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Electromagnetic Field Released in Collision-Impact Events Generate in the Matrix Interface Fractal Scalable Invariant Geometric Triangular Chiral Hexagonal Structures  [PDF]
Jairo A. Diaz
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2013.33022

In biology, cancer is the most beautiful natural model of a chaotic system, which under uncontrolled proliferations, generates extreme disorder that finally causes intercellular collisions. The authors have described and documented fractal self-assembly of geometric triangular chiral hexagonal crystal-like complex organizations (GTCHC) and interface comet tail effect patterns in cancer processes. According to this novel observation cancer incorporates a real visualization world with a great surprising finding in biology, physics, and geology. This visualization platform literally allows us to see what would otherwise remain completely invisible. From theory to practice this irreducible geometric matrix allowed us to identify in geology, real measurable green infrared-electromagnetic stripe line in interface with hexagonal geomorphic pattern, triangular chiral pyramidal rock structures, geology well defined mirror images, template platform to bio signature characterization of ancestral primitive polar head-tail organization, embryoid and human-like shape pattern embedded as giant fossils in rocks that have never been seen before. Electromagnetic field released in collision-impact events generate in the matrix interphase fractal scalable invariant order of geometric triangular chiral hexagonal structures. The laws of biology and geology can finally be redirected to the laws of physics; specifically magnetic fields create a new kind of classification based on these fractal structural similarities of the relationship. Further interdisciplinary collaboration must be carried out to study these geometric self-assembly geological structures, ancient sediments and rocks that could provide insights into antecedents of life.

Geometric triangular chiral hexagon complexes and clonal embryogenic body organization on the Turin Shroud crucified man image: A predictable tissue response to injury  [PDF]
Jairo A. Diaz
Natural Science (NS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2013.510135
Abstract: The shroud continues to remain one of the most studied and controversial artifacts in human history. Many tests, X-ray fluorescence, reflectance, spectrometry and low energy/high-resolution X ray transmission have shown that the crucified body is not compatible with a painted image. Researchers confirm that the alleged blood is real blood. We documented the self-assembly of geometric triangular chiral hexagon complex (GTCHC) with structural organization of embryoid bodies in cancer tissues. The identification of these structures is not only limited to malignant tumors but also appears in extreme injured tissues. Our interest is to determine if we can predict and identify these patterns in the Shroud of Turin. Based on pattern recognition image was analyzed over 100 shroud images. We identified a central spectral emission line that exhibits a characteristic signature on a plot of residual electromagnetic radiation, head area narrowing and low extremities broadening, indication of decay energy changes in the velocity of the molecules in the traversal trajectory. This Electromagnetic collision event generates in the cloth stagnant blood areas with patterns identical to those identified for us in cancer damage tissues. Inflammatory cytokines activate stem cells and Notch signaling proteins in cascade of interactions to generate real clonal human embryoid template. Can we predict function from structure? These structures evoke life, regeneration, but not death. Our findings suggest the image of a crucified man on the Shroud of Turin is a real physical electromagnetic collision event in response to extreme tissue injury, with the fact that supports our previous findings in cancer tissues as real and predictable. Proteins derived from these emergent damage tissue derivate stem cells could be used to design biologic templates in regenerative medicine and develop novel strategies in cancer therapy.
Aparición paradójica de tuberculomas encefálicos durante el tratamiento de tuberculosis en pacientes inmunocompetentes
Biomédica , 2004,
Abstract: paradoxical appearance of encephalic tuberculomas during treatment for tuberculosis in immunocompetent patients two cases of appearance of encephalic tuberculomas during anti-tuberculous treatment in immunocompetent patients are presented. the first an adult man presenting a right frontal lesion which required surgical treatment and the second a girl with multiple lesions located mainly in the brainstem. this paradoxical presentation is attributed to a bizarre immunological reaction between the host and the tuberculosis bacillus. patients with this condition do not require changes in anti-tuberculous treatment, and steroids are helpful in alleviating the symptoms. surgery is indicated only for cases of uncontrollable intracranial hypertension or when there is diagnostic uncertainty. the prognosis of this entity is usually good
Sensibilidad y especificidad de un índice de higiene oral de uso comunitario
Colombia Médica , 2011,
Abstract: introduction: indexes of oral hygiene and dental plaque measurements have been developed since the 1960s in assessing an individual's oral hygiene, and to evaluate the effectiveness of programs to promote oral health and to measure the effectiveness of therapeutic methods. the dental school at universidad del valle and the pacífico siglo xxi research team have developed an oral hygiene index for community use and evaluate its sensitivity and specificity versus three other indexes used in studies worldwide. methodology: a group of seven students in their fifth year of dentistry were standardized for the registration of pattern indexes (gold standard), the o′leary index, detritus index by greene & vermillion index, silness & l?e index, and the oral hygiene index for community use (cpi) achieving a match with kappa values from 0.83, 0.81, 0.71, 0.94, and 0.86, respectively. a total of 83 fifth grade, primary school children were examined with parental consent; the data was recorded and taken to a database that was processed with a ssps version 17 program. results: the plaque rate in the children evaluated was 80%. no significant differences were found between the gold standard, the o′leary index, and the oral hygiene index for community use. the sensitivity of the indices evaluated was: 96.8 (95% ci 95.5-97.9) for the o'leary index; 95.1 (95% ci 92.5-97.4) for the cpi; 75.2 (95% ci: 73.1-77.1) greene & vermillion detritus index, and 69.5 (95% ci 66-73) for the silness & l?e index. the average specificity of 75 had no significant differences among the indexes. conclusions: the silness & l?e and greene & vermillion indexes are less sensitive with significant differences in relation to the o′leary index and the plaque community index.
