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Prevalência de mordida aberta anterior e protrus?o dentária em pré-escolares da cidade do Recife (PE, Brasil)
Granville-Garcia,Ana Flávia; Ferreira,Jainara Maria Soares; Menezes,Valdenice Aparecida de;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232010000800032
Abstract: the objective of this work was to verify the prevalence of malocclusions (anterior open bite, overjet) and its association with age, gender and type of school with a sample of 2,651 preschool children in the city of recife, pe, brazil. the children were seated in school chairs in the room of the day care/school for the clinical exam, children aging two years or less were assisted in the system knee-knee, through natural and artificial illumination. the dental protrusion was verified when the overjet was larger than 3 mm through periodontal probe in millimeters. the presence of anterior open bite was detected when there was no contact with the anterior teeth and the posterior ones stayed in occlusion. t was also registered in clinical record a combination of the two malocclusions types, in other words, open bite and of dental protrusion. the data were analyzed at qui-square and the association among the events was the odds ratio. the prevalence of protrusion was 66.1% and previous open bite 19.8%. there was association among this malocclusions, age and type of school, however there was not significant statistical association between malocclusion and gender. it was concluded that the prevalence of malocclusion in preschoolers was high and it was associated to the age and school type.
Conhecimento do cirurgi o-dentista sobre avuls o dental no Programa de Saúde da Família de Campina Grande, PB, Brasil
Ana Flávia Granville-Garcia,Jo?o Batista Balduíno Júnior,Jainara Maria Soares Ferreira,Valdenice Aparecida Menezes
Odonto , 2009,
Abstract: Objetivo: avaliar o conhecimento sobre avuls o dental entre cirurgi es-dentistas do Programa de Saúde da Família de Campina GrandePB e a influência da experiência profissional neste aspecto. Metodologia: foram submetidos à entrevista estruturada 30 profissionais. Para análise dos dados foi usada estatística descritiva e inferencial (Teste Exato de Fisher qui-quadrado de Pearson), com margem de erro de 5%. Resultados: 86,7% dos cirurgi es-dentistas possuíam até 10 anos de experiência profissional, 60%, trabalhavam exclusivamente em institui es públicas, 86,7% eram especialistas e 96,7% receberam instru es sobre o assunto. No que diz respeito à avuls o de dentes decíduos, mais da metade dos dentistas responderam que n o realizariam reimplante (65,5%). Por outro lado, a maioria dos profissionais (96,7%) optaria pelo reimplante, no caso da denti o permanente, n o sendo a experiência profissional fator significativo neste caso (p>0,05). A maioria (56,7%) indicou o soro fisiológico como meio de estocagem, o período extra-alveolar ideal inferior a 30 minutos (60%) e o uso de conten o semi-rígida por até 15 dias (61,1%), n o havendo diferen a significativa quanto à experiência profissional (p>0,05). Verificou-se uma tendência dos profissionais à prescri o medicamentosa indiscriminada (p>0,05). Conclus o: a maioria dos cirurgi esdentistas possui conhecimento satisfatório sobre avuls o dental, n o sendo influenciado pelo tempo de experiência profissional. No entanto, com a inten o de melhorar a qualidade de vida dos pacientes com traumatismo dental, aos profissionais devem ser oferecidos cursos de forma o contínua sobre o assunto.
