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Effect of cholesterol depletion on the pore dilation of TRPV1
Jansson Erik T,Trkulja Carolina L,Ahemaiti Aikeremu,Millingen Maria
Molecular Pain , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1744-8069-9-1
Abstract: The TRPV1 ion channel is expressed in nociceptors, where pharmacological modulation of its function may offer a means of alleviating pain and neurogenic inflammation processes in the human body. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of cholesterol depletion of the cell on ion-permeability of the TRPV1 ion channel. The ion-permeability properties of TRPV1 were assessed using whole-cell patch-clamp and YO-PRO uptake rate studies on a Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line expressing this ion channel. Prolonged capsaicin-induced activation of TRPV1 with N-methyl-D-glucamine (NMDG) as the sole extracellular cation, generated a biphasic current which included an initial outward current followed by an inward current. Similarly, prolonged proton-activation (pH 5.5) of TRPV1 under hypocalcemic conditions also generated a biphasic current including a fast initial current peak followed by a larger second one. Patch-clamp recordings of reversal potentials of TRPV1 revealed an increase of the ion-permeability for NMDG during prolonged activation of this ion channel under hypocalcemic conditions. Our findings show that cholesterol depletion inhibited both the second current, and the increase in ion-permeability of the TRPV1 channel, resulting from sustained agonist-activation with capsaicin and protons (pH 5.5). These results were confirmed with YO-PRO uptake rate studies using laser scanning confocal microscopy, where cholesterol depletion was found to decrease TRPV1 mediated uptake rates of YO-PRO. Hence, these results propose a novel mechanism by which cellular cholesterol depletion modulates the function of TRPV1, which may constitute a novel approach for treatment of neurogenic pain.
Implementation of evidence-based practice by standardized care plans: A study protocol  [PDF]
Inger Jansson, Eva T?rnvall
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2013.38A007

Background: Patient records should both transfer and create knowledge about patients and their health care. A standardized care plan could be a way to implement evidence-based care directly in practice and improve the documentation in patient records. The aim of this study is to investigate and compare the development and implementation process of a standardized care plan in hospital and primary health care. A further aim is to evaluate the effects on the quality of documentation and the care given in two contexts. Methods and Analysis: Realistic evaluation will be used as a framework to investigate the implementation process. According to this framework, possible contexts, mechanisms, and outcomes in the study will be considered. The study will be performed in two contexts: an orthopedic clinic and primary health care centers. In both contexts, the two key mechanisms will be the same: the implementation process will be driven by internal facilitators (practitioners at the units) and the process will be guided by the Rules and Regulations for interoperability in the Health and Social Care specification, “National information structure for standardized care plans”. Two outcomes of the study will be studied: to investigate the development and implementation process by an evaluation of fidelity and to evaluate how a standardized care plan affects the quality of documentation and the use of evidence-based care. Discussion: Implementation of the SCP will probably meet the same resistance as implementation of guidelines. Documentation of care is an important but resource-consuming requirement in health care, a more standardized method of documenting is requested by health professionals. This project can provide insight into the complex process of developing and implement an SCP in different contexts, which will be useful in further implementation processes.

Electronic structure and chemical bonding of nc-TiC/a-C nanocomposites
Martin Magnuson,Erik Lewin,Lars Hultman,Ulf Jansson
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.80.235108
Abstract: The electronic structure of nanocrystalline (nc-) TiC/amorphous C nanocomposites has been investigated by soft x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy. The measured spectra at the Ti 2p and C 1s thresholds of the nanocomposites are compared to those of Ti metal and amorphous C. The corresponding intensities of the electronic states for the valence and conduction bands in the nanocomposites are shown to strongly depend on the TiC carbide grain size. An increased charge-transfer between the Ti 3d-eg states and the C 2p states has been identified as the grain size decreases, causing an increased ionicity of the TiC nanocrystallites. It is suggested that the charge-transfer occurs at the interface between the nanocrystalline TiC and the amorphous C matrix and represents an interface bonding which may be essential for the understanding of the properties of nc-TiC/amorphous C and similar nanocomposites.
Carbon release by selective alloying of transition metal carbides
Mikael R?sander,Erik Lewin,Ola Wilhelmsson,Biplab Sanyal,Mattias Klintenberg,Olle Eriksson,Ulf Jansson
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1088/0953-8984/23/35/355401
Abstract: We have performed first principles density functional theory calculations on TiC alloyed on the Ti sublattice with 3d transition metals ranging from Sc to Zn. The theory is accompanied with experimental investigations, both as regards materials synthesis as well as characterization. Our results show that by dissolving a metal with a weak ability to form carbides, the stability of the alloy is lowered and a driving force for the release of carbon from the carbide is created. During thin film growth of a metal carbide this effect will favor the formation of a nanocomposite with carbide grains in a carbon matrix. The choice of alloying elements as well as their concentrations will affect the relative amount of carbon in the carbide and in the carbon matrix. This can be used to design the structure of nanocomposites and their physical and chemical properties. One example of applications is as low-friction coatings. Of the materials studied, we suggest the late 3d transition metals as the most promising elements for this phenomenon, at least when alloying with TiC.
