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Estilos Parentales y Creatividad en Ni?os Escolarizados
Krumm,Gabriela; Vargas-Rubilar,Jael; Gullón,Silvana;
Psicoperspectivas , 2013, DOI: 10.5027/psicoperspectivas-Vol12-Issue1-fulltext-223
Abstract: the aim of this paper was to analyze whether parenting styles are predictors of creativity in paper and pencil activities, and the child’s own perception regarding his/her own creativity. the work was carried out with a sample of 219 children aged 9-12 years, from the province of entre ríos, argentina. the argentine scale of perception of relationships with parents for children created by richaud de minzi (2007a) based on the schaefer’s model, the figural torrance tests of creative thinking (ttct), form b, and the garaigordobil’s creative personality scale, in its hetero-evaluation version (2004), were administered. overall, the results show that parental acceptance would be a positive predictor of creativity. additionally, lax discipline would be an inhibiting factor of the child’s creative process. finally, the pathological control from the father’s parenting style, was negatively associated with creativity.
Application Resource Management for Highly Computational Applications in the Operational Environment: A Critical Review  [PDF]
Joseph Balikuddembe, Jael Gudu
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2017.109043
Abstract: Computational resources have such a significant influence on the operation of any software application, it is therefore important to understand how these applications utilize these resources. Modern resource-intensive enterprise and scientific applications are creating a growing demand for high performance computing infrastructures. They constantly interact with and rely heavily on complex resources. However, they often operate in resource-limited environments yet they often handle massive data, both in size and complexity. Software application services, processes or transactions compete for the much required but scarce resources. This creates the need to improve the existing resource allocation and management issue in such operational environments, as well as propose new ones, if necessary. Software developers try to analyze application operation environment using diverse analysis and design methods. Our aim therefore, is to design a tool that is able to work with a hybrid of adaptive and prediction-based resource management and allocation models while applying the priority based job scheduling algorithm to try and solve the application resource management challenges currently being faced in such environments, even if, partially.
Distribution patterns and trophic characteristics of salmonids and native species inhabiting high altitude rivers of Pampa de Achala region, Argentina
Ferriz, Ricardo A.;Baigún, Claudio R. M.;Dominino, Jael;
Neotropical Ichthyology , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-62252010000400015
Abstract: the pampa de achala in central argentina is an area with low fish species richness where salmonids were first introduced at the beginning of the twentieth century. a total of 19 rivers of different order were sampled during the low water period by using portable electrofishing equipment. we covered different identified macrohabitats (pools, riffles, glides and cascades) in reaches of 300-500 m length. the native species trichomycterus corduvensis and two exotic salmonids such as salvelinus fontinalis and oncorhynchus mykiss represented the most common species, showing allopatric and sympatric distribution in some streams. stomach contents and diet overlapping were also analyzed. cluster results showed a first main group comprised those streams with high diet similitude between t. corduvensis and o. mykiss whereas a second main group consisted of streams with high diet similitude between o. mykiss and s. fontinalis. mean niche width was similar among all these species but t. corduvensis showed that widest range whereas s. fontinalis exhibited the narrowest trophic niche. we were able to document a direct predation on t. corduvensis by o. mykiss in two stream although distribution overlapping among native and exotic species were low. in turn diet overlapping among species were negligible. trophic niche amplitude of s. fontinalis was inversely related to stream order, providing clues that geomorphology and hydrology may exert also influence of trophic characteristics and can be used for predicting the potential for food competition with native species. analysis by tokeshi plot revealed that t. corduvensis ranged from specialist to generalist whereas both salmonids showed generalist feeding habits with a heterogeneous and homogeneous diet.
Diego A. Desuque*,Jael Vargas Rubilar**,Viviana N. Lemos***
Liberabit , 2011,
Abstract: RESUMENAl trabajar con adolescentes con síntomas de depresión y/o ideación de suicidio, es valioso para el profesional evaluarlos pensamientos orientados hacia el suicidio. El disponer de un instrumento que mida las cogniciones de los jóvenes, esuna herramienta útil para la investigación, prevención y tratamiento de adolescentes con esta problemática. Sin embargo,no se cuenta en nuestro medio con una prueba para tal fin. Teniendo en cuenta que las pruebas verbales de evaluaciónpsicológica, son sensibles a cambios culturales, debiera evitarse su utilización fuera del contexto en que han sido dise adasy validadas sin un estudio previo de su funcionamiento. El objetivo de este trabajo fue estudiar las propiedadespsicométricas del CCCS-18 (Ruiz Hernández, Navarro-Ruiz, Torrente Hernández, & Rodríguez González, 2005) en poblaciónargentina. La versión espa ola del instrumento fue administrada a 122 sujetos pertenecientes a tres instituciones educativasde nivel secundario. La edad promedio fue de 16.06 a os. Para evaluar la fiabilidad de la prueba en cuanto a su consistenciainterna, se calculó el alpha de Cronbach, obteniendo un valor satisfactorio (0,86) para la escala general. En cuanto a lavalidez, se realizó un análisis factorial exploratorio, encontrando tres dimensiones que operacionalizarían el constructo.Este modelo fue contrastado con el de cuatro factores, propuestos por los autores del test, a través de un análisis factorialconfirmatorio. Los resultados indicaron que el modelo de tres factores ajusta mejor a los datos. En conclusión, se encontróque la prueba posee adecuadas propiedades psicométricas para su utilización en población argentina.ABSTRACTWhen working with teenagers that present depressive and/or suicidal ideation symptoms, the evaluation and detectionof thoughts oriented to suicide is very important for the mental health professional. Having an instrument that measuresyouth’s cognition towards suicide is a useful tool for research, prevention and treatment of adolescents with thisproblematic.However, there is no a psychological test available in our midst that can fulfil this purpose. Considering thatpsychological assessment′s verbal tests, are sensitive to cultural changes, should be avoided its use outside of contextto which they have been designed and validated without a previous study of their operation. The aim of this work was tostudy the psychometric properties of CCCS-18 (Ruiz Hernández, Navarro-Ruiz, Torrente Hernández, & Rodríguez González,2006) in argentine population. The Spanish version of this instrument was administered in
Formation and Elimination of Pollutant during Sludge Decomposition in the Presence of Cement Raw Material and Other Catalysts  [PDF]
Juan A. Conesa, Araceli Gálvez, Ignacio Martín-Gullón, Rafael Font
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2011.14027
Abstract: The use of a waste-based secondary fuel in clinker kilns is a widely used practice. Nevertheless, specific studies to understand the destruction mechanism of exhaust pollutants in cement raw material (CRM) are limited. This work focuses on the possible catalytic effect of the interaction of exhaust gases from the combustion of sewage sludge with various solids beds, including CRM. Catalyst based on vanadium pentoxide and deNOx commercial catalyst, based on Ti/Zr/Pt, were used. The behaviors of volatile compounds, polycyclic aromatic compounds and dioxins and furans are analyzed in the presence or absence of the different materials. Some compounds are produced when interacting the pollutants with the beds, and some others are destroyed. Results show that the presence of CRM at the outlet of the combustion gases is beneficial for the decrease in pollutant emission, confirmed by a catalytic effect of CRM at medium temperatures.