Disciplina partidária e base parlamentar na Camara dos Deputados no primeiro governo Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1995-1998)
Nicolau, Jairo;
Dados , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582000000400004
Abstract: this article analyzes the activity of the political parties in the brazilian house of representatives during the first fernando henrique cardoso administration (1995-98). the main source of data is the result of head-count votes. three aspects are emphasized: the degree of party discipline; the parties? rate of support for bills sponsored by the administration; and the impact of maverick voting and absenteeism on the voting results. the link between the two dimensions treated separately by the literature (party discipline and party support for the administration) shows that the strategy of evaluating presidential power simply by counting the members of representatives formally belonging to the executive?s constituency should be done with caution in countries with undisciplined parties and high absenteeism during head-count votes.
Partidos na república de 1946: uma réplica metodológica
Nicolau, Jairo;
Dados , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582005000300005
Abstract: this article discusses some questions raised by wanderley guilherme dos santos in the article "old theses, new data: a methodological analysis", published in dados - revista de ciências sociais. the paper focuses particularly on an important methodological discussion, namely the measurement of political events. two topics in the party system are specifically explored: the dispersion of congressional voting and power (fragmentation rates) and territorial dispersion of voting (partisan nationalization rates).
Some notes on procrastinate and other economy matters
NUNES, Jairo;
DELTA: Documenta??o de Estudos em Lingüística Teórica e Aplicada , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-44501999000100002
Abstract: this paper argues that chomsky's (1993) procrastinate principle is not in consonance with the general guidelines of the minimalist program and proposes an alternative account of the preference for covert movement instead of overt movement and the preference for lexical insertion instead of movement. this proposal also accounts for the order of application of certain operations related to deletion of traces.
Erasing erasure
NUNES, Jairo;
DELTA: Documenta??o de Estudos em Lingüística Teórica e Aplicada , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-44502000000200008
Abstract: this paper argues that the distinction between deletion and erasure proposed by chomsky (1995) to account for different checking possibilities should be abandoned on both conceptual and empirical grounds. as an alternative, the paper outlines an analysis based solely on deletion.
Partidos na República de 1946: velhas teses, novos dados
Nicolau, Jairo;
Dados , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582004000100003
Abstract: this article proposes a new way of organizing brazilian electoral data from 1945 to 1962 and discusses some classic interpretations of the country?s political party system. one obstacle to research on parties in the republic of 1946 was the lack of complete party-by-party data. the reason is that official statistics did not distinguish data by party in the case of joint party slates for the legislative branch. the purpose of this study was to overcome this limitation by identifying the party affiliations of candidates in each slate. this approach allowed the partisan identification of nearly all of the votes. the second part of the article evaluates some of the classic political proposals from the same period: conservative parties were on the decline and the brazilian labor party (ptb) on the rise; parties were undergoing continuous nationalization; and the party system was becoming increasingly fragmented.
Como Controlar o Representante?: Considera??es sobre as Elei??es para a Camara dos Deputados no Brasil
Nicolau, Jairo;
Dados , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582002000200002
Abstract: the purpose of this article is to explore the mechanisms that have been used by brazilian voters to punish and reward their representatives. the article has three sections. the first discusses theoretical aspects of electoral control issues in traditional democracies. the second specifically analyzes two dimensions of the brazilian system of representation: a) whether accountability operates on a partisan or personalized basis and b) the impact of the institutional arrangement on voters? capacity to evaluate their representatives (clarity of responsibility). the last section explores some specific electoral control mechanisms exercised by brazilian voters in the 1998 elections for house of representatives.
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