this work was to evaluate the role of errant equids, as infectious sources of the influenza virus, subtype h3n8. the survey was performed from the research of specific antibodies for this virus in 1106 sera analyzed by the inhibition of the hemagglutination test. the high percentile (35,9%) of seropositive animals found in this study evidenced its importance as infectious sources of the influenza virus, subtype h3n8, to the national equine flock.
Olhando a crian?a e seus outros: uma trajetória de pesquisa em educa??o infantil
Rossetti-Ferreira, Maria Clotilde;Amorim, Katia de Souza;Oliveira, Zilma de Moraes Ramos de;
Psicologia USP , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65642009000300008
Abstract: aiming to contribute to the current and intense process of revision of conceptions and educational practices mediating learning and development of young children in day care centers and pre-schools, and based on our research experiences at cindedi, this paper approaches several questions which, in our view, are relevant for the understanding of collective education. how does developmental research contribute to this discussion? what conceptions about development is it based on? which methodological perspectives are more promising for the comprehension of the ways children and their teachers act and change with their experiences? how to understand notions such as developmental stages, teachers’ role in the learning process, factors explaining infant development and developmental evaluations in infancy? both family and childcare professionals interact with the child and organize his/her environment according to their expectations about his/her development and their own role in this process. these expectations are built through their life experiences in their particular culture. many expectations, beliefs and psychological theories have, thus, a strong self-fulfilling power, helping to build competencies and deficiencies. children and the professional staff of child education institutions have undoubtedly much to gain from reflecting on these questions.
Produ o e composi o do leite, metabólitos sangüíneos e concentra o hormonal de cabras lactantes da ra a Toggenburg tratadas com somatotropina bovina recombinante
Amorim Elenice Andrade Moraes e,Torres Ciro Alexandre Alves,Bruschi José Henrique,Fonseca Jefferson Ferreira da
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2006,
Abstract: Estudou-se a influência da aplica o de somatotropina bovina recombinante sobre a produ o e composi o do leite, os metabólicos sangüíneos e a concentra o hormonal em cabras no ter o médio da lacta o. Foram utilizadas 24 cabras da ra a Toggenburg, divididas em dois tratamentos: T1 (n=12): aplica o de 250 mg de r-bST a cada 14 dias, em um total de quatro aplica es; e T2 (n=12): aplica o de solu o salina (controle). O tratamento com r-bST n o aumentou a produ o de leite e n o influenciou os teores de gordura, proteína e extrato seco. A porcentagem de lactose no leite foi maior (4,47 ? 0,2 para T1 versus 4,34 ? 0,2% para T2) e a contagem de células somáticas menor nos animais tratados em rela o aos controle (681,1 ? 689,9 para T1 versus 1.001,84 ? 610,9 [x103 células/mL] para T2). A administra o de r-bST aumentou as concentra es séricas de ácidos graxos n o-esterificados de T2 (309,67 ? 169,62 x 247,34 ? 126,38 mEq/L, para T1 e T2, respectivamente) e reduziu as concentra es de uréia (86,84 ? 33,81 x 121,16 ? 42,57 mg/dL, para T1 e T2 respectivamente). A r-bST reduziu as concentra es de colesterol total e HDL (82,46 ? 19,25 x 89,29 ? 23,66 mg/dL e 155,95 ? 19,67 x 177,67 ? 32,79 mg/dL, para T1 e T2 respectivamente), enquanto as concentra es de albumina, glicose, proteínas totais, beta-hidroxibutirato e tiroxina n o foram influenciadas pela r-bST, que também n o influenciou o peso e o escore corporal dos animais. A r-bST aumentou os teores de lactose, reduziu a contagem de células somáticas e promoveu altera es nos metabólicos sangüíneos e no leite de cabras lactantes.
Gustavo Amorim Antunes,Aridelmo José C. Teixeira,Fábio Moraes da Costa,Valcemiro Nossa
Advances in Scientific and Applied Accounting , 2010,
Abstract: O presente trabalho investiga a rela o entre governan a corporativa e qualidade contábil, utilizando os níveis diferenciados de governan a corporativa da Bolsa de Valores de S o Paulo (NDGB) como proxy para a primeira e modelos de oportunidade, relevancia e conservadorismo para avaliar a última. Os dados brasileiros foram coletados na base Economatica, para o período 1996-2006, e processados em painel balanceado. De modo geral, a pertinência aos NDGB n o afetou a qualidade contábil, nem quando se testou a ades o específica ao novo mercado. Os resultados, além de amparados por controles estatísticos e amostrais, mostram-se compatíveis com diversas pesquisas brasileiras.
Laryngeal Leishmaniasis
Moraes, Bruno Teixeira de,Amorim Filho, Francisco de Souza,Caporrino Neto, José,Saraceni Neto, Paulo
International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: Leishmaniasis is classified into three clinical presentations: visceral, coetaneous and mucocutaneous. The latter is usually secondary to hematogenous spread after months or years of skin infection and can manifest as infiltrative lesions, ulcerated or vegetating in nose, pharynx, larynx and mouth, associated or not with ganglionics infarction. Laryngeal involvement is part of the differential diagnosis of lesions in this topography as nonspecific chronic laryngitis, granulomatosis and even tumors of the upper aerodigestive tract presenting atypical evolution. Sometimes it is difficult for the correct diagnosis of Leishmaniasis, with description of cases in the literature were conducted improperly. Objective: The objective of this study is to report a case of laryngeal Leishmaniasis addressing the difficulty of diagnosis, complications and treatment applied. Case Report: A patient with pain throat, dysphagia, odynophagia, dysphonia and weight loss, with no improvement with symptomatic medication. At telelaringoscopy, infiltrative lesion showed nodular supraglottis. He underwent a tracheotomy for airway obstruction and biopsy with immunohistochemical study for a definitive diagnosis of laryngeal Leishmaniasis. The patient was referred to the infectious diseases that initiated treatment with N-methylglucamine antimoniate with satisfactory response to therapy. Final Comments: Faced with a clinical suspicion of granulomatous diseases, it is essential to follow protocol laboratory evaluation associated with histological injury, to get a precise definition etiological without prolonging the time of diagnosis. Medical treatment for mucosal Leishmaniasis, recommended by the World Health Organization, was adequate in the case of laryngeal disorders, with complete resolution of symptoms.
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