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Effect of a seasonal di use pollution migration on natural organic matter behavior in a stratified dam reservoir

Soon Ju Yu,Jae Yil Lee,Sung Ryong Ha,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2010,
Abstract: This article aims to describe the influence of di use pollution on the temporal and spatial characteristics of natural organic matter (NOM) in a stratified dam reservoir, the Daecheong Dam, on the basis of intensive observation results and the dynamic water quality simulation using CE-QUAL-W2. Turbidity is regarded as a comprehensive representation of allochothonous organic matter from di use sources in storm season because the turbidity concentration showed reasonable significance in a statistical correlation with the UV absorbance at 254 nm and total phosphorus. CE-QUAL-W2 simulation results showed good consistency with the observed data in terms of dissolved organic matter (DOM) including refractory dissolved organic carbon (RDOC) and labile DOC and also well explained the internal movement of constituents and stratification phenomenon in the reservoir. Instead turbidity and NOM were related well in the upper region of the reservoir according to flow distance, gradually as changing to dissolved form of organic matter, RDOM a ected organic matter concentration of reservoir water quality compared to turbidity. To control the increase of soluble organic matters in the dam reservoir, appropriate dam water discharge gate operation provided e ective measurement. Because of the gate operation let avoid the accumulation of organic matter within a dam reservoir by shorten of turbid regime retention time.
Early corticosteroid treatment for severe pneumonia caused by 2009 H1N1 influenza virus
Hong-Ryang Kil, Jae-Ho Lee, Kyung-Yil Lee, Jung-Woo Rhim, You-Sook Youn, Jin-Han Kang
Critical Care , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/cc10082
Abstract: During the pandemic in South Korea, we observed that early, short-term corticosteroid treatment along with oseltamivir seemed to have a dramatic effect on patients with severe pneumonia, and we proposed a new theory for the pathogenesis of acute lung injury in influenza virus infections [2]. In that study, we wanted to evaluate this beneficial effect of corticosteroid treatment through comparative data based on the use or non-use of corticosteroids at two separate hospitals. The subjects of the study were the pneumonia patients who had severe respiratory distress with hypoxemia at presentation or during admission and who thus required oxygen therapy. The conditions of 17 patients (median of 6 years of age, range of 4 to 9) in our hospital (The Catholic University of Korea, Daejeon St Mary's Hospital, Daejeon, South Korea) (use of corticosteroids) and 15 patients (median of 6 years of age, range of 5 to 18) in a neighboring hospital (Chungnam National University Hospital, Daejeon, South Korea) (non-use of corticosteroids) were diagnosed by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. The clinical and laboratory characteristics of patients in the two hospitals are shown in Table 1. Our results suggested that the severe pneumonia patients who were treated with corticosteroids showed shortened durations of fever and oxygen therapy, rapid resolution of pneumonic infiltrations, and possibly no progression to ARDS.It is reported that corticosteroid treatment for adult ARDS patients with 2009 H1N1 virus infection was effective in the improvement of lung injury score [3]. Two recent case series suggest a possible life-saving role of corticosteroids in severely ill adult patients with 2009 H1N1 virus infection unresponsive to other treatments [4,5]. Corticosteroids may not increase the viral load of the patients [4]. To the best of our knowledge, our study may be the first trial addressing an early and preemptive modality before ARDS development in influenza virus infecti
(-)-Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate Protects against NO-Induced Ototoxicity through the Regulation of Caspase- 1, Caspase-3, and NF-κB Activation
Su-Jin Kim, Jeong-Han Lee, Beom-Su Kim, Hong-Seob So, Raekil Park, Noh-Yil Myung, Jae-Young Um, Seung-Heon Hong
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0043967
Abstract: Excessive nitric oxide (NO) production is toxic to the cochlea and induces hearing loss. However, the mechanism through which NO induces ototoxicity has not been completely understood. The aim of this study was to gain further insight into the mechanism mediating NO-induced toxicity in auditory HEI-OC1 cells and in ex vivo analysis. We also elucidated whether and how epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), the main component of green tea polyphenols, regulates NO-induced auditory cell damage. To investigate NO-mediated ototoxicity, S-nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine (SNAP) was used as an NO donor. SNAP was cytotoxic, generating reactive oxygen species, releasing cytochrome c, and activating caspase-3 in auditory cells. NO-induced ototoxicity also mediated the nuclear factor (NF)-κB/caspase-1 pathway. Furthermore, SNAP destroyed the orderly arrangement of the 3 outer rows of hair cells in the basal, middle, and apical turns of the organ of Corti from the cochlea of Sprague–Dawley rats at postnatal day 2. However, EGCG counteracted this ototoxicity by suppressing the activation of caspase-3/NF-κB and preventing the destruction of hair cell arrays in the organ of Corti. These findings may lead to the development of a model for pharmacological mechanism of EGCG and potential therapies against ototoxicity.
Structural Characterization of de Novo Designed L5K5W Model Peptide Isomers with Potent Antimicrobial and Varied Hemolytic Activities
Seo-Jin Kim,Jae-Seok Kim,Yoo-Sup Lee,Dae-Won Sim,Sung-Hee Lee,Young-Yil Bahk,Kwang-Ho Lee,Eun-Hee Kim,Sung-Jean Park,Bong-Jin Lee,Hyung-Sik Won
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules18010859
Abstract: In an effort to develop short antimicrobial peptides with simple amino acid compositions, we generated a series of undecapeptide isomers having the L 5K 5W formula. Amino acid sequences were designed to be perfectly amphipathic when folded into a helical conformation by converging leucines onto one side and lysines onto the other side of the helical axis. The single tryptophans, whose positions were varied in the primary structures, were located commonly at the critical amphipathic interface in the helical wheel projection. Helical conformations and the tryptophanyl environments of the 11 L 5K 5W peptides were confirmed and characterized by circular dichroism, fluorescence and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. All of the isomers exhibited a potent, broad-spectrum of antibacterial activity with just a slight variance in individual potency, whereas their hemolytic activities against human erythrocytes were significantly diversified. Interestingly, helical dispositions and fluorescence blue shifts of the peptides in aqueous trifluoroethanol solutions, rather than in detergent micelles, showed a marked linear correlation with their hemolytic potency. These results demonstrate that our de novo design strategy for amphipathic helical model peptides is effective for developing novel antimicrobial peptides and their hemolytic activities can be estimated in correlation with structural parameters.
Surface Wave Echo in a Semi-Bounded Plasma  [PDF]
Hee J. Lee, Myoung-Jae Lee
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.712127
Abstract: Plasma echo theory is revisited to apply it to a semi-bounded plasma. Spatial echoes associated with plasma surface wave propagating in a semi-bounded plasma are investigated by calculating the second order electric field produced by external charges and satisfying the boundary conditions at the interface. The boundary conditions are two-fold: the specular reflection condition and the electric boundary condition. The echo spots are determined in terms of the perpendicular coordinate to the interface and the parallel coordinate along which the wave propagates. This improves the earlier works in which only the perpendicular coordinate is determined. In contrast with the echo in an infinite medium, echoes in a bounded plasma can occur at various spots. The diversity of echo occurrence spots is due to the discontinuity of the electric field at the interface that satisfies the specular reflection boundary condition. Physically, the diversity appears to be owing to the reflections of the waves from the interface.
Development of Combined Trochoidal Profile of a Gerotor Pump  [PDF]
Hao Liu, Jae-Cheon Lee
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2016.41005

Gerotor pumps are a kind of internal gear pump, widely used in applications of lubricating system of on-road or off-road engines. Normally their outer rotors are the circular arc profile while their inner rotor profile is the conjugate curve of the outer rotor. This research focuses on how to derive the combined trochoidal profile of a gerotor pump. The hypocycloidal and epicycloidal profile of the inner rotor is generated at first. And then the profile of the outer rotor, based on the inner rotor profile, is obtained by analytical approach and computationally graphical approach. The paper provides feasibility to develop the unconventional profile of a gerotor pump.

No Null-Helix Mannheim Curves in the Minkowski Space
Jae Won Lee
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/580537
Abstract: We study a null Mannheim curve with time-like or space-like Mannheim partner curve in the Minkowski 3-space 31. We get the characterization of a null Mannheim curve. Then, we investigate there is no null-helix Mannheim curve in 31.
Constancy of -Holomorphic Sectional Curvature for an Indefinite Generalized -Space Form
Jae Won Lee
Advances in Mathematical Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/527434
Abstract: Bonome et al., 1997, provided an algebraic characterization for an indefinite Sasakian manifold to reduce to a space of constant -holomorphic sectional curvature. In this present paper, we generalize the same characterization for indefinite -space forms. 1. Introduction For an almost Hermitian manifold with , Tanno [1] has proved the following. Theorem 1.1. Let , and assume that almost Hermitian manifold satisfies for every tangent vector , , and . Then has a constant holomorphic sectional curvature at if and only if for every tangent vector at . Tanno [1] has also proved an analogous theorem for Sasakian manifolds as follows. Theorem 1.2. A Sasakian manifold ≥5 has a constant -sectional curvature if and only if for every tangent vector such that . Nagaich [2] has proved the generalized version of Theorem 1.1, for indefinite almost Hermitian manifolds as follows. Theorem 1.3. Let be an indefinite almost Hermitian manifold that satisfies (1.1), then has a constant holomorphic sectional curvature at if and only if for every tangent vector at . Bonome et al. [3] generalized Theorem 1.2 for an indefinite Sasakian manifold as follows. Theorem 1.4. Let be an indefinite Sasakian manifold. Then has a constant -sectional curvature if and only if for every vector field such that . In this paper, we generalize Theorem 1.4 for an indefinite generalized -space form by proving the following. Theorem 1.5. Let be an indefinite generalized -space form. Then is of constant -sectional curvature if and only if for every vector field such that , for any . 2. Preliminaries A manifold is called a globally framed f-manifold (or -manifold) if it is endowed with a nonnull -tensor field of constant rank, such that is parallelizable; that is, there exist global vector fields , , with their dual 1-forms , satisfying and . The -manifold , , is said to be an indefinite metric -manifold if is a semi-Riemannian metric with index satisfying the following compatibility condition: for any , being according to whether is spacelike or timelike. Then, for any , one has . Following the notations in [4, 5], we adopt the curvature tensor , and thus we have and , for any , , , . We recall that, as proved in [6], the Levi-Civita connection of an indefinite -manifold satisfies the following formula: where is given by . An indefinite metric -manifold is called an indefinite -manifold if it is normal and , for any , where for any . The normality condition is expressed by the vanishing of the tensor field , being the Nijenhuis torsion of . Furthermore, the Levi-Civita connection of an indefinite
Characteristic Lightlike Submanifolds of an Indefinite -Manifold
Jae Won Lee
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/140259
Abstract: We study characteristic -lightlike submanifolds tangent to the characteristic vector fields in an indefinite metric -manifold, and we also discuss the existence of characteristic lightlike submanifolds of an indefinite -space form under suitable hypotheses: (1) is totally umbilical or (2) its screen distribution () is totally umbilical in .
β2 adrenergic agonists in acute lung injury? The heart of the matter
Jae W Lee
Critical Care , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/cc8171
Abstract: In their manuscript, Briot and colleagues [1] assessed the role of terbutaline, a β2 agonist, on lung microvascular permeability in an acute lung injury (ALI) in vivo model to uncover the underlying mechanisms of therapeutic benefit. The authors used a recently developed broncho-alveolar lavage technique [2] to repeatedly measure (every 15 minutes) the time-course of capillary-alveolar leakage of a macromolecule, fluorescein-labeled dextran (FITC-D70), in 19 oleic acid (OA) lung injured dogs. With OA injury, the transport rate of coefficient of FITC-D70, used as a measure of permeability, from blood to alveoli increased sharply and peaked at 30 minutes. Thereafter, FITC-D70 leakage decreased gradually until the end of the experiment at 4 hours. Surprisingly, the infusion of terbutaline, given following 90 minutes of OA injury, interrupted the recovery phase, further aggravating FITC-D70 leakage. The authors discovered that with the onset of terbutaline infusion at 0.25 μg/kg/minute, the β2 inotropic effect of the drug significantly [3] increased the cardiac output and pulmonary artery pressure by 50% and 30%, respectively, while decreasing the pulmonary vascular resistance by 40%. With increased pulmonary vascular recruitment, the authors surmised that the terbutaline infusion increased perfusion surface area or recruited leaking capillaries from hypoxic vasoconstriction, which led to an aggravation of FITC-D70 leakage into the alveoli.Previously, β2 agonist therapy was considered promising for ALI based on several characteristics seen in both animal and human models: the ability to increase the rate of vectorial salt and water transport by increased intracellular cAMP, leading to improved alveolar fluid clearance (AFC) [4,5] - clinically, impaired AFC in patients with ALI is associated with higher mortality [6]; the ability to improve lung endothelial permeability to protein [7]; and the anti-inflammatory properties of β2 agonists. Maris and colleagues [8] demonstr
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