Diffusion Estimation Over Cooperative Multi-Agent Networks With Missing Data
Mohammad Reza Gholami,Magnus Jansson,Erik G. Str?m,Ali H. Sayed
Statistics , 2014,
Abstract: In many fields, and especially in the medical and social sciences and in recommender systems, data are gathered through clinical studies or targeted surveys. Participants are generally reluctant to respond to all questions in a survey or they may lack information to respond adequately to the questions. The data collected from these studies tend to lead to linear regression models where the regression vectors are only known partially: some of their entries are either missing completely or replaced randomly by noisy values. In this work, we examine how a connected network of agents, with each one of them subjected to a stream of data with incomplete regression information, can cooperate with each other through local interactions to estimate the underlying model parameters in the presence of missing data. We explain how to adjust the distributed diffusion through (de)regularization in order to eliminate the bias introduced by the incomplete model. We also propose a technique to recursively estimate the (de)regularization parameter and examine the performance of the resulting strategy. We illustrate the results by considering two applications: one dealing with a mental health survey and the other dealing with a household consumption survey.
Application of “Swanson’s Middle Range Caring Theory” in Sweden after miscarriage  [PDF]
Caroline Jansson, Annsofie Adolfsson
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2011.22021
Abstract: Objective: The aim of this study was to apply Swanson’s Middle Range Caring Theory to the follow-up visit with a midwife for Swedish women who have suffered early miscarriage or received care for late missed miscarriage in preg-nancy week 18-20. Methods: Twenty-five tape recorded interviews with women four weeks after their early miscarriages and thirteen tape recorded semi-structured interviews with midwives and nurses who had the experience of caring for women who have been diagnosed with a missed miscarriage during a routine ultrasound scan. The interviews were transcribed verbatim and interpreted deductively from the text using the theory. Results: Each woman described her personal experience of miscarriage in the relative terms of a human experience. The midwives and nurses described their experiences with women who received care for missed miscarriage. The interviews included information about the treatment provided by the caregivers during the period afterward of the diagnosis. The caregiver attitude was formed from Swanson’s caring categories: “Maintaining belief”, “knowing”, “being with”, “doing for”, “enabling”. Conclusions: Swanson’s Middle Range Caring Theory as applied to the caregiver includes being emotionally present, giving support with respect for the woman’s dignity, being competent, meeting each woman’s own individual needs. Given the proper care after a miscarriage every woman has the power within herself to improve their wellbeing.
Making news understandable to computers
Erik T. Mueller
Computer Science , 2000,
Abstract: Computers and devices are largely unaware of events taking place in the world. This could be changed if news were made available in a computer-understandable form. In this paper we present XML documents called NewsForms that represent the key points of 17 types of news events. We discuss the benefits of computer-understandable news and present the NewsExtract program for converting text news stories into NewsForms.
Prospects for in-depth story understanding by computer
Erik T. Mueller
Computer Science , 2000,
Abstract: While much research on the hard problem of in-depth story understanding by computer was performed starting in the 1970s, interest shifted in the 1990s to information extraction and word sense disambiguation. Now that a degree of success has been achieved on these easier problems, I propose it is time to return to in-depth story understanding. In this paper I examine the shift away from story understanding, discuss some of the major problems in building a story understanding system, present some possible solutions involving a set of interacting understanding agents, and provide pointers to useful tools and resources for building story understanding systems.
A database and lexicon of scripts for ThoughtTreasure
Erik T. Mueller
Computer Science , 2000,
Abstract: Since scripts were proposed in the 1970's as an inferencing mechanism for AI and natural language processing programs, there have been few attempts to build a database of scripts. This paper describes a database and lexicon of scripts that has been added to the ThoughtTreasure commonsense platform. The database provides the following information about scripts: sequence of events, roles, props, entry conditions, results, goals, emotions, places, duration, frequency, and cost. English and French words and phrases are linked to script concepts.
地质学报 , 1947,
Abstract: ShansiprovincecoversthemountainousterritoryW.andS.W.ofPeipinganditscapitalTaiyuanissituatedapproximatelyinthecentreoftheprovinceandatadistanceofabout400km.inasouthwesterndirectionfromtheoldcapital.Inthe20'sand30'snumerousareasofhighlyalkalinerockswerediscoveredinShansibytheGeologicalSurveyofChinaandtheSino-SwedishResearch
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