Nanotubos y nanofibras de carbono en función de su evolución histórica
I. Martín-Gullón
Boletin del Grupo Espa?ol del Carbon , 2007,
Abstract: La separación existente entre los CNT y CNF consiste, básicamente, en el diferente origen y diferente aplicación y escala de quienes los desarrollaron, más que en su estructura propiamente dicha.
La Guerra Civil espa ola y la Conferencia de Obispos Norteamericana
González Gullón, José Luis
Hispania Sacra : Revista de Historia Eclesiástica , 2012,
Abstract: The National Catholic Welfare Conference issued official statements about the Spanish Civil War. It was in touch with the Spanish Bishops through cardinal Isidro Gomá. The NCWC condemned the Loyalist Government for two main reasons: the religious persecution and the dependence on the communists. Its position about General Franco was more complicated. The NCWC wanted the victory of Franco but at the same time, it desired the recovery of the democratic system in Spain. La National Catholic Welfare Conference –la organización nacional de católicos de Estados Unidos– lideró la respuesta oficial de los católicos estadounidenses sobre la guerra civil espa ola. Además mantuvo contacto con el episcopado de Espa a a través del cardenal Isidro Gomá. La conferencia de obispos norteamericana condenó al Gobierno de la zona republicana debido a la persecución religiosa y a su dependencia del comunismo. Su posición sobre el general Franco fue más articulada. Deseaba que Franco ganara la guerra pero, a la vez, que Espa a recuperase un sistema democrático.
Leocadio Lobo, un sacerdote republicano (1887-1959)
González Gullón, José Luis
Hispania Sacra : Revista de Historia Eclesiástica , 2010,
Abstract: Father Lobo was the only priest living in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War who supported the Republican Government. In the fiftieth anniversary of his death, this study brings to light the biography of a man who had a deep priestly identity, suffered a rehabilitation process in the Church, and worked for a Republic which should be the final step of the political, social and religious changes that needed to be done in Spain. El padre Lobo fue el único sacerdote que residió en Madrid durante la Guerra Civil apoyando públicamente al Gobierno de la República. En el cincuentenario de su muerte, un riguroso estudio documental saca a la luz una vida insospechada donde, entre luces y sombras, aparece la biografía de un hombre que tuvo una profunda identidad sacerdotal, vivió un proceso de rehabilitación en la Iglesia, y colaboró para que fuese la República la que encauzara el progreso político, social y religioso del pueblo espa ol.
Rese a de "Venti secoli di storiografia eclesiástica. Bilancio e prospettive" de Luis Martínez Ferrer (ed.)
José Luis González Gullón
Anuario de Historia de la Iglesia , 2011,
A Novel Two-Component System Involved in Secretion Stress Response in Streptomyces lividans
Sonia Gullón, Rebeca L. Vicente, Rafael P. Mellado
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0048987
Abstract: Background Misfolded proteins accumulating outside the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane can interfere with the secretory machinery, hence the existence of quality factors to eliminate these misfolded proteins is of capital importance in bacteria that are efficient producers of secretory proteins. These bacteria normally use a specific two-component system to respond to the stress produced by the accumulation of the misfolded proteins, by activating the expression of HtrA-like proteases to specifically eliminate the incorrectly folded proteins. Methodology/Principal Findings Overproduction of alpha-amylase in S. lividans causing secretion stress permitted the identification of a two-component system (SCO4156-SCO4155) that regulates three HtrA-like proteases which appear to be involved in secretion stress response. Mutants in each of the genes forming part of the two-genes operon that encodes the sensor and regulator protein components accumulated misfolded proteins outside the cell, strongly suggesting the involvement of this two-component system in the S. lividans secretion stress response. Conclusions/Significance To our knowledge this is the first time that a specific secretion stress response two-component system is found to control the expression of three HtrA-like protease genes in S. lividans, a bacterium that has been repeatedly used as a host for the synthesis of homologous and heterologous secretory proteins of industrial application.
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