Therapeutic potential of Brazilian fluoride varnishes: an in vivo study
Almeida, Marcella Quirino de;Costa, Olívia Ximenes Izidro;Ferreira, Jainara Maria Soares;Menezes, Valdenice Aparecida de;Leal, Rossana Barbosa;Sampaio, Fábio Correia;
Brazilian Dental Journal , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-64402011000300003
Abstract: the aim of this study was to assess in vivo the therapeutic effect of three fluoride varnishes available in the brazilian market on the performance of white spot lesions (wsl). the sample included 36 children aged 7 to 13 years old, with a total of 67 active wsl in permanent anterior teeth. the children were randomly divided into 3 groups, according to fluoride varnish used: fl- fluorniz (n=24), duo - duofluorid xii (n=22) and df - durafluor (n=21). maximum wsl dimensions (mesiodistal and incisogingival) were measured in millimeters by a previously calibrated single examiner using a periodontal probe. wsl were also assessed regarding lesion activity. initial and final s-ohi (simplified oral hygiene index) scores were recorded. pearson's chi-square test revealed no statistically significant differences (p>0.05) in the performance of the varnishes. at the end of the 5th week, fl had 6 active and 18 inactive wsl; duo had 7 active and 15 inactive wsl; and dl had 6 active and 15 inactive wsl. taking into account all lesions, there was a 45.7% reduction in wsl dimensions. paired student's t-test revealed a statistically significant difference (p<0.05) between the initial size (1.88) and final size (1.02). after four applications, all varnishes obtained similar clinical results.
Therapeutic effect of two fluoride varnishes on white spot lesions: a randomized clinical trial
Ferreira, Jainara Maria Soares;Arag?o, Ana Karla Ramalho;Rosa, Adriana Dias Batista;Sampaio, Fábio Correia;Menezes, Valdenice Aparecida de;
Brazilian Oral Research , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-83242009000400015
Abstract: the aim of this randomized clinical trial study was to evaluate the therapeutic effect of two varnish formulations (g1 = 5% naf, g2 = 6% naf + 6% caf2) on the remineralization of white spot lesions (wsl). the sample was composed of 15 (7- to 12-year-old) children with 45 active wsl in anterior permanent teeth. the children were randomly divided into two groups providing 22 lesions for g1 and 23 for g2. the children were submitted to weekly varnish applications 4 times. the wsl were evaluated twice: baseline and on week 4. maximum lesion dimensions (mesiodistal and incisogingival) were measured in millimeters and classified in four grades of size. wsl were also assessed regarding lesion activity by one calibrated examiner. the pearson chi-square and fisher's exact tests were used (p < 0.01). wsl reductions were observed in both varnish groups (chi-square = 0.15, d.f. = 1, p = 0.90), and with similar magnitude (in mm): 1.19 and 1.29 for g1 and g2, respectively. thirty-six wsl (15 in g1 and 21 in g2) were classified as inactive on week 4, reaching an overall value of 80%. no difference was observed between g1 and g2 regarding activity scores (fisher's exact test, p > 0.01). it was concluded that after 4 applications the two varnish formulations tested produced similar clinical effects, indicating the reduction and the control of carious activity in most wsl.
Oral hygiene practices, dental service use and oral health self-perception of schoolchildren from a rural zone in the Brazilian Northeast region
Menezes, Valdenice Aparecida de;Lorena, Rachel Pollyana Falc?o;Rocha, Liliane Cristina Barbosa;Leite, Angéllica Falc?o;Ferreira, Jainara Maria Soares;Granville-Garcia, Ana Flavia;
Revista Odonto Ciência , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1980-65232010000100006
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the oral hygiene practices, use of dental services and self-perception of oral health of school children from the rural areas of the city of caruaru, pe, in the northeast region of brazil. methods: an exploratory cross-sectional study was carried out using interviews with structured questionnaires aimed at students aged between 6 and 12 years (n=150). demographic and socio-economic data on oral hygiene practices, the use of dental services and self-perception of oral health were collected and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics (chi-square and fisher's exact tests). results: most of the students cleaned their teeth (82.0%) with toothpaste (98.0%), a toothbrush available at the market (93.2%) and dental floss (26.4%). all students (150) had a toothbrush, the majority (86.7%) for individual use, and performed three or more daily brushings (56.4%). a significant portion had visited the dentist (72.7%) due to the need for treatment (57.8%) and toothache (33.0%). among those who had never been to the dentist, fear (36.6%) was the main reason. the majority (56.0%) considered their teeth to be in good condition. conclusion: despite the low socio-economic status of the evaluated population, changes in oral hygiene practices and the demand for dental care were observed.
In vivo evaluation of therapeutic potential of fluoride varnishes
Silva, Rúbia Menêses da;Ferreira, Jainara Maria Soares;Silva, Cely Dayana Barros da;Fontes, Luciana de Barros Correia;Granville-Garcia, Ana Flávia;Menezes, Valdenice Aparecida de;
Revista Odonto Ciência , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1980-65232012000300011
Abstract: purpose: to perform an in vivo evaluation of the therapeutic effect of two fluoride varnishes on the remineralization of active white spot lesions (wsls). methods: children aged 7 to 10 years old (n=20) with 56 active wsls in the anterior permanent teeth were submitted to four weekly applications of fluoride products: g1 - fluorphat? (n=28) or g2 - duraphat? (n=28). wsls were evaluated with regard to diameter and activity. data were analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics (student's t and chi-square tests), with the significance level set to 5%. results: at the end of the study, g1 had nine active and 19 inactive wsls and g2 had seven and 21 inactive wsls. no difference in mean wsl size was found between g1 (4.37 mm) and g2 (4.76 mm) (p>0.05). in the intragroup analysis, significant differences were found between the initial and final wsl size in both g1 (from 4.37 mm 2.97 mm) and g2 (>4.76 mm to 3.78 mm). conclusion: the two products tested demonstrated similar clinical efficacy regarding the remineralization of active wsls after four weeks of fluoride therapy.
Conhecimento de alunos concluintes de Pedagogia sobre saúde bucal
Ferreira, Jainara Maria Soares;Massoni, Andreza Cristina de Lima Targino;Forte, Franklin Delano Soares;Sampaio, Fábio Correia;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832005000200013
Abstract: the aim of this article was to evaluate the oral health knowledge of pedagogy students from the federal university of paraíba. in order to do this students present in class rooms answered a questionnaire containing the objective requirements relative to basic knowledge on the subject. the data were analyzed using descriptive statistics techniques. out of 100 students, 83% have had access to information relating to preventive dentistry. the most quoted source of information was the dentist (64%). aspects relating to bacterial plaque were generally not known by the participant group (31%), in contrast to the etiological factors that cause dental caries (55%). although 92% of the students stated that pacifiers are harmful to the facial development of children, only 9% could identify the age limit for abandoning use of this article. furthermore, 20% selected the ideal time for the first visit of a child to the dentist. it can be concluded that the students had a reasonable knowledge of oral health. the promotion of educational programs directed at these professionals is needed, particularly in the academic curriculum, since these professionals of the future will contribute to the children's formation, by establishing daily practices that lead to good health.
Factors associated with early weaning at a Child-Friendly Healthcare Initiative Hospitall
Granville-Garcia, Ana F.;Lins, Ruthinéia D.A.U.;Oliveira, Ana C.B.;Paiva, Saul M.;Sousa, Raulison V.;Martins, Veruska;Silva, Maria S. P.;Ferreira, Jainara M.S.;Menezes, Valdenice A.;
Revista Odonto Ciência , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1980-65232012000300005
Abstract: purpose: considering the benefits of breastfeeding on children's health, the aim of the present study was to determine factors associated with early weaning among children at a child-friendly healthcare initiative (cfhi) children's hospital in the city of campina grande, state of paraíba, brazil. methods: an analytical, cross-sectional study was carried out involving 800 mothers of children between 0 and 24 months of age at the elpídio de almeida health institute. a semi-structured questionnaire was administered and contained questions on socio-demographic characteristics, eating habits and nonnutritive sucking habits. the chi-square test and fisher's exact test were employed for statistical analysis. a multivariate analysis was performed with variables that achieved a p-value < 0.25 in the bivariate analysis. results: the prevalence of early weaning was 13.5%. in the bivariate analysis, the factors associated with early weaning were income (p=0.001), child's birth weight (p=0.016), bottle feeding (p=0.003) and pacifier use (p<0.001). in the multivariate analysis, pacifier use remained significantly associated with early weaning (or: 3.23; 95% ci: 1.871 to 5.591; p<0.001). conclusion: pacifier use was associated with early weaning, even when mothers were advised to avoid this habit.
Stimulation of the P6 Acupuncture Point for Prophylaxis of Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnant Women Submitted to Cesarean Section: A Blinded Clinical Trial  [PDF]
Luiza Helena Castelo Branco, Luciana Cavalcante Lima, Maria Célia Ferreira Costa, Marilia Santos Lira, Raquel Queiroz Guerra de Andrade Coelho, Tania Cursino de Menezes Couceiro, Anne Danielle Soares, Eusa Maria Belarmino Alcoforado, Maria Emilia Carvalho
Open Journal of Anesthesiology (OJAnes) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojanes.2013.33037

In pregnant women subjected to spinal anesthesia for a Cesarean section, episodes of nausea and vomiting are common both during and following surgery. Acupuncture for the prophylaxis and treatment of these complications has been gaining in popularity due to its low cost, simplicity, absence of side effects and confirmed efficacy. This study investigated the efficacy of stimulating the P6 acupoint in conjunction with the use of dexamethasone as prophylaxis for nausea and vomiting in pregnant women submitted to spinal anesthesia for a Cesarean section. The patients (n = 100) were randomly distributed into two groups. In the first group (n = 50), a site located one centimeter laterally from P6 was stimulated. This is not a true acupuncture point (sham acupuncture). In the second group (n = 50), P6 was stimulated. In both groups, 4 mg of dexamethasone were administered intravenously. A questionnaire was used to obtain information on the occurrence of nausea and vomiting during surgery and in the first 12 hours postpartum. The chi-square test and Fisher’s exact test were used to assess differences between the groups. Age and physical status were similar in both groups. The incidence of nausea during surgery was 32% (n = 16) in the control group and 22% (n = 11) in the P6 group (p > 0.05). In the first 12 hours following surgery, nausea occurred in 16% of the women in the control group (n = 6) and in 4% in the P6 group (n = 4) (p = 0.045). The incidence of vomiting in the control group was 12% (n = 6) during surgery and 10% (n = 5) in the postoperative period compared to 8% (n = 4) and 4% (n = 2), respectively, in the P6 group (p > 0.05). Although these differences were not statistically significant with the exception of the incidence of nausea in the first 12 hours postpartum, a reduction occurred in the incidence of all the outcomes evaluated in the P6 group.

Chlamydia pneumoniae and atherosclerosis. Identification of bacterial DNA in the arterial wall
Coutinho, Mário Sérgio Soares de Azeredo;Nakamae, Fernando Joo Daniel;Menezes, Maria Elizabeth;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2000000200002
Abstract: objective: the intracellular gram-negative bacterium chlamydia pneumoniae has been associated with atherosclerosis. the presence of chlamydia pneumoniae has been investigated in fragments of the arterial wall with a technique for dna identification. methods: arterial fragments obtained from vascular surgical procedures in 58 patients were analyzed. from these patients, 39 were males and the mean age was 65±6 years. the polymerase chain reaction was used to identify the bacterial dna with a pair of primers that codify the major outer membrane protein (momp) of chlamydia pneumoniae. the amplified product was visualized by electrophoresis in the 2% agarose gel stained with ethidium bromide, and it was considered positive when migrating in the band of molecular weight of the positive controls. results: seven (12%) out of the 58 patients showed positive results for chlamydia pneumoniae. conclusion: dna from chlamydia pneumoniae was identified in the arterial wall of a substantial number of patients with atherosclerosis. this association, which has already been described in other countries, corroborates the evidence favoring a role played by chlamydia pneumoniae in atherogenesis.
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