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Sliding Wear Modeling of Artificial Rough Surfaces
Imam Syafa’at,Budi Setiyana,Muchammad,Jamari
International Journal of Science and Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: Surface roughness plays an important role in machine design. In the micro-scale when two engineering surfaces are brought into contact, the real contact area occurs at isolated point of asperity. Wear is one of some effects of contacting surfaces. This paper presents a modeling of sliding wear at asperity level on the artificial rough surfaces. The surface roughness is represented by spherical asperities at the hemispherical pin that is developed from the existing model. The wear model is based on the simple analytical solution. The combination of Archard’s wear equation and finite element simulation is performed to predict the wear. Results show that the increasing of sliding distance give the increasing of wear depth, wear scar diameter and wear volume of the asperity. Wear at the center of the contacting rough surface is higher than the its surrounding.
A Morphological Study on the Carbon Particles from Wood Fiber Waste via Hydrothermal Carbonization Process
Saidatul S. Jamari,Jonathan R. Howse,Azlinna A. Bakar
International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications , 2013, DOI: 10.7763/ijcea.2013.v4.282
Abstract: Wood fiber waste is abundantly produced from the medium density wood fiber industry. The production of carbon from biomass is having more intention from the researcher due to the application. In this research, the conversion of biomass from wood fiber waste into carbon particle via hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) process is chosen. In this experiment, wood fiber and water were added in a pressure vessel and heated up to temperature between 200 – 220°C for 4 hours. Analyses were carried out using Elemental Analyzer, TGA, FTIR and FESEM for the characterization phase. The carbon value recorded an improvement as the O/C ratio of raw material is higher than the HTC products. The surface morphology obtained from FESEM showed pores on the surface of the HTC product suggesting a processing route to complicated carbon based structures. It can be concluded that both processes is practicable method to convert biomass into value added product.
Impact of carpal tunnel syndrome on the expectant woman's life
Zatel I Rozali, Faiz M Noorman, Prisca K De Cruz, Yam K Feng, Halimatun WA Razab, Jamari Sapuan, Rajesh Singh, Faizal M Sikkandar
Asia Pacific Family Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1447-056x-11-1
Abstract: This article focuses on its impact to the third trimester pregnant mothers with CTS.Third trimester pregnant mothers with no other known risk factors for CTS, were interviewed and examined for a clinical diagnosis of CTS. The severity of CTS was assessed by means of symptoms severity and functionality using the Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire.Out of 333 third trimester pregnant mothers, 82 (24.6%) were clinically diagnosed with CTS. Malay race was found to have significant correlation with the diagnosis of CTS (p = 0.024) and are two times more likely to get CTS during pregnancy (OR = 2.26) compare to the non-Malays. Bilateral CTS was two times higher (n = 58, 63.4%) than unilateral cases (n = 30, 36.6%), however no significant correlation between the two was found with severity (p = 0.284) or functional (p = 0.906). The commonest complaint was numbness/tingling during day time (n = 63, 76.8%). Majority of the CTS cases were mild (n = 66, 80.5%) and approximately one third (n = 28, 34.1%) had affected hand functions. All symptoms related to pain was found to have significant correlation with severity (p = 0.00, OR = 12.23) and function (p = 0.005, OR = 5.01), whereas numbness and tingling does not (Severity, p = 0.843, function, p = 0.632).This study shows that even though CTS in third trimester pregnancy is prevalent, generally it would be mild. However, function can still be affected especially if patients complain of pain.CTS occurs when the median nerve is entrapped within the Carpal Tunnel causing sensations of pain, numbness and tingling at the median nerve distribution in the hand and could extend up to the arms. Previous studies had found that CTS was more prevalent in the female population. It was postulated because morphologically, females are more prone to CTS compare to male [1]. CTS were first linked with pregnancy in 1957 by Wallace and Cook where they describe two cases of CTS in pregnancy and did surgical decompression [2]. The paper focuses on "